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Lily, Rosemary and The Jack of Hearts - Bob Dylan from Lívia Pio on Vimeo.
Rosemary started drinking hard and seeing her reflection in the knife
She was tired of the attention tired of playing the role of Big Jim's wife
She had done a lot of bad things even once tried suicide
Was looking to do just one good deed before she died
She was gazing to the future riding on the Jack of Hearts.

She Was A Beer Drinking Woman

Rosemary Lehnberg

Also Baked Caraway Sweet Potato with Rosemary by Bob Lehnberg, life coach.

"Texas Governor Rick Perry indicted by grand jury"

"A grand jury has handed up an indictment against Gov. Rick Perry in connection with the investigation into an effort to force Travis County District Attorney Rosemary Lehmberg to resign."
The Texas Governor was indicted on counts of abuse of official capacity and coercion of a public servant.

At the center of the issue is a complaint about intimidation stemming from Perry’s threat to veto of $7.5 million in state funding to the Public Integrity Unit run by Lehmberg’s office. The threat came after she pleaded guilty to drunk driving and served a 45-day sentence; Perry called on her to step down but she refused to resign her position. Perry then vetoed the funding for the PIU.

The first count , abuse of official capacity, says the Governor misused government property by threatening to defund the Travis County Public Integrity Unit in June of last year after District Attorney Rosemary Lehmberg was arrested for drunk driving.

The second count says Governor Perry misused his power by trying to coerce Lehmberg to resign or face the state pulling its funding from the Public Integrity Unit.

A grand jury was called to determine whether or not Perry broke the law when he threatened to veto the funding. As a result they issued indictments on two felony charges. If found guilty on the charges, Perry could be sentenced to a maximum 109 years in prison. (read more)


Buddy movies. The image challenge is to pair up mismatched film characters for amusing results. Iowa Hawk has the idea right by his tweet "Ultimate buddy movies, Barney Fife and Robo Cop." See? now that's funny. But what we tend to see is crap like this:

George Osborne, of course, is a British Conservative Party politician. British politicians come much dumber than George Osborne. Ed Miliband, for instance. This YouTube video of Miliband repeating the same line over and over apparently unable to get off his one single talking point causing the interview to stall is just flat embarrassing. 

Plus the Photoshop misses the point of the challenge. Whereas Iowa Hawk suggests two mismatched characters, member natty dread shows how dumb he is by using two real life people he thinks are dumb and matches them, British and American conservative politicians. It's axiomatic, conservatives are dumb. Ha ha ha, get it? Get it? Conservatives are dumb.

This is why my misanthropic streak has developed such that I just don't like people anymore. I just don't. I don't like socializing anymore. I'm surprised I still get invitations. It puts me on the spot begging off all the time. I honestly don't know why people bother. I don't want to have lunch with people, I don't want to attend pot lucks, I don't want to go to parties, I don't want to go out and do things with people, I don't want to invite them over. 

Two can play this obnoxious game. I can clutter the board too.  I can do this all night long. Liberal politicians say dumb things every single day. Every hour of every day, it seems, we are treated with something incredibly stupid. Name a liberal politician from the top to the bottom and we can list the dumb things they've said. 

Russian wedding pictures


They're awful.

And it all goes downhill from this. A lot of ridiculous Photoshop going on, or if pre-Photoshop, then odd photograph techniques to create fantasy photos. Most quite ridiculous and fun.

But wait! Commenters take umbrage. This is not fair.
Marina July 27, 2014 at 2:06 pm
This is not true!I live in Saint-Petersburg in Russia!there are photos very old and frek!!russian wedding photos very beautiful,ever better then European

GertyPhoto August 15, 2014 at 4:55 am
I’m photographer in Lithuania. And Marina is right! I take part in some contests. Russian photographers always win prizes. Believe me, they are the best photographers in whole world! :)
Also Seraphis wrote truth :)
Sorry for my bad english :/ 
Tatyana August 10, 2014 at 4:05 pm
They picked most idiotic pictures from Internet and called them traditional Russian. Obviously they never been to Russia and have no clue what they are talking about. It’s juts plain offensive to the nation. 
Lviv August 7, 2014 at 4:17 am
Please look for “ukrainian wedding” in google and compare )))

That is a good idea, Lviv. Do, let's.

Ukraine wedding pictures

They're beautiful. Every photo is gorgeous. The women are stunning. The pastries, cakes and bread, it looks like, are all intricate and extraordinarily beautiful. Exceedingly thoughtful. Some traditional red and white costuming. Some Eastern Christianity. Nothing, absolutely nothing silly or absurd about them.

Russian wedding pictures. 

It's all this goofy stuff, and more. Let's try something else.

Common Russian wedding pictures.

Much better. Standard white dress, men in suits. Elegant food. Rings. There are recurring photos of white powdered tea cakes, and twined rings.

British wedding pictures.

Too much royalty. Let's try something different.

Standard British wedding pictures.

Royalty again.

Common British wedding pictures.

Flowers, women's hats, dapper men, traditional carriages and cars, flags, gay men, royalty, celebrities, Americans.

French wedding pictures.

Complex photo sets, decorated homes, decorated banquet tables, flowers, gorgeous couples, standard refined dress, not overdone. Very beautiful. Croqueembouche, croque-en-bouche (crunch in mouth) choux pastry (sounds like shoe) stuck together with caramel.

Germany wedding pictures

What's with the sawing a log? 

Log Cutting CeremonyAn old German wedding custom, the tradition of cutting a log represents the first obstacle that the couple must overcome in their marriage. They must work together to “overcome the obstacle” by sawing through the log. Using a large, long saw with two handles, the couple demonstrates their teamwork to friends and family, and their willingness and ability to master the difficulties that inevitably arise in a marriage. Hopefully the log will not take too long to saw through!  SB&G tip: Try to find an old, dry log that is not too big, so you will still have time to enjoy the reception!
What's with the cup that looks like a bell?

The Legend of the Nuernberg Bridal Cup
Centuries ago, in old Nuernberg, the nobel mistress Kunigunde fell in love with a young and ambitious goldsmith. Although Kunigunde's wealthy father (a powerful nobleman) did not approve of this pair, it was clear that she only wanted the goldsmith to be her husband as she refused many titled and rich suitors who asked for her hand in marriage.
Her father became so enraged that he had the young goldsmith thrown into the darkest dungeon. Not even his daughter's bitter tears would change her father's mind.
To her father's dismay, imprisoning the young man did not end his daughter's love for the goldsmith. Instead, he could only watch as his daughter grew paler and paler as a result of the separation from her true love.
The wealthy nobleman reluctantly made the following proposal: He told his daughter, "If your goldsmith can make a chalice from which two people can drink at the same time without spilling one single drop, I will free him and you shall become his bride".
Of course he was certain nobody could perform such a task...
Inspired by love and with skillful hands, the young goldsmith created a masterpiece. He sculpted a girl with a smile as beautiful as his own true love's. Her skirt was hollowed to serve as a cup. Her raised arms held a bucket that swivels so that it could be filled and then swung towards a second drinker.
The challenge was met. The goldsmith and the nobleman's daughter joined hands in marriage and with the bridal cup set forth a romantic and memorable tradition as charming today as it was originally hundreds of years ago.
To this day and to many couples the chalice remains a symbol.
Love, faithfulness and good luck await the couple who drink from this cup.

Outstanding. Traditional. Gorgeous. Luxuriously layered kimonos. Very serious, thoughtful, staid, and controlled. 

Almost all dress is black/white modern clothes then the photos become blue and red traditional clothes. Seated. Apparently highly ritualized.

Ah. Matching bridesmaids and groomsmen. Big tiered cake. Fun but reserved, not ridiculous. 

The Kneebone's Connected To The Heartbone

An old family friend passed away suddenly last week of a heart attack: link

I remember Dave well and what he did for me and my family. Dave was the shop steward or chaplain there where my did worked. From the beginning, he was the guy who always made sure that the Printer's Union picnic ran smoothly every summer. The picnic happened every summer at Hoyt Park in Madison and was sponsored by the union and not by the company. Dave was there for the kids and for the grown ups. I remember competing for prizes in the gunny sack races and the eggs spoon races. We thought the prizes were generous. We kids, as we got older and outgrew the games, used to sneak off to explore the old stone quarries and the rickety old Hoyt Park ski jump, now long gone.

Dave mostly hung around the beer keg with the other printers. I stopped going to the picnics around 1976 when I was around sixteen, but my last memory of those picnics was the time I won a bottle of Korbel brandy playing bingo. "You're going to give that to your Dad, right Bruce?"

A year or two later, the newspaper and the union had a big falling out. My dad lost his job prior to the strike and he got a negotiated severance. I have all the paperwork from that time. Dave Kneebone was my dad's advocate. A year or so later, I met Dave again when my father drove me to the picket line in Madison so that I could interview workers for a high school journalism project. It was a freezing cold evening and most of the guys on the picket line wanted to keep moving rather than stop and talk to a pesky kid. But Dave remembered me and I mostly got my answers from him.

We met again briefly during the short-lived run of the Madison Press Connection. I was a volunteer upstairs in the circulation department, while Dave was always doing paste-up somewhere or seeing that the offsite printing was going well. In essence, being a printer.

David Kneebone, R.I.P.

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Whole lotta Bonzo love:

So this is the newest and coolest way for Jimmy Page to re-market old Led Zeppelin tracks -- literally one track/instrument at a time. Link  It's an analytical tour de force.  I wrote about analysis vs. synthesis in the context of chemistry here, but the same holds for any composition.
The launch of the LED ZEPPELIN reissue program, which is being led by Jimmy Page, includes the band opening 'its vaults to share dozens of unheard studio and live recordings, with each album featuring a second disc of companion audio comprised entirely of unreleased music related to that album.'
I approve! Plus it highlights the special funky groove that John Bonham had. More please!

BTW, here's the original photo used for that album:

Von Richthofen's Flying Circus

The Red Baron (Manfred von Richthofen) is seated in the cockpit of his Albatross biplane. He shot down most of his kills in biplanes, but got famous for flying the Fokker DR1 triplane later in his career.

Von Richthofen's Fokker DR1 Triplane


Are Militant Atheists Using Chemtrails To Poison The Angels In Heaven?

Of course they are.  The internet say it's true, and the internet is always a reliable news source, as President John F. Kennedy said in his famous "ask not..." inaugural address.
As secret atheist scientists in government pursue their goals of undermining Jesus in America, it only stands to reason that they would take their battle to the skies. The aerial dogfight is likely a vicious one. Who knows what advances they have made since the days of DDT and Agent Orange. Yet fight on they do, every single day! Our heavens are coated in a thick aerosol haze of spiritual hate and this nation’s faith is sinking.
I've been wondering what's been happening to the angels.   Poisoning them sounds so very cruel.  Those doggone atheists!  Who knew they had gigantic aircraft that sprayed chemicals into the atmosphere.
Religion is at an all time low, while sodomy and perversion are at epic heights. Clearly the overlap of these symptoms with the widespread usage of chemtrails is more than just a coincidence. Clearly the astonishing rise of militant atheism in America must factor in. So what is the ultimate answer to the mystery of the chemtrails? Have Heaven’s angels forsaken us for such an offensive maneuver? Or are they actually losing, dying off in plumes of jetliner butchery?
But wait, there's more from the same reliable source! Why Are Cats Immune From Chemtrails? Five Possible Answers From Science.

It's the beginning of the weekend, the bar is now open, and the drinks here are free.  Have a great weekend, everybody.

I've been hatching butterflies.

Lots of pictures on my blog.  I think this picture (and individual) is the most spectacular.  The resolution is incredible, too.

Meanwhile, reports of ISIS killings continue coming in from Iraq.

CNN: ISIS fighters have killed at least 80 men during an attack on a minority Yazidi village in northern Iraq, the Kurdish regional government and a religious Yazidi leader told CNN on Friday.
At least 100 women were also taken by ISIS from the village of Kojo, near Sinjar, to the northern city of Mosul and other areas, they said.

The news of the killings and abductions in the village come a day after U.S. President Barack Obama declared that an ISIS seige that trapped thousands of Yazidis in the Sinjar Mountains was over.

Police in Missouri Name Officer Involved in Shooting

"The Ferguson, Mo., police officer who shot unarmed teenager Michael Brown was identified Friday as Darren Wilson, a six-year veteran of the department."
Wilson has no prior disciplinary record, Ferguson Police Chief Thomas Jackson said at a news conference.

The announcement comes after the first night of peaceful rallies in the St. Louis suburb, where heavily armed police had clashed with demonstrators in the wake of the shooting.

"Sportscaster slips 22 Robin Williams references into news segment"

A day at the pool

Keep it safe

Mother Nature

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More of the kind of Middle Eastern influence we need!

Bake that shooty!

Added: More recent Dick Dale:

The Dowding of Hillary Clinton

In an unusual move with degree of difficulty 3.75, Maureen Dowd spring-boarded off Robin Williams' death and into the muck of politics, berating Hillary Clinton and taking a potshot at President Obama:

"...With the diplomatic finesse of a wrecking ball, [Hillary Clinton] the former diplomat gave an interview to The Atlantic’s Jeffrey Goldberg, a hawk, in a calculated attempt to be tough and show that, as a Democratic woman, she’s not afraid to use power.

Channeling her pal John McCain, she took a cheap shot at President Obama when his approval rating on foreign policy had dropped to 36 percent, calling him a wimp just as he was preparing to order airstrikes against ISIS.

...It’s not that she’s too old, despite nasty cracks on conservative websites like the Washington Free Beacon. It’s that she’s too old-think, thrusting herself forward as a hawk at a time when hawks — in the season of Elizabeth Warren and Rand Paul — aren’t so cool. Americans are sick of the idea that we should plunge in and plant our flag in the ground and work out the details later. It’s a complicated world, where you cross the border from Syria to Iraq and your allies are the enemy.

Hillary booed the president, who has been boosting her at the expense of his own vice president, and said that, as secretary of state, she had wanted to do more to help the Syrian rebels. She said that Obama’s “failure” in Syria led to the rise of ISIS and sniped about Obama’s slogan: “Great nations need organizing principles, and ‘Don’t do stupid stuff’ is not an organizing principle.”

...David Axelrod tartly tweeted: “Just to clarify: ‘Don’t do stupid stuff’ means stuff like occupying Iraq in the first place, which was a tragically bad decision.”

Hillary may know that she seemed unseemly. She called Obama to assert that she wasn’t attacking him, trying to avoid an awkward encounter when they both attend a Vernon Jordan party Wednesday night at the Martha’s Vineyard golf course where the president has been relaxing while the world explodes."

Julie Tauber McMahon

"The Energizer" 

David Byrne: Advice to young artists


New to India: youths recruited to ISIS via internet

"KALYAN, India...Four young men from this city on the outskirts of Mumbai — well-educated children of a rising middle class — disappeared from their homes with no warning in late May, leaving behind a note about fighting to defend Islam. Investigators traced them to Mosul and have said they were recruited over the Internet by the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria — a process that, while relatively well-known in the West, has not been documented in India.

The case, though still viewed as an aberration, has opened up the unsettling possibility that Indian Muslims could be vulnerable for recruitment into sectarian conflicts in the Middle East via the Internet. Officials in the Indian-controlled portion of Kashmir, in the north, have taken notice of youths displaying ISIS banners and insignia in recent days, and on Sunday, the authorities in the southern state of Tamil Nadu detained a young man for questioning over a social media posting showing a large group of Indian Muslims in ISIS T-shirts.

In a country that is home to the world’s second-largest Muslim population, and that has long struggled with low-level domestic terrorism, the possibility of a returning flow of well-trained jihadis is a chilling prospect.


Obama adjusts Iraq narrative, now blames Bush for troop withdrawal.

He must believe we totally forgot when he said this..

Or maybe he forgot that he said it.  Or maybe he just lies about every damn thing he wants to lie about.
He uttered those (words) after three years, and a successful re-election campaign, in which the full removal of U.S. forces from Iraq was cast as this White House’s most significant foreign policy achievement and one Mr. Obama had promised all the way back to the earliest days of his first presidential campaign in 2008.
Now, however, with the terrorist force the Islamic State running roughshod through Iraq, capturing key territory, slaughtering Christians and promising to “raise the flag of Allah at the White House,” Mr. Obama has begun to adjust the narrative.
We are in for another round of Obama blaming Bush for failing to pick up a pen and put it in Obama's hand and help move Obama's hand so Obama could sign a Status of Forces Agreement with Iraq.  But Bush never picked up a pen and put it in Obama;s hand, so the SOFA didn't get signed and now Iraq is a bloody mess, over-run with end-of-the-worlders from ISIS.

Obama is a pathetic liar.  But hey, that's just me talking.  You might believe he is a truth-teller and a light-bringer.

Here's a golden oldie.

Joe's tree, pop-up card

This is one of the few cards that I wrote who and what the card is for directly on the card. Most of the others are not personalized. They can be recycled. 

That makes what happened to this card a bit odd. Joe is a business man some fifteen years beyond retirement age, the oldest person I know and I value his friendship, who for some reason keeps right on working anyway. He lives in Arizona and owns property even farther away. I overheard somebody else say he makes one call a day. Hardly worth the trouble of getting dressed up for, but that's what he does. A few years back he took in a younger man who was having a rough time. I overheard another conversation that referred to the habit as "broken bird syndrome" and I wish I hadn't overheard that. I thought in that moment, you always do have some cute way of summing up serious things, trivializing them. I'm sure the guy who accepted Joe's help wouldn't appreciate knowing that is how people viewed him and talk about him. The young man died. Joe said going through his things following his death this card along with a few others I sent Joe over years were among the young man's belongings. For some reason he took them without telling Joe. Such an odd way of getting them back. Such an odd story all around. 

 More photos here, larger, and more words. 

suicide in ASL

There are a lot of ways to convey the idea, most involve the word "kill" that looks so much like the word "immigrate" or "move under" and nothing at all like the word "die," one of my all-time favorite words.

Some dictionaries do not have the word "suicide." I suppose it's just one of those words that does not occur when people are compiling a dictionary, or perhaps too unpleasant a word to include. Seeing the specific ways to off oneself;  holding a two finger gun to the head, you can imagine the gun needn't be held at the temple. Some people do this in real life by holding the gun under their throat. And then there is slicing the wrists, a word that goes by so quickly it can be missed. Seeing those two specific ways suggests other ways the idea can be pantomimed specifically to depict choking, hanging by an invisible noose, tilting your head and sticking out your tongue, stepping in front of a train, electrocution, jumping off a bridge, walking into a lion's den, holding an asp to one's neck, seppuku, driving a car off a cliff, eating until you explode, what have you.

Kill myself (suicide)

Shoot myself in head (suicide)

Cut both my wrists (suicide)

Myself kill (suicide)

Self individual kill (suicide)
Kill me (suicide)

Name world kill yourself s-u-i-c-i-d-e prevent day I stand support
with u-n-i-t-e-d  n-a-t-i-o-n-s

Dramatic rescue of Iraqi Yezidis from Mt. Sinjar 8/11/2014

President Obama deals with world crises as he plays golf,

Selected comments:
jorge maldonado3 days ago 
Unfortunately there are ignoramuses who think this President can't do more than one thing at a time. They've forgotten how he planned, gave the order, and succeeded in getting Osama Bin Laden. While being funny at the White House Correspondents Dinner! But he's on vacation! He's playing golf! He doesn't care! What a bunch of friggin whiners! It's summer damn it! Why don't they complain about that do-nothing Congress! Them idiots really do seem to be on permanent vacation!
You tell 'em Jorge. Planned. Ha ha ha ha ha. Yeah. He did that, in your dreams. He did nothing of the sort in real life. Far from it in fact. Keep up the myth making. At this late point it's all you've got.

Theresa Grimes3 days ago 
They don't complain about the Congress, they don't complain about the costs of these wars, they don't complain about the absurdity of our election fiances - because they are completely obsessed with Obama.  They have no understanding of the world and have fallen in line with the lies about this President from day 1.  Thinking people know why.
Hearing people, listening people wouldn't open with sentence so wrong as that. We complain about all that and a lot more besides. But you are not listening. Your Party showed the way of obsession with their disgusting treatment of Bush that continues to this day. You elected an incompetent twice to rinse yourselves of your own racism then project that racism you feel so deeply onto others. 
Theresa Grimes2 days ago 
Note to all of you rightwingers:  due to the decisions made by our Commander-In-Chief in conjunction with the military leaders the Kurds have already taken back two towns from ISAL.  So sorry that you will not be able to enjoy the spectacle of more of our young men and women being sent back to the rathole that is the ME just so you can enjoy watching them die and most importantly continue to support the war industry. 
Teresa likes to argue. He's not a commander in chief. He's a petulant boy completely out of his league. Here, have a look at what's trending on Twitter tonight. Your man, your so-called commander in chief is a laughingstock and so are you.

I don't care to read all 5,000 comments, they're not thoughtful, just argumentative, solely partisan. I must say, Washington Post has some of the some of the most vapid commenters online. Here's an exchange that is typical. Look at what Hello Dolly does by placing her own racist words into somebody else's mouth then arguing with that. Honestly, it's as if that is all they've got. I noticed this switcheroo when I was eighteen or so, at an adult cocktail party where everyone was dressed and chic, when I said something carefully crafted about current events and another smarty pants decades my senior said, "So what you're saying is..." then delivered something I carefully avoided saying. So I replied, "No, Silly, I certainly and carefully did not say that. This rhetorical debate technique of purposefully misunderstanding and putting words I did not say into my mouth might work for you in your Human Resources Department (He was Vice President of some Government unit) but it does not work on me." This pretty much ruined our discussion and threw a wet towel on the fun we were up to that point and I was regarded thereafter as something of a prick.

3:52 PM MDT 
I don't know what people are complaining about. The only thing worse than Obama ignoring his job responsibilities is when he actually tries carrying them out. I hope he golfs daily for the remainder of his term.
10:19 PM MDT 
Oh, so what you are saying is that a black man who is living in the White House does not deserve to play golf nor take any vacations. Yes. That's exactly what you are saying. Sounds a little racsim to me. 
Me too, Dolly, and it's all in your head. 
Let's see. Pres. Reagan while in the WH got so homesick for his Calif Ranch in SB, he had Air Force One fired on a moments notice and flew clear across country to his ranch to play horsie and chop wood. Ah, those good old days when president's vied for those photo ops chopping wood. Sound familiar. I love the time when Bushie said he was not going to play golf while the Iraq war was on. That didn't last long. Within a month he was right back on the golf links 
Bushie who didn't care about capturing Osama bin Laden. He said he didn't care. Why? The bin Laden family are friends with the Bush family. Ever hear of O I L.
Good grief. I'm starting to really hate people. And I mean it. Nobody is complaining about taking vacations. They're noticing the high number of vacations, the disregard to cost for those vacations, and taking vacations during crisis. We do realize it's possible to manage outside the office, we realize that was then and this is now, but we're still going to notice a disengaged president, one who uses his office exceedingly to campaign. Ever campaigning. The extent is unique to this president. We notice it appears to be all he can do.

Earlier today I was going though the dead links on Ace's sidebar. I learned a few months ago he keeps those up on his site out a sense of loyalty to people who were active when his blog was started. If you click on the links most of them are old, the last post years past, and many shut down completely. Rare is the blog that is still active. So when one is active I read through it. I honestly have no idea why he would blogroll a site like Balloon Juice so antithetical to his whole purpose. Where one will see a post like this one: Republicans Got Nothing with its 84 or so responses all in agreement. 

I cannot stand it. 
The GOP is wrong on every major policy question.  Economics and recession? Wrong. Environment, climate change, public health? Wrong.  Health care? Wrong. Income inequality? Wrong.  Tax policy? A joke. Foreign policy? Explosively wrong. Infrastructure investment? Wrong.  Border security and immigration? Comically (if there weren’t so often tragic consequences) wrong.  Race in America? Viciously wrong.  Industrial safety? Wrong.  Regulation? Ask the phosphate loving folks of Toledo.  Scientific research? Wrong….and so on. 
Because saying so makes it so. Because saying so 1000 times makes it utterly so. Because you don't have to back anything up, just make blanket statements of make believe facts as perceived in your fantasy world. How are they wrong about economics and recession? Nothing is offered. How are they wrong about environment and healthcare? No mention of the importance of energy independence much less its cost, not the failure of alternative methods, nor the appropriateness of sinking tax dollars into Party supporters in the name of green energy, no mention of waste. So certain of their healthcare reforms when they pass legislation with 0 bipartisan support, and no mention of corruption of the VA, but still so certain of their correctness. Right for whom? They don't even listen to opposing views. They pass legislation without discussion, shut Republican out, never weigh alternatives. Pass legislation written by lobbyists then say it must be so to see what is in it and then call their opposition a joke.  Just declare their opponents wrong and their certainty is absolute. Declare tax policy a joke? Really? A joke? I regard the writer a joke for averring so, and with such profound confidence. Foreign policy explosively wrong? Good grief. This from someone who refuses to accept responsibility that comes with being a world power. Better to not be a world power and shrink back to insignificance. Apparently someone who would rather withdraw and pretend evil does not exist and does not intend to kill him. Just ignore them and they'll go away. On border security and immigration, Tom declared Republicans profoundly wrong but makes no argument for wide open borders. Makes no argument for universal amnesty. Makes no argument why America must be the sole country on Earth with no reasonable immigration policy nor restrictions. Apparently Tom views America as the World's country, come one, come all. No discussion at all, he just declares his opposition to be wrong. That's all we'll get from Tom Levenson is his self-regard and sanctimonious superiority while foisting a complete failure on the rest of the nation and calling anyone who disagrees with him racist. And so do his commenters who gather and swarm like flies on stinking shit.

Yes. I am beginning to really dislike people. I want less and less to do with people the older I get and the more I know them the less I like and the less is acceptable. 

"The Obamas danced nearly every song"


Wednesday, August 13, 2014

What men want

"Fifty Shades" allows women, if only in their fantasies, to finally surrender control. It gives them permission to let a man call the shots, and to learn that not only can this be an aphrodisiac..."grants women access to the deepest parts of a man’s soul. And that’s what most women want.

Is access to the deepest part of a man's soul what most women want?

"Indeed, the dominance/submission theme of "Fifty Shades of Grey" makes the perfect backdrop for the ongoing debate about gender equality. What does this phrase even mean? In any relationship, the man and the woman have equal value. But they can’t both drive the same car—it won’t move. One must lead, and the other must follow. It doesn’t always have to be the man who leads. But more often than not, that’s what works.
 The truth is, the battle of the sexes isn’t about equality—it’s about who’s going to surrender to whom. Those are two different things. When a woman stops trying to be in charge of everything, which in reality is making her nuts, she finds she’s more satisfied than ever. She feels lighter. She feels cared for.
She feels empowered.

"The battle of the sexes isn't about equality---it's about who is going to surrender to whom." I'm not up to speed on philosophy, is this a tautology?

This is an entirely new idea. Decades of feminist propaganda have insisted that empowerment means being in control at all times. That is how a woman proves her worth. But it’s one thing to take control of your own life and quite another to control your man. The latter never works. What does work in love is deference. Respect. Trust.
 Of course, that means being vulnerable, which women don’t like—they associate it with being weak. Because of this, many women have their dukes up rather than their guards down. 
But in "Fifty Shades," women are shown that letting one’s guard down is, in fact, the answer. Being deferential toward your man doesn’t mean you don’t have a voice. It means you respect him and are willing to yield to his judgment. Not all the time, perhaps, but much of it. In doing so, a woman finds a man opening up to her in a way he otherwise wouldn’t. And that’s where love can be found.

This is not at entirely new idea. Christian writers have been stressing the idea of wifely submission to husbands for a long time. And using same language; a ship can't have two captains, etc. Which is fine. 

But I get the sense this is another angle on the diminution of the male in the form of the soft bigotry of low expectations. Give them not what is their due, but what will bolster their egos. 

This article is written by Suzanne Venker, founder of Women for Men, a men's rights advocate group.

Drudge: "Doubtfire Did It"

"Robin Williams resented having to work on films such as the second Mrs Doubtfire but felt compelled in order to keep money coming in, a close friend of the actor has told the Telegraph."
Williams, who had been working on four projects when he was believed to have taken his own life this week, was said to have been dreading making more films as they "brought out his demons".
According to reports, Rush Limbaugh made allusions to Robin Williams money troubles, on yesterday's show, drawing some pushback from both the left and the right.
Limbaugh then refers to a news story that addressed Williams’s humiliation at having to take television roles and movie gigs that were beneath him to pay off his debts and costly divorces.
He had it all, but he had nothing. He made everybody else laugh but was miserable inside. I mean, it fits a certain picture, or a certain image that the left has. Talk about low expectations and general happiness and so forth,” says Limbaugh.
Were I 'am now, in Florida, I can't get a good reception of the Rush Limbaugh show. On Monday, as a matter of fact, I downloaded the android app, but, when I went to join, I had a change of heart. I thought $6.95 a month was too much. I got to get a job first.

Drudge: "Pope blesses Iraq bombing strikes... "

"Fearing a genocide of Christians, the Vatican has given its approval to US military air strikes in Iraq -- a rare exception to its policy of peaceful conflict resolution."
The Holy See's ambassador to the United Nations, Silvano Tomasi, this weekend supported US air strikes aimed at halting the advance of Sunni Islamic State (IS) militants, calling for "intervention now, before it is too late".

"Military action might be necessary," he said.
While goggling for a 'pacifism' carton worthy of this here post, I came across an interesting, if not relevant, Wikipedia entry.
The Moriori, of the Chatham Islands, practiced pacifism by order of their ancestor Nunuku-whenua. This enabled the Moriori to preserve what limited resources they had in their harsh climate, avoiding waste through warfare. In turn, this led to their almost complete annihilation in 1835 by invading Ngāti Mutunga and Ngāti Tama Māori from the Taranaki region of the North Island of New Zealand. The invading Māori killed, enslaved and cannibalised the Moriori. A Moriori survivor recalled : "[The Maori] commenced to kill us like sheep.... [We] were terrified, fled to the bush, concealed ourselves in holes underground, and in any place to escape our enemies. It was of no avail; we were discovered and killed - men, women and children indiscriminately."

Sweet Mystery Of Life

Keisza Hideaway dance cover

Tuesday, August 12, 2014


Overheard in the "Robin Williams, RIP" thread:

"We've got to walk that lonesome highway all by ourselves."

The Reverend Mr. Black said the same thing:

"There is no scientific reasoning that says that once a person crosses 35, the voice modulation ceases to sound good."

BBC: "India's national public radio broadcaster appears to have sacked around 100 presenters for being over its new age limit of 35."

In the trunk: time

"Now, since there is not an hour left to [gather my tax papers to send to the accountant], so I send an email to Cassie:

I’m teaching you about about working with people, okay?  You don’t work with Paul and he doesn’t take orders from you. So it’s insubordinate that you emailed him. I don’t care, and I don’t think he does either, but I think you have no idea that this is jarringly awful office politics that you exhibit here. I think it’s why people hate working with you.

And Cassie writes back:

Paul and I have a system, which we created because you are so terrible at office politics. Everytime you send him directions to change something he calls or emails me to find out what you are talking about. You give him such vague instructions that he has no idea what to do.

Stressing over whether I am incompetent at management takes the rest of my hour.

...On the drive home I don’t even pretend I’m going to do taxes because good time managers are realists. So I read my articles from my folder of articles to read later. One is about the book Happier by Tal Ben-Shar.  The research in his book says we would be happier by doing these things:

-Create rituals around the things we love to do.

-Express gratitude for the good things in our lives.

-Set meaningful goals that reflect our values and interests.

-Play to our strengths instead of dwelling on weaknesses.

-Simplify our lives — not just the stuff, but the time.

And then I realize: The way for me to be better than my parents isn’t to do my taxes on time. That would be nice. But really I need to not give myself choices about how I spend my time. The more choices I have throughout the day, the more decisions I make, the more willpower I need, the more I get distracted from paying attention to the building blocks of a fulfilling life: gratitude, meaning, and ritual. [my emphases]

Being productive means simplifying how you use your time. Which in turn, simplifies your life."


These are thought-provoking suggestions for a master procrastinator such as I. 

What does "simplify our lives — not just the stuff, but the time" mean to you? I'm thinking along the lines of sticking with a structured day. Instead of getting carried away watching several episodes of a favorite show, stop at two. Instead of spending three days in a row making quilt top, restrain yourself to one three-hour stretch per day. How else will housework, gardening, and birthday card sending be accomplished?

I like, "create rituals around the things we love to do."  That puts me in mind of the first cup of coffee looking out the kitchen window or making bath time special with a creamy scented soap and a cup of tea. It puts me in mind of Hilda.

Any thoughts, insights, or suggestions on the five tips? 

Report: "U.S. Wages Down 23% Since 2008"

"U.S. jobs pay an average 23% less today than they did before the 2008 recession, according to a new report released on Monday by the United States Conference of Mayors."
"Under a similar analysis conducted by the Conference of Mayors during the 2001-2002 recession, the wage gap was only 12% compared to the current 23%--meaning the wage gap has nearly doubled from one recession to the next," stated the Conference of Mayors in a statement.

The report also found that 73% of metro area households earn salaries of less than $35,000 a year.
In other news... if not related news. They are baaack. "Squeegee Man is making a comeback" ht/ EBL

Telegraph Road

super moon

Fifteen very creative moon-related photographs, not all super moon, mostly silhouettes on The sort of thing that makes you go, "Gee, I can do that too with my own little camera." The first time I looked the set was followed by another set of ten rare cloud formations that I found rather interesting too, but apparently they change their lineup over there at wowthatscool.

The picture below is not real. I made this in Photoshop. Much easier than finding just the right bull at just the right time and lining them up just so. 

Know what bums me out? The art that I pulled out of storage to stop paying storage fees revealed a favorite framed art poster is water damaged. They were moved to my new place in a light drizzling rain. Undoubtedly left outside the truck while movers went back and forth inside and out, carelessly minding framed things, and it stood there in storage unattended, unnoticed. Now it is unusable with an unsightly blotch. It is a poster from Santa Fe Opera, a remarkable place somewhat similar to Red Rocks except not a natural rock formation but no less extraordinary for its outdoor setting. We saw the Magic Flute there. That is the subject of the poster, not the usual Georgia O'Keeffe sexualized vaguely anthropomorphized flower blossom and I cannot find its exact replacement online, and boy, did I look. The subject on stage being magic was hopelessly upstaged by the electrical storm occurring at twilight in the distant background above the town. It was a memorable evening and I would like to have the poster for that year.

My second choice would be something Egyptian. Either art related, one of the exhibitions I went to, Ramses II or Tutankhamen and the age of the Pharaohs, or hieroglyphic, or something about the 18th Dynasty, but of all the posters I see, at this point, I believe I've seen them all, I honestly think I can do better myself. Like this right here. This bull and moon took only a minute. Whenever I see those posters I think that I can do better for myself, and I think I just proved it. This was easy as eating pie. I just might do that. Have this printed and insert it into the frame. 

Those poster people should offer me a job.  

So I can say, "No. You took too long asking." 

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Dedicated to Robin Williams:

Lyrics after the jump

Robin Williams, RIP

RIP Robin Williams.  Found dead this morning in his home in California.

Tony Stewart and Kevin Ward, Continued

I want to continue the topic I posted last night regarding Tony Stewart and Kevin Ward.  I thought I'd move on to another blog topic today, but there is so much nonsense about this horrible accident being broadcast on radio and television, on twitter, posted on other blogs, and on the internet generally that I want to add a few photos to explain the point I made last night about Tony Stewart not being able to see Kevin Ward walking on the race track.

I took these photos last week.

This is Joey Saldana's car from the front.  Look at the wing, especially the driver's right side (photo left side).  The sideboard extends so low on the driver's right side that the driver can see little except the tires and wheels of a car on his right side.  Stewart could not have seen Ward walking toward him.  Remember that Ward was wearing a black driver's suit and walking on a track made of dark clay during a night race.

Here's a photo of one of Steve Kinser's cars.  Note the limited vision on the right side.  And remember that the drivers wear helmets with openings that restrict peripheral vision.

This is the car Steve Kinser ran at Knoxville Saturday.  Look at the right side sideboard on the wing, and especially how far forward it extends.  Stewart's view of Ward walking on the track would have been blocked by the wing on Stewart's car.

A view from the driver's seat.

We were walking around in the vendor area near the track on Thursday afternoon and Mrs. Haz says to me "I think I just saw Tony Stewart."  We backtrack because I wanted to meet him.  We had spent part of Wednesday in a group of racers that included Tony's father, Nelson Stewart, the bald guy in this photo, and I thought it'd be fun to meet his son.  We didn't find him.

Nelson is a hoot.  Funny, kind, gracious, and a great storyteller.  He races a Legends Car (see photos below) which is the type of car our family driver was racing.   Nelson is known for his generosity and his pizza dinners.  Need a part?  Take what you need out of his trailer.  Dinner time?  Nelson hosted a free get together for all the Legends drivers, their crews and their families.  He rented a banquet room and ordered 60 pizzas from the nearby Pizza Hut.

A small vendor was selling single-speed bicycles  that had big, fat balloon tires. They are really cool, and the guy is trying to make a living selling them.

Tony Stewart walked by, stopped, turned around, and bought one.

I have wandered off the point I wanted to make this morning, haven't I?  Sorry.  I get wrapped up in this stuff.

And that point is that Tony Stewart couldn't have seen Kevin Ward walking toward him because the sideboard of the wing blocked his field of vision, it was night, Ward was wearing a black suit, and the track wasn't well-lit.  

Here is a comment posted on Facebook from a crew member on the car that passed Ward just in front of Stewart, right before Stewart's car hit Ward:

How Sweet the Moonlight

Latest from Rosetta

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Overheard at the Melbourne Housewives comment thread:
You need to do the squeeze test as Chips asserts. Like with lemons. Or cantaloupes. So to speak.

Tony Stewart and Kevin Ward

By now you've heard about the accident at a dirt track in Canindaigua, New York that resulted in the death of driver Kevin Ward who was struck while on foot by a car driven by Tony Stewart.

What to make of it?  Foremost, it is a tragedy.  A young man died, parents lost a son, a veteran racer is emotionally crushed, and families and friend of both are grieving.

We've been in Knoxville, Iowa for the last five days, attending the Knoxville Nationals, the biggest sprint car race of the year.  Moments after the winner of the A Main feature race crossed the finish line after midnight last night, I looked at  my Twitter stream and saw that Tony Stewart had been in a accident in which another driver had been run over.  Ironic, since the driver who moments ago had won the Knoxville Nationals feature race was driving for a team Stewart owns.

We made it back to our hotel room by 2:00 AM and news was breaking that the other driver had died.  And by 3:00 AM a video of the incident made by someone attending the race had been posted on YouTube.  You probably have seen it; I'm not comfortable posting it here.

In short, Kevin Ward spun out.  His right rear tire was flat, but there was no other damage to his car. Stewart's car may have bumped Ward's car.  It happens, especially on dirt tracks where cars are driven by sliding around corners.  Ward got out of his car and walked down the banked track pointing at (apparently) Stewart's car which had slowed to yellow flag speed, about 35 mph. Stewart's car passes Ward, and we see Ward flying through the air and landing on his back at the upper edge of the track.  He is motionless. Safety officials are there in seconds.  The first one to arrive bends over to look at Ward, then immediately stands up and emotionally tears off his own helmet. That told me that Ward was dead then and there, probably of head/neck trauma.  He was pronounced dead shortly after arrival at a nearby hospital.

The internet was instantly full of messages and tweets alleging that Stewart had deliberately run Ward over, causing his death.

I didn't know what to think.  The video shows what happened, buy not how it happened.

I changed my travel plans this morning and went to the Sprint Car Hall of Fame and Museum so I could get a better perspective.  I got my head, neck, shoulder and upper torso far enough into a sprint car to see what a driver sees.  The right side, where Ward hit, has a very narrow window opening.  It is small to begin with, and the right side vertical part of the wing covers all but the bottom third of the opening, leaving the driver enough of an opening to see the wheels of a car on his right.  That's all he needs so see in a race.  He just needs to know whether or not a car is there.

The front window is likewise small and focuses the lines of sight forward.  Again, that's all the driver needs to see.  Remember that Ward was in a black driving suit and that Stewart's forward vision was blocked by another car immediately in front of him.

It's a puzzle, but I doubt that it's a crime.  A coherent article about the accident was published on Motorsports dot com this afternoon.  The article is a very good read.

I'm really bothered about this.  That young guy shouldn't have died.  What's most troublesome is that he exited his car on a track before the safety officials got to his car to check on him and keep other cars away.   I don't know what the track rules are where the race was held, but most of the tracks I've been to have a rule that a driver is disqualified from competition for the rest of the day if he exits his car on the track before safety officials arrive.  The young driver in my family that we were in Knoxville to support learned that the hard way Thursday.  He got spun into a wall during a race, then exited his car to inspect the damage after the caution light came out.  He got back in his car and drove to the pits for a new tire, and was told by a pit marshal that he was done for the night.  He protested that he didn't know about the rule and was told "tough" in different words.  His local track doesn't have this rule.

The first time I got into a race car I was told to never get out of the car while it was on the track unless it was on fire or a safety marshal told me to get out.  Even if I was upside down, don't get out until told that it was safe to get out.  Being in the car is the safest place to be on a track.  It has a roll structure and belts and straps and a dozen other safety devices that make it a safer place to be than walking on the track.

What do I think about this terrible incident?  Several things.  First, Kevin Ward made a fatal mistake by exiting his car and walking toward moving race cars.  Second, he was either hit in the head by the wing on Stewart's car, or slipped and Stewart's car rolled over his head.  Third, Stewart didn't try to run Ward over. You can hear a slight throttle blip in the video as Ward nears Stewart's car, but that's a normal thing drivers do to keep the car moving.

It's time for Tony Stewart to end his hobby of showing up at local dirt tracks with one of his dirt cars so he can race with the local grass-roots guys.  Most of them are racing on a shoestring budget and get very angry when an incident causes them to buy new tires or repair damage.  Stewart shows up in a motorhome with his full-time, salaried crew arriving in a semi-truck full of cars, tools, parts and spare engines.  His rig costs more than most of the local drivers homes.  Stewart can afford new cars; they can't, and anger follows any wreck.  Anger leads to mistakes and bad judgement, and ultimately, bad judgement is what led to Kevin Ward's death.

RIP Kevin Ward.