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Overheard at Lem's:
This is one of those songs that has that build-up thing going. I don't know if there is a word for it, but it's when a song builds real nice to where it just gets you going and pulls you along with a kind of growing anticipation. Often these songs don't deliver after the build, but this one does. Another one is "Roadhouse Blues" from the Doors. I think these kind of songs are often what we think of as "road songs". I do have a weakness for them.  Link
The Doors' L.A. Woman is even better as a "build-up song." It's probably the best example of an orgasmic phase and refractory phase parlayed into song. Even if you've heard the song a million times, listen again beginning around the 5 min mark--the part where Morrison intones "Mr Mojo Risin" (anagram for Jim Morrison).

The video is pretty interesting too--kudos to the maker.

I put the lyrics after the jump, in case any are unclear.

Hillary Relaunches

“I’ve been called many things by many people, quitter is not one of them,’’

Link to video


Link to video

"Woman who claims she owns the Sun..."

"...sues Ebay after she was banned from selling Sun's plots on the site."
A Spanish court is set to hear the most unusual arguments ever after a woman who claims to own the sun sued eBay for blocking her extraterrestrial real estate sales. Though it sounds a little nuts, a court in Madrid has ruled that 54-year-old Maria Duran has the right to have her case heard.

The 54-year-old registered the star in her name at a notary office in Spain, before opening an eBay account selling square-metre plots for one euro each.
I think the court was right to give her a hearing...

Movie Trailer: The Stanford Prison Experiment

Link to video

"Officials: Second hack exposed military and intel data"

Instapundit: China basically owns us now...
"This tells the Chinese the identities of almost everybody who has got a United States security clearance," said Joel Brenner, a former top U.S. counterintelligence official. "That makes it very hard for any of those people to function as an intelligence officer. The database also tells the Chinese an enormous amount of information about almost everyone with a security clearance. That's a gold mine. It helps you approach and recruit spies."

The White House statement said the hack into the security clearance database was separate from the breach of federal personnel data announced last week — a breach that is itself appearing far worse than first believed. It could not be learned whether the security database breach happened when an OPM contractor was hacked in 2013, an attack that was discovered last year. Members of Congress received classified briefings about that breach in September, but there was no public mention of security clearance information being exposed.
It's probably worst still.

new bed

Toni was excited about buying a new bed, going on at length describing it. She detailed the size and approximate weight, its color, tone, materials, and general design, she described the headboard in detail. She is a very verbal woman and after all that I still could not see it. All those words and nothing really came through. All the details amounted to generic bed. I'd just have to see it myself.

"Draw me a picture."

Seemed the standard solution. Smart as she is, another woman I glommed onto in order to make academic life a bit easier, and she is well above average, everybody sees this, many are intimidated, and smart as all that, straight A's all the way through, she could not draw a picture so simple as a bed.

"Come on."
"No. I can't." 
"You just think you can't. Every dummkopf can."
"Not me."
"All children can. Even you." I sense us slipping back to childhood. She does that. Her voice becomes childish. Something happened back then that put an abrupt end to her trying. I am certain that I have it in me to go back then and step over that mental obstacle back there. Transcend the trauma. Luckily, she is willing to play along. You know how you draw a cube from a two identical squares and connecting their corners. That's drafting. Finding points and connecting the dots with lines. What is so neato about drafting is you find the points and lines for the top view, then bring down the dots for front view, and draft the points over for side view. That's what that t-square and angle tools and rulers are for, finding points.  Then you draft the points off at an angle for a tilted somewhat 3-dimension view but shown in 2 dimensions on paper. Since a dimension is forfeit in the translation all sorts of dimension-translation related visual mischief can be got up to, that was Escher's forte.

Yes. Toni remembers. Of course she does. Everybody does.

Toni drew the cube as all children do. 

Simple enough. Now with the cube, elaborate a headboard and add a footboard. It is the same idea as the cube except now all rectangles. And once you pick your angle for your cube then stick with it throughout. It's all finding points then erasing the points and lines that interfere with the view. Since the bed is not made of glass and all edges not visible. Were we better at this then we would see in advance what is blocked and not draw the points and lines in the first place, but for construction we do. Then erase the mess.

Toni simply could not do it. She utterly defeated me. It was distressing. I'm pretty sure I can show this to any child, but Toni is not having it. I cannot even duplicate what she drew. It was like a stick-figure bed. She could not take the cube idea and elaborate a bed.

Fine. Let's switch gears. You don't have to draft the points for a bed. Let's try a strawberry.
"I cannot draw a strawberry. You have to be kidding."
"You don't have to. Just suggest a strawberry." 
"I cannot suggest a strawberry. Now I know you're kidding." 
"Yes you can. You can suggest a strawberry with a red comma. That alone will do it. Anything you do to that red comma, scratch a patch of green, tap a few black dots will further suggest a strawberry. It's up to you to decide when to stop suggesting. You don't even have to outline or sketch a strawberry, just mark a page." 
You can tell she had never held a brush before in her life, or she acted as if she hadn't. She tapped her brush into the watercolor as if she had no conception whatever of bristles soaking up liquid, no sense of how saturated the brush or how dry, there was no connection between tools and intention. No sense of depositing color on paper. Apparently Toni forgot momentarily how to draw the shape of a comma because her mark looked nothing like that. I was beginning to lose my patience with Toni who I expected was trying to be thick, and I do not like that.

"Come on."  And she did.

We never talked about painting pictures or suggesting strawberries again.

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I was a bit surprised this morning listening to the podcast that one host did not know the meaning of gaslight and Ace, I think, gave a splendid description of the movie, then the first, I think it was Drew said, "now if you had said, "There are four lights then I would have understood right off" and Ace didn't know what that phrase references.

There was another movie along similar lines. I saw only one clip with the explanation the director made the film a bit spooky by technique. A woman is speaking to her husband as he walks through their house. She is looking right at him as he passes behind an architectural pillar and in that split second another man emerges on the other side. The woman is startled by the change but deals with it as if natural because a lot of that sort of thing had been happening and she doesn't want to be taken for crazy.

In Gaslight, of course, the husband had been dimming the lights and maintaing nothing is changed. Like Ace, I've not seen the film but it's famous for its name and the cruel crime it describes.

Seinfeld : I Don't Want to Be Here

Link to video


No guess for you! 

Why should they need to coherently explain any of this? They have real lives in the real world. They trusted and voted. They are as well informed  to the extent that they need be. This is stuff for political nerds. How much do you know, political nerd person, about types of welding and specific brazing alloys, about double entry accounting, about OCami, Scala, Dart, Haskell and Julia types of programming and scripts? 

TPA trade promotion authority
allow president to finalize agreements with Pacific Rim nations and European Union
TAA trade adjustment assistance 
help workers displaced by trade. Support collapsed.  Dems and Unions overwhelming supported in the past, now less than 25% support. 
TPP trans Pacific partnership
massive trade agreement negotiated in secret between twelve countries that apparently expands NAFTA and apparently modeled on failed Korea FTA, provides incentives for offshore jobs, imposes limits on food safety, environment. Forces states to comply with TPP rules. Elevates foreign firms to status of sovereign nations. Establishes tribunals. This information is poor due to secrecy, dribbles out in leaks. 

Unions flipped on TAA blowing TPA with it, linked as it is with TPA. That's what this is about.

Noteworthy, I think, to me it is, maybe not to you. It shows how things are done at very very low levels of prestige inducement. They didn't work but they were tried, meaning they did work at one time and will again but just not now. 
The White House has been wooing Democrats for weeks, even dangling the trappings of the presidency—Oval Office visits, rides on Air Force One, phone calls galore—in a way that’s been rare for Obama. (The D.C. pundit class has long urged him to engage in this sort of maneuvering to advance his legislative agenda; it doesn’t seem to have made much difference.) On Thursday evening, Obama made a surprise visit to the Congressional Baseball Game, where he smiled for pictures with lawmakers and reportedly button-holed Pelosi for 15 minutes on the trade bill.
I'm filed with glee that simple nonsense didn't work and drenched with despair that it's SOP and usually does work.
It is a dramatic scene that will live on in history and in drama. It's been seen before. Pelosi steps out from a gaggle of white-robed sandal-wearing senators and representatives as Obama passes on the capitol steps and stabs Obama right in the chest, then the other robed congress people lunge forward after her and jab the stricken bleeding dying emperor. They are all actors, all bent over the figure on stage they pull out ribbons of red  and toss them in all directions as squirting blood filling the air and settling on the stage starkly red against white.
Russell Berman, The Atlantic, A Big Win for Big Labor 

The Women of Hammer Films

Overheard at Lem's:
The girls were very pretty, and there was always at least one scene where they wore a nightgown. The nightgown looked sexier than it really was. You could never see through it, but it looked

Bookmark that one as a cheatsheet for Trooper York's "Whose That Girl" contests.

Beyond The Pale...

...NAACP leader and civil rights activist outed as WHITE by her parents who say she's been pretending to be black for years
If sex and gender are fungible, why not race?

In the dead of night the House voted to repeal a law requiring country-of-origin labels on packages of beef, pork and poultry

"The House voted 300-131 late Wednesday to repeal labels that tell consumers what countries the meat is from — for example, "born in Canada, raised and slaughtered in the United States" or "born, raised and slaughtered in the United States." The Senate has yet to act."
Canada and Mexico have opposed the labeling because it causes their animals to be segregated from those of U.S. origin — a costly process that has led some U.S. companies to stop buying exports.

The bill would go beyond just the muscle cuts of red meat that were covered under the WTO case, repealing country-of-origin labeling for poultry, ground beef and ground pork. The chicken industry has said the labeling doesn't make much sense for poultry farmers because the majority of chicken consumed in the United States is hatched, raised and processed domestically.

The legislation would leave in place country-of-origin labeling requirements for several other commodities, including lamb, venison, seafood, fruits and vegetables and some nuts.
Slaughter houses and meat packets are under strict food safety regulations here. Can the same be said for Canada and Mexico?

Boeing 787 Dreamliner

What photography trick is this? Angles and mirrors and magnets and special lenses. You cannot trust anything these days. Here's another video

Your takeoff is impressive but you're still an ugly straight up thin metal tube, a flying mobile home, with people all crammed in there, structurally sound in one direction and dodgy in all other directions. One solid punch from above and your bumblebee wings break right off. 

Still. Well, maybe once, if you promise a vertical take off like that. 


My memory is clear on where I first heard this song. I was with my older brother at some stereo shop in Madison. It could have been at the brand new West Towne Mall. In those days (1973), stereo shops always had the latest albums to show off the latest equipment. That's where I (we) first heard it. My brother bought it. The one thing I recall about the album jacket was the gold-embossed lettering of the band's name and the "Queen Crest" (designed by Freddie Mercury). Anybody else out there seen one of those? 

Man receives sex act while blacked out, gets accused and expelled... Reddit censors

"Nearly two years later, she would accuse him of sexual assault. And under Amherst's guilty-until-proven-innocent (and even then, as we'll see, still guilty) hearing standards, the accused student was expelled."
The accused student — using the pseudonym John Doe — is suing the college for denying him due process. His lawyer had discovered text messages that prove the accused student did not initiate the encounter and in no way sexually assaulted the accuser. Despite this evidence, the college refused to reopen Doe's case.
Meanwhile, someone over at Reddit, had post this story for people to read and comment on it. That is what that site is all about right?... Well, don't be so sure... To the dismay of hundreds of redditors/commenters, the powers that be at Reddit took the post/link down.... Yes, you read that right, Reddit took down a post/link to a legitimate news story.

Later, someone else brought up the Reddit censoring, at another sub-Reddit page that deals with censorship, that Reddit had censored/taken down the link to a story of a young man getting expelled after receiving a sex act while blacked out....
Article about Questionable Rape Accusation at Amherst Removed from Front Page at +3369 for being "Tabloid News".
Here is the Top voted comment from that post....
The writer, Ashe Schow, writes for the Washington Examiner, which is definitely not a tabloid. She specializes in gender politics and campus sexual assault adjudications. She was also at the GamerGate meetup in DC, although she hasn't written much about GG.

At the time the post was removed it had just hit the front page of reddit. This appears to be yet another example of censorship for political reasons, and doesn't bode well for reddit, as it seems far too many subs are going completely anti-freespeech.

Link to original article
ht/ professor Christina H. Sommers

Thursday, June 11, 2015

"Feds set to destroy H-1B records"

"Records (work visas) that are critical to research and take up a microscopic amount of storage are set for deletion"
In a notice posted last week, the U.S. Department of Labor said that records used for labor certification, whether in paper or electronic, "are temporary records and subject to destruction" after five years, under a new policy.

There was no explanation for the change, and it is perplexing to researchers. The records under threat are called Labor Condition Applications (LCA), which identify the H-1B employer, worksite, the prevailing wage, and the wage paid to the worker.

"Throwing information away is anathema to the pursuit of knowledge and akin to willful stupidity or, worse, defacing Buddhist statues," said Lindsay Lowell, director of policy studies at the Institute for the Study of International Migration at Georgetown University. "It undermines our ability to evaluate what the government does and, in today's world, retaining electronic records like the LCA is next to costless," he said.

The cost of storage can't be an issue for the government's $80 billion IT budget: A full year's worth of LCA data is less than 1GB.
h/t Mickey Kaus

"Researchers Find Genes That Can Make You Look Younger By 10 Years"

Could the genetic advantage be called black privilege?
The researchers discovered that the younger gene is present in around 10 percent of white Americans and 20 percent of black Americans. The team believes that this gene has helped make these individuals look 10 years younger than they actually were.

These findings could help explain how celebrities, such as Hollywood actress Halle Berry, 48, and supermodel Iman, 59, could retain their youthful looks.

"Many of us felt that people with darker skin aged better because of more pigment and better photo [sunlight] protection, but we have found there is much more to it than that," Kimball said.

"They have other characteristics in their skin which confer good ageing, which until now we had no idea about."

Christopher Lee dies at 93

"Screen legend famous for roles in Hammer Horror films, Lord of the Rings and Star Wars dies in hospital after suffering heart and respiratory problems"
Christopher Lee, Vincent Price,
John Carradine and  Peter Cushing

"Favors to foundation donors stretch back to Hillary Clinton’s Senate days"

"Earmarks, legislative action benefited husband’s benefactors"
For instance, Mrs. Clinton introduced a bill when she was New York’s junior senator that allowed a donor to the Clinton Foundation to use tax-exempt bonds to build a shopping center in Syracuse, New York, public records show. 
She also went to bat for Freddie Mac, working to defeat legislation that would have subjected the mortgage giant to tougher regulations before the housing bubble burst and led to a major recession. That same year, Freddie Mac donated $50,000 to $100,000 to her husband’s charity, originally called the William J. Clinton Foundation records show.
“It seems like the Clinton Foundation operates as a slush fund for the Clintons,” Bill Allison, a senior fellow at the Sunlight Foundation, a government watchdog group, told the New York Post in April after conflict-of-interest reports started surfacing between the Clinton Foundation and Mrs. Clinton’s political work.

“It’s declassified and made public once it’s agreed to”

"Paul Ryan’s Pelosi-esque Obamatrade Moment"

What Ryan is trying to convince House Republicans to do is vote for Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) which would fast-track at least three highly secretive trade deals—specifically the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP), the Trade in Services Agreement (TiSA), and the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (T-TIP)—and potentially more deals. 
Right now, TiSA and T-TIP text are completely secretive and unavailable for even members of Congress to read while TPP text is available for members to review—although they need to go to a secret room inside the Capitol where only members of Congress and certain staffers high-level security clearances, who can only go when members are present, can read the bill.


To James. He's always little brother Jimmy to me but he doesn't like that handle.

I was thinking about this the other day as it rained like mad for the third time in one day for the seventh day in a row. Weather unusual for Colorado, but then all weather is unusual for Colorado. That's axiomatic. And always has been.

The same line of thought is triggered again when scanning past a link on Drudge without bothering to click or read anything.

It's so stupid. 

So incredibly stupid. And I mean stupid as stuck in a high-school discussion that never ends. 

That really is your governor. Jerry Brown. Patently stuck in a high-school discussion and so is everybody who elected him. 

I thought about it again today as it rained so heavily so oddly and still requiring I water my plants because half of them don't even get wet, and again while watching t.v. the boy in the family band said he finally made it to California for the first time and it was raining. "Hey, I was told it never rains in California."

And recalling how it rained like mad, continuously, when we returned from Maui. All week. And the whole train ride back. The entire ride. Rain is not California's problem. Water is not California's problem. Overpopulation is not California's problem. 

You know by living there and by traveling around the state and the area that there is plenty of water and plenty of places to store water for times when its needed and plenty of money to do any engineering project your state wishes to undertake. Water is not the problem. You know as Christian God provides, you know by Christian history the stories of pharaohs learning from dreams and from Jews to parlay times of plenty to cover periods of need. You know by your third-grade science that water replenishes cyclically reliably. You know by driving your Cadillac into the twelve foot snowbank in the Sierras. Your common sense tells you drought in your state needn't be.

No, the problem is ideology. Pinched ideology. It is conservative principles, conservation, but torqued to pinched ideology. The problem is a type of conservation-liberal thinking and planning (To have discomforting shortages that forces change. They like that. It's their reason for being.), the problem is Democrats, the problem is Jerry Brown. Were it a Venn diagram the circles would be concentric.

Here's confirmation, here is how I aver all this confidently. A screenshot from Drudge. 

That's so Malthusian it's not even funny. That is very  1970's right there. That is a very old and barren concern and argument. Jerry Brown never grew up. As governor he is saying and showing that he refuses to prepare for more population. [Colorado shared this same governing attitude in reverse from Republicans, it was Democrats who insisted on preparing for growth and by doing encourage it] And this should prove that if you see any motion in that direction of preparing for a water secure future it will be only faint and half-hearted efforts because his and Sacramento's real and true concern will be to limit population. But watch. Oddly, contrary to federal law keeping borders wide open as possible and allowing even encouraging migration that leapfrogs over the legal system in place. All that together says quite clearly the governing class together there would strongly prefer ruling people ruled more easily than you.  Either stop breeding or get out, or stay away to begin with, or think of something else, or suffer with less water. There will be no or little preparation for future water needs because that would encourage internal U.S. migration to California its population to swell and causing Jerry Brown concern. They will do this with lawfare and with water and with whatever tools you allow them. 

Apparently, Californians agree or else they would not elect this antique, but they did. 

There is no reason to suffer drought.  No reason at all.  There is plenty of water replenishing constantly.  You know that by the sierras alone. 

Tim Hunt (again)

Topic: Sex(ism) in science
subject: Tim Hunt's remarks about working with women
speaker: Emily Grossman
speaker: Milo Yiannopoulos

The woman is passionate about her subject and says so right off so there will be no mistaking she is her academic bundle, her curricula vitae truly is the thing that she is living, the thing that she rides high on the crest of and she's eager to deliver the whole wave all at once by the mouthful.  Her entire doctorate is right there available to her at the tip of her tongue thoroughly and forcefully, it comes out in torrent and in  phrases repeated too rapidly for ordinary speech, well-practiced phrases, "not every female but most, of course, and not every male but most," for she is nothing if not passionate and very well-practiced. She will shove her wave in your face.  But riding the frothy crest she's not looked back and examined  the ocean that slaps out the wave she is riding, neglected its flotsam back there, its jetsam and junk, its circulating growing floating island of trash. All Milo did in response was to reach back there behind her and calmly pick through the bits in the sea of litter that produced the wave the passionate doctor is surfing. 

The video is annoying to watch. 

Doubly so due to their shared speech impediment but that's my problem.

Emily Grossman educator on sexism in science drives her point by repeatedly citing studies that  girls feel the sciences are antagonistic against them and it is up to boys as students and men as employees to fix that situation that males created and still create by being male.

Maybe females must toughen up, but males most certainly must soften.

Milo refutes her case of institutional bias against girls by citing the advantages extended females in colleges and in employment preferences of hiring. Emily was not expecting Milo to have his own facts. He describes a double handicap institutionalized against boys that Emily is eager to ignore. Milo owns Emily in the discussion after claiming special privileges to be bitchy as he pleases due to his own special class he merely reaches behind Emily's wave into the littered sea perturbing Emily to demonstrate by chanting  "girls feel" so that the old septuagenarian, they repeatedly emphasize, the nobel laureate who started it all off and no ordinary run-of-the-mill crackpot easily dismissed that all three in the video do manage to dismiss (so I dismiss them, all three)  just might be right after all. 

If you must.


They'd Love To Change The Word:

You couldn't even write a decent hippie/protest song these days without the PC police jumping down your throat.


Offensive lyrics after the jump:

"We do it from time to time and it will usually generate a couple of 911 calls"

"Man washing massive monster truck mistaken for plane crash"

"The Springfield News-Leader reports Darnell had recently raced the vehicle on a dirt course, so it needed to be washed. The vehicle can reach 376 miles per hour and in order to wash the 36,000-horsepower truck, Darnell has to use jet engines, which make a lot of noise and create white smoke."

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

John Gabriel strikes back.

Gabriel is editor of Yesterday, as you know, NYT published a clawing groping examination of Marco Rubio's personal financial history reporting the mundane as sensational and by doing revealed again who they fear most, as psychological tic, and slopping around terribly doing it, lying about their sources that turn out to be basically Media Matters spoon-feeding them opposition and when challenged with proof contrary to their claims answered themselves by routing their responses to presumably friendly sources who then denounced the whole approach for being dragged into it.

It's been nothing but ridicule since. Photos of Rubio's boat in Hillary's pool. Rubio's entire property in Hillary's front yard, the cost of Rubio's things compared to the cost of Hillary's family's things, his entire house vs Chelsea's annual rent. Google Earth opens these possibilities. Rubio's boat vs John Kerry's yacht, weddings, neighborhoods, and so on all day long. And now just hours ago John Gabriel published his examination of Obama's problem with handling money and Obama's attitude about public money covering fairly the entire history and every complaint compressed and in the style of NYT.

Stopped right in the middle

Because what he saw was a horrible tragedy situation. A car emerged and a police car submerged into it.

This item is noticed on Twitter account with the header, "Suicide notes are a dying," Maybe "thing" didn't fit. Interesting items relating to black culture are collected there and shared. Some ten or so retweets with links to a 30 second clip fill the page.

Can we get a witness?

"Which group of people comes off as the most pretentious?"

Reddit top voted comments...
College freshmen in a psychology course.

I dated a girl last year who was involved with horses, specifically show jumping. I met the most pretentious self involved people I have ever met in my life at the horse shows I went to with her. I thought I was taking part in some sort of mockumentary.


Coffee snobs.
I live in a country that drinks mainly tea. So I needed to google how to make coffee, how much ground coffee to use in a French press per person, how do you use a moka pot etc.
You would not believe how snobby and pretentious the google results were. It was insane. The results were all "how to use a moka pot: Don't. But if you're a sadist or fucking pleb that loves the bitter taste of shit burnt coffee I guess here's how... Take the finest fairtrade Ecuadorian beans handpicked by virgins on the 3rd Saturday of May, grind them in your 18th Century ebony grinder, if you don't use within 15 minutes throw them out and start again...."

It's a group you probably haven't heard of...

"How Deval Patrick secretly diverted millions to off-budget accounts"

"Former Gov. Deval Patrick’s administration secretly diverted nearly $27 million in public money to off-budget accounts that paid for a $1.35 million trade junket tab, bloated advertising contracts, and a deal with a federally subsidized tourism venture backed by U.S. Sen. Harry Reid, a Herald investigation has found."
The maneuver to fatten the hidden “trust” 

accounts with millions from state quasi-public agencies allowed Patrick to skirt the state Legislature and evade state budget cutbacks during the recession, the Herald found.
Via Instapundit who said...
Deval was the template for Obama, in imagery, in bypassing the legislature, and in massive crony socialism. Not surprisingly, his administration ended badly.

"Nobel scientist says women in science 'fall in love' and 'cry' in labs"

Let me tell you about my trouble with girls … three things happen when they are in the lab … You fall in love with them, they fall in love with you and when you criticise them, they cry.”
He added that he was "in favour of single-sex labs" but "doesn't want to stand in the way of women."

His comments were tweeted by Connie St Louis, director of the science journalism program at City University London

"Really does this Nobel Laureate think we are still in Victorian times???"

The Royal Society, of which Hunt is a fellow, has distanced itself from his remarks, saying: 

"The Royal Society believes that in order to achieve everything that it can, science needs to make the best use of the research capabilities of the entire population.

“Too many talented individuals do not fulfil their scientific potential because of issues such as gender and the Society is committed to helping to put this right.”

After an online backlash against Hunt's 'sexist' remarks, he told the BBC Radio 4 Today programme that he did not intend any offence - but stood by his comments.


According to the Wiki, The Hollies never officially broke up; this makes them one of the longest lived rock and roll bands. I do wonder who takes that cake. Suggestions? The Rolling Stones date from 1962 but so too do The Hollies. Surely Dick Dale predates them, but he's more or less a solo act.

I've embedded the lyrics after the jump, in case you've ever wondered WTH the song was supposed to be about.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

NYT tells us Rubio scares them most.

NYT Shows Its Gotchya Colors USA Today.
Mark Haleprin Comically Accuses Those Outraged by NYT Rubio's Speeding Tickets Story, News Busters.
Struggles With Finances Track Marco Rubio's Career, NYT
Marco Rubio and His Wife Have Gotten Traffic Tickets, Time
Bloomberg Editor Challenges Those Mocking NYT Bombshell, Twitchy

Ugh, the "have gotten" locution." On a list of things that irritate British readers  "gotten" appears a lot. There is something about the sound of it or its Norse origin or most likely Americans using it more than other English speaking countries so that they think it started here and that gets on their nerves and they say so. In the comments, not in the articles. It surprised me. That's a chance to tell them their serious R displacement problem on a national scale that makes them all sound like straight up speech-tards irritates me. To show that whole irritating thing goes both ways, and why.

But this is only the left announcing who scares them most by dragging up crap that doesn't mean anything to anybody except their girlish selves while staunchly protecting their own criminal enterprise while showing their racism that motivates so much of what they say and do that they project onto everyone else. Just say it, Rubio, Latino, Florida, flouting money, say it! Speedy Rubio Gonzales.


As you form word clouds and concept clouds that overlap so too you form clusters of sign clouds that arise from signs that fit their concept so perfectly that the hand configurations are used for a whole array of related ideas over and over this way and that way and reliably so for both doing and receiving.

"Popped up" is such sign in such a cluster that is used for the idea of "show up" and "appear" as appear on the scene.

Adele's song Someone Like You is a favorite for young interpreters who uploaded their versions, with the line "I hate to turn up out of the blue uninvited but I couldn't stay away" and all of the interpreters without any exception chose this sign to convey the idea of turning up uninvited.

It is the opposite of "disappear," one of my favorite signs.

A sidebar please, Your Honor. This is unrelated to the cluster.

One day long ago Jeffery described an incident about encountering one of his teachers from the deaf school in Colorado Springs at the time, at an embarrassing place. I asked Jeff, "What happened then?" Jeff said, "peek around a corner, eye contact, disappear, leave" each sign connected to the next and run as a brief video. It contained the elements of cinematography, the actor's pov, the man dropping out of sight, the magic carpet ride out. Brilliant. I thought. In that moment Jeff changed the way I perceived his manner of speaking and my own manner changed on the spot. Finally, I got it. With Jeffery's help it sank in. With no actual sentence in there, he just showed by the most eloquently simple way possible what happened relying on these eminently useful signs.

Jeff used the kind of "leave" as depart, not the kind of leave like set a potted plant in place, and not the leaves of a tree or of books. It's as if an invisible man is standing on a carpet that is snatched up, and in Jeff's description the signs and motions are connected so "leave" starts at the spot where "disappear" ends.

You can leave in any direction you like. Back to the sign cluster and to the configuration and the concept attached to it that is so useful. 

Another kind of leave is "escape" from something such as a party or prison or classroom. In the same sense that you pop up or drop out you can also slip out or away.

When a group disappears and drops out of sight, it goes "extinct." 

That configuration being so useful for showing up, sliding out, and disappearing, as individual, as two, or as group, must not be discounted for other things too. It's just too useful a configuration as a horizon, a platform, the ground or a proscenium, what have have you. Here, instead of disappearing as a group under it, the fingers are run back and forth over it for the idea of "media," although the ideas of "movie" and "film" and "video" rely on another cloud-configuration while "print" and "newspaper" and "newsletter" and such rely on another. 

Videos from two impressively dedicated dictionaries, Signing Savvy and Handspeak.

"Someday a child will run to her parents and say "mommy, daddy, how did you meet?"... "

"... They will turn to each other, hold hands, gaze into each others eyes and sweetly say "we both swiped right."

Top Reddit comments...
Tinderella: The Tale of Two Swipes

Mine: Daddy's buddy was being a sexist douche in aram team chat, so mommy trolled him and they became friends. Then she met daddy, and he traveled half way across the country to help her make you! Riot matchmaking OP.

I met my boyfriend of a year online and whenever someone asks I just tell them we met where our first date was. Seems more relatable.

Mine will be "I saw her profile on OKCupid and sent her something stupid about potatoes"

I met a girl at an internet cafe, but we didn't click.

Joyce Carol Oats

Her Twitter timeline

Closer look at the person in the photo and the dead elephant that Chris Tilly remarks upon. 
People remarked in several retweet comment threads, "That's not a selfie!" 

Planetary Photography

"Why Liberals Oppose Over-the-Counter Birth Control"

"Removing the pharmacy-counter barrier between women and their birth control would give them vastly more, not less, power over their own health-care choices, also reducing health-care costs and improving access."
Right now, the federal government requires a prescription for birth control, even though other over-the-counter drugs (acetaminophen, for example) bear higher health risks, the directions are straightforward, and there’s no risk of overdose. Practically speaking, the prescription requirement keeps women beholden to their gynecologist, forcing them to submit to intrusive and uncomfortable once-a-year doctor’s visits in exchange for a pink slip for the pill. But while pelvic exams and Pap smears can help physicians detect everything from sexually transmitted diseases to cervical cancer, these procedures tell them basically nothing about whether a woman can safely take birth control. Authorities as prestigious as the World Health Organization and the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists have confirmed that doctors can safely prescribe the pill without a full examination. Just as with other low-risk drugs, women are perfectly capable of reading the warning label and self-screening for safety...

Making birth control over-the-counter would also vastly expand access, resulting in fewer unplanned pregnancies and abortions. In fact, unwanted pregnancies could decline as much as 25 percent, according to a new study released in February by the University of California–San Francisco, and nonprofit Ibis Reproductive Health.

“Women who are currently using methods that are less effective than the pill — mainly condoms or nothing — would use it,” the study’s author concluded. “Particularly low-income women.” 

Monday, June 8, 2015

Comedy, comedians

You know what better than Democrats calling out left-wing bullshit? And better than conservatives calling out Republican and Fox News bullshit [Mike Rowe, Facebook]? Democrats with eyes that see and minds of their own that can actually process and sufficiently elastic who become Republicans, that's what.

Yesterday there were tweets about Evan Sayet having a show in Boston and tickets being available, but let's be honest with each other, is this how you would choose to spend your entertainment dollar?  That would make you a political nerd. I am not nearly so serious as that. I'd take a puppet show any day.

And that got me thinking, this guy is actually funny. There really is the type of dark humor behind and underneath everything, sometimes interjected as asides,  that tickles me so. You'll notice this following a transfusion, every bleak little thing becomes unspeakably hilarious and inappropriately so. You're giggling all the time and at all the wrong things.

Why not go? Not go because the humor behind it all is so faint and the achingly dissected reality laid on so thickly. My entertainment dollar does not go to aching reality reaffirmations laid on thickly. My constitution is not for that, besides I know it all anyway, there is no need for it again condensed. And it's still just more tribalism and that primate grooming thing that I reject. 

He used to be purely funny and only with veneer of reality for contrast, but now it's reversed and no longer entertainment. Same thing with Bill Maher, I used to find him so perceptive on picking out those little things that vex us all and finding the words to describe them so that we all think we thought the same thing, until his fateful decision to flip the ratio and strike a hard partisan pose. Perceptive funnyman gone sour. Court jester no longer going for the humor that darkness has overtaken. Even tepid somewhat perceptive Jerry Seinfeld in the post below no longer sees value in trying.

Who wrote this amazing, mysterious book satirizing tech startup culture?

Article by Alexis C. Madrigal for

Another S.F. area author thought that Madrigal wrote the tiny book possibly as a joke but that was the first that Madrigal had even heard of it until he received his own copy slipped through the mail slot but not by the Postal Service along with another copy for his wife, also a S.F writer. Turns out a whole list of people received self-published copies in this same hand delivered manner, containing hand drawn tweets in calligraphic form as if practicing penmanship. All the recipients are bay area authors. Mostly.

The book is lauded for its tone and its expertise. It hits the right notes precisely. The authority is perfect, the revelations timed exquisitely. The story moves at a clip and leaves everyone wondering, "who in the heck did all this and why did they do it?" 

Alexis Madrigal thinks he might have the answer narrowed to a member of a group of highly successful bay area writers known as Grotto. 

It's a fun story that Madrigal scanned and republished here. The hand-drawn tweets as aphorisms and as art are interesting too. It is interesting from the point of view of writing as example of what writers appreciate and laud and pass around. 

Jerry Seinfeld: Political Correctness Will Destroy Comedy

"I don't play colleges, but I hear a lot of people tell me, 'Don't go near colleges. They're so PC,'"
"I'll give you an example: My daughter's 14. My wife says to her, 'Well, you know, in the next couple years, I think maybe you’re going to want to be hanging around the city more on the weekends, so you can see boys.' You know what my daughter says? She says, ‘That’s sexist.’"

Seinfeld said college students don't understand racism and sexism. "They just want to use these words: 'That’s racist;' 'That’s sexist;' 'That’s prejudice.' They don’t even know what the f—k they’re talking about.”

Obama G-7 Germany

"States should never have taken up healthcare law" appears to be the big takeaway from the speech delivered in Germany.

I heard portions of this speech. It ran on several channels at once, an important speech too covering several important issues and delivered without teleprompter. Perhaps you should watch it in full listen carefully and be fully informed then come back and tell me your opinions of what he said and in that manner I can become informed too without listening.

That bit up there came at the end during q&a. In my opinion that was not the most significant part of his answer to that question, even though his answer came to me in pieces. Struggling with my own resistance to imperious stretched/clipped speech pattern I clicked off at "the proof that Obamacare is working is the absence of all those terrible catastrophes that were supposed to happen." While all I've read about is insurance companies projecting significant and stultifying rate increases discouraging healthy signups further. Young healthy people uninvolved in politics would rather pay penalty. (But then I only bother with conservative political sites, the others are insane) And who will healthy people blame for being made to pay penalty for not buying insurance that Obama and party required? I'm only guessing, and my guess is based on knowing they're not as stupid as commonly described. Not recognizing that his home state Hawaii cannot afford its own service and wasted half a billion in federal taxpayer's money trying seemed to me more significant than him saying perhaps the Supreme Court should reject the challenge to his healthcare law, and the japes on Twitter that follow in torrent.

More significant than him stating flatly that he does not have a plan for defeating ISIS. The body language speaks to me louder and much more clearly than his singsong stretched/clipped pattern. That awkward moment of Obama stuck sitting on a bench next to Iraqi Prime Minister says everything. He couldn't boyishly twist his entire body toward and around the female Europeron and away from the Prime Minister who came up to sit right there next to him any more than he does. Then standing up makes sure to complete a closed circle turning from and shutting out the little person dressed in brown. Imagine yourself doing that. And why.

The quarter-turn. It is a technique that was actually taught to me and with derisive mocking laughter and a bit high on cocktails about how to cut off conversation in a crowd by simply turning away from it distracted by more interesting conversation and smiling while you do it. And the guy's left, "I think I'll just get another drink" But he can't because he's Muslim.

Obama Court Should Not Have Accepted the Obamacare Challenge Huffington Post.
Europe Will Continue Sanctions Against Russia CNN.
Obama, Reviewing Strategies for Training Iraqi Troops WSJ.
Obama, No Complete Strategy yet on Training Iraqi Troops, CNN

Nader: “This is the problem of women trying to overcompensate...”

“... in becoming more aggressive and macho so they are not accused of being soft on the need to kill and war, right?” (video at the link)
“I think Hillary is not the Hillary of when she was 30 years old. She made peace with the power structure and she is a deep corporatist and a deep militarist. One can almost forgive the corporatism. She moved to New York with Bill because that’s where the power is and Wall Street but her militarism is absolutely shocking,” he said during a discussion about his new book, Return to Sender, which focuses on unanswered letters Nader wrote to U.S. presidents about an array of issues.

“She almost singlehandedly did the Libyan war. The Defense Department was against it, [Secretary Robert] Gates, and she persuaded the White House that it was an easy topple without knowing that in a tribal society with nothing to replace it you would have a civil war, sectarian killings spilling into Africa, weapons everywhere, Mali, central Africa and she’s being accused of Benghazi – the big thing is the huge amount of geography that has been destabilized because of the Libyan overthrow,” he added.
Isn't Ralph Nader breaking the rules Hillary set forth for people who talk and write about her? I know Ralph is not a journalist but he is a politician/commentator/activist... he could be a journalist.


Lem is on the road tonight. This is a favorite "road song" from my youth. It's also an attempt to synch a video to a familiar version of an early 1970's Deep Purple song.

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Try not to get the prickly things in your socks.

Imagine the tableau surrounded by security just out of frame.

"How identity politics is tying the left into knots"

"Do women and men have different brains?... What makes a Woman?"
Back when Lawrence H. Summers was president of Harvard and suggested that they did, the reaction was swift and merciless. Pundits branded him sexist. Faculty members deemed him a troglodyte. Alumni withheld donations.

But when Bruce Jenner said much the same thing in an April interview with Diane Sawyer, he was lionized for his bravery, even for his progressivism.

“My brain is much more female than it is male,” he told her, explaining how he knew that he was transgender.
Quite a quandary. Is the feminist tent big enough for the new comers? Maybe they can reach a compromise where Caitlyn Jenner counts as 3/5 of a woman? I don't know... She can call herself a woman, but not a woman woman.

Why can't we all just get along?


Bob Weir,  standing top right
Netflix has an apparent exclusive called "The Other One: The Long Strange Trip of Bob Weir"

Weir--in case you didn't know--was the teenaged founding member of what became the Grateful Dead. This is a pretty well-made documentary and tells a complete story of the band's history using interviews and personal photos and film. Even if you’re not a fan of their music, you might appreciate their musicianship a little more.

Highlights: Weir revisits his childhood home in the tony suburb of Atherton CA. He shows us the music shop and the exact spot in Palo Alto where he first met Jerry Garcia. He revisits 710 Ashbury St., the more or less famous house which the Dead all shared (pictured above). The story is mostly told from Weir's Marin Co. house with plenty of rolling fog.

Other Highlights: There is archival footage of the Merry Prankster days—some of which I’d never seen. And I learned more about the effect that the early beats -- especially Neal Cassidy -- had on Weir.

I was less impressed by Weir’s personal quest to find his own birth father. Especially since we learn that Weir was the go-to groupie magnet in the band. It’s just inconceivable that after so many countless couplings there aren’t a lot of little Weirs in the gene pool, potentially perpetuating the "problem." But that all goes unsaid.  We’re supposed to be touched that Weir found his real dad in the end after losing Jerry. I was reminded somewhat of Lemmy and his own father problem which I mentioned here.  Always daddy issues driving things, aren't there?

I could say more but it’d be a spoiler.

"How One Man Realized His Dream of Visiting Every Country"

"Lessons learned from traveling to 196 countries include what old camel meat tastes like and why toilet paper is the best economic indicator."
I found the surest way to know where a country ranks economically and socially is to go to a public bathroom and check the toilet paper.

I have seven rankings, starting with the best, which is soft white. From soft white it goes down to hard white; hard brown; purple, green, and other colors; to torn-up newspaper; to no paper at all, just a little bucket of water.

The lowest ranking, which is a seven, is when there are no public toilets.

"Two convicted murderers escape from New York max-security prison..."

"... leave 'have a nice day' note"

In a sensational “Shawshank Redemption”-style prison break, a pair of cunning convicted murderers used power tools and tunnels to escape an upstate maximum-security penitentiary near the Canadian border.

The inmates, stealing from the film “Ferris Bueller,” set up decoys in their cells, tricking the nighttime guards who run checks every two hours.

“We went back and pieced together what they did,” Cuomo said. “It was elaborate. It was sophisticated. It encompassed drilling through steel walls and pipes, so this was not easily accomplished.”

“We want to find out exactly how it happened,” Cuomo said. “How did they get the power tools? From who? How?”

“We will undertake a full investigation to make sure that this was the first and the last time anyone escapes from this facility,” the governor added.

Dataviz, Fallen of WWII

Pregnancy Prank Backfires