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This image is forefront on Imgur presently, originally uploaded to Reddit by NoSpicyFood.  On Imgur the photo is tagged 'mildly interesting' but I find it more interesting than that.

The water is the same in both tanks. The oysters cleared the water within an hour and a half.

paper USB drives

IntelliPaper reveals disposable paper-based USB drives.


in Canada

Kevin Vickers, the sergeant at arms who shot the religio-psycho received a standing ovation by Canadian Parliament. It's quite moving.


Bruce MacKinnon, editorial cartoonist for Halifax Chronicle-Harald (who still cannot believe he is paid to draw) has created an image that breaks peoples' hearts and not just in Canada either.

I think, everybody thought this same thing. That's why it resonates so profoundly. Bruce drew what we all thought at the moment; now Cpl. Cirillo has become what he guarded. Reading through tweets I see others read this cartoon differently.


Love that song!  There's just nothing bad about it.

Over at the Wiki, I found an interesting quote from Dave Marsh:
'Good Lovin'' all by itself is enough to dispel the idiotic notion that rock and roll is nothing more than white boys stealing from blacks. link
What's up with that?

It turns out that "Good Lovin'" was a remake of an original:

Just what is it that makes the Young Rascals' version so much better?  Ironically, I think it's the "call and response." YMMV

Other things I noticed: Tom Dowd produced the Young Rascals' version. I chastised what Dowd did to my favorite Allman Brothers' song "In Memory Of Elizabeth Reed" back here.

Notice that the drummer holds his sticks in the traditional grip. You don't see that much anymore in younger drummers.

"Could non-citizens decide the November election?"

"Could control of the Senate in 2014 be decided by illegal votes cast by non-citizens? Some argue that incidents of voting by non-citizens are so rare as to be inconsequential, with efforts to block fraud a screen for an agenda to prevent poor and minority voters from exercising the franchise, while others define such incidents as a threat to democracy itself. Both sides depend more heavily on anecdotes than data."
Our data comes from the Cooperative Congressional Election Study (CCES). Its large number of observations (32,800 in 2008 and 55,400 in 2010) provide sufficient samples of the non-immigrant sub-population, with 339 non-citizen respondents in 2008 and 489 in 2010. For the 2008 CCES, we also attempted to match respondents to voter files so that we could verify whether they actually voted.  
How many non-citizens participate in U.S. elections? More than 14 percent of non-citizens in both the 2008 and 2010 samples indicated that they were registered to vote. Furthermore, some of these non-citizens voted. Our best guess, based upon extrapolations from the portion of the sample with a verified vote, is that 6.4 percent of non-citizens voted in 2008 and 2.2 percent of non-citizens voted in 2010. (read the whole thing)

fire extinguisher course

"Teenage girls are the West’s center of gravity..."

"It is a striking fact that ISIS appeals not only to young men, but also young European women, many hundreds of whom have gone to Syria and Iraq to marry Islamic State fighters. Sure, some of them, [...] may have come to regret their decision. But that hardly alters the essential point: The girls sought out IS fighters because the West seems weak and unmanly and they pine for real men who are willing to kill and die for what they believe in."

Interesting article.  Comments?

I had made this one on G+    "This idea (and I suppose that it's a "feminist" idea) that girls don't like cave men, is pretty much fantasy... or at least, we'd prefer a Navy SEAL, but if strong manly men willing to kill and die for good aren't available, we'll take strong manly men willing to kill and die for bad.  "Gangsters" don't lack reproductive success... "

Which isn't to say that men need to be violent to be men, but a firmness of purpose is sort of nice, even if he's a "pharmacist in Hamburg."  The same might be said of admirable women.  Sometimes that firmness of purpose is in standing against popular excess in a quiet way or in some other peaceful manner, but this isn't what we see promoted.  What we see promoted in our culture is looseness of purpose, indolence.

It's not attractive.

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Nice Work If You Can Get It

Dear Blog:

Tonight I poured a cold beer into a tall, clear glass and then poured an equal volume of water next to it. Then I proceeded to add dye to the water, mixing colors to approximate the color of the beer, taking notes of amounts added per unit volume. I will translate the results into plastic. I wish I had an extra $2k to invest in a SPEC20 spectrophotometer. Then I could get at the true colors using Beer's Law instead of eyeball spectroscopy. Did you know that every beer is assigned a SRM value?

Color based on Standard Reference Method (SRM)[edit]
SRM/LovibondExampleBeer colorEBC
2Pale lagerWitbierPilsenerBerliner Weisse4
3MaibockBlonde Ale6
6American Pale AleIndia Pale Ale12
10English BitterESB20
13Biere de GardeDouble IPA26
17Dark lagerVienna lagerMarzenAmber Ale33
20Brown AleBockDunkelDunkelweizen39
24Irish Dry StoutDoppelbockPorter47
35Foreign StoutBaltic Porter69
40+Imperial Stout79

photo ops

Regarding the flood of illegal underaged immigrants at our southern border, the journalist asks, not just from Republicans but also some Democrats. please explain...

Don't bother. We recall the president saying he does not do photo ops. We all know that means no point in traveling to the place to access the situation he caused. He has other points to his fundamentally changing America to attend.

He is not interested in photo ops. He told us so. He's interested in solving the problem.

Hugs for the valiant work they do for the patients, mind, not for any sort of photo opportunity. He's busy fixing the problem.

It's simple, telling someone, "Let's do x for cameras" is an imperative to engage in photo opportunity. The opportunity here created specifically for the cameras. It is an obvious ploy to assuage what is perceived as overreactive fear of contagion. Absurd due to it missing and not addressing the lack of confidence in government gripping the country while belying the ridiculous claim of not having interest in  photo ops, rather, getting the job done. Apparently this is his job then, sorting appropriate photo ops.

It is a small thing to ask. Is consistency too much?  We don't mean consistent gaslighting. 

"New Tarantula (Not Beetle) Named After John Lennon"

"I have been waiting for a while to dedicate a species to Lennon because I am a fan of the Beatles," study leader Fernando Pérez-Miles, an entomologist at Uruguay's University of the Republic, wrote in an email. "I decided not to wait anymore."

Pérez-Miles and colleagues found B. lennoni in 2005 in a trap at a scientific station in Caxiuana, a national forest whose name roughly translates to "place full of snakes" in the Tupi language.

Are We Evolving Into A Different Species?

"Nathan Cirillo's dogs patiently wait for his return"

"The large dogs were seen at Cirillo's family home in Hamilton, Ont. on Thursday, poking their heads under the gate of the wooden fence, resting their heads in their paws and waiting for the soldier to come back."
The dogs calmly watched as strangers approached the fence around Cirillo's red brick home, where a makeshift memorial of flags, flowers and cards continues to grow.
Cirillo was killed in a shooting at the National War Memorial in Ottawa, where he was serving as an honorary guard.

The head in a jar trick

Happy Halloween.

Best when personalized. But requires photo editing. Laminate Wade's head if you like, he's already done the editing and offers his file.

How to flirt

Miranda Sings

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"Doctor in New York City Tests Positive for Ebola"

"A doctor in New York City who recently returned from treating Ebola patients in Guinea tested positive for the Ebola virus Thursday, becoming the city’s first diagnosed case."
The doctor, Craig Spencer, was rushed to Bellevue Hospital Center on Thursday and placed in isolation while health care workers spread out across the city to trace anyone he might have come into contact with in recent days.
Dr. Spencer
“Our understanding is that very few people were in direct contact with him,” Mr. de Blasio said.

Dr. Spencer had been working with Doctors Without Borders in Guinea, treating Ebola patients, before returning to New York City on Oct. 14, according to a city official. (read more)
"NYC Ebola Patient Attended CMJ Venue, Events Canceled"


Children behave...


Tommy James (b. 1947) recorded his first hit, "Hanky Panky," 50 years ago. The song was a local hit but otherwise died from lack of exposure. James and his bandmates finished high school and moved on. Two years later and hard up for cash, James released the original recording to better distribution and it climbed to #1 in the US charts in 1966.

Hanky Panky belongs to that pre-Beatles, American garage band tradition -- sort of like "Louie Louie" by The Kingsmen discussed back here.

"The Phone Call"

"Watch: Short Film 'The Phone Call' with Sally Hawkins and Jim Broadbent Will Absolutely Wreck You (In a Good Way)"

"It Rolls Around In The Mouth Like A Fine Wine"

A pair of pranksters serve McDonald's food to "experts" at a tasting, explaining that it is a "new, organic alternative" to fast food. The tasters' opinions are solicited and recorded.   Heh.

The video is in Dutch, so click play, then click the gear thingie on the lower right and select English subtitles.

"IRS beats tea party in court"

After the plaintiff initiated this case, its application to the IRS for tax-exempt status was approved by the IRS. The allegedly unconstitutional governmental conduct, which delayed the processing of the plaintiff’s tax exempt application and brought about this litigation, is no longer impacting the plaintiff,” Walton said in his decision to throw out True the Vote’s lawsuit against the IRS.
His reasoning was similar in the second case, where 41 conservative groups banded together to sue the IRS for similar misconduct: “[T]he allegedly unconstitutional governmental conduct … is no longer impacting the plaintiffs. … Counts … are therefore moot.”

The judge, appointed by Republican President George W. Bush, also said the groups couldn’t receive monetary relief from individual IRS officials, such as ex-IRS official Lois Lerner, because of the chilling effect it would have on tax administration.
Suing the IRS is like suing a king or a dictator.

"When I'm looking up at heaven"

Lightning fast

Yesterday I handed an Amazon free-return package to a UPS driver just before 5:00 PM. I see this morning that by 6:24 PM Amazon had issued a refund. So relying just on receiving the scanned label information, they played the odds I was returning an item in appropriate condition, or that I was returning it at all. Or more likely, they know I have a reliable return history.

I have wondered how efficient the new distribution scheme is, in the long run. Are the trucks like red blood cells coursing through the body delivering oxygen exactly where needed? And if taken to the extreme of having no retail stores at all, would maximal energy efficiency be reached?  It's all very convenient, I must say. Of course there is a lot to be said for drifting through a department store, looking and comparing.

I have ordered two very similar hanging toiletry bags which look like they may have been made by the same company, but one is duded up with zipper tassels and a maker label. The $16 one has free returns, the $11 one I can give away if it does not work out. I want to find out if the cheaper one has elastic bands across the back of the large compartment, and how much I mind that the more expensive one has a black interior. As you may have surmised by now, my personality profile is FN.

"Proving the balloon had caused the stampede came down to a farmer’s wife, a golfer’s tool, and a mathematician"

"Low Moor Farm, a pig farm in North Yorkshire, England, had sued hot air balloon company Go Ballooning for causing the stampeding deaths of numerous pigs."
At issue was determining the actual height of the balloon when it passed over the farm (law prevents hot air balloons from flying lower than 1,500 feet). Weapon #1: The wife of a nearby farmer had coincidentally taken a photo of the balloon that day, offering the first piece of photographic evidence. Weapon #2: a laser rangefinder owned by Low Moor farmer Mick Gilbank, which he used to determine the exact height of the trees.
But the ace in the hole was trigonometry, that sine wave scourge of your sophomore year. Chris Fewster, a professor in the Department of Mathematics at the University of York, testified that the balloon had floated as close as 300 meters, or less than 1000 feet, from the pigs. How’d he do that? The actual formula makes our head hurt (we’re writers, not math geeks), but in layman’s terms he used the length of the balloon, the focal length of the of the camera, and the height of the trees to calculate the tilt of the camera and thus the distance of the balloon. Blinded by the science, Go Ballooning ended up paying out a settlement of 40,000 pounds.

Thomas Hobbs

[About artificial light on garden objects at night] For me, gardening has become theater. Don't waste space on dull, blobby-shaped plants. I cannot stand heathers or dwarf conifers. The spikes and spears of kniphofilas, phormiums, cortiaderias and yuccas exude drama. Garden lighting penetrates their open-leaf fountains and travels like neon up to their spiky tips. Roundy-moundy shapes just look like blackened footstools. Leave them for the gas stations.

The Jewel Box Garden pg 45


 dwarf conifers





In Heaven There Is No Beer...

Im Himmel es gibt kein Bier,
Darum wir trinken es hier.
Denn sind wir nicht mehr hier,
Dann trinken die andern unser Bier. 
~ German Folk Song

"Trick" after the jump:

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When you go to the polls to vote . . .

Hat tip AllenS

"Autopsy: Ferguson officer shot Brown at close range"

"Michael Brown, the unarmed black teen who was killed by a white police officer in Ferguson, Mo., in August, was shot in the hand at close range and had marijuana in his system, an autopsy report by the St. Louis County Medical Examiner's Office concludes."
The St. Louis Post-Dispatch published the report on its website. Suzanne McCune, administrator for the county medical examiner, acknowledged the accuracy of the report, but said the office did not release it to the newspaper.

The county report in some ways differs from the autopsy conducted at the request of Brown's family, which concluded the shots were fired from at least a foot away and as far as 30 feet away. Benjamin Crump, an attorney for Brown's family, said Wednesday that he and the Brown family don't trust the autopsy report.

The county report says a preliminary investigation indicates Brown became "belligerent" with officer Darren Wilson after Wilson asked him to stop walking in the street. The report says Wilson attempted to get out of his patrol car and that Brown, 18, pushed the door shut "and began to struggle with Officer Wilson."

The county report does indicate that the thumb wound contained "foreign particulate matter ... consistent with products that are discharged from the barrel of a firearm."

Judy Melinek, a forensic pathologist in San Francisco, told the newspaper the autopsy indicates Brown was "reaching for the gun, if he has gunpowder particulate material in the wound." She added, "If he has his hand near the gun when it goes off, he's going for the officer's gun." (read more)

Openness for voter fraud in Udall's campaign.

Project Veritas. James O'Keefe presents a YouTube video of Colorado campaign workers discussing their willingness to exploit mail fraud for the purpose of identity fraud for the purpose of election fraud as state Democrats have insisted on making this all too easy by changing election law to include mail-in ballots for everybody and with a mere 21day resident requirement to vote. The bills were pushed through against objections. What if we just scooped up unused mail-in ballots and filled them out? That would be awesome! What if we voted in two states? Doesn't everyone?
I actually live in Aurora.
Is there a good place in Aurara where like maybe a place where you can get the ballots, trash cans? Is there an apartment building in Aurara you can recommend where they have a lot of ballots laying around?
This is going to sound weird… but ghetto Aurora, like north Aurora… because south is like Yuppieville. But north Aurora is a lot of people who, I hate to like put it in clichés, but people don't care. They just, kind of like the lower class they just don't really 
So ghetto Aurora. Is that mostly African American population?
African American and Mexicans.
And they probably throw the ballots out.
Yeah. Most people do.
Now, is there a specific street or area where we can find ballots?
6th & what?
6th, 6th and Belmar Circle is a good one.

Belmar is not familiar to me, anything with "beautiful sea" in it is an unlikely Denver place name. Google, Google Maps, Google Earth are stumped. All Bel mar searches direct to Lakewood, the opposite side of town from Aurora, the extreme east of town as you gather from the name referring the goddess of dawn. Would anything be east of that? Google Earth was able to come up with Del Mar in that area.

The residential part of 6th is a wide avenue with beautiful homes. I know a dozen people who live in that area on that street. Just a few weeks ago I encountered two acquaintances at a reception where one admitted being scared to bits by the other person's dog that barked viciously every time he passed the house as a boy even though the dog was a harmless noisy 3-legged miniature. It was funny having both of them there. As an adult he stood up for his earlier fear as a boy, ably defending his earlier fear as reasonable while the other guy's miserable dog is long dead. The street ends abruptly at the entrance to onetime Lowery AFB that was recently (decade or so) turned over to civilian use including I suppose its share of section 8 accommodations, and possibly a circle named Belmar, but I do not know. I do know better than like take loopy directions like from a liberal like activist girl.

I am keeping a file, as crackpots do, two of them now as I promised myself that I would. This item goes into bookmark file named "voter fraud" there is another new bookmark file for "it's time for ____."

The voter fraud bookmark file is intended for a QED dump. I find I cannot even talk to anybody on the subject anymore. I will politely excuse myself after securing their email address if I don't have it already then later boom dump the whole file in a string of links with no discussion or commentary just a brief description for  each link with the understanding that a made man for the criminal syndicate will not be clicking through to see for themselves the things that form an opposing opinion, just know without discussion their claims to the contrary are flatly rejected.

James does lead the girl on. If I were liberal, and I am really, can't you tell? I would sense some entrapment and have offense with that, and I do. But I like the results James attains with his stunts even better. A lot better,  on a scale, the glee goes thud to the offense, the conflicting emotions unmixed.

I understand liberal sites are saying James got nothing, that they knew all along. Some did recognize James, as shown, but most did not. Defenders who claim this nada-tostada must miss the end where James is offered a job.

Yuppies in south Aurora. I did not know that. African Americans and Mexicans, people who don't care, in north Aurora, ghetto Aurora. I did not know that! I am tempted to join them myself for the fun of hanging around with these girls and drawing a full map of Denver as visualized by the local liberal criminally activist mind.

Raw Video: Scene from inside Parliament Hill Canada

Breaking: There are reports of multiple shooting incidents in Ottawa Canada this morning.

Update: Confirmed reports that there were three shootings in Ottawa: at a War memorial, at the Parliament and at a shopping mall.

Guest Post: Aridog

To all I care about, even if distant as you all are, sincerely these days.
If you’re on the address list, I do. An update on my circumstances, part of
it actually good news (the renewed cancer is again curable) and part of it
not so much. The spot of cancer, this time half the size of the former, is a
single spot in my right lung, a squamous cell carcinoma that will be
eradicated again by the focused radiation treatments I am scheduled for in
the next couple weeks. The recent Bronchoscopy with biopsy satisfied the
Tumor Board and the treatment is approved. A very recent PET/CT Scan
revealed NO metastasis...the blessing all cancer patients wish
spreading. In short, the treatment will be successful again, and say hey,
maybe I get another 2 & ½ years before the next go round. I am grateful for
what I get. Simple. I once dreamed of being able to return to Montana and
the heights of 5 to 12,000 feet....but now I just wish for recovery, period,
from the worse affliction, not the cancer and COPD that goes with it.

See the ugly stupid part......the bad part...the incredibly just dumb ass
stupid the process of quitting smoking I started drinking small
amounts of Cognac as a stress reliever. Figured a sip now and then,
etc....Big mistake. Once you are an alcoholic you remain one....and I am one
again. It is not humorous when you find yourself subject to Delirium
Tremors, even when it is caused by far far less alcohol than you ever
imbibed in the is what it is, and can lead to black outs and
worse. For those that know me locally, I have locked away all my firearms,
and shelved my CPL for now. It is just what you must do. It’s not the
volume of alcohol you intake, and lately it is quite small in amount, but it
is the fact you do so at all. I don’t know whether to be ashamed or just
angry with myself...maybe both. You can make excuses, but when your hands
shake so much in the morning you cannot hold a cup of coffee...reality hits
you upside the head.

I will admit, I must in fact, that a couple of all you all noticed it, not
necessarily exactly what, but that something was wrong...I refer to you,
Lewy and to you Lady Red, as well as Caroline and Annie (both of whom I
cannot describe how important they are to me just as people, ... Caroline
[CBA] in particular when I was in the real depths of despair related to
Judi) ... and all the rest whom knew something was cockeyed but said nothing
being just nice. I went over 18 years without a drop, although I joked about
it sometimes, but now, in the past 2.5 years, it is a reality again and I
have to deal with it. And. I. Will.

I can make excuses pertaining to the things in my military life and history
that are irritating today, because I am voluntarily still involved on an
advisory basis....but that is NOT it. Not entirely. It is the alcohol.
Alcohol only makes the anger irrational and worse. I can’t describe how
angry I am about the rise of ISIS and the potential of more soldiers &
marines in harm’s way. But it is the alcohol. Just as it was for years
before my first sobriety 24+ years ago.

To those I’ve addressed, please share this with whomever you think gives a
dang...I will be back, if not right away. Any of you who want call, go
ahead...I am not yet a basket case....fact is I am pretty normal, but for
the truth I know inside.

Animation Video: I've fallen, and I can't get up!

I've fallen, and I can't get up! from Dave Fothergill vfx on Vimeo.

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Video: Today's idea of Feminism?

Potty-Mouthed Princesses Drop F-Bombs for Feminism by from on Vimeo.

Ron Klain

Democrat Operative Donna Brazile On Voting

Any thoughts?

Obama giftwraps another soundbite for Republicans

I didn't think so. But I did think this.
On the right side of minimum wage 
On the right side of fair pay 
On the right side of rebuilding our infrastructure 
Right side of early childhood education 
So this isn't about, uh, my feelings being hurt, but, these are folks who are strong allies and supporters of me.


That there's what you call rhetorical conduplicatio, the anaphora type. Where to start, the arrogance of the construction "the right side of ____ ? " 

My least favorite one of those is "history," the right side of history. How arrogant, I thought whenever I heard that. Because you're surfing the wave of history not making history by your morally unmoored surfing pulled by speeding amphibious bandwagon. I don't hear it so much anymore. The locution sounds anachronistic.

The man speaks in axioms. The axioms are lined up as a drunk bellied up to a bar ruminates all his grievances, condensing to irrefutable nuggets,  lining up his axioms, delivering them all at once in an organized spew. 

Once I asked a relative who came home and delivered such a spew directly to me, "Is that what you do, drink through the afternoon thinking about all the things that make your life miserable? "

"I'm going to bed."

Start at the end of the president's rhetorical waxing, with the fallacy of the conceit of early childhood education having any educational benefit whatsoever beyond babysitting and freeing up working single mothers from expensive daycare. Not by my lights, mind, I figured  preschool would be helpful. Why not?  I heard good things, one time from Woopie Goldberg, she said it was helpful to her as unwed mother. Unfortunately,  government reports say otherwise. If you want to demand childcare help for unwed mothers you must admit government policies, your policies, damaged their prospects. 

The right side of fair pay. Please. Does this horsewhipped trope still work on people? All one has to do is observe Mick Rowe on mute for thirty minutes to realize there are some jobs so crap that women will flatly not take them up. And for other reasons besides this subject is completely abused. Also, check your own payroll. 

Rebuilding infrastructure. He has GOT to be kidding us, been there did that, does the man imagine our memories so short? "Shovel ready jobs," jokes about shovel ready jobs not being so ready, doled out on the basis of balancing the burly-man ratio, mustn't be unfair to girly-men and girly-girls. Payouts to political supporters for bogus energy projects, a gigantic scam among the politically connected right here in my state. 

Finally, the beginning, I will not listen to another thing until the man completes a college level economics course. Two courses. Here's the thing about macro economics vs. micro economics. Apologies, you likely know this, it is common knowledge but sometimes the simple things fall through the cracks. 

A micro economics 101 course will introduce the eager student to various economic models that describe one little portion of the economic board at a time, if the board were a game board then each theory and model (always with its own graph) explains what happens to individual companies when faced with various challenges. Models gauge environmental changes such as supply and demand and taxes, laws and regulations. Never the whole picture, just one little piece at a time. 

A macro economics 101 course will introduce the student to what happens when government enacts  policies of quantitative easing that buy back short term bonds to exhaustion and then buys back longterm bonds but not to lower interest rates for they can be lowered no further, but rather to increase the money supply, that is to ensure that growth continues to appear on paper, that inflation is steady to counter recession, deflation, stagnation, but inflated nonetheless so that now people need more of it to buy the usual steady things like fuel, energy and food, and many citizens now must have two part-time jobs, sometimes three, to pay for the things they need to persist with their new air-inflated money so that generally across the land the essential meaning of "minimum wage" is completely eradicated and replaced with a new term "living wage" with a new meaning. No longer is minimum wage segue into the workforce, it must fulfill the basics of living in a new age of puffed up currency.  Of course, it must, the administration's policies made it so. Before demanding Republicans acknowledge "the right side" of minimum wage the Democrats must acknowledge government's role in completely jacking its own economy so that wage minimum change becomes necessary.  The president is  admitting, "I jacked the economy so badly Republicans must now cooperate to increase minimum wage to living wage." Or he can skip the basic economic courses altogether that everyone else takes that explicate in graphs what happens to companies when government jacks its economy this way and that, and wave his cracking wand at Republicans instead, Prince. 

Econometrics is like considering the economic board as a balance board laden with glasses of water each standing for an economic sector, an economic consideration.  The government stands with a pitcher of water in one hand and a turkey baster in the other pouring water into glasses and siphoning others while the econometrics students measure the tilt of the board. In its present state the whole board gone thud solidly stuck over to the left.

'Pathetic Slap on the Wrist': Pistorius sentenced to 10 months in prison for killing girlfriend

BBC: "South African athlete Oscar Pistorius has been given five years in jail for killing his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp."
Judge Thokozile Masipa also gave Pistorius a three-year suspended sentence for a firearms charge.

The parents of Reeva Steenkamp told the BBC they were happy with the sentence and relieved the case was over. The defence [sic] said it expected Pistorius to serve about 10 months in prison.

Pistorius was convicted of culpable homicide but cleared of murder.

Prosecutors had called for a minimum 10-year term, and the defence [sic] had argued for community service and house arrest.

Judge Masipa said she considered her sentence "fair and just, both to society and to the accused".

She said: "A non-custodial sentence would send the wrong message to the community. On the other hand, a long sentence would also not be appropriate either, as it would lack the element of mercy."
The Guardian takes a contrarian view: "Oscar Pistorius should not be going to jail"

Monday, October 20, 2014

Iggy Pop

Iggy -- Mr. Pop, is it? -- talks about money and music, what he saw happen in the industry, what changed, where things are going.

On, Iggy Pop turns up at 37:30

I am linking this because I am shocked hearing Iggy Pop sound like John Wayne. I'm still recovering from that. This whole time I assumed he is British.

draw a perfect circle freehand

"Kurdish civilians fleeing IS attack" *

As of right now, I find no additional source verifying the picture to be of what the tweet says it is. While I'm skeptical, where are the guards that prevented those vehicles from passing? for example.
I do think, however, it is still possible that this is authentic.

What do you think?

* The source of the picture.

Let's Get Zoning: Somerville Massachusetts

"Hello. And welcome to Let’s Get Zoning, a celebration of the laws that govern how land is used in Somerville Massachusetts. For those who aren’t familiar, Somerville is a 4.2 square mile city located next to Boston Massachusetts, on the eastern seaboard of the United States."

"No more weird architecture"

"Chinese president Xi Jinping has called for an end to the "weird architecture" that has come as a result of China's construction boom."
"No more weird architecture" said Xi, reports the website of Chinese state newspaper the People's Daily – whose own new headquarters building came under fire last year after being compared to a giant penis.
"Fine art works should be like sunshine from the blue sky and the breeze in spring that will inspire minds, warm hearts, cultivate taste and clean up undesirable work styles," he said.
Like a Supreme Court Reenactment?

Maybe not.

Never doubt for a moment the Messiah's arrival.

Never doubt for a moment the Messiah’s arrival. My problem is that I can’t stand to even look at the new Messiah masquerading as a BS artist. Perhaps I won’t be saved. “… a light will shine through that window, a beam of light will come down upon you, you will experience an epiphany … and you will suddenly realize that you must go to the polls and vote for Obama” – Barack Obama Lebanon, New Hampshire.
January 7, 2008. “We have an amazing story to tell,” she said. “This president has brought us out of the dark and into the light.”
Michelle Obama “This was the moment when the rise of the oceans began to slow and our planet began to heal.”
Barack Obama “This is bigger than Kennedy. . . . This is the New Testament.” | “I felt this thrill going up my leg. I mean, I don’t have that too often. No, seriously. It’s a dramatic event.”
Chris Matthews “Obama’s finest speeches do not excite. They do not inform. They don’t even really inspire. They elevate. . . . He is not the Word made flesh, but the triumph of word over flesh . . . Obama is, at his best, able to call us back to our highest selves.”
Ezra Klein “We’re here to evolve to a higher plane . . . he is an evolved leader . . . [he] has an ear for eloquence and a Tongue dipped in the Unvarnished Truth.”
Oprah Winfrey  

Comment by eleno to a Reuters story about people walking out early from Obama where everybody is being negative. It happens sometimes, Drudge links an item that accepts comments and the whole thing is suddenly flooded with a thousand similar remarks. You're tempted to think, "Wow, people are finally getting it" and then you realize, oh, Drudge link. Except this one comment by eleno is the single positive thing I saw before stopping and I thought, hey, that would make a good marquee. You can stop anytime and not miss anything, we all saw this movie before.