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Five year plans and New Deals wrapped in golden chains...

"Student Accused of Rape By 'Mattress Girl' Sues Columbia University"

"Sulkowicz made life a living hell for Nungesser"
Paul Nungesser, the Columbia University student accused of raping fellow student Emma Sulkowicz, is now suing the university for doing nothing to stop Sulkowicz's harassment campaign against him, which he claims "effectively destroyed" his college experience, reputation, and future career prospects.

His lawsuit contains a wealth of new information about the contested sexual assault, including dozens of messages establishing Sulkowicz's sexual "yearning" for Nungesser, which she sent to him both before and after the alleged incident. (Full text of the lawsuit here, courtesy of KC Johnson.)

"Is Nick Searcy Hollywood's angriest conservative?"

Showing Up To Riot (via Small Dead Animals)

For the last five years his role as Raylan Givens's tough-but-tender father figure Art Mullen on the Kentucky TV crime saga Justified, which has now come to a dramatic end, has been one of the finest performances in a series absolutely full of them.

Somehow, he's managed to do all this while being one of the most brazenly outspoken conservatives in the liberal-dominated entertainment industry. With the honorable exceptions of James Woods and Jon Voight, most Hollywood Republicans tend to keep their opinions to themselves. But not Searcy.

Prompted by the 2012 death of conservative firebrand Andrew Breitbart, Searcy found himself searching his soul. “Bullies on the Left, they want to call you names and categorise you and make you respond,” Searcy once said. “They want to make you say, ‘Why are you saying that? I’m not that.’ So when [Breitbart] passed away so suddenly, I just sort of had this moment where I asked myself: Why am I scared? Why am I letting these people do this to me? Now, I’m not."
The Telegraph

"A bus smashed into a passenger plane on runway"

File under how in heavens name could something like this happen?

Shattering its windscreen, this is the incredible moment a bus ploughed into a passenger plane at Tashkent airport in Uzbekistan.

The incident is difficult to comprehend as the collision was much more than just a minor skirmish on the runway at the busy Asian airport.

The damage on the vehicle is clear, although it is unknown if the engine of the Boeing 777 jet was damaged or if anyone was injured.

Let me guess. The writer, as well as the posters here, are white old and grumpy (WOGs)

who, since retirement (many forced?), have nothing better to do but blast a bunch of fine upstanding young people who want to bring much needed attention to a problem our generation let pass for far too long. Want to talk about a National disgrace, cue that one up. They are taking action. What have you done other than complain here?
Here is my little sister captured at her severest teenage toxicity. Here is her style of thinking back then as a virus specimen solid in amber and I marvel at its polished jewel-like sheen. To even talk to her you must first peel away each sentence and set it aright, each an argument, and then proceed so everything begins with deficit so you're frustrated right off and when you do proceed you encounter only resistance. I'm not up to it. But that up there was mere amateur trolling. They announce such with "old white" ageist, racist, all bound in a wad like a tape handle to a shiv they expect to insert unnoticed, very girlishly.

This is a comment on weaponsman to an article about Peggy Combs making her battalion of ROTC Cadets wear high heals and walk a mile in them parading to promote rape awareness on campuses. Obviously the article is written against it.

This was mandatory. We know they don't like it they've written about it. But allow me to say, the way you throw your legs forward confidently like that, arch your backs, flatten your stomachs, pop your chests, you boys do look fetching.

The old "walk a mile in another man's moccasins" repurposed for today's US ARMY ROTC.

Fine. That mile is walked.

Conclusion: Your moccasins are incredibly stupid. You wear them. That means you're incredibly stupid."  And now everyone knows it.

One of the complaint letters from a cadet said "Now we have to spend $17.00 on ridiculous shoes, paint them red, wear them a mile, then throw them away." If not, then a negative mark on their record about not supporting their battalion objectives.

Only $17.00? Well, it's terrible anyway. When I encountered this item the first fifty times I was taking it for the regular army and not the ROTC. My outrage was lessened a tiny bit by realizing that.

I did not read all 90 comments to this article suffice to say they're mostly against it, that one up there was handled sufficiently, some comments are refreshingly informative, most are reasonable, what you'd expect, but there are angry ones leading to some great ones. Like this:
Seeing as the United States military has now put homosexuals out in the open, I’m surprised Combs or even Dempsey haven’t directed that all troops will “march a mile in their shorts” with a dildo up their ass ! 
WTF has happened to my Army ?
Ha ha ha ha ha ha. There's always somebody who comes up with something I couldn't think of. What would make him think of anything that outrageous?

He was thinking, had he said way back then that having women in the army and having women generals will lead to fighting men wearing red high heals, then the likes of the  commenter quoted above would have insisted that he's quite insane, old, white and grumpy, slippery slope, reactionary, and worst of all that he's sexist. He who opens with an ageist, racist dig. That's why he visualized something so outrageous as cadets marching in shorts with dildos up their asses.

He makes me laugh all over again. What a perv.

This is my take on the cadets forced to wear red high heals. Omitting the whole Title IX letter from the White House that college administrators are using as basis for all the related colleges disruption, with its obviously bogus rape statistics that by their numbers have one in five college women being raped. Apart from a U.S. Army general falling right in line with all this bogus party bullshit once again permeating institutions just to fall in line with it and only to fall in line with it. My take on high heeled shoes apart of the stark spectacle of United States Army general displaying bandwagon-following qualities rather than leadership qualities. Apart from all that my own take on high heals in general is that high heals are a willful self-inflicted handicap.

I tried on Mum's high heeled shoes one time. They're incredibly stupid shoes.

To put on a pair of shoes stupid as that and clunk around in them is to handicap yourself in the manner of Chinese foot-binding.

Don't even argue with me on this. Women purposefully handicap their own walking for men. If men didn't think they were hot then women would never wear the ridiculous things. Look, I have trouble waking. There is a lot more to keeping one's balance than people imagine, dozens of foot and leg muscles must coordinate with semicircular canals in your ears. All that brain to leg nerve activity. A lot can go wrong. Then there is the ground. Even a good flat floor can be slick. Then a carpeted floor dangerous. Stilts are dangerous. By wearing these shoes the gait is clipped, the walk handicapped. On purpose! 

When a woman dresses up and makes herself look hot and has those shoes on I say to her, "Nice shoes."

Why? Because she did it for me. She did it for men. She did NOT do it because she likes to go clunking around in dangerous stilts that inhibit her walk and are actually painful by crushing the toes and jamming the full weight wrongly. They are painful to wear. Women endure pain to look hot for men.

When you see, say, Atlanta Housewives and the women are all clunking around handicapped first by tight skirts and secondly by high heel shoes, and thirdly a slick stage floor or a dangerously carpeted floor, taking their baby steps clunk clunk clunk clunk clunk clunk clunking all over you see a stage full of self-handicapped bumper dolls bumping around clasping each other as much for balance as anything kissing but not touching faces lest something snap. When you see that then you see beautiful and attractive women handicapping themselves on purpose. Normal shoes and they would all walk normally. Try to see this through eyes of one who cannot do it and realize how not just stupid but actually offensive it is. Nice shoes. You're hot. You're also dumb.

The general is saying by her action requiring men to handicap themselves by wearing ridiculous shoes that to know what it is to  be a woman is to make poor shoe decisions, to handicap yourself purposefully for an  effort to make yourself more sexually attractive. That's what it is to be a woman by this general's lights. And the men know that the women are better than that. Better than their general thinks of them, and much better than Party will have them perform. Party where all this Title IX reinterpretation originates.

You're probably wondering what this big goofball looks like if you haven't already.

BG Peggy Combs

BG really stands for brigadier general, I think. They actually made this silly Party operative a general. Because she has a vagina or because she did something outstanding? Maybe she did do a whole bunch of outstanding things. I don't know. All I know of her is this high heels incident.  


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Yes - Changes Live 1994

"Our climate models are wrong..."

"Global warming has slowed - and recent changes are down to ‘natural variability’, says study"
'Based on our analysis, a middle-of-the-road warming scenario is more likely, at least for now,' said Patrick Brown, a doctoral student in climatology at Duke University. 'But this could change.'

The research, uses observed data, rather than the more commonly used climate models, to estimate decade-to-decade variability.

'At any given time, we could start warming at a faster rate if greenhouse gas concentrations in the atmosphere increase without any offsetting changes in aerosol concentrations or natural variability,' said Wenhong Li, assistant professor of climate at Duke, who conducted the study with Brown.

"Miami wants to predict when and where crime will occur"

It sounds a little like something out of a science fiction novel, but the department is in the process of adopting a system called HunchLab that produces maps showing small areas where specific crimes are likely to be committed during shifts. The probability program is a geographical version of “predictive policing” software, which more departments are using — even if, in the words of one supportive cop, it’s “kind of scary.”

“It doesn’t replace actual police work,” said Lt. Sean MacDonald, who wrote the grant application. “It’s policing with smarter technology.” (read more)

BX Momote Village

Comics 10¢, an unbelievably difficult decision because it means selecting the thing you're actually going to read, decode all those words in the little dialog boxes. I'd rather just study the pictures' details and ignore all the words but apparently they're deemed necessary and if it were not for comic books I'd avoid reading altogether. Decoding. It wasn't fun. With all those unnecessary tricks like silent letters and fake out pronunciations. Japanese writing is little pictures that makes more sense than sounds and so is Egyptian writing, no decoding at all, just looking at pictures. None of this sounding it out stuff with all the fake out traps. Pictures. That's the way to go when it comes to reading.

"Freediver Riding an Underwater Ocean Current"

OCEAN GRAVITY from Les films engloutis on Vimeo.

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Millions To Clinton Foundation In Exchange For Russian Uranium Deal

Bill and Hillary Clinton have facilitated giving Russia control over fifty percent of the uranium produced in the US. Millions of dollars flowed to the Bill, Hillary, and Chelsea Clinton Foundation as a result of their efforts. And Russia now controls a massive supply of Uranium in America (and elsewhere) that can be used against America and its allies. The video speaks for itself. Watch the entire report.


Hillary Clinton should be never again allowed to hold public office.

ADDED: A list of other sources cataloging the Clintons pattern of abuse and outright theft.
  • The New York Times has a report about the State Department’s decision to approve the sale of Uranium mines to a Russian company that donated $2.35 million to the Clinton Global Initiative, and that a Russian investment bank promoting the deal paid Bill $500,000 for a speech in Moscow.
  • The Washington Post reports that Bill Clinton has received $26 million in speaking fees from entities that also donated to the Clinton Global Initiative.
  • The Washington Examiner reports, “Twenty-two of the 37 corporations nominated for a prestigious State Department award — and six of the eight ultimate winners — while Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State were also donors to the Clinton family foundation.”
  • And Reuters reports, “Hillary Clinton's family's charities are refiling at least five annual tax returns after a Reuters review found errors in how they reported donations from governments, and said they may audit other Clinton Foundation returns in case of other errors.”

Reddit: What's the most unexplainable shit you've ever witnessed?

Top 3 comments:
A barn full of mummified chickens, suspended from 20 foot rafters by their necks.
Hundreds and hundreds of them, and all on individual ropes.
30 years ago and I still think about it...

I was driving home a few years ago in a car that was only a year and a half old. It was pretty late and the streets were completely empty. I stopped at a red light, light turned green I step on the gas a few times the engine reeves but the car doesn't move, it sounds exactly like it would if my car was in park, I remember being annoyed and checking to see if the car was in park NOPE in drive. I look up and a HUGE truck runs the red right where I would have been making my left turn. The truck passes and my car once again drives correctly. My car saved my life! 

When I was a wee lad, my school was shut down for an asbestos problem. My tiny public school was moved into the wing of a high school for four months during renovations. We were told to stay in our section of the school, but as a lonely child with few friends, I would sometimes go exploring.
Once, I was walking through the second floor of the school and wandered into one of the washrooms. A putrid smell hit my nostrils and I followed it into a stall to investigate.
The toilet was filled to the brim with shit. It was more shit than I had ever seen in my entire life. Logs and logs of shit amongst some kind of mushy paste. And at the top, somebody had stuck in three uncooked hotdogs like little flags. It was like some kind of macabre crime scene from the movie Seven, but with shit.
Ever since that day, I've wondered how the shit got there. Was it one person? Did they collect it for weeks and dump it in? Or was it the work of many? Did a group of boys line up and take turns shitting on top of each others' shit? Who came up with the idea? If they had hotdogs to stick in it, does that mean this was premeditated? How long had they been planning this?

A lesbian's daughter speaks out

Brandi Walton speaks out at the Federalist 

Linked to this from the sidebar at Ace and momentarily entered a surreal space. The page on Federalist looks like an advertisement and I had not heard of this author nor care to look further. She's probably legit. I don't know and I don't care.

The story is anti LBGT. It is a story about a girl raised by lesbians but not feeling a part of LBGT community nor a supporter of their cause and as I reader I fall into line thinking, "We all knew there will be cases like this. Do tell." So, I'm open for a description of her experience and continued. And then at about 1/4 or 1/3 way through while reading her life experience a thought formed alongside it and rode along as I continued reading, "Were I a social conservative against SSM this is what a surface description would look like."

I could no longer pretend to read the rest wholeheartedly nor completely openly. What a predicament, to want to know and get at intimate truth but question the verity of its author. It was ruined by the sense I am being tricked by a writer not quite sufficiently clever. Here's why. I've spoken with people raised by lesbians at length because I'm curious and they're open. It's interesting. They are interesting. They have interesting lives. The unique details of their lives are quite something to keep conversation going. The things that they will tell you are entertaining and gripping. Now I'm reading suspiciously. Were I to contrive such an experience I'd have to come up with intimate anecdotes of how it affected my life profoundly and negatively. Not cite studies about me and my type. My story would be intimate with unusual details not a general surface argument, rather, a deep personal argument from the point of view of a child. The closest she comes to this is, and listen to how surface skimming this is,  "I spent a lot of time in my friend's homes that had dads." And, "I wanted to know what it was like to be loved by a man. My uncles tried to fill the gap but I always knew they were substitutes." That sounded a bit like bad romance book writing. That rings as surface feelings imagined by conservative more than it rings heartfelt feelings of a girl grown up talking to me about her unusual life.

I am not going to question her story anymore. Nor the author. I like these real people raised by real lesbians too much to do that. Let's say she and her story are true. Fine. Okay? You're all very real. There.

What I am telling you is this, Brandi Walton, the page produced over there at the Federalist has the feel of an advertisement to it and your story sounds like you're selling something, and your description is a surface description of the product you're selling, anti same sex marriage. That's what I'm saying.

And it occurred to me while reading your page, no matter how valid and true, were I to produce a fake page to advocate such with a fake author and fake bio it would look like this except with a lot more intimate and unusual details and not surface descriptions that are common girlish feelings and with less obvious straight up advocation citing studies.

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cookies whenever you want

The one chief bummer about childhood was having no control and every little thing under someone else's control even so far as diet. I'd come in starving and Mum would be peeling potatoes, one little bite of raw potato would stave my starvation, but no, that would ruin my appetite for dinner so suffer for thirty more minutes unless I beg and beg and beg and beg and beg or else put on my adorable face and ask if there is anything I can do to assist in hastening the project along. Set the table. Ugh.

Even such things as cookies were doled. At nine years old I thought it would be great if I could make cookies whenever I want to, any day of the week at my whim. I couldn't wait to grow up and be free of these surly bonds of parental suppression. I had no idea how supportive my parents were. And they were. They devoted themselves to us. All I cared about was what they kept me from doing. Couldn't have a bow and arrow, couldn't have a bb gun, couldn't model in Tokyo, couldn't have a rabbit hutch, couldn't have an owl, couldn't own a hawk, couldn't launch my paper balloon on base, always keeping me back, It annoys me still, and I thought back then, "Man, when I grow up Imma gonna make cookies and treats and eat them whenever I want. I can't wait to get out of this chickenshit outfit."

That would be a term overheard since infancy. Dad applied it to radar sites that were not airbases as part of his dialogue about cleaning them up, he, the hero of all his own work-related tales, I heard this term a lot. Later, after encountering the term in a film, captivated by it, British comic artists at B3ta depicted various versions of men's suits in the shape of a plop of chicken shit, made of chicken shit, with chicken shit on them, with chicken hats and splotches all over, various chickeny shitty costumes too numerous to show and all that amused me tremendously because of my dad.

No wonder he wanted to get out (by sinisterduck)

My dad had no idea how hilarious he was. He would launch into a diatribe wholeheartedly so well reasoned so thorough in interconnected detail that although he was deadly serious and mean looking in delivery  it was actually comical so I'd laugh and that encouraged him to continue along his bitter track. It's truly funny. Younger brother James did not understand this at all and still doesn't. He still talks about this. My pov is if you saw this act on stage you too would be cracking up laughing. Stop taking everything so seriously and personally.

I can buy chocolate chips whenever I want and just throw them in the shopping trolly. Get two. Get four. Get ten pounds. Who cares? Yesterday I thought, why not make cookies? Then popped off the chair and did so, just like that, opened the refrigerator, grabbed eggs and butter and away I went popping things into a bowl without moving from the spot doing a familiar thing like cleaning a gun or shoving battens into hang glider wing slots to make them more rigid, part of set up, or grooming a Belgian Groenendale down to their toe nails, or frying an egg perfectly, preparing a plaster, painting a fresco, it is ritualistic, highly ritualistic, and it is meditative and while standing there performing the familiar I felt my brainwaves dip from alpha to beta waves and momentarily I slipped into a sort of creative standing trance while preforming the ritual of cookies and was transported to childhood on another continent and feeling myself in that time and that place back then thinking how ace it will be when I grow up and make cookies whenever I want to and here I am at the same time standing in a kitchen grown up doing it with no resistance from anyone whatsoever and this loop it is truly a beautiful thing. Boy, your dream, this one is realized. And I'm back.

"Feds urge eating expired food..."

"...even if 18 months past throwaway date"
It sounds yucky, but officials think they've got the trick to get moms to feed expired but safe food to kids and adults alike — they've even got an app. It's called FoodKeeper and it is supposed to have a more accurate calculation of food expiration dates, even for baby food and eggs.

USDA provided a video in which one official explains, "Many products may have a sell-by date of say April 1 but they could be good in your pantry for another 12 or 18 months. And by throwing those out, what you're doing, is you're contributing to food waste in the United States." As an example, the video showed boxes of dried pasta.

I heard about this on Rush Limbaugh radio show.

David Brock

National Review, Andrew Johnson

The issue under discussion at MSNBC is a book by Peter Schweizer called Clinton Cash it is a #1 best seller on Amazon, $16.00 for Kindle. What? And $17.00 for hardcover. The book documents the patterns of corruption that lead to congressional resignations and new laws, the ties between Clinton's personal fortune, their foundation, and foreign nations.
Schweizer reveals the Clinton’s troubling dealings in Kazakhstan, Colombia, Haiti, and other places at the “wild west” fringe of the global economy. In this blockbuster exposé, Schweizer merely presents the troubling facts he’s uncovered. Meticulously researched and scrupulously sourced, filled with headline-making revelations, Clinton Cash raises serious questions of judgment, of possible indebtedness to an array of foreign interests, and ultimately, of fitness for high public office.
I don't think I'll buy the book nor read it. It will make me sad. There my head will be filled with all these awful details and I'll end up knowing all about how dreadful these people are and I'll know exactly why. It will pour out of me in conversation in torrent ruinously for myself and I do not want that. No. this is not  for me. I'm on tilt already. This is not what I live for. Okay, so what went on?

The book is damaging, obviously. It must be countered. Media Matters to the rescue. On the job and with alacrity Media Matters assembled a 7,000 word offense against its author. It does take the simplest of all minds available to ask the most direct and straightforward and child-like question, "How can you know if the claims are legitimate when the book hasn't been released and you have not read it?"  Brock concedes he had not read the book.

Another panelist asks Brock if he's more interested in attacking the author or in getting to  facts. Brock obfuscates, dissimilates and attacks along usual lines.

Brock claims the ability to smell a put up job a mile away, and I believe him. Cynically, Brock adds that any doubter should check Clinton's record and that's where the dullest of all lit right up, "We can't!"

MSNBC finally having enough of David Brock's bs is the subject of the post at National Review.

This is how you know when a personality is collapsed. Brock sees or smells or whatever political put-ups a mile away, of course he does, he sees them everywhere, but he didn't see that kindergarden-level contradiction out of his mouth. Glaring as that is, it did not occur to Brock what did occur to the thickest individual on the stupidest cable network of all.  That is what is interesting to me. Not Clinton. Not her corrupted family foundation. Not the book that talks about this, but rather, what happened to Brock? I saw him on tv a decade ago and he had not yet tipped off the cliff. This is a story in his own photos of a gay boy who went to Washington intense with magnetic attraction to power so that he'd do anything to be near it and latch onto it, connect with it however possible, fuse with it however he could, he lived and breathed ate and shat the desire to be part of national power, and what became of him.

"I screwed up"

'Kylie Jenner challenge' sees teens suck shot glasses to blow up their lips to double their size

Via Daily Mail

Bill Nye is well chuffed

Boehner Pelosi

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U.S. Battleships to Yemen

Yemen brings US and Iran closer to a naval face-off. 

The aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt and the guided missile cruiser USS Normandy passed through the Strait of Hormuz on Sunday, joining seven other U.S. battleships in the area, including the Iwo Jima Amphibious Ready Group, which includes a complement of more than 2,000 U.S. Marines.

“The focus is to make sure we have sufficient forces in the area to counter any threats,” said U.S. 5th Fleet spokesman Commander Kevin Stephens, adding that weapons smuggling is a concern. "If they were to have indications of weapons smuggling, there are a number of steps they could take,” he said. 

Such measures could include “consensual boarding,” something the Navy did to a Panamanian-flagged vessel in the Red Sea that had been suspected of carrying arms, although nothing was found.

"One World Trade Center Elevator Ride Timelapse"

Published on Apr 20, 2015
Sky pods show rise of New York skyline from 1500s till now on time-lapse rocket ride to trade center's top.
An imposingly realistic vision of 2 World Trade Center, the ultimately doomed south tower, will begin appearing next month in a most unlikely place: the five special elevators servicing the observatory atop the new 1 World Trade Center.

From the moment the doors close until they reopen 47 seconds later on the 102nd floor, a seemingly three-dimensional time-lapse panorama will unfold on three walls of the elevator cabs, as if one were witnessing 515 years of history unfolding at the tip of Manhattan Island.

For less than four seconds (roughly proportional to the time the twin towers stood), a jarringly familiar pinstripe facade will loom into view on one wall of the cab. Then, in a quick dissolve, it will evanescence.

There would have been no way around Sept. 11, 2001, said David W. Checketts, the chairman and chief executive of Legends Hospitality, the company chosen by the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey in 2013 to operate the three-level observatory.

“The event is certainly a key part of history,” he said. “We did not think you could ignore it. Having it appear in the year it did and disappear in the year it did was the respectful way of addressing the fact that it was part of the landscape.” Two World Trade Center was the site of the original observatory.

Mr. Checketts acknowledged that the plan to confront sightseers with an image of the old tower spurred a lot of debate within his own company and with the Port Authority and the Durst Organization, developers of the new tower.

“There were strong opinions and emotional reactions all around,” he said.

Whether the public regards the depiction as a tribute, as sacrilege or as a simple matter of fact awaits the opening of One World Observatory on May 29.

But from a documentary point of view, the brief presence of 2 World Trade Center in the time-lapse sequence is consistent with its generally high degree of historical fidelity.

"New Orleans Man Drowns at Party for Lifeguards"

News from 1985

Via Reddit

"Hercules and Leo, were recognized by a New York court as legal persons Monday"

Hercules and Leo, who are currently used for biomedical experiments at Stony Brook University on Long Island, were granted habeas corpus by Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Barbara Jaffe.

Habeas corpus is a legal petition that detainees use to seek relief from unlawful imprisonment, and by granting habeas corpus to chimps, Jaffe endorsed the idea that they deserve the rights of a human being.
Via BuzzFeed News

"School Principal refuses to give teen's iPhone 6 to dad"

"A YouTube video has emerged of a parent demanding that a school principal return his daughter's iPhone 6, which had apparently been taken away for disciplinary reasons."
The father films while he insists that the phone should be given back to him. The school principal, who identifies herself on camera as Linda M. Carroll, refuses. She says he can get it back in a few weeks. She says this is a school rule. She does, though, offer the dad a flip phone so that he can contact his daughter in emergencies.

The dad, however, cannot understand why he can't have his property back. Some might feel he shows a lack of thoroughness by saying he isn't interested in seeing the school rule, according to which Carroll claims she can keep the phone for weeks.

On the other hand, the idea that a school can keep a parent's property for what seems like an indeterminate amount of time seems a little presumptive. (read more)
Who do you side with here?

Visualization Of A Mozart Sonata


It was cold yesterday. If I'm lucky it will be the last cold day like this of the spring. I can replace the plants that the night cold killed. Twice. This will be the third try. The cold didn't kill everything but most of it. I managed to dress inappropriately again. The sky turned gray in the west with a narrow band of brown light behind it all and above the mountain range that backlight the rain draining from the clouds back there like thin filaments and the whole dark sky advancing on the city menacingly with the wind kicking up all to break apart just as the storm clouds approached the edge of the city. I turn a corner and a man hails me from half a block distance. He is sitting on a retaining wall built for a short cement stairway cut into a three-foot hill, a side entrance for an old red brick school for girls presently under renovation. It is a collection point for vagrants and panhandlers. The man yells out, "Hey, nice day innit?" It isn't nice, it's cold, and as I approach closer "Say, can you spare a dollar?" I walk right up to him as if encountering an acquaintance and take a position on the opposite retaining wall for the stairs. We face each other across the cement stairs as I adjust my backpack and reach for my wallet. I set the handles to my wooden sticks into my crotch so they don't go sliding off.

I ask, "How you doing?"

"Not too well." He answered. I think, shit, here we go. " I got blood clots in my legs that are real real bad. They hurt like hell.  If I rolled up my pants and showed ya then you'd see veins and bumps all over down there it's ugly and you'd wonder how I even manage to walk around."

"Bummer."  I have the most sincere and empathetic way of saying that word.

He said, "These guys are all having a party back there. Have you been down there? I don't go over there. I stay away from that. That's not for me. I don't smoke any of that stuff."

"Here ya go." A shiny crisp dollar. I know he's going straight to the bottle shop.

"I would be interested in hearing more of your health choices but I must go now."

"ThanksBuddyyoutakecareofyourselfGodblessseeyaarounddon'thurtyourselfnow" etcetera etcetera.

It's April twentieth, marijuana liberation day, not just for Denver, and not just for Colorado, for the whole region and you should see the hippies converge on this place, and not just regular Colorado hippies, no, these are world class, old school hippies. They have a whole different air to them and they seem quite pleased to be here.

I passed a woman coming from the direction of the festival with four tiny children all walking, and two tiny dogs, most likely rescues. The dogs, although miniature, showed no sign of nervous suspicion as their type does, both dogs Chihuahua mixes came right up to me on their leashes as regular dogs do eager to investigate a new person approaching, and all four children were the exact same size and the exact same shape with the exact same oval shape faces with sparse hair, but not all the same sex and all dressed differently as if each with their own design and fashion expression with a definite hippie influence. The slight woman could have been Roma. The children looked like odd quiet a bit like exhausted little aliens.

"Hi little pooches. Hello Kids."  Nobody answered.

The woman sweetly instructed, "Say Hello."

"Hello Hello Hello Hello"

Bless their little hearts.

I've not seen these pedicars before in town, bicycle pedal cars rigged as rickshaws. This is a new festival thing and they've got a lot of working out of the details to do. Broadway at rush hour is not the place for such an awkward conveyance. It's just wrong.

How amusing, I thought. It is a four lane street not a park lane. And it is rush hour for working people who are not smoking pot and are eager to get home on a main thoroughfare out of the city. There were two people in the back if I read their changing expressions right both massively amused and deeply concerned. I'm certain they looked back behind them and saw the cars. 

One of the stupidest traffic-related things I've ever seen. The cars behind the pedicab  didn't know what the hold up was, but I did. They did lose patience one at a time and peel off but the line was still ridiculous in the central lane like this and only the central lane. I thought it was a one-time thing but a few steps later another pedicab appeared with passengers. Marijuana-related visitors, no doubt enjoying our unique for now marijuana-related liberty.  

Home on the range

Safe Spaces and the Mote in America's Eye.

Ken White writing at Popehat.

Ken says that he ridicules the college students and their preference for illusory safety over liberty but upon reflection it occurs to him that there was nothing else to expect. Ken, the father of three children, describes how college students today were raised as children following 9-11. He cites examples in series that support his assertions that add up to a statement that we raised our kids to be this way by the examples we provided in response to terrorism, by the things we allowed without raising a stink that they saw while growing up before they arrived at college. Ken writes an incredibly powerful piece. You will find it worthwhile, I am certain. I do not want to wreck it, it's a thing of beauty, a pice of real art.
We should have taught them not to give up essential liberty for a little safety. Instead, we taught them that the government needs the power to send flying robots to kill anyone on the face of the earth without review and without telling us why. The government, we're told, needs to do that for our safety
That starts him off. And the thing that gets me is he is not just delivering all Libertarian crap. And it is not just Republican grievances nor a particularly conservative perspective. I had to read this a couple of times before I understood.
We should have taught them that our subjective reaction to someone's expression isn't grounds to suppress that expression. We didn't. They probably didn't learn that lesson from the freakouts over mosques at ground zero or in Georgia or in Tennessee. They probably didn't learn it from calls to deport Piers Morgan for anti-gun advocacy or by the steady stream of officials suggesting that dissent is treason or from their government asserting a right to "balance" the value of speech against its harm. 
He's for mosques at ground zero. grrrrrr  He dismissed objections to Islamic triumphalism as "freak out." And Piers Morgan, eh, I didn't read or hear much of that to mention, but now that it is mentioned I did see it. What I saw most was a strong desire to educate a new citizen with British prejudices about American law, the nature of the NRA lobby, and how people process events differently. And I saw a strong desire for Piers Morgan to just STFU for being too thick to engage. What happened to him anyway, did somebody shoot him?

Ken hammers that we really should have taught our children more about the issues of free speech even when we detest it, that we failed by example by choosing safety instead of liberty. It is the most heavily linked article I've ever read. Each phrase is a link. Each sentence contains an entire story behind it. The thesis builds with examples backed up as if it were assembled by index cards and links would be footnotes. That is the impression I received while reading. It has an that academic submission quality to it, but I never submitted anything this great.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Daily Caller on Hillary Clinton

Eric Owens at Daily Caller gives seventeen reasons why it is impossible for Hillary Clinton to relate to regular Americans. The subject is a book by Ronald Kessler, The First Family Detail: Secret Service Agents Reveal the Hidden Lives of the Presidents.

First, I must say the Daily Caller site is a mess. Their JAVA is intrusive and this piece is spread out over four pages. But it is so worth it this time.  When I go there I turn off JAVA but this time I actually wanted to click through. Thanks, Eric Owen!

Eric said "normal" Americans in his title but that is a cisnormal trigger, Eric, define "normal." What? Now Hillary is expected to behave normally. Your normal. As a woman she's supposed to behave as a "normal" woman by your presumptions. You're so sexist, Eric.

Yes. Hillary is supposed to behave normally. Is that too much to ask? For this Party, yes, it is too much to ask because obviously she's dominated their slate. Man, there are some great examples. Very damaging indeed. Each item is a mortal wound to a candidate for a normal collective but not for hers. They would go anywhere for her even chase down her van just be shut out. Let the excuse making begin but I won't be listening. They're stuck. They already know she's a terrible person. It can be nothing but excuse making from here out.

This is my favorite Secret Service anecdote #13. While running for NY Senate seat her staff scheduled a meeting with a 4-H club. When they arrived and got out of the car and Hillary saw cows and regular people all over the place in jeans and not enough of people she realized the stop was hardly worth her time. Hillary flew into a rage and turned to one of her staffers and said, "What the fuck did we come here for? There's no money here."

There's a woman who knows how her time is spent most profitably. I actually smiled when I read that. It made me like her. Who doesn't like Cruella de Vil?

These are reported by Secret Service. They don't like her. They consider assignment to her punishment. She has never expressed gratitude for their service, demands they stay out of sight, speaks to them rudely, and curses at them and they do not like the detail one bit. Her chief assistant, Huma is equally rude. Usually the detail helps the ladies with their luggage but the men don't bother with Hillary and Huma. Huma can pick up her own four bags since she treats them so poorly and she can pick up Hillary's bags too. Double luggage for Huma because both are rude and dismissive.

That was my second favorite part. There are fifteen more such items and they're all damaging with very little overlap. They give a good deal of insight into what it would be like having that job and working in that environment with and for such insolent people.

Say what you see

Having such a splendid insider's view of this in its intimate and personal details and presented so well in analysis and expressive writing and with such impressive photographs has been very informative, and interesting and excellent you must admit. Now having outsider's views from legal professors chiming in with their opinions with their analysis and their own broad overview, along with new reporting with its intimate and personal details presented so well today is incredibly interesting too. All at once today I am seeing this all over the place come to life as a serious issue as the case explodes in court and holds the attention riveted while we learn just how far how mean how nasty progressives did go to subvert peace and good governance in resisting real progressive and measured changes in their state. 

Jurassic World Trailer

Sabo: "My focus was to be mean, nasty, and just as bad as Bill Maher"

Alex Manning has a piece at Reason on Sabo, the Los Angeles street artist presently concentrating on dogging Democrats. There is a very nice video at Reason of Sabo in action at night putting up his posters. He's not against dogging Republicans but everybody does that already. Sabo tells us that he sees a niche, an unserved segment available to exploit as artist, a way to stick out, a gaping gap so wide that even a mediocre artist can be noticed.

Conservatives have artists too. Yeah but they're not mean.

He seems like such a nice person.

The video is worth watching.

I learned from Alex Manning that sabo refers to armor piercing sabot rounds. That leads to another question, what are sabot rounds? I thought sabots are wooden shoes as in, throw a wooden shoe into the gears for industrial sabotage.

[armor piercing sabot rounds] Sabots are metal darts.

New Book: ‘Clinton Cash’

The Untold Story of How and Why Foreign Governments and Businesses Helped Make Bill and Hillary Rich,”
The book, a copy of which was obtained by The New York Times, asserts that foreign entities who made payments to the Clinton Foundation and to Mr. Clinton through high speaking fees received favors from Mrs. Clinton’s State Department in return.

“We will see a pattern of financial transactions involving the Clintons that occurred contemporaneous with favorable U.S. policy decisions benefiting those providing the funds,” Mr. Schweizer writes.

His examples include a free-trade agreement in Colombia that benefited a major foundation donor’s natural resource investments in the South American nation, development projects in the aftermath of the Haitian earthquake in 2010, and more than $1 million in payments to Mr. Clinton by a Canadian bank and major shareholder in the Keystone XL oil pipeline around the time the project was being debated in the State Department.

“Clinton Cash” is potentially more unsettling, both because of its focused reporting and because major news organizations including The Times, The Washington Post and Fox News have exclusive agreements with the author to pursue the story lines found in the book. (read the whole thing)

Purity phase

I entered some kind of strange purity phase where the walls in my bedroom became too cluttered to stand. All my favorite things that I thought were so cool now I wanted them all out. Not completely out, just off the walls so everything was removed and I painted it bone white and now the whole room with hardly anything in it looked clinically Spartan.

I sat there on the bed and pondered staring at the blank wall imagining the most fantastic thing I can think of to put there. What would it be? Of anything in the whole world what would it be? I thought and thought and pondered for days. Back and forth to work then home, I'd sit on the edge of the bed and imagine what should go up on the wall. I had plenty of burgeoning ideas but nothing spectacular. I can have one thing. Only one good thing and that's it. It must be the best thing I can think of and pull off.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Bulls in the Sea

Joaquín Sorolla (1903)

News From Down The Lane

It has been a busy week here in the north woods.

The big news is that winter suddenly ended last Sunday, and Spring began three weeks early.  Sunday began with our lake iced over.  The temperature climbed to sixty degrees, and a brisk wind blew the ice over to the north shore, where waves worked all afternoon to melt it.  By the end of the day all of the ice was gone, like a Penn and Teller magic trick.

The water is very clear this time of the year, before the warmth of the sun causes plant growth and algae bloom.

We lost one of our neighbors this winter.  Don was the long-retired former town constable, and had been in declining health for several years.  He passed at age 85.  We knew Don for 25 years, and in all that time we never heard anyone say one unkind thing about him, nor heard him say anything unpleasant.  He was a good man.

His age made him the third oldest guy in the neighborhood.  There are two neighbors who are in their middle nineties, and there spouses, who still live here year around.  One had a small stroke and then five stents this winter, but he's up and around, moving his own firewood, doing a bit of raking in his yard.  The other has the beginning of memory loss, but still drives, fishes, and so forth.  Something about living in the woods and having chores to do keeps people active well into their older years.

The woods needed some management this spring, so the timbering crews came in.

The harvest this year is limited to birch and red pine.  The birch will be turned into wood for cabinets, doors, and trim, while the red pine will be turned into pulp for paper and cardboard products.  The branches and scrap will be turned into paraffin-soaked fire starters for use in fireplaces and campfires.  Trees are a cash crop up here, and woodlands are harvested about every twenty years.

The crews had an unwelcome delay when the township placed weight limit restrictions on town roads.  Violate the load weight limits, and face a very stiff fine.  So everything stayed where it is for a few days until the earth under the roads fully thaws, and heavy loads won't cause road damage.

This may be our last Spring in the northwoods.  We met with a real estate agent last week, and will sign a listing contract this week placing our cabin for sale on the market.  We have been thinking about this now for two years, and have decided to go ahead with it.  It will be difficult to part with our cabin, but the time for that haa arrived.  We'd rather spend winter months in a warm climate, so that's what we'll do after the sale of the cabin has closed, whenever that may happen.

It's always interesting how the arc of life is different than the plans one makes.  We planned to live out our last years in the cabin, hoping to age as well as our neighbors.  The arc won't match that plan.  Winters in Florida, Texas, or California are now far more appealing than months of relentless subzero temperatures, and seemingly interminable snowfalls.  I'll miss the summers in the woods, though, I know that.

Time changes nearly everything.

"Press me! The buttons that lie to you"

"Does it help to push the buttons on pedestrian crossings, train doors and thermostats?"
The tube pulls in to a busy station along the London Underground’s Central Line. It is early evening on a Thursday. A gaggle of commuters assembles inside and outside the train, waiting for the doors to open. A moment of impatience grips one man who is nearest to them. He pushes the square, green-rimmed button which says “open”. A second later, the doors satisfyingly part. The crowds mingle, jostling on and off the train, and their journeys continue. Yet whether or not the traveller knew it, his finger had no effect on the mechanism.

Some would call this a “placebo button”– a button which, objectively speaking, provides no control over a system, but which to the user at least is psychologically fulfilling to push. It turns out that there are plentiful examples of buttons which do nothing and indeed other technologies which are purposefully designed to deceive us. But here’s the really surprising thing. Many increasingly argue that we actually benefit from the illusion that we are in control of something – even when, from the observer’s point of view, we’re not. (read more)

The Cookie Thief

Starts at :35


Zipping through, I caught the last half of this on the secondary public television channel that emulates PBS, KBDI channel 12 in Denver. K-beady eye. That's kind of funny. Their logo should be a squinty eye.

They do the same pledge drives as PBS. They're doing one now. 

Wayne Dyer reads Valerie Cox. The poem, printed in Chicken Soup, sounded Christian to me but I think Wayne Dyer (Your Erroneous Zones) is humanist secularist, otherwise PBS wouldn't have him for their pledge drives.  

Shhhh Go Fund, Clinton Secret Oppo Project

*whispers* Clinton Secret Oppo Project. Opposition against her, not for her.

How secret can it be?  Go Fund me, started by *whispers* Charles C. Johnson. That's the bit that's circled up there, his name. Someone else did that. Originally I thought it is the Little Green Footballs guy, but this is a different *whispers* Charles Johnson. For a little secret opposition description, here's Gawker's take on this here Charles Johnson. Buggers, I forgot to whisper.

Presently it's up to $635.00 accrued from 21 people in two days. $30.00 a piece. Not bad. The goal is a meager $40,000.

Cute. The thing is any number of Clinton's own opposition research operation resisting his opposition can write a check for Johnson's total amount and more on a whim and not even feel it. Johnson anxiously provides a long meandering proposal and ersatz prospectus but doesn't say anything. 
I need $40,000 to hire private eyes, pick up the material, run the requisite stupidly expensive tests, and produce a high production quality video. 
Yes, this is vague (because we don’t want to tip off the Clintons to what we’re up to) and no, it's not illegal. (I checked with five different lawyers.) 
Now that’s a lot of money—
Charles you're silly. And it is not a lot of money. But the thing I really want to get across is you cannot just take a photo and apply an oil paint filter to it. The filter doesn't know where the brush strokes go.

Here. Like this. I'll do this as we go.

Random Hillary Photo nicked form Google Images and cropped severely.

Filters from Photoshop menu, Oil Paint from Filter menu.  

This new window opens on top of all the other windows. The sliders are moved to adjust the effects this way and that until you manage something approximate to oil painting. 

Or does it?

It just randomly makes brush mark distortions. Anyone who has painted knows that doesn't work. The marks will run with the apples of the cheeks, with the plumpness of the lips, in agreement with the lines on the forehead and around the eyes. Think of Vincent Van Gogh where every single thick daub of paint conveys some effect of light. As if finger-painted. It doesn't have to be refined but the movement of the brush strokes must make sense. Otherwise you have a mess.

Let's take the same original and smudge it around with smudge tool as if we were painting, just push color around a little bit all over and see if that makes a better oil painting. Nothing fancy, no tiny brushes, nothing tedious but this is the First Lady you know, we cannot just go completely jacking around, but even with smudges as kindergarden children we can do better than Photoshop's own oil painting filter.

National Mall

Donovan Slacks