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Fury Road - Crash & Smash (No special effects)

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Low Hanging Fruit: Mixed Bag

Whose that girl?

She was named after an important part of me and was the star of one of my all time favorite cheesy tv show. She modeled for one of my favorite artists and was a great pin up girl.

Later in life she became a pretty famous artist who had works showcased all the time. A highpoint of her career but not as impressive as her two best points so to speak.

Whose that girl?

Gondors Choice!

From Vox Populi September 10, 2016
John C. Wright laments what he sees as internecine warfare on the Right in the place of a unified effort against the Left:
The Dems are merely the political arm of the darkness.

It was the Reds who invented the idea of Critical Theory, that is, accuse Christendom of each and every imperfection imaginable, especially in areas, such as race relations or the equality of sexes, where the criticism cannot exist outside Christendom. It was done to weaken confidence in Western institutions, especially the Church, the family, the marketplace, the townhall, the entertainment industry, the courts, the academy, and the press.

Over the decades, the press was captured partly and then fully, then the academy (which is now merely a seminary for Leftism), then the courts of law (which began systematically to undermine rule of law), and Hollywood (Sen McCarthy was right, and the Hollywood ten were commies) and then townhall (which was taken over by a donor caste of Leftwing millionaires, with whom Trump broke ranks and turned against).

Wall Street was basically bought and broken to the whip after the sabotage by the government of the housing market, the student loan industry, the motor car industry, and health care practice. The marketplace is firmly under Leftist control, which is ironic, since the millionaires learned that by funding politicians who denounce them, the millionaires can maintain their wealth and power and suppress free market competition.

The family was successfully smashed to bits among the inner city blacks, American Indians living on reservations, and poor whites. No fault divorce is to blame, and the normalization and celebration of sodomy is the victory lap.

The Anglican and Episcopalian denominations have spat in the face of Christ and embraced Caesar, and kneel to give oral sexual favors to the homosex lobby, so these congregations had declared their fealty to antichrist. The Roman Catholic Church, a fair and strong fortress, still holds out, but the press has decided on a policy of pretending Pope Francis is one of them, and many an unwary reader, including Catholics who should know better, are deceived.

The darkness is on the brink of absolute victory. The last few lamps are fluttering and guttering and the oil is scarce.

And there is still no organized opposition to any of this.

For a time, I had some hope in the voters electrified by Trump, but, like the Tea Party, both the mainstream conservatives and the newer movements and the treasonous establishment GOP have decided to fritter away their energy attacking and provoking attacks from each other. Instead of riding to the aid of Gondor, the Riders of Rohan decided this was the best moment to loot Minas Tirith.

"What is something random you would like to share with us?"

Reddit considered "best" answers...
I am about to buy a hotdog cart and quit my mind numbing cubicle job. It is my childhood dream job.

Was just reading about it on Wikipedia. The ruler and unifier of Bhutan, Ngawang Namgyal, died in 1651 and his death was kept secret for 54 years.
Right after it was revealed he was dead, the nation fell back into conflict for a bit.
Bhutan Wiki

I once accidentally swallowed two bees.

My neighbor is schizophrenic and thinks I have listening devices in his home.

I farted in front of my girlfriend for the first time last week and she started crying.

My house is frequently visited by cats. They don't belong to anyone.

Too soon?

Offensive because you're respectful and serious and you remember. Survivors are still living. Not everybody is so respectful, not nearly so pc. They don't see the problem. They don't understand. They reject censoring and censuring. Some people in the offensively distasteful  9-11 advertisements do not or cannot feel what you feel. They cannot comprehend lingering trauma. They don't understand why we're not over it, why we must behave, and behave for so long. Some were children and did not understand, too unaware of the importance, noncomprehending of grief. Too remote from events to comprehend why jokes are inappropriate. Worse when you weren't even born when the events occurred so pre-history to them. Like WWII to us.  To them it's like accepting a joke about Pompeii, Sodom and Gomorrah, Iram of Ubar, Galveston Texas, Valparaiso Chile, Haiti, San Francisco California, Sumatra Indonesia and other cities destroyed by tsunamis, Pearl Harbor and Dresden, Titanic, for examples. Jokes about these events may or may not be acceptable to you. You might be able to participate in the black humor. You might even find them funny.

These mushrooms were submitted by b3ta  member Barbarossa to "souvenirs" challenge. Front paged submission include this snow globe. A lot of disastrous snow globes, actually. 

See, it's just dumb. Penguins are South Pole animals, the submitter didn't know that. Introduced with "Their snow globes get worse every year." 

Should your heart carry a streak of black humor you might find the perverse souvenirs funny. T-Shirt from Aliens, Auschwitz oven mitts, (misspelled there), toy truck from Nice France, 9-11 spaghetti and sauce, Auschwitz again, boys striped pajamas in front of baby gate, Donald Trump (a disaster in their political world view as born socialists) doll holding a cheese grater, Trump again, (see? obsessed with American politics) same doll holding an AR-15. Twenty-one such examples of bleak humor. This is right up their alley.

You'd be surprised and no doubt aggrieved and dismayed by the number of of 9-11 jokes posted on that site. It takes a strong stomach and very thick skin.


911 has faded into distant memories for many people. It has become a joke. Something to poke fun of and satirize. Which is par for the course. You see it all over the place. At the recent roast on Comedy Central there were a lot of jokes about a comedian whose father died in the Towers. This commercial. People making Halloween costumes with barbies jumping out of windows.

I was not old enough for Pearl Harbor but when I went there I tried to show some respect. If I ever get a chance to visit the site of the Holocaust I think I might be respectful of what happened there. You don't have to be old enough to experience something to have a modicum of understanding of how it effect other people. I like an outrageous joke as much as the next guy but this commercial was just about as bad as it gets.

When a judge misjudges

"The judge who asked an alleged rape victim why she 'couldn't keep her knees together' might lose his job."
A Canadian judge is facing the possibility of removal from the bench after he faulted a 19-year-old woman who said she was raped for not doing enough to defend herself during the alleged attack and suggesting that she wanted to have sex.

Among Federal Court Justice Robin Camp's remarks during a 2014 sexual assault trial, according to a notice of allegations posted on the Canadian Judicial Council website:

"Why couldn't you just keep your knees together? Why didn't you just sink your bottom down into the basin so he couldn't penetrate you?"

Young women, the judge said, "want to have sex, particularly if they're drunk," according to the notice.

He also said that "some sex and pain sometimes go together" and "that's not necessarily a bad thing."

Camp's controversial remarks resulted in an investigation by the Canadian Judicial Council, a federal body that polices judges.

He is expected to testify Friday before a five-member committee as part of a week-long proceeding that began Tuesday and will end next week in Calgary, Alberta.

The committee will decide on Camp's fate after hearing evidence and testimony. (lots more)

Clinton: Half of Trump’s supporters fit in ‘basket of deplorables’

"Hillary Clinton said Friday that “half” of Donald Trump’s supporters could be grouped in “the basket of deplorables” at a fundraising event in New York City."
“You know, to just be grossly generalistic, you could put half of Trump's supporters into what I call the 'basket of deplorables'. Right?” Clinton said to applause and laughter from the crowd of supporters at an LGBT for Hillary fundraiser where Barbra Streisand performed. “The racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamaphobic — you name it.”

“And unfortunately there are people like that. And he has lifted them up,” she added.

Clinton then noted, as she has several times in the past, that Trump has “given voice” to white supremacist and anti-Semitic voices on the Internet.

“He tweets and retweets their offensive hateful mean-spirited rhetoric,” Clinton said. “Now, some of those folks — they are irredeemable, but thankfully they are not America.”
Somebody told Scott Adams it sounded like an alt-right rock band - the basket of deplorables. Wasn't Hillary, some years back, the one complaining about the "politics of personal destruction"? Here she is, engaging in some of it.

Be careful playing

A deck of cards is shuffled 
falling, actually
in random
a queen, as they are, top and bottom
drawn as yin and yang
king, ace, joker
and numbers cascade in random
three, six, four, two, seven
nine, five, eight, ace 
all just randomly falling
images atop one after another
dropping out of sight
falling, shuffled without any hands
I never did care for these games
they never did make any sense
lost my clothes, my cash, and friends
their poker faces dissembling
they come out of character for cards
playing the hands they are dealt
careful now with your games
Hop in your truck, take off driving
taking advantage of convenient gaps
that open for you as you go
without changing lanes drive a straight line
and no other driver intruding
even the lights are assisting your aim
cyclists turn out of your way
recalling now as it happened
point A to point B without hindrance
without even feeling the pedals
without even changing the air
fuel tank half full with air in tires
taken directly there
careful, the way you are playing
you’re not the only one in the game
turn into your spot directly
kept there open for you
busy people halt their own passing
allowing safe passage for you
even the doors open 
their electric eye waiting for you
as if you are royalty expected.
Inside now.
Frustrated with not seeing your target
like all other progress going so well
you’ll be feeling a need for a piss
if this block keeps up for long
ask for help in locating
the object required to go on
directed where blind couldn’t miss
at checkout, “You again!” 
easy laughter says, “I get your joke”
sixteen dollars and something cents
“I accept the terms.”
people overhearing feel free to laugh
joining in on the fun
it’s not that funny 
and you all have your business to mind
Careful now, your playing
You’re not the only one in this game
Speeding home now indirectly
the back and indirect route
everything opens before you.
You never make this light
The light is put there to stop you.
Honestly, everyone must.
But this time you pass right through 
Careful, this game you are playing
Remember the man said “Don’t ask me"
About the new car he is driving
“Or else you will make me cry."
Ridiculous. Men don't cry about that.
He totaled his old car last week.
And he had it for quite a long time too.
Here look at this purple elbow
That oddly does not even hurt.
Until he presses it, that is.
So be careful this game that you play.”
The pictures came out a lot better
than anything you’d ever think.
You’ll be pleased 
when time comes you see them.
Now, you must come awake.
Well, what game am I playing then? 
Exactly, may I ask?
Since you insist on this  framing
and warning this way.
How do I know to be careful
when I don't even know what I play?
You’re not the only one playing
It’s not just you having fun.
Just be careful about all your playing
You won’t know 
when you’ve lost or you’ve won.

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MGMT - Time to Pretend live

Link to video

"Time to Pretend" is a song by the American rock band MGMT, released as the lead single from their debut studio album Oracular Spectacular (2007) on March 3, 2008. An earlier version had been released on their Time to Pretend EP. The single was released as a 7" and CD single featuring the B-sides "Weekend Wars" (BBC Radio 1 Session) and "Metanoia", respectively. In early 2009, the song was re-released in the UK. The song was ranked at number 493 on Rolling Stone's list of The 500 Greatest Songs of All Time. The song was ranked at number 90 on NME's list of The 500 Greatest Songs of All Time.



Artificial Intelligence judged too artificial

"The first international beauty contest judged by “machines” was supposed to use objective factors such as facial symmetry and wrinkles to identify the most attractive contestants. After Beauty.AI launched this year, roughly 6,000 people from more than 100 countries submitted photos in the hopes that artificial intelligence, supported by complex algorithms, would determine that their faces most closely resembled “human beauty”."
But when the results came in, the creators were dismayed to see that there was a glaring factor linking the winners: the robots did not like people with dark skin.

Out of 44 winners, nearly all were white, a handful were Asian, and only one had dark skin. That’s despite the fact that, although the majority of contestants were white, many people of color submitted photos, including large groups from India and Africa.

The ensuing controversy has sparked renewed debates about the ways in which algorithms can perpetuate biases, yielding unintended and often offensive results.

"Self-Proclaimed Idiot Hop Freight Trains To Montauk"

"Professional clowns say mysterious sightings have crippled business"

"Joseph and Lisa Brown, better known as Jazz and Jojo, have made clowning a major part of their livelihood."
"We want to make kids laugh and adults laugh and ease worries away for the day or the hour that we're there or the two hours that we're there," said Lisa.

She’s been a professional clown for 14 years. Joseph, a clown school graduate, is in his 25th year as a clown.

"That shows you how much that I have put into it and have enjoyed the career that I've had being Jojo the clown," said Joseph.

For the Forsyth County couple, it's upsetting to hear about people impersonating clowns and scaring children.

"I'm angry because what we've worked so hard for, they're ruining, it's sadness because I don't understand why they would have to do it," admitted Lisa.

Now they say they're scared to go out in public in costume.

"What would we run into?” asked Joseph. “Would we be pulled over by the Sheriff or police? Would we be chased down by somebody?"


This has bugged me since forever. Well, eight years and it seems like forever. Time's not my bag! I'm a crackpot about this, admittedly, so there, I said it. I admit that it's me and I don't expect anybody else to be bugged in my way. My reason for being bugged comes at me two ways.

The first is getting proportions for Egyptian figures. I thought this up as a teen. I'd get stuck on the size of hands when drawing figures, too large, too small, uneven size on the same figure, feet not being the same size, and so forth. I wondered, well, how do I tell? How do I know how large to make them?

I used my own hand for proportion to my own face. I held up my hand palm at the wrist where it bends and placed my palm on my own chin to discover for myself by using myself as model where my own fingertips touched. My own fingertips touch the top of my forehead.

Try it. I don't think this works with women. I think women have smaller hands.

Try it, I said.

Try it with your foot.  Bottom of your own palm to heel of your own foot, where do your fingertips touch? Your fingertips touch at the ball of your big toe, the bump where that bends for your toe. That's where. And if they don't, then face it, you're a freak.

Okay? Body proportion for art. Specifically for Egyptian figures. And now that matter is settled. No more problem thereafter.

So there's that.

The second reason for being a crackpot about hand proportion is through sign language. Obviously a person's hands become a focus of attention. If the hands are unusually large then it sticks out because they're drawing attention to their hands throughout. If a man's hands are too small, it sticks out. If a woman's hands are too large, it's like Seinfeld, she has man-hands and an entire episode is developed from it and in a Seinfeld kind of crockpot way.

For example, this woman is saying the idea of "acute."

It's not much. It's not a complaint either. But it's noticeable because the hands are so important. The hands are the focus of attention. If I didn't notice then I'd be unobservant. No offense to the nice lady who teaches so many so much for so long. Good job. Well done. But I'm making a point here and I need a counterpoint to complete it. 

So there's that and that. 

Two things. 

Since Trump entered the presidential race much has been made of the size of his hands, a joke that appeared in National Lampoon and was driven by Trump's personality that guaranteed a reaction. Teasers knew they draw a reaction reliably and this teasing was carried forward to present day election, and true to form Trump did respond bringing great joy to his teasers. So that it is even mentioned in Republican debates, and not only the size of his hands but the presumed size of his penis based on the size of his hands. Trump even mentioning it did make him appear un-presidential. Much of this was made. Very much. But only to his teasing detractors. And this extended joke went on for so long that eventually it said more about his hand-obsessed crackpot detractors than it does about Trump.

Even yesterday on a post to a British site the issue of Hillary Clinton's health came up. The video of her coughing a throat lozenge into a glass of water (They're obsessed with American politics, their own being so inconsequential, I suppose, and their unearned sense of superiority makes the subject irresistible. It's obnoxious to an extreme.) The discussion was reasonably questioning her health as candidate even though it's none of their business. Unless they intend to vote illegally, a reasonable assumption. Or have money in the game. They just strongly prefer a liberal prevail no matter what. No matter how gross the candidate. For once they were all being reasonable. Until one commenter with nothing useful to say chimed in, "Trump has small hands." And that's all the idiot knows. That's all the dope has to say.

And all the while for eight years I've heard nobody mention Obama's feminine hands. Obama has delicate undersized hands. And he waves them around so much that they're noticeable as any sign language speaker. Yet apparently this hasn't bothered anyone. While it does bother me, and not just a little. Not just disproportionately undersized hands, not just delicately structured hands, actually feminine hands on a man and that weirds me out and always has. I admit that I'm a crackpot. So what. I don't go waving my hands around him, nor make jokes about people's hands. I just privately accept my own crackpot attitude. Except Trump has brought all this to the surface.

Here's what I'm talking about. Any video will do. Usually hands in front of the body will be drawn and photographed larger by foreshortening. Here his hands are held close to his chest but the proportion test I devised works when he's photographed with arm extended toward the camera in a "stop" hand signal. Boys know from comic books the hand will be much larger than the head. Even the foreshortened head behind the foreward extended arm does not overcome Obama's lady-hands syndrome.

This combined with his hissing sibilants has made him impossible to listen to. For eight miserable years. Those two shortcomings amount to being addressed negatively by a creampuff bully. He'd be first to be beat up if he tried his lecturing outside of politics.

This key frame is from a clip of Himself overseas describing Americans as lazy. But he's projecting himself again upon hardworking Americans. Such an incredibly antagonistic dope. Not a leader at all. Not a leader, a malevolent force foisted upon us by Democrat party. His authority derived from his unearned office alone.

Try this with your own hand to your own face and see what I mean.

Incidentally, I was listening to Japanese students who were engaged in a cultural work exchange. They paid to holiday work on a Wyoming ranch. The Japanese were interested in living as cowboys for awhile and experience the American West. Their primary misconception about life on a ranch and about American work life in general is how hard American actually work. "This is hard!" The group of young men laughed at being so wrong. They've been told all their lives that Americans are lazy and they learned firsthand how hard Americans work. 

Obama has no idea how hard Americans work, nor how much they experienced the work reward diminish under his administration. Hillary too. It's why she can so breezily suggest more taxes. He honestly believes that all Americans are lazy and work averse as he is.

And he has small hands. 

Genuinely small delicate lady hands. A hands swap with his wife would be hand-improvement for both. She more feminine and he more masculine.

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Chip's household shortcuts

This shortcut was discovered by accident. I ran out of dishwasher detergent so substituted laundry soap instead. I cut back the amount by half. The kitchen flooded with water and soap suds. So I threw a basket of laundry over the kitchen floor to mop it all up and tossed the wet clothes in washing machine without adding any more soap.

1) clean dishes
2) clean kitchen floor
3) clean load of laundry

All at once and with half the usual amount of soap. And this taught me to use less laundry detergent ordinarily. A lot less, that stuff is quite strong with a lot of cleaning power and some stays in your clothes causing itching. You can tell because if your hand is wet and you grab a handful it burns.

Wild encounters

"Sir, you can't park your car here."

Politico: Cruz slams Obama for 'internet giveaway'

"Today our country faces a threat to the internet as we know it. In 22 short days, if Congress fails to act, the Obama administration intends to give away the internet to an international body akin to the United Nations," Cruz said in a speech on the Senate floor Thursday. "I rise today to discuss the significant, irreparable damage this proposed internet giveaway could wreak not only on our nation but on free speech across the world."
Cruz is pledging to make the issue his primary focus this month. He's already launched a website warning about the dangers of the administration's strategy, complete with a countdown clock against a black background. And he's scheduled a hearing of the Senate Judiciary oversight subcommittee he chairs next week to “investigate the possible dangers” of the plan.

Meanwhile, Senate Commerce Committee Chairman John Thune (R-S.D.) said Wednesday that language to delay the transition could be included in the continuing resolution to fund the government past this month. And House Republicans are considering their options in the coming appropriations bill, a GOP aide confirmed this week.

UMass: Harambe jokes are an 'attack' on African Americans

"An email sent to some students at UMass Amherst is drawing criticism after students were told not to make drawings about Harambe, the gorilla killed at the Cincinnati Zoo earlier this year."

"They are waiting for the perfect father"

Researcher Kylie Baldwin, who asked a group of women why they froze their eggs, said: 'I think they were looking for a hands-on father.

'And it was the absence of this particular type of potential father, not just the absence of any partner, that led them to freeze the eggs.

'It's not just about not having the right partner, it's about having the right dad for their child.'

Interestingly, some of the women were in a relationships – but froze their eggs because they didn't believe their partner was father material and were hoping someone better would come along.

Not the Onion: North Korea bans sarcasm

"....because Kim Jong-un fears people only agree with him ‘ironically’"
North Korea has forbidden people from making sarcastic comments about Kim Jong-un or his totalitarian regime in their everyday conversations.

“One state security official personally organised a meeting to alert local residents to potential ‘hostile actions’ by internal rebellious elements,” a source in Jagang Province told Radio Free Asia’s Korean Service.

“The main point of the lecture was ‘Keep your mouths shut.’”

Officials told people that sarcastic expressions such as “This is all America’s fault” would constitute unacceptable criticism of the regime.

“This habit of the central authorities of blaming the wrong country when a problem’s cause obviously lies elsewhere has led citizens to mock the party,” an anonymous source said.

Another mocking expression, “A fool who cannot see the outside world,” was also said to be circulating in the totalitarian state, referring to the country’s notoriously isolationist leader.

The phrase was apparently conceived when officials voiced shock that Mr Kim did not attend celebrations held in Russia and China to mark the end of the Second World War.

Did Hillary wear an earpiece last night?

Several tweets allege Hillary wore an earpiece during Matt Lauer's forum.
After getting away with so much... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯... From an Huma email to Hillary.

draw Egyptian princess

They were decoration for banquets and parties, and wives, but mostly decoration. They were the best beauties, daughters of royalty, and they were lavished with the best jewelry, gold, gems and glass (incredibly rare at the time.) They were perfumed, with fragrant wax that melted over their wigs as the night wore on, and they were always seen holding lotus buds and blossoms. Their laughter was music.

"We would prefer our clients not look like disheveled slackers in front of the jury''

"Ammon Bundy's lawyer argues for his client's right to wear cowboy boots at trial"
The judge advised Philpot (Ammon Bundy's lawyer) to file a motion by the end of the day Tuesday, and cite any prior court rulings on the matter.

Philpot, in his motion, said he and co-counsel Marcus Mumford were not able to find a U.S. Supreme Court or U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals case on point that declared a defendant's right to be tried in the clothes of his choosing.

Instead, they cited a 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruling that found because of a defendant's presumption of innocence, "(n)o insinuations, indications or implications suggesting guilt should be displayed before the jury, other than admissible evidence and permissible argument."

Ammon Bundy and his brother Ryan Bundy both wore suit jackets to court Tuesday because the court took photos of them to place in a juror's book that will be handed out at trial. Ammon Bundy wore a gray suit jacket over a white dress shirt. His brother wore a dark suit jacket over a light blue dress shirt.

"He looks very presentable,'' the judge said of Ammon Bundy.

She described his clothing as "perfectly appropriate for court.''

But Philpot argued in his written motion that the judge's opinion was based on a view of Ammon Bundy seated. Yet at trial, he will stand and likely take the witness stand to testify in his own defense, his lawyer said.

"We must consider, when he does so, how will he look? And what are the spot assumptions and impressions will the jury have about him when they see him in the kind of white socks and loafers he was wearing today, with his beltless trousers, and dressed in a formal suit without a tie,'' Philpot wrote. "Just as significantly, how will the lack of belt, tie, or other apparel compare to others in the courtroom, as he and the other detained defendants are the only ones who will appear that way.'' (read the whole thing)

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beer brewing school

This is Co-Brew, a business opened recently in one of two street-level spaces of a residential building where I live. I see a lot of people going in and out of here. I bought a brewing lesson that they offer as gift to a person I've known for a very long time and in my visualization the gift was gone, and out of my thinking, possibly shared with another, and to my surprise, my shock really, he offered to share the experience with me. And then I became intensely curious and could hardly wait for today. So now I get to see how they pull this thing off. They kindly allowed me to photograph, a bit obnoxiously I'll add, I took photos of everything. And I mean everything. They all tolerated me without complaining. To a person they are all very kind.

The brewing session began at 10:30 a.m. and ended by 2:00 p.m. with time in the middle for lunch. They offer beer for sampling right there.

The following is an essay in photos. I'll keep words to a minimum and only to clarify best as I can recall. I did ask quite a lot of questions, the answers being technical went schwing right over my head. But I do think that I have a much better understanding of how beer is made, a better handle on their contrived vocabulary. Like wort, and pitching and specific gravity, conditioning, and Gruit.

It was fun! More fun than imagined. More fun than a barrel of beer monkeys.

75 photos follow

Trump gives great foreign policy speech ....brands Hillary as reckless and bloodthirsty!

Donald Trump gave a great speech today where he laid the wood to that choking harpy. Some excepts from Breitbart News:

"Unlike my opponent, my foreign policy will emphasize diplomacy, not destruction. Hillary Clinton’s legacy in Iraq, Libya, and Syria has produced only turmoil and suffering. Her destructive policies have displaced millions of people, then she has invited the refugees into the West with no plan to screen them. Including Veteran healthcare costs, the price of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan could total $6 trillion, according to a report in the Washington Examiner. Yet, after all this money spent and lives lost, Clinton’s policies as Secretary of State have left the Middle East in more disarray than ever before. Meanwhile, China has grown more aggressive, and North Korea more dangerous and belligerent. Russia has defied this Administration at every turn. Putin has no respect for President Obama or Hillary Clinton. Sometimes it has seemed like there wasn’t a country in the Middle East that Hillary Clinton didn’t want to invade, intervene or topple. She is trigger-happy and unstable when it comes to war."

I think this is a key point. Hillary signs on to the neocon consensus and wants to start more endless wars. She is rattling sabers at Russia when our true adversary is China and Russia is a natural ally. 

Florida man vs Florida mosquito

"Rep. David Jolly Brings Florida Mosquitoes Onto House Floor to Discuss Zika" (video at the link)
"I rise with about 100 mosquitoes straight from Florida...mosquitoes capable of carrying the Zika virus," Jolly said, holding the container. "This is the reason for the urgency, this is the reason for the fear."
"It is our job to respond to the fear and the anxiety and the anger of a population concerned about a pending public health crisis, concerned about mosquitoes," he said. "You see, I brought these mosquitoes here today to convey that fear and that anxiety of millions of Americans and Floridians."

"Bee-keeping, Welding, and being on the Bomb Squad, would suck tremendously"

If nudism were made mandatory, what would be the best or worst changes to daily life?
Uh, I live in Alaska

Naked people cooking your food in restaurants. And if you're the chef, imagine the splashes and grease burns.

Strippers would lose their jobs. Shame really, where else will they go?

Worst: everyone sees your small wiener
Best: everyone else's wieners are small too.

Worst: driving home when your car seats and seat belts were in the sun all day.

I'd say hugging family members would become a bit strange.

"Homeless Mother Who Sent Six-Year-Old Son To Better School..."

"...In The Wrong Town Sent To Prison For Five Years"
Tonya McDowell sent her son to an elementary school in Norwalk, Connecticut, instead of her home city of Bridgeport.

The 34-year-old, who was homeless when she was charged with felony larceny last year, said she wanted the best education possible for the boy.

McDowell last week entered her plea at Norwalk Superior Court under the Alford Doctrine, which means she does not admit guilt but concedes the state has enough evidence to convict her.

Authorities told the hearing that she used a babysitter's address to enroll her son in kindergarten in Norwalk when he should have attended schools in Bridgeport, her last permanent address.

Overpromise and underdeliver and vice versa

Scott Adams says what Assange believes is significant and what Americans can understand as significant are two different things. Emails technology is too complicated for the average voter.

"Researchers Confront an Epidemic of Loneliness"

"Researchers have found mounting evidence linking loneliness to physical illness and to functional and cognitive decline. As a predictor of early death, loneliness eclipses obesity."
John T. Cacioppo, a professor of psychology at the University of Chicago and director of the university’s Center for Cognitive and Social Neuroscience, has been studying loneliness since the 1990s. He said loneliness is an aversive signal much like thirst, hunger or pain.
“Denying you feel lonely makes no more sense than denying you feel hunger,” he said. Yet the very word “lonely” carries a negative connotation, Professor Cacioppo said, signaling social weakness, or an inability to stand on one’s own.

It is only in the past several years that loneliness has been examined through a medical, rather than psychological or sociological, lens. Dr. Perissinotto, the University of California, San Francisco geriatrician, decided to study loneliness when she began to sense there were factors affecting her patients’ health that she was failing to capture.

Using data from a large national survey of older adults, in 2012 Dr. Perissinotto analyzed the relationship between self-reported loneliness and health outcomes in people older than 60. Of 1,604 participants in the study, 43 percent reported feelings of loneliness, and these individuals had significantly higher rates of declining mobility, difficulty in performing routine daily activities, and death during six years of follow-up. The association of loneliness with mortality remained significant even after adjusting for age, economic status, depression and other common health problems.

Dr. Perissinotto is also interested in examining the link between loneliness and suicidal thoughts, as there has been little research in that area. She hopes to study The Friendship Line, a 24-hour, toll-free, loneliness call-in line run by the Institute on Aging in San Francisco that is also a suicide prevention hotline.

Although plenty of research into loneliness takes place in the United States, Britain remains well ahead in addressing the problem. (Lots more)

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Warning: Don't ask 'How Was Burning Man?'

"Exclusive: Clinton charities ignore law requiring them to disclose millions from foreign donors"

Today's Twitter pick of the litter

Hillary coughs something into her glass of water... I hope blogger doesn't send me an email warning me against offending advertisers... it's that bad ;-)

I love this one... no comment necessary. 
This is a pic inside Hillary's campaign plane. The media gawking at Hillary. Maybe that's what caused that hacking coughing fit.

Red Storm Rising.....why does Hillary and the Mainstream Media want a war with Russia?

I was recently reading an interesting blog by an interesting guy named Fred Reed and he had this to say about Hillary wanting to start a war with Russia:

Hillary, Trump, and War with Russia: The Goddamdest Stupid Idea I Have Ever Heard, and I Have Lived in Washington

The Decline and Fall of Fox News Continues

The ever perspicacious Don Surber gives an excellent analysis of the sacking of Greta Von Susteren and the continuing immolation of FOX News:

Advice for Britt Hume
by Don Surber 9/6/16

When Fox News presenter Gretchen Carlson sued Fox News for sexual harassment, I wrote, "Don't know if her allegations are true, but I have a feeling Ailes will retire soon."

That has come to pass. Ailes built a ratings and profit juggernaut by challenging orthodoxy and the establishment. Now Murdoch's heirs will spend the money and credibility he amassed.

The first two moves were announced today.

The first made business sense. Paying $20 million to settle the Carlson lawsuit is chicken feed. One week's profit. This is a billion-dollar-a-year profit center, mainly through cable fees.

The second made political sense. Firing Greta Van Susteren. She was too Trump-friendly and anti-Hillary. Sean Hannity is more so, but Greta Van Susteren posed a bigger threat because she is a woman almost Hillary's age. Democrats want her out. Sir Rupert Murdoch has invested too much money in Hillary to allow a wild card like Trump become president. Why, he might not return Murdoch's phone calls.

"Cal State LA offers segregated housing for black students"

‘A safe space for Black CSLA students …’
The arrangement comes roughly nine months after the university’s Black Student Union issued a set of demands in response to what its members contend are frequent “racist attacks” on campus, such as “racially insensitive remarks” and “microaggressions” by professors and students. One demand was for a “CSLA housing space delegated for Black students.”

“[It] would provide a cheaper alternative housing solution for Black students. This space would also serve as a safe space for Black CSLA students to congregate, connect, and learn from each other,” the demand letter stated.

The newly debuted Halisi Scholars Black Living-Learning Community “focuses on academic excellence and learning experiences that are inclusive and non-discriminatory,” Cal State LA spokesman Robert Lopez told The College Fix via email.

Hillary coughs up the lead: Trump +2

CNNTrump tops Clinton 45% to 43% in the new survey, with Libertarian Gary Johnson standing at 7% among likely voters in this poll and the Green Party's Jill Stein at just 2%...

Trump has his largest edge of the campaign as the more honest and trustworthy of the two major candidates (50% say he is more honest and trustworthy vs. just 35% choosing Clinton) and as the stronger leader, 50% to 42%. Clinton continues to be seen as holding the better temperament to serve effectively as president (56% to 36%) and better able to handle the responsibilities of commander in chief (50% to 45%).

On honesty, Clinton's backers express greater skepticism about their candidate than do Trump's supporters. When asked which candidate is more honest and trustworthy, 94% of Trump's backers say he is, while just 70% of those behind Clinton choose her, with 11% saying Trump is more trustworthy and 17% saying neither of them are. And when voters were asked to name the one issue that would be most important to their vote for president, 5% named honesty or trustworthiness as their top choice, ranking it on par with foreign policy and jobs.
Both candidates remain largely unliked, with majorities saying they have an unfavorable view of each candidate in the new poll.

Random job reference and other phone prank

Aussie radio hosts call a random number to see if they'd be a strangers' job reference

Link to video

Calling in "sick" to places you don't work!  

Link to video

science vs art

There isn't a real difference between them. But that's how humankind understand things. By breaking down life, our experience into chunks. The chunks so apparently distinct that the separate schools form around them. The schools develop their own separated conceits. Ergo, science is very different from art. While as human we experience them together. This is my opinion. I'll share it. And I'll explain it but I don't care to argue.

Let's have an example.

I signed up for college. I knew this was gong to be a very long and difficult trek. I am not particularly academic. I'm lazy and I don't like to study. Either I get it right off by paying attention to somebody who is interesting, or I don't.

Very early, a science 101 was required. Best to get that out of the way right off. I picked up the book for Biology and tried to read it. Every word was beyond me. I realized on the spot, reading the first pages, I would have to learn an entire new language. I was dismayed. I pictured the whole task ahead being this way. I sat down in despair and nearly cried. I'm too stupid. I'm not up to this. It is not my cup of tea. I don't care for all these incredibly specific scientific words. They bother me greatly.

Words, words, words, words words, Jesus Christ, people you are obsessed with in-club vocabulary. Fine. I'll master your buzzwords and toss them back to you. That will be my way of convincing you I've mastered your material, then allow myself to forget them for their utter uselessness. Useless to real understanding.

I'm an artist goddamnit. And you're not.

 I copped a very bad attitude right off.

The key to the class is understanding cell division. The textbook is loaded with words identifying phases. Then phases within phases, and names for the bits doing separate things within phases, activated by bits with other names. Lordy, they do love naming things. And naming them the most difficult erudite manner possible. They contrive a name drawn from another ancient language for every tiny little bit, every activity, every phase with phases. Son of bitch this is going to be hard.

And to explain what they discovered through microphotography, their photographic evidence of phases, they have an artist draw pictures of all that they're explaining and put each separate phase inside a circle. Like this, from wikipedia, but there are several other versions:

click, it gets bigger. Eh, don't bother. 

The next page in the textbook was microphotographs of all this happening. The photographs did not match the drawings! I flipped back and forth trying to see how they match, and they simply do not match. 

And I realized they just made all this shit up! They've contrived their own vocabulary to explain what they think they are seeing and so they can have the means to discuss it. 

While in reality cell division is not divided into karyokinesis further divided into  prophase, pro metaphase, metaphase, anaphase, and telophase and the ending cytokinesis does not overlap with the first. The photographs didn't match because they were taken between all these phases. It's why I couldn't make sense of them. They don't fit because the process is not broken down into distinct bits, just because the activity is noted. It's a process. A single continuous process that runs smoothly. It cannot be separated by frames.  It's most clearly described as a miracle. It's art! This is Nature's art. And professors have divided the art, the miracle of life, into phases and given them scientific names. They've reduced the stupefying jaw-dropping, awe-inspiring miracle of life, Nature's art, into lowly scientific terms of superficial surface comprehension. 

Nobody ever mentioned a miracle. There is no mention of art. And this process is stunningly beautiful. 

Fine. This is all on your stupid terms. Yes, I copped a very bad attitude very early on. Going to college is going to make me a whole lot dumber. But to pass, I must accept and learn their stultifying ways. Now how am I going to learn these meaningless words? I saw the micrographs. I grasped the miracle. I'll flip back and I decide to study their drawing. So I did. 

I drew circles on a page and filled the circles as they drew them. Different than wikipedia has them. I wrote all the words and drew a line to the object of attention and marveled again at the process occurring knowing full well it runs smoothly from one circle to another, there must be 1,000 circles between each circle they're showing. But without any names because they land in between phases of scientific discussion. There are actually a million intermediate phases unnamed. That is the real Nature's art. 

This is how I chose to study the subject, by concentrating on their key bit of textbook art. And right at that moment Meyer walked behind me and asked me, "What are you doing?" 

"I'm studying my biology class." 

"Looks to me like you're goofing around drawing pictures." 

I stopped. Hurt. Hey, I'm a sensitive bloke you must know. Why take a jab at me? I respected his opinion highly. He really is very smart. He's smarter than I am. Older. Far more accomplished. I have a lot I can learn from him. I admire him. I respect his opinion. Why did he say that? Is it true? Am I just trying to get out of studying? 

Bullshit. This is how I study. Go to hell you unartistic dope. Fuck off and leave me alone. 

Man, I copped a bad attitude. 

I went to the final exam uncertain of myself because my entire study amounted to comprehending the nature of the microphotographs that did not match the artist's rendition. The only vocabulary I bothered mastering were the words on that single page. 

The final exam was passed out to all the students who hadn't already dropped out, a half full theater. The exam amounted to a a single page filled with 12 blank circles. The single question was: "Choose either mitosis or meiosis (the sex cell version ) and fill in the circles. 

I got this! 

Oh, Baby, I so got this. Here comes my "A." 

I drew happily. All I had to do was recall what I already drew. The words are all pfft. 

Also, PSYCH! There are not 12 circles. Only ten in the textbook. Naner naner, the professor is faking us out. She drew two extra circles to confuse. The professor is a very mean woman. A motorcycle dyke, actually. My type of gal. I can understand a woman like that. We'd be friends were it not a class. 

I look around the theater. All the other students were completely bewildered. None were prepared for this. They were stumped. All of them were. It was a very large class and every student in there was positively stumped. They were angry. It was unfair to them. They became very bitter about the unfair challenge. And this is the final. A very important grade. They're all thinking they should have dropped out. All along there was nothing about drawing anything. They did not sign up for art class and now they are asked to draw. They cannot do it. None of them can. 

Except me. 

La la la. 

Silly me. Fuck you, Meyer. I get an "A" in a class that I'm unfit for. I win.

That was one of the very first classes in college. And I knew an artistic approach will see me through all of it. Because in our totality there is no real separation between STEM and the arts. I understood this very young. 

So there's that. 

I am alone in this estimation. Nobody agrees with me. I realize that. Professors whom I respect greatly will argue this to the ground and bury it deeply. STEM scientific and legal types will disagree strongly. Their conceit depends on their vast separation. Arts are for people not smart enough for science. Arts are for lazy people. 

Like me. 

It is a very good review. The film is about aliens that land and new type of language is shown. One that is not spoken, one that happens all at once. It doesn't go boink, boink boink, it goes poof here are all the ideas at once. And that manner of language forms a manner of thinking. 

I argued with Dr. Fred on this subject. That language determines how we think. I know that by expanding language that the manner of my thinking changed with it. New vocabulary introduced new concepts and further provided new avenues for thought to traverse by neural firing. He argued against that into the ground. He refused to accept my insight. Even though he spoke only English. He refused to respect mah authoritah! 
It’s ingrained so deeply in Western culture that science and art are oppositional disciplines, that math and physics belong to one branch of endeavor and creativity, expressiveness and philosophy to another. And that is why great science fiction cinema — and this is great science fiction cinema — can feel like such a pre-eminent genre. Here, using an art form that was itself born of technology, we get to venture out past those simplistic binaries to where there is poetry in mathematics and physics in philosophy — out into the frontiers of our universe and our power to comprehend where science and art are the very same thing. “Arrival” brings us there, and though the conclusions are earthbound and have so much to do with the nature of humanity and our relationship to mortality, my God, they’re full of stars. 
Thank you Jessica. I needed that. Finally someone who agrees.