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Erectus Monotone - Destination Unknown

I have two versions of this song. The grittier punk rock version above and the original (1987) softer synthpop below.  Which one do you like best and why, if you don't mind telling. 


Seen on Lem's sidebar:

Look closely.  Isn't that rather insulting to Asian American men?

Beleaguered Pansies In The Hanseatic League Be

Hamburg is the most liberal of the liberal cities in Germany. More so than Berlin. You might recall that one of the 9/11 cells was based there.
Mein Votum bei der nächsten BW steht unabänderlich fest. Ich bin nicht mehr bereit muslimisch/religiöse Konflikte auf deutschem Boden zu tolerieren. Und viele werden anfangen umzudenken. Das allumfassende linke Parteienspektrum wird eine spektakuläre Niederlage erleiden. Ich habe es so satt, so satt!!!  Link
My vote at the next BW* is carved in stone. I am no longer willing to tolerate Muslim/religious conflicts on German soil. And many will begin to think differently. The overarching left-wing party spectrum will suffer a spectacular defeat. I'm sick of it so, so tired !!!
BW = Bundeswahl = federal election.

Claim: 'flying man' past an Airbus full of passengers

"Pilots on a holiday jet were left stunned when a 'flying man' whizzed past their aircraft at 3,500 feet".
The mystery man flew within 100 metres of the plane and left the pilots baffled as to how he was moving through the air, as neither could see a canopy suspending him.

There was also no sign of him on the radar and further checks failed to reveal any paragliders, parachutists or balloonists in the area at the time. 
The official report in to the incident on Friday June 13 admitted it was 'unfortunate' and 'frustrating' there was 'no way of corroborating what they had reported'.

"Over 120 Science Journal Papers Pulled for Being Total Gibberish"

"Earlier this week (3/01/14), Nature revealed that scientific journal publishers Springer and IEEE are both removing over 120 published papers after discovering that every single one is nothing more than fancy-sounding gibberish. The fairly egregious oversight was discovered by French computer scientist Cyril Labbé, who's spent the past two years cataloguing the collection of computer-generated drivel..."
Interestingly, the entire reason the papers exist in the first place is because of an MIT-made program called SCIgen, a piece of software created in 2005 for the sole purpose of proving that conferences constantly accept nonsensical papers. And, of course, "to maximize amusement." Anyone can download it and use it, so no one is quite sure exactly who is behind the gibberish discovered thus far—and real scientists names are used as the supposed "authors."
via Gizmodo

A (short) Tale of Momentum & Inertia

Sally Kohn Liberty

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The first 1,000 Twitter accounts followed by NYT staff shows the degree of their insularity and goes far in explaining how they manage to miss so much.

Via Ace, via Mickey Kaus on Daily Caller, per Tyler Pearson,

"The more rivals the longer the penis"

"True Facts About The Duck"

Kickstarter: The Air Umbrella


The first recorded use of sun protecting parasol comes from Ancient Egypt, over 3500 years ago. Initially used with simple configurations of palm leaves attached to a stick, Egyptian parasols soon evolved into an object that was used by nobles, religious leaders and royalty.

"What It's Like To Run Into A Puppy-Sized Spider In The Middle Of The Night"

Business Insider: At first this is what I thought I saw — a big, hairy animal, the size of a rodent.


"Ebola Scare At The Pentagon" (Update 2)

"After Woman Who Was Recently In Africa Vomits On Tour Bus"
Arlington News reports that a woman began vomiting while on a tour bus at the Pentagon. Pentagon Force Protection Agency spokesman Chris Layman told Arlington News that Arlington County’s hazmat team was called out when they learned that the woman was recently in Africa.

The hazmat team was called out of “a complete abundance of caution,” Layman told Arlington News.
Jeff Hulbert from Annapolis
On another Ebola scare incident...
Rep. Peter King (R-N.Y.) said he has “serious concerns” after a passenger reportedly vomited and died aboard a plane from Nigeria that landed at New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport early Thursday.

“It is my understanding that a plane from Nigeria landed at JFK today with a passenger who passed away en route,” King said in a letter to Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson. “Based on what I know of this situation, I have very serious concerns about the cursory exam conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention official to determine that the passenger did not have Ebola [...].”
Update : New Obama 'Czar' Has No Medical, Health Background...

Update 2:

corn flakes

Is any breakfast more mundane? 

Sometimes I yearn for it. 

One time in Mexico I yearned for it. So I ordered it in the hotel restaurant. They actually offered Kellogg's corn flakes, rooster on the box and everything. 

But the corn was different. Maize or something. Distinctly different. And the milk was different. Not quite so homogenized, not so Pasteurized, perhaps from a different species. I don't know, but qualitatively different, not worse, just different. The banana was different.

I am interested in who looks at this page. At least once a day, some days more, some days there is a run but rarely is anyone from America drawn to the post from the photo. I think that's funny. What, haven't the countries been exposed to the extraordinary legacy of Kellogg and Post? 

Container gardening

One of the five books by Pamela Crawford that I read is particularly good because it covers the areas of the other four. My interest is large potted plants packed with with flower plants and foliage plants combined with herbs and the same thing with vegetables.

Having seen Tim's Pinterest page before his funeral reception and noticed the pin of a container combination that mentioned Pamela Crawford, and then having seen his front yard and home and back yard packed with just such arrangements, and having overheard at the reception three separate mentions of a unique (for them) and interesting visit to a wholesale plant warehouse with Tim, together caused me to think, "Hey!" I can do that. I did that before.

A long time ago right after my first apartment I met a guy in my building who is much older and lazy as can be but needed some money real badly. He was completely put off with the idea of having to do something about it. How he complained. The idea of work was repulsive.

He attained a state sales license. Easy to do at the time, apply and pay a small fee. He drove his van around to bare buildings and offered his services to outfit the whole interior place with plants. Or just the lobby. They wouldn't have to do anything but pay a small set-up and monthly fee. He had accounts immediately and due to his laziness kept the accounts small. He was uninterested in expansion. The set-up fee paid for the plants then he owned them. He bought some very large plants and some trees. The usual things you see everywhere. He serviced the accounts either once or twice a week. This went on for the length of time that I knew him.

During that period I went with him to the plant importing warehouses where plants are surprisingly inexpensive. All you do is present your sales license.

I had a sales license. I bought plants for my apartment and never collected sales tax, so that was it.

But after that I haven't renewed it and I think you must to continue. I don't know. Maybe it is still valid.

It enables you to buy containers at wholesale prices too and it makes a big difference. Especially if you intend to buy a ton of containers as Tim did along with all the plants purchased with undisciplined abandon.

Looking through the first Denver plant wholesalers the fist catalog hasn't any pictures. The second is all outdoor landscaping, down the line of results Calabrese Greenhouse, I suppose plants for our area. From their catalog.

Iron cross oxalis. This caught my eye right off. It looks like something you'd make up. I could recreate this picture with a carved potato. The other similar specimens are tri-leafed. I've seen those before a lot but not these. 

I haven't been big on begonias but I am willing to change, this one is begonia escargot. You got to love the way leaf curls bizarrely outward as it grows. A few such large leaves clustered would set off a planter dramatically, here a full bunch of them.

Bromeliad del mar, the same type plant as pineapple. This plant type is tropical and  has sturdy upright leaves that curl around a wide base forming a cup that catches and retains water. The cup is the plant's main source of nutrients. In jungle rain forests these cups of water become mini ecosystems among the branches of trees. The bromeliad's roots less important for uptake of nutrients than for digging into tree branches and settling into tree branch elbows.

Spring cactus.

When we moved to Colorado as a teen I was kicking down the railroad tracks that run parallel with Santa Fe, now a commuter track among other things and off limits now to such idle trespass kicking. I was fascinated with native cactus that grows in the ballast between the railroad ties. They are very poor starved abused specimens. I went back with gloves (insufficient), a box, and a digger and retrieved enough mangled cactus to replant as a small inhospitable garden.

At home I chose my spot poorly; east with southern exposure then nothing after noon. Nonetheless my little garden perked right up in Spring. I replanted them all to the back, now full sun at noon and thereafter. The garden tripled, quadrupled grew out of hand bloomed beautifully, as these are except the most insane pure yellow. The blooms persist for a satisfyingly long time and at the spot of each bloom a new ear forms like dangerous green spiked prickly Mickey Mouse ears until all the new cactus-Mickey Mouse ears themselves have their own Mickey Mouse ears that started as insane yellow flowers that lasted satisfyingly long. They are outrageous. Shown just the barest care of the sort a teenage boy can muster and boom off they go.

Shepard Smith takes media to task over ebola hype

How to avoid contracting ebola -Guardian

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The number of people who saw Steely Dan play live in the 1970's must be small; they stopped touring a year after this video recording, still years away from some of their best material. They may be the most famous band who never toured. That's quite an achievement by itself - right up there with Robert Hunter getting into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame for being the Boo Radley of The Grateful Dead.

assertive raven NSW

The man says bad words. Video description says he is waiting outside at the DMV

Our DMV on Mississippi is a riot. 

The written exam and the driving test have been dumbed down to make more people eligible. Kind of like the NYT crosswords is now loaded with brand names and pop culture references, and Jeopardy! is loaded up with goofy categories. The two driving tests used to be serious but now they are not. There used to be a good chance you might even fail. Now there is no sense to studying, just go.

I was compelled to go, the last time I went. The state decided upon renewal that we all need new photo licenses but they did not say that is their reason for calling us in. I wondered after it all why they didn't just say so, why they kept us all in the dark as to why we are being called in unnecessarily. Did we do something wrong? The state has a good and informative website, but they failed to say, "oh we just want a new picture of you." They knew it would be subverted if they did. I would have subverted, at least got myself up, not dragged in from the summer heat.  They gave me no chance to subvert, not knowing the only thing they wanted was a new photograph. At the decision making level, what manipulative bastards.

Whereas everybody is so nice at the DMV it's incredible. They treated me like gold.

The whole interior is changed. I said to the first woman I encountered, "I like what you've done to the place," although I was indifferent to what they did to the place. She answered, "Wait till you get into it. They messed it up worse." And they did. Now you wait for each individual step as a herd instead of being ushered through the process once your number is picked. Now your number must be picked four or five times, but I did not know that at the beginning. She continued "go to one of those kiosks back there that you passed and ..." 

I didn't see a kiosk. 

I know what a kiosk is, I know what one looks like.

Or perhaps like a little hut. Like a one-day photo developer hut. She points to the kiosks but I still do not see them.  This not recognizing a kiosk along with my daft opening remark caused the woman to regard me as slow and in need extra assistance. She got up and walked with me back to what I had just passed to one of a few input stations set upon an upright much like this. I said, "Oh!" Nothing at all like a hut. And now she's convinced I'm retarded and in need of help attaining a license. She enters my information for me and directs me to the next station. 

A large group of people is seated waiting as I walk in my stately upright manner a bit beaten by summer heat but not all that shabby, I didn't think, my steps carefully measured with two canes that have handles that fit my left and right hand, very careful on polished floors because it would be disastrously embarrassing to fall in front of seated spectators like that. It wouldn't be long I expected. I do need to stand and move. Then suddenly a man who for all the world looks like a giant gay biker stands up from his seat and with a gracious sweep of his arm asserts affirmatively, "Sir. Have this chair." 

Such a gentleman. Do I look that bad? Shit. "Thank you! I think they're going to call my number soon." 

He sat back down. I stood only a minute, they called. I chatted it up with the guy taking information. Incredibly responsive conversationally. He was a very nice person. Then waited again.

Then chatted it up with the next person. This is the last for the photo. Incredibly responsive conversationally. She was a very nice person. But now the supervisor is unhappy with my chatting it up and whispered a direction into her ear and she stopped.  I waited again. Then, name called again, then pay, then wait again, then photo, then gone. 

Check what was on the BBC the day you were born

"This site contains the BBC listings information which the BBC printed in Radio Times between 1923 and 2009. You can search the site for BBC programmes, people, dates and Radio Times editions."

Here is a screen capture of mine... maybe somebody can tell me what this show was about?

Bill O’Reilly and Jon Stewart discuss ‘White Privilege’

Via SooperMexican

"Obama May Send National Guard to Liberia to Fight Ebola: Sources"

"President Barack Obama is expected to issue an executive order Thursday paving the way for the deployment of National Guard forces to Liberia to help contain the Ebola outbreak there, sources told NBC News."
The sources said that eight engineers and logistical specialists from the Guard, both active-duty and reservists, would probably be included in the first deployment. They are expected to help build 17 Ebola treatment centers, with 100 beds apiece. The sources said that no decision had been made.
Policy via trial balloons?

In light of how Obama has postponed controversial aspects of ObamaCare until after the midterms, including promised unilateral action, vis-à-vis the "undocumented", would it be fair to ask why is Ebola rushing Obama? Why cant Ebola wait it's turn, until after the election, like everybody else?

Meanwhile, the CDC Frieden testifying before congress today trotted out a Pelosism, as a rational for why we haven't curtailed Ebola Air from West Africa.

ESPN: "Where is the ethical line between advantage play and cheating?"

"[N]o one should feel extreme sympathy for losing gamblers. In all cases, they have no one to blame but themselves, as they could have walked away at any time. They are complicit in this transaction."
But casinos also have an obligation in this agreement. They get to create the game and set the rules -- all of the rules. They can refuse service to you. They can kick you out. They can change the rules of the game. They have all the power. What they don't ever say explicitly is that in their minds, part of this agreement is that you (the gambler) will lose.

So when someone figures out how to beat the game that they created, how can that be unethical? (read the whole thing)

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My favorite martian music that never made it into a movie:

Great Martian War

Great martian war from PLAZMA on Vimeo.

The clips are from a false documentary presented at the 100th anniversary of WWI.

The uploader combined clips of the documentary with music. The various threads I've read, three so far, all dish grief for the choice of music. I like the combination a lot. What do you think?

The idea is combine archival material with special effects. Just as H.G. Wells warned about the horror of mechanized war through his science fiction, The War of The Worlds, the producers wanted to use science fiction to convey the reality WW1. Or something. I read that on their producer's q/a page where we also read:
Whether it is ‘Invasion of The Body Snatchers’ looking at McCarthyite witch hunts and Communist infiltration, ‘Cloverfield’ looking at the events of 9/11 or HG Wells himself using ‘War of The Worlds’ pre WW1 to express his deep and well founded fears of what a great war would be like in the industrial age, sci-fi has always been a powerful means to hold up a mirror to the real world. Even ‘Lord of The Rings’ can be seen as an attempt to fantastically fictionalise the epic, bloody war Tolkien witnessed first hand as an officer on the Western Front.
No wait, what? Invasion of The Body Snatchers was about McCarthyism? I did not know that.

In the documentary they caught one of the Martian machines. The Martian machines come in three types, 300' Herons, 20'spiders, and lice.

This must be a spider. The humans also encounter a highly responsive liquid metal that powers all the machines. The substance appears to be intuitive. Once it is in the possession of humans they realize the tide of the war had changed. 

Obviously the humans survived.

"Stormtroopers can't do anything right"

Ebola in the USA: A Sencond Dallas Health Care Worker Tests Positive

"A second health care worker at a Dallas hospital who provided care for the first Ebola patient diagnosed in the U.S. has tested positive for the disease, the Texas Department of State Health Services said Wednesday."
The department said in a statement that the worker reported a fever Tuesday and was immediately isolated at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas. Health officials said the worker was among those who took care of Thomas Eric Duncan, who was diagnosed with Ebola after coming to the U.S. from Liberia. Duncan died Oct. 8.

"An additional health care worker testing positive for Ebola is a serious concern, and the CDC has already taken active steps to minimize the risk to health care workers and the patient," the CDC said in a statement.

"What happened there (in Dallas), regardless of the reason, is not acceptable. It shouldn't have happened," Anthony Fauci, director of the Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases of NIH, said on MSNBC on Wednesday.
CDC Director Tom Frieden told Fox News Megan Kelly last night "We look at what happens and we adjust as we need to".

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Video: "It's not food, it's violence"

"My little girls name is Snow"

Susan Rice VS Ahmet Davutoglu

I happened to catch the ever unbelievable Susan Rice saying, "In fact, we have new agreements with Turkey." 

And I was sitting there thinking whatever she says weight the opposite, and then fell asleep. Awoke a few hours later to this.

Hillary Clinton: "I'm so exited about the pig"

Via the Washington Free Beacon

International Packaging Fail


"Friends say Romney feels nudge to consider a 2016 presidential run"

"As Romney told it, Obama shows up at a bank to cash a check without his ID. The teller asks him to prove who he is, saying that Mickelson proved his identity by hitting a golf ball into a cup and Agassi proved his by hitting a tennis ball at a target. “Is there anything you can do to prove who you are?” the teller asks."
“I don’t have a clue,” Obama replies in the joke.

The crowd ate it up.

“When you get elected to the Senate, your job should be to convince Mitt Romney to run for president again,” a donor told Ernst, according to several attendees. The Republican candidate said she would, while Romney laughed.

Danescombe Valley

This is another of the Go Pro and quad helicopter adverts so intriguing that explores the immediate environment to greater extent making even the run down and abandoned, ruined and overgrown seem to be interesting and makes you go, "Why am I not having as much fun?" And, "Why didn't I think of that?"

He flies it around so many times I feel like I've been there.

Spanky Danscombe Valley Paper Mill. Wow, now that looks interesting.

Dancombe Valley is in Calstock Cornwall where these ruins of an old paper mill are located along with a sawmill and a grain mill, I noticed in the immediate area. What's up with all these mills clustered around?

That's the way it was. Waterpower was applied to everything they could think of during the twelfth century, sawmills provided lumber for the estates, iron mills forged iron, waterpower was even applied to textiles. Moreover, due to the seignorial system in the thirteenth century whereby lords could insist grain grown on their property be milled on their property an expansion of waterpower for milling grain occurred throughout.

[Just like the Egyptians. And like Egyptians, sources say "corn" they do not mean maize.]

Clicking through the photos pinned on Google Earth at Calstock is like being in an H.O. train setup, I haven't seen anything this picturesque.


Penguin with a pie.

This is a card for my brother. It almost turned out to be a multiple page card, still could be, the original idea was for penguin battles for supremacy in the Southern Hemisphere, battles with other species, ridiculous anthropomorphisms such as lines of penguins holding pies with their flappers, a penguin bakery, pies with fish in them, but when it got down to it there was enthusiasm for only one page.

I felt bad.

Felt bad for copping out like that. Then James said his wife flipped out. He said the first thing she focused on were the babies, she goes, "Look, he puts two baby birds that means we're going to have another baby." And they did. Like enacting a self-fulfilling prophecy or something, taking this as an omen, a confirming sign. What can you say when your wife says that?

The babies pop up and the pie comes down. There are steps up the tree for the penguin to climb, but penguins do not live in trees. It's stupid. 

It's as stupid as as the previous penguin card that took over the polar bear's area because they live in different hemispheres. 

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Goodbye, Columbium

This is a rerun from my own bog a couple years ago. It seemed timely.

Christopher Columbus has lost prestige in the New World. First came the historical disputes regarding his claim to priority. But perhaps the most ignominious insult was being downgraded from the Periodic Table.

Finally there's an interesting naming story:
Charles Hatchett's important scientific work was done in the period 1796 to 1806. He was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society in 1797, which is a measure of the esteem in which he was held by his fellow scientists. In 1801 he described in a paper his analysis of a mineral called columbite, named after the location where it had been found in North America. This mineral sample from Massachusetts had lain in the British Museum since 1753. He described the mineral as ".. a heavy black stone with golden streaks ... from Mr. Winthrop": John Winthrop was the first Governor of Connecticut, the source of the mineral. Hatchett showed that the mineral contained a new element and he called it columbium and the mineral columbite, after its place of origin. This year (2001) marks the bicentenary of his discovery. Link
We called Element 41 "columbium" (Cb) for over 150 years until the Euros took it away from us. Van der Krogt:
Element #41 was therefore long known as Niobium as well as Columbium. To end this confusion, at the 15th Conference of the Union of Chemistry in Amsterdam in 1949 the name Niobium was chosen for element #41 and a year later this name was accepted by the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry, despite the chronological precedence of the name Columbium. The latter name is still sometimes used in US industry.
Evidence suggests that the Europeans railroaded US out of the name Columbium just to have it for themselves :)

The green color comes from niobium oxide
Niobium is mostly used in steel alloys and for high tech applications. Niobium's use in catalysis plotted versus time looks like a hockey stick: Link  Brazil leads in its production, so in that sense at least, columbium is still New World.

ChipA Inspired Post

Crowdsourced solutions: overheard: ricpic

"Whenever I see these microscopic photos I always wonder if there is a smallest unit of matter beyond which smallness cannot go. Physicists tell us the universe is continuing to expand, so I guess that means bigness is infinite, potentially. But is the smallest smallness unit of a butterfly's wing infinitely small?"

US Navy receives control of Romanian missile defense base

The U.S. Navy has taken control of a new missile defense base in southern Romania, one of two European land-based interceptor sites for a NATO missile shield which Russia strongly opposes.
The base at Deveselu is scheduled to be operational in 2015 as part of NATO's ballistic missile defense system.
"Ballistic missile threats to the U.S. and our allies are real and growing," said Rear Adm. John Scorby, commander of Navy Region Europe, Africa and Southwest Asia on Friday.
"Fortunately, NATO's capabilities ... against these threats are also real and growing."
The system is the key component in President Barack Obama's plan for a phased deployment of a missile defense umbrella in Europe. Another missile base is scheduled to become operational in Poland by 2018.

"Fontana fire sends man who accidentally ignited blaze to hospital"

"The burn victim was taken to Arrowhead Regional Medical Center in Colton with moderate injuries, according to Ryan Beckers, a Fire Department spokesman."
The man, who accidentally started the fire while playing with acetone to create some sort of visual effect, was not arrested, Beckers said.

“He was doing it for fun,” Beckers said. “Like a kid playing with matches.”

Acetone is a clear liquid, commonly used to clean metal and remove fingernail polish.

Jambalaya Jo-El Sonnier

Good Monday morning fare, yes? I love the rambunctious energy of this song, the way son of a gun becomes tonnerre m’écrase, thunder crash me, and buy-oh sung by everyone else becomes buy-you in this version. 

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The sidebar at Ace's has an item on Yat New Orleans accent that sounds like Brooklyn and I'm all, yeah, what up wi' dat?

The link is not so useful as hearing it so I searched on YouTube and listened to Mehrvigne, a woman who turns out to be good at explaining and delivering just by talking but, good as she is,  and for reasons my own I found her grating and somewhat annoying and going on with a list of specific common regional words and their uses, finally too much. She begins, "We don't ask, 'how are you doing?' or 'how is it going?' instead we ask, 'where yat?' meaning where are you at in life, thus Yat."

In comments someone remarks, "if you want a serious Yat accent look at user cleverdude, so I did. Sorting through cleverdude's videos I see a lot of interesting things and... hummingbirds!

Oops, hummingbird videos do not have dialogue, have a cleverdude banana video instead.

"What It’s Like to Carry Your Nobel Prize through Airport Security"

They’re like, ‘Sir, there’s something in your bag.’
I said, ‘Yes, I think it’s this box.’
They said, ‘What’s in the box?’
I said, ‘a large gold medal,’ as one does.

So they opened it up and they said, ‘What’s it made out of?’
I said, ‘gold.’
And they’re like, ‘Uhhhh. Who gave this to you?’

‘The King of Sweden.’

‘Why did he give this to you?’

‘Because I helped discover the expansion rate of the universe was accelerating.’
At which point, they were beginning to lose their sense of humor. I explained to them it was a Nobel Prize, and their main question was, ‘Why were you in Fargo?’”

Menthuophi and Nitocris

A man came to Antiques Road Show with this pair of 19th century statues by Emile Louis Picault, and I'm all, ew, ew, ew, is that woman Egyptian? She is! The camera scanned upward, I could see ankhs all over her garment, it seemed like other hieroglyphs went by but I wasn't sure and cameramen never care about those.

Slouching toward Thebes
Egyptian royalty is never depicted standing like this
Wigs are always full and bob-cut, never scraggly.

Then onto the statue of the male starting at the bottom rising up past the naturalized unEgyptian non-pleated flowing folds in the garment, the belt tie ends in a flap, a sort of decorative narrow apron with -- writing on it! -- but the cameraman is unimpressed with writing and continues the survey of the statue where we notice elements of theater and elements Art Deco and of natural posture and naturalized touches throughout in the jewelry and headdresses, wigs, and decorative elements that are decidedly not Egyptian so one can hold little hope for the hieroglyphs being authentic.

Photographers are alike in this, none of them care what the hieroglyphs say.

The Antiques Roadshow evaluator identified the statue as King Menthuophi and Queen Nitocris.

And I'm sitting there thinking these names are not familiar to me.

What a bummer. I hate when things don't match what I know.

The evaluator, curator, Roadshow cohost, went on to say the couple depicted were also brother and sister, that the brother was murdered by some kind of coupe, a treason among the nobles, and the sister, once she was made queen, brought revenge for her brother and husband by constructing a new dining hall fed by a channel from the Nile and hosting an inauguration feast for it and inviting all the conspirators she knew about and then flooding the room killing all of them.

But not all the conspirators attended and the Queen killed herself shortly after to avoid their retribution by throwing herself into a burning house.

I'm all, what? What?  This is the first I've heard of that incident. But, curator, who do you think you are talking to?

There is no such King Menthuophi nor Queen Nitocris or I would have known about them by now.

Don't you think?


They would have shown up in native Egyptian art by now, some inscription, some tomb.

Gawl!  Okay, let's look at these hieroglyphs written on the Apron.

The duck with a sun, that's good. "son of." We're off to a good start. Surprising, right off the bat. They've got the "son of" convention properly positioned outside the cartouche. The duck is pointing to the right so that is the way we will read the whole thing, into the duck's face. This artist had some linguistic help. Or else a very good example to draw from and was a very good copier.

Inside the cartouche, far right top, a sedge frond, "eh" or "I" or "Ah" sound.

Next to the frond a stack of 3 glyphs

sennet board = mn
water zigzag = n
water canal = mr

The frond +sennet board + water zigzag is a common ligature in names, for "Amon," but the mr water canal is not so common in the group. There are other ways to write "mr," a wooden hoe shaped like a tilted "A," for example is a lot  more common in names. There is the channel mr in names but not so often as the wooden hoe and not with an Amon ligature. So far we have "Amonmer"

The next sign looks like a dot, but it is kind of small I think it is Ra sometimes Re.

Three fox skins for "ms" or "mes" stylized here very nicely as stacks of grain. I'm going to remember this and draw them like this hereafter. I'm tired of drawing those fox skins.

Two horizontal lines are two door bolts, two "s" marks. A bit of "s" redundancy with the "s" already in "ms" as commonly seen in cartouches for the name "rameses"  So far we have "Amonmer Rameses." Usually Ramses is written with a different kind of S.

Finally, the baseball bat, actually a column with a peg that would fit a crossbeam's dent usually drawn vertically but this time horizontally to form an artistic ligature with the horizontal bent forearm, to produce the sound "eh ah," the forearm is redundant "eh" sound, they are most likely not saying "eh ah eh." So now we have, "Sa, Amonmer Ramses Ehah" and that is nothing at all like "Menthuophi."

Conclusion: real hieroglyphs well drawn but unfamiliar name.

Incidentally, these statues here auctioned between $60,000 - $80,000.

Where does this story come from?

Microscope photo of a butterfly wing

"Ebola test on Texas health-care worker comes back positive"

"A Texas health-care worker who was in full protective gear when they provided hospital care for an Ebola patient who later died has tested positive for the virus and is in stable condition, health officials said Sunday. If the preliminary diagnosis is confirmed, it would be the first known case of the disease being contracted or transmitted in the U.S."

Dr. Daniel Varga, of the Texas Health Resources, said during a news conference Sunday that the worker wore a gown, gloves, mask and shield when they provided care to Thomas Eric Duncan during his second visit to Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital. Varga did not identify the worker and says the family of the worker has "requested total privacy."
"We're deeply concerned about this new development," Dr. Thomas Frieden said in an interview on CBS' "Face the Nation" on Sunday. "I think the fact that we don't know of a breach in protocol is concerning because clearly there was a breach in protocol."

Sunday Morning With Van Morrison

The Healing Game.

Van Morrison is known for having the best backup singers and the best bands in music.  This version of The Healing Game is graced by the brilliant saxophonist Candy Dulfer, and the rest of Morrison's band and singers.

Morrison mumbles with an Irish accent.  It's not easy to understand the lyrics.  Here they are in print form.  You're welcome to mumble along.

Here I am again
Back on the corner again
Back where I belong
Where I've always been

Everything the same
It don't ever change
I'm back on the corner again
In the healing game

Down those ancient streets
Down those ancient roads
Where nobody knows
Where nobody goes

I'm back on the corner again
Where I've always been
Never been away
From the healing game

Where the choirboys sing
Where I've always been
Sing the song with soul
Baby, don't you know?

We can let it roll
On the saxophone
Back street Jelly Roll
In the healing game

Where the homeboys sing
Sing the songs of praise
'Bout their golden days
In the healing game

Sing it out loud
Sing it in your name
Sing it like you're proud
Sing the healing game

Sing it out loud
Sing it in your name
Sing it like you're proud
Sing the healing game

Sing the healing game
Sing the healing game
Sing it in your name
Sing the healing game

Sing the healing game
Sing the healing game
Sing the healing game
Sing the healing game
Sing it in your name
Sing me the healing game

Sing the healing game
Sing the healing game
Sing the healing game
Sing the healing game
Sing it in your name
Sing the healing game

Sing the healing game
Sing the healing game
Sing the healing game
Sing the healing game
Sing it in your name
Sing the healing game

Sing the healing game
Sing the healing game
Sing the healing game
Sing the healing game
Sing it in your name
Sing the healing game

Sing the healing game
Sing the healing game
Sing the healing game
Sing the healing game

Sing the healing game
Sing the healing game
Sing the healing game
Sing the healing game
Sing it in your name
Sing the healing game

One of these days...