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Fairies and Magical Creatures

By Matthew Reinhart and Robert Sabuda, the book is part of their Encyclopedia Mythologica series, three in the series, Dragons and Monsters, Gods and Heroes, they are all three very good, excellent, each of them $20.00 thereabouts presently, for some reason not sold together as their Prehistoria are, also excellent, especially for boys.

I didn't even know I had this. Mine is new, I must have flipped through it before at least once. I see it there and its title just flat does not interest me. I picked it up and and instantly wanted to rush out of the room and hand it the first little girl I encounter.


But then I noticed it gets a little dark. It's not all about fairies. The magical creatures get kind of creepy but I am blown away and I mean totally by the mastery demonstrated in this book.

Turn down the sound if you care to look, the music is awful.

Wow. Just wow. Six main pop-up pages, 20 auxiliary pop-up pages, and they are all incredibly imaginative. I see so many books, I have so many, that are one mechanism repeated throughout, sometimes two mechanisms repeated, and there is nothing to them. But Reinhart and Sabuda are known for mind-blowingly complex mechanisms built one onto another. Usually but not always based on a "V" that crosses the central fold, or the central fold displaced, and built onto that, then once built additional "V" built onto the folds created by the additions. 

They mix a lot of devices here.  I see a cantilever device where two arms form a single appendage, one longer than the other and hinged so that when the card is opened the two arms shift and force the attachment to move, its movement controlled by the hinge. Five of those together in a row and the fingers of a hand open up to expose a tiny winged person held in the hand, a separate mechanism. Here, I'll draw the hinged cantilever. 

Well, that's annoying. That mechanism is repeated throughout, more than you'd ordinarily see a thing like that.

There is also a very clever flip book. This is another standard pop-up device whereby turning one page results in five or six pages being flipped as they are attached to each other in increments so that built to flip directly to the last page all the pages between are flipped perforce, a good device for showing transformations, say, from attractive bird holding a piece of cake to a hag holding a plate of mud with sticks in it. Much like Barbara Mikulski offering free medical care to thirty million uninsured Americans. Like that. 

Being extravagant freaks inclined to adding mechanism to mechanism, sometimes reversing so that they flip to fully open presenting a new platform upon which to build they are tempted to create some marvelous pieces of imaginative architecture or other, and because they are built up and away from the page they are built tilting back to offer the the structure at an angle. They are built backwards at an angle, and I do not like that. 

I keep trying to fix them and of course they cannot be fixed, they're made that way. The person in the video does the same thing that I do, tries to adjust the building because it is leaning. 

The very last page, the main pop-up is two sea-horses swing out toward the viewer. It is a spectacular arrangement, two people in the seashell carriage and two horses. I thought it was just my copy and it's driving me nuts, one of the seahorse's legs is printed upside down. 


After all that. 

I'd have to cut it it to fix it. 

It's in the video too, at the very end. The seahorse in front of the woman, has a hopelessly mangled front leg because it's printed that way. 

I fell like such a hog keeping this book to myself. It is outstanding. I'm buying one for the girl down the hall. It seems like a girl book. 

Bagoh's Beautifull Day

What an absolutely beautiful day here in Playa del Rey. Mid 70's clear and sunny with a nice breeze. Precisely perfect.

My computer and central hang out spot is at a counter in my kitchen right next to a big sliding door to the patio, and it's all windows. So on a day like this, I'm practically sitting outside with a great sunny view of nothing but open fields and trees to the ocean. The Pandora is MC-ing Texas swing and the Blues, and life is good. Eventually, someday we all end up on Celebrity Severed Heads Roadshow as someones attempt to strike it rich.
I pointed out my sliver of an ocean view. It's an ocean view if you're an eagle with binoculars.

 The dogs are all lying about wonderfully content and unconscious.

The only thing wrong with that is having no more days like this. Please after the show, mount my head facing west toward the Pacific.
Right now: 75 deg., no shirt, no shoes, and since I don't follow TOP any longer, shorts. I could use a servant, or maybe a Danish maid to pick up a few things around here. Strictly professional of course.

Today on "Celebrity Severed Heads Roadshow"

Creative writing unit betamax3001 spontaneously generates a storyboard.

The Kiss Precise

The Kiss Precise by Frederick Soddy

For pairs of lips to kiss maybe
Involves no trigonometry.
'Tis not so when four circles kiss
Each one the other three.
To bring this off the four must be
As three in one or one in three.
If one in three, beyond a doubt
Each gets three kisses from without.
If three in one, then is that one
Thrice kissed internally.

Four circles to the kissing come.
The smaller are the benter.
The bend is just the inverse of
The distance from the center.
Though their intrigue left Euclid dumb
There's now no need for rule of thumb.
Since zero bend's a dead straight line
And concave bends have minus sign,
The sum of the squares of all four bends
Is half the square of their sum.

To spy out spherical affairs
An oscular surveyor
Might find the task laborious,
The sphere is much the gayer,
And now besides the pair of pairs
A fifth sphere in the kissing shares.
Yet, signs and zero as before,
For each to kiss the other four
The square of the sum of all five bends
Is thrice the sum of their squares.

Published in Nature, June 20, 1936

I'm Sensing A Blitz

For no particular reason, I sense an angry punch coming this fall from the Obama Administration and the Senate Democrats. Maybe it's the angry mood they are projecting at the moment. The timing is important because they sense growing opposition to their agenda -- gun control, media manipulation, immigration, full ACA implementation, IRS intimidation, and perhaps most importantly, wealth redistribution. They aim to squelch opposition. Negotiation is passé. The venues for reasoned discussion will close or diminish.

"Cyprus-style wealth confiscation is now moving forward all over the globe..."

Via Instapundit...

"Now that "bail-ins" have become accepted practice all over the planet, no bank account and no pension fund will ever be 100% safe again.  In fact, Cyprus-style wealth confiscation is already starting to happen all around the world.  As you will read about below, private pension funds were just raided by the government in Poland, and a "bail-in" is being organized for one of the largest banks in Italy.  Unfortunately, this is just the beginning."
The precedent that was set in Cyprus is being used as a template for establishing bail-in procedures in New Zealand, Canada and all over Europe.  It is only a matter of time before we see this exact same type of thing happen in the United States as well.
The article lists examples of "Cyprus-style wealth confiscation" from Poland, Iceland, Europe, Italy, New Zealand and Canada.

"to ensure they were "not shady characters""

"A National Security Agency employee was able to secretly intercept the phone calls of nine foreign women for six years without ever being detected by his managers, the agency's internal watchdog has revealed."
The unauthorised abuse of the NSA's surveillance tools only came to light after one of the women, who happened to be a US government employee, told a colleague that she suspected the man – with whom she was having a sexual relationship – was listening to her calls.
The case is among 12 documented in a letter from the NSA's inspector general to a leading member of Congress, who asked for a breakdown of cases in which the agency's powerful surveillance apparatus was deliberately abused by staff.
The letter, from Dr George Ellard, only lists cases that were investigated and later "substantiated" by his office. But it raises the possibility that there are many more cases that go undetected. 
The Atlantic lists those twelve incidents.

Breaking Bad

For Deb.

This is a homeless man who is given a sandwich and does impressions of B.B. characters, after Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Everyone does better Arnold than that.. I have no idea if he does well with the characters or not. So to compensate for that shortcoming of uncertainty, here's another. 

But wait a minute first.

His beard is cleanly cut for a homeless guy. I talk to a lot of homeless people, he doesn't look like any of them.  His eyebrows trimmed. Nice haircut. He seems too clean.

Ah. That was easy. [homeless impressionist fake]  huffingtonpost exposes this chicanery, this folderol, this poppycock . 

Must everything be LIES ALL LIES !?  So, was the liar good? 

Back to the uncertainty compensation video, Happy Toast did this. He is the guy who drew Batman punching the Penguin so hard poo flies out with the poo labeled such, xeroxed and used for a birthday card and passed to a 6 year old at his birthday dinner at a restaurant in London. Upon noticing the poo, the boy fell out laughing and could not stop. He gave it to his mother she rolled her eyes, his sister read it and laughed, then Father laughed, then that finally caused Mother to laugh and the whole table was cracking up because the boy could not' stop, he was having a fit, and the whole thing amused the nearby table who caught the infection of childish laughter at poo flying out of the penguin until the whole section of restaurant was laughing uncontrollably.

Oh, that was easy to find too. [batman punches penguin]

His cartoon legs are pegs, for ease of drawing feet, I suppose, and the premise here is Celebrity Breaking Bad. 

I haven't a clue what is going on there. 

Stand Or Fall

The Fixx - Stand Or Fall

Friday, September 27, 2013

How to make an animated GIF in Photoshop

1) Open file in Photoshop
2) Open "Layers" from Photoshop menu.
3) In Layer subwindow, double click on original layer to unlock the layer to make it an ordinary fully workable layer
4) Duplicate the image. The duplicated image is automatically the active layer. Make adjustments to the new layer using photoshop tools. Everything little thing you do requires you to pick up a tool and tell the tool exactly what to do, what shape, size, pressure, fuzzy edges all that you must be very specific with each tool. And you must keep it nearby to go back and forth constantly picking up a new tool just as if you were making a pop-up card and have to constantly switch between scorer and blade and pencil and glue.

For the eye, I copied half for an eye lid, pasted into a new layer, flipped it so the leaf-lashes are downward, painted it white, then took chunks from the original for its dotted texture and discoloration. I could have cloned, I could have created a pattern stamp, Any number of things, but selecting a piece that I like and duplicating it and moving the new layer that contains the tiny patch to a new spot paste/move, paste/move, paste/move over and over until the area is filled up to 16 new patch layers, then compressed down to one layer, all for an eyelid, actually works for me faster than any of those other ways to do the same or similar thing.

The layers window can be closed at this point, so can tools, but I like to keep them opened because I often run something, back out to an earlier point and change it.

In my copy of Photoshop 7, I think, "timeline" is the word they use for the "windows" subwindow to replace "animation"

This is where Photoshop becomes a bit like a game with its Easter eggs and concealed treasures, you click on an unobtrusive corner you would take as mere corner-design and bang a another whole menu of wonderful splendid choices appears offering untold new possibilities. Surely you've discovered a secret room. Or perhaps Googled [photoshop animation]

The following shows what the windows look like when you find them. For a simple back and forth animation, the most boring dummkopfery kind. One I did today for another site, I thought, eh, what the heck, why not show it? If you care to continue, it's all screenshots of that.

Seymour Hersh on Obama, NSA and the "pathetic" American media

Pulitzer Prize winner explains how to fix journalism, saying press should 'fire 90% of editors and promote ones you can't control'

Pulitzer Prize, right off so there you have it, everything that follows is to be weighted with that singular weighty fact. Let's continue and try not to hold this weighty appeal to authority against him. But I wish the author hadn't done that.

Holds extreme ideas on how to fix journalism. Close news bureaus of NBC ABC, sack 90% of editors in publishing, return to fundamentals of journalists, that is, being outsider.

I'm starting to like this guy, Seymour Hersh, but that does not sound so extreme.

Nemesis is of U.S. presidents, and there is a link if you care to.

Nemesis is an inescapable agent of one's downfall. They just said Hersh felled down presidents. That might be worth reading. They continue, Hersh was once described by Republican party (no name given) as "the closest thing American journalism has to a terrorist." 

Now I'm really starting to like this guy Hersh.

Don't even get him started on the NYT which, he says, spends "so much more time carrying water for Obama than I ever thought they would -- or the death of Osama bin Laden. "nothing's been done about that story, it's one big lie, not one word of it is true," he says of the dramatic USNavy Seals raid in 2011.

He wrote a book about it. Wanna know what in it? Okay, goes like this, at length at theguardian.

He says Osama was not buried immediately at sea, he was already dead for two years, the raid was a sham and everybody there swears,to Allah presumably, they never saw Osama or anything remote to that at the Abottabad compound that was raided. Besides, it  was Costellobad. 

With just so much civility

Barbara Mikulski answers a panel on MSNBC led by David Gregory regarding Ted Cruz long speech, this is where I tuned in, this is what caught my attention,

"This is by a small minority, these teabaggers..."


That went right by, that is normal description within her longer answer. She's telling the panel that tea party is to be dismissed as hostile minority, unreasoned people who do not want to pay taxes.

(I'll be very happy to have this photo off my harddrive.)

She is quite cross with the obstruction of pragmatic people eager to get down to business without these senseless obstructions to the hard work of providing the good that flows from smoothly operating mature government, economic development, innovation, job growth, economic growth. Obama won the election, it is the law of the land, they need to get on with government, this is ping-pong politics, reduce debt, increase growth, 21 hours air time, now it's all about him and not about the important work that needs to be done, delay tactics, delaying essential government services, holding hostage over debtceiling,focusingonpragmaticsolutions,not nay sayers, thishsis jsjsuot obaja lml kenelns lskmofkniehrksdnllkshsls hjksolkm.

So there.


And the whole time I was thinking, "You dreadful cow." How I would like to challenge point by point but there are too many points crammed together, as you do, all premises, all wrong, a weird alternate reality there where every point is challengeable , and completely100% utterly hostile that describes itself as compromising, as having already compromised far too much to unreasonables.

Teabaggers is it? Okay. Senator, you cow, every word that came out your vile sinister Party mouth was heard a hundred times already.

Just previously to her I was following  a Democrat senator (I was fascinated by his hair that appeared false) testify listening carefully and following  sympathetically as he recalled events from his pov, "... and then at election the people spoke conclusively that they wanted the health care bill passed."


And then Elijah Cummings. Sabotaging Darrell Issa's Benghazi information gathering visit. Cummings didn't want the hearings, didn't want the visit,  then wanted Democrats to join the visit. Failing at fact blocking, finally, desperately broke the law and leaked the visit. Here is the obstructionist.  (comments there are meanie-pants)

"I sure hope nothing happens to Darrel Issa on his secret visit to Benghazi, that's a dangerous place over there and we do have enemies, you know." That is not a precise quote. But Cummings leaked that.

And that, sir, is a despicable thing to do.

And the whole time I read about Elijah Cummings being a creep again, this after calling us racist after  unnecessarily and provocatively charging in phalanx through a crowd of peaceful protestors with Pelosi weirdly wielding a cartoonishly oversized mallet, declaring righteous victory over visigoths one supposes, and later claimed they were spit upon repeatedly when they were not. And $10,000 says so. And no apology either.

The whole time I was reading that I had the best music running through my head without any headphones!

Man, that song is wrought, the other versions are.

Wikipedia, font of modern day received flexible wisdom, says Pelosi did not want Cummings to Chair the hearings, she felt him insufficiently fierce, insufficiently aggressive. And suddenly I go from thinking of Cummings as dith-pickable Party operative to cuddly inept Teddy bear dragged around and pushed around by overbearing Pelosi, suddenly I have sympathy and I think, "Oh dear, you are completely trapped."  So that is what is meant by "made" in the Mafia. It means you're completely trapped.

Happy birthday, dear Trooper

Happy birthday, to you! You're the best. 

"That's the path forward"

"Send us a clean CR, clean debt ceiling. That's the path forward. There's no need for conversations. We've spoken loudly and clearly, and we have the support of the president of the United States, and that's pretty good," Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said Thursday."

Here is what Reid really meant.

The things that we were sent here to discus, budgets, debt ceilings, fiscal bottom lines, we already have control over those. Why are the republicans wasting our time?
We've spoken louder than 21 hours and we have the support of the president... where is he? ... ah, he is right behind me, and that's pretty good.
Conversations are meant to be about those things we have yet to control. Not the boring lugubrious running of the government.

Pump Up the Volume

Tea party dance lesson.

Full screen, please for the full dance lesson effect, plus lyrics so you learn those too. What a great way to lean a dance and a language, don't you think? Look up every single word you don't know in the target language and stuff it in there until the whole song is fully stuffed and your new language thoughts flow with the song. That's the way to go, I say, that and movies. A lot more fun than lab.

So the tea party patriots support team says pumpupthevolume pumpupthevolume pumpupthevolume and this time for the first time I've seen they provide a list of names and numbers to assist in the pumping. 

The message starts out angry Republican senators have turned off their phones and sent calls to voice mail and that they say patriots do not know what they're doing. 

It is my pleasure to share their email with you, here. 

Melted the phone lines  = annoyed again

I like their attitude. I find it proper. Here I am at odd with fairly everyone I know, so many seek a larger more productive, more involved humanitarian type government, look to it for validation such as marriage, instead of looking at it as servant, and a poor one at that, one that must be constantly watched. 

When you own too much you lose control. I was thinking about Canada's David Suzuki, CBC's David Suzuki it inflicts on the rest of Canada. Used to be scientist, now straight up activist. Does not know anything at all about climate yet pontificates endlessly. In hypocrisy similar to Gore in that he owns four houses but blathers constantly about conservation. 

Conservation = conservative.

For Suzuki does not speaketh for himself but for the one who sent him. 

CBC is part of Canada's government, Canada's house, the servant of the house is made master, one who does not follow his own pontifications, one who does not know what he is talking about and it shows

I like that in no way is their self-worth attached to government, the opposite, they are  prepared to shift gears and work hard to turn out poorly performing employees. They are not having any David Suzukis, house servants, telling them how their lives are to be lived. I admire that. 

It is not that they object to paying taxes, it is that they object to owning so much that servants are masters. They must go. 

"Let’s go back and basically replace the engine of a 1950s car"

Google on Thursday announced one of the biggest changes to its search engine, a rewriting of its algorithm to handle more complex queries that affects 90 percent of all searches.
Google announced the new algorithm, called Hummingbird, at an event to celebrate the search engine’s 15th birthday. Google revealed few details about how the new algorithm works or what it changed.
Google originally matched keywords in a search query to the same words on Web pages. Hummingbird is the culmination of a shift to understanding the meaning of phrases in a query and displaying Web pages that more accurately match that meaning.
The algorithm also builds on work Google has done to understand conversational language, like interpreting what pronouns in a search query refer to.
The Google home page has a birthday piñata game. It will probably be down by this time tomorrow. Check it out. My highest score was 147.

New York Times

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Breaking Bad Prediction Pans Out

It (NASA's Curiosity rover) discovered water in Martian soil. NASA scientists just published five papers in Science detailing the experiments that led to the discovery. That's right. There's water on Mars.
... the discovery comes with some caveats.
... it found water molecules bound to other minerals in Martian soil. There's kind of a lot of it, too. Researchers say that every cubic foot of Martian soil contains about two pints of liquid water. All things told, about two percent of the Martian soil is made of up water.
The discovery is important for a number of reasons, but especially exciting because of what this means for future missions to Mars. "We now know there should be abundant, easily accessible water on Mars," says Leshin. "When we send people, they could scoop up the soil anywhere on the surface, heat it just a bit, and obtain water."
Gizmodo  (Video after the jump)


Trooper Is In Our Thoughts And Prayers

Dear All:

I've learned that our beloved Trooper York is in the hospital with congestive heart failure. He's alive and well but has been in de-fib A-fib in the ICU for the last 3 days. His last post on Trooper York let us know that he wasn't feeling well and things finally came to a head. Nick Spinelli got in touch with his wife and is keeping us updated.

Tomorrow is his birthday -- he'll be 57.  If you'd like to send him a card, drop me an email and I'll help you get in touch.  I'm considering posting his hospital contact info, but am withholding it for now.

All prayers are welcomed.

His heart may have failed him but it didn't fail us.

Stay positive!

"Lost "Monty Python" skit found"

Lileks Tweets, "Lost Monty Python skit found! Sort of."
Whenever someone says “lost,” they usually mean “laying around plain sight until someone pointed it out.” It’s more like early Python, which wasn’t Python at the time. They hadn’t quite gotten the rhythm down yet; it drags. But you cna see what’s they’re starting to assemble.

How To Irritate People - The Car Salesman
Eventually this morphed into the Dead Parrot sketch; details on that process here.
Lileks , StarTribune

"You are a Jesus, but you look like Mother"

I don't know if this is real, but, I do relate to the story.
At his wedding we pleaded for our brother not to leave us, in the only way we knew how to say it; through the the medium of 80s music and video. We thought we'd done ok, but he left us anyway.
Robin & Helen: we wish you many many years of love and happiness! Xxxxxx
Do not forget. You are our brother!
Via Reddit (video at the jump)

What Have You Tried?

27 Drinks Made From Coffee

“This is a societal issue”

“The way to help people who have these issues is to give them information. At some point, it’s individual responsibility.”
TomorrowWorld’s decision hints at a broader debate in America: Is it best to urge abstention and take a hard line against drug users? Or is it better to accept drug use as an entrenched practice, treat addicts and teach others to imbibe intoxicants more safely?
In a departure from a policy of zero tolerance towards drugs, TomorrowWorld concertgoers will somehow be given both messages.
... a nonprofit drug education group will be giving advice, not only on the dangers of drug abuse, but also on how those who choose to take party drugs can use them more safely.
I wish I could say I was optimistic, that this will work.

Richard Barnes

Is shaking with anger. He's been hacked, you see. It's been a terrible regrettable mistake. One of those two things or both. Former London deputy mayor. He's 66 years old, so almost old enough to know better. He's fat. Pasty. *whispers* (ginger). Horribly mangled pixilated penis. All over the place. Don't look, I beg you, for the sake of the children, don't look.

I-phone. Automatic upload ap. Facebook got the pictures intended for... he was hacked.


These containers were a dollar apiece. And I thought picking all those berries must be slave labor. It doesn't seem right. I picked berries before. The bushes are scraggly. The berries are plentiful, yes, but you still have to go digging around the scraggly bushes, walk into them, and go for the ripe ones, rejecting overripe ones, and avoiding underripe ones. That's a lot of picking. Unless they use a machine that shakes it. I can't imagine how they get so many. 

I just made that batter up with stuff I like and it turned out great. Except I didn't make enough. It was totally overwhelmed with extreme raspberry tartness. Overkill. 

Golden Slumbers

I kneaded pasta dough and put it under its bowl to rest and when I did in that moment a tune played in memory, "Hush little darling don't you cry, Daddy's gonna sing you a lullaby." So that's what I wrote when I posted the photos. But I wasn't sure of the words. It was a faint memory. Very faint. I wasn't sure at all. It sounds like rock. So I looked.

And I couldn't find it. All kind of stuff comes up. A rap song, a couple of those, I listened to those, actually, the 'buy you a mocking bird' and other extravagant bribes song, a lot of different things on YouTube, nothing close, and then finally at length after several searches about the 4th search, 4th page of Google results I saw the word Beatles and I knew it was them.

[beatles lullaby]

Man, what a song. I did not realize how fantastic this song is. Oh my goodness. I have been underestimating this group all along. Once I heard it and listened it blew me away. You probably think it's trite. I don't.

The lyrics are more excellent than I recalled. This is good stuff. And while I'm being blown away and crediting them for touching poetry I notice  they ripped it off from Thomas Dekker 1572 - 1632

Quite a long time ago. Like Shakespeare.

So no wonder it's classy. They spoke like that then.

And the whole time I read it, I saw it too and thought, man, that's really beautiful. Touching and beautiful.

There are variations of the poem and the song. I chose "kiss your eyes" and "smiles await you," one of the versions I saw, not "fill your eyes," and "smiles awake you." Other variations in the song as well. This is what the poem looks like. Only the first part. I adore these words.

Golden slumber kiss your eyes

Smiles await you when you rise. Sleep pretty baby do not cry, and I will sing a lullaby

"Sing" is the same as "song" in this dictionary. I would draw a "V" up my throat and make a ligature with "song" to indicate I am vocalizing it. Also, "lullaby" is a ligature of "song + sleep" not "song + baby" as you might imagine, but if you did that you'd be understood. Sing is flappy so with "sing" and "lullaby" next to each other it looks a bit flap-happy. The dictionary wasn't assembled with this sentence in mind, so it looks choppy.  He has a very big baby it seems, probably a rambunctious boy who needs a good tumble to get to sleep, he does an exaggerated "baby." My "cry" is one-handed tear trail and I shift my jaw back and forth like it's loose and broken, my "cry" is funny.  "Rise" means "wake up" not raise something up, nor build, nor rise like the sun, nor pop-up, the opposite of disappear, so I just used "rise." And "eyes" is done with a "V" one motion, both eyes, not one finger pointing to each eye individually. The same as you would spell "pizza with a single two-fingers "z" not two separate single-finger "z's." This dictionary has "eye" so I photoshopped his arm to the other eye. Actually, you would put the "kiss" on the "eye, " Just show it. "Golden" is very close to "California." And "when" is the same as "about." After all that, still, isn't it beautiful?

Cares you know not
Therefore sleep,
While over you a watch I'll keep.
Sleep, Pretty darling, do not cry
And I will sing a lullaby.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Cruz is absolutely paralleling the 1930's

A retort, and a good one too.
That is to say, we now see how Churchill's "rants" warning of the rising danger from Nazi Germany was seen at the time he was making them. THIS is what standing alone, when all else is swayed by the prevailing wind looks like.
Churchill's reputation could only come after his warnings were recognized by everybody else as prescient, sometime around May, 1940.
Cruz is keeping good company.
Isn't that a great repost? The article is good, about Christ Mathews going off the deep end, comparing Ted Cruz to McCarthy, Stasi, and Hitler in rapid succession, the comments are excellent, and man, that perspicacity sure can be perspicacious sometimes.

I.R.S. retraining center

A link on Insty set me off. A story about tea party looking for justice after Lois Lerner retirement. Talk about immunity for testimony. That's what did it. The link goes to Fox.

Maybe I had just avoid Insty for blood pressure control. But boy, this sure did go fast. I saw it instantly and it made itself just as fast. Fastest therapy ever, and I mean it.

To make your own therapeutic I.R.S. Retraining Center you must go to office supply and ask for a ream of card stock. It is ordinary copy paper that is thicker than normal so not a full ream and it suits our needs nicely.

That was fast

"The United States, Russia, France, China and Britain have agreed on the core of a U.N Security Council resolution to rid Syria of its chemical weapons, two diplomats said on Wednesday."

The agreement came after the foreign ministers of the five permanent members of the council met U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon earlier in the day, the diplomats said on condition of anonymity."

They said a draft resolution could be presented to the full 15-nation council soon and the five permanent members would also meet on Friday to discuss a proposed Syria peace conference in Geneva."


This one is different

An email from Jenny Beth Martin, Co-Founder and National Coordinator Tea Party Patriots using Cruz long talk for fundraising.

Senator Ted Cruz reenergize the conservative movement last night as only he could. We whole heartedly salute and thank him for his courageous stand.

Tea Party activists all across the country are contacting their Senators around the clock, demanding that they end this national nightmare by any means necessary

They're flooding these Senators' Facebook and Twitter pages with messages. They're filing their email inboxes. They're melting the phone lines on Capitol Hill!

now's not the time to celebrate
make a contribution
can't let up
must keep heat on
until very minute critical vote is cast
contribute again
changing quickly in Washington
online contribution is immediate
must continue pushing against upcoming cloture vote
Its the only hope.
please give.

Interesting. Hyperbolic. Didactic. Annoying. Celebratory. Style problems no way can it be copy/pasted, they alway go crazy with all those buttons up there in editor underlining, italic, yellow highlighting, bold, some all at once. This is the first pleasantly pleased sounding email that I recall.

Bringing It All Back Home

The "Made In America" movement is getting headlines again: 'Made In America' Revival Gathers Pace

Too little?  Too late? or anti-globalist?

And the original, written by Willie Dixon and performed by Sonny Boy Williamson II:

"Obama lies... about not having smoked in six years"

"President Barack Obama casually lied about his smoking today at the United Nations in a hot mic moment. The news quickly went viral, but few commentators have noted that Obama was flagrantly misstating his smoking history."

One of those commentators was Ann Althouse.
If you want to mock or criticize Obama here, I think the more sophisticated speculation not that he's revealed he's subservient and pusillanimous, but that this is misogyny or male chauvinism. Obama is using his wife — both as a stereotypical woman and as the caricature of her that we see in the media — to make points with another man. Michelle Obama is not there. It's a remark about her behind her back. She's not named, but called "my wife." And she's scary. He's not actually scared, just tapping an old sexist mindset...
Back to the Daily Caller article.
The president said he hasn’t had a cigarette “probably six years,” but according to multiple well documented news reports he was still smoking as of at least late 2009 or early 2010."
Despite his claim to having had a cigarette in six years, Obama had one at least as recently as February 2010, according to Dr. Jeffrey Kuhlman, who performed a physical and who was quoted in the New York Times on February 28, 2010."
“I’ve said before that as a former smoker I constantly struggle with it.  Have I fallen off the wagon sometimes?  Yes.  Am I a daily smoker, a constant smoker?  No,” he said at a press conference in 2009. “I don’t do it in front of my kids,” the president argued.  “I don’t do it in front of my family. And, you know, I would say that I am 95 percent cured.  But there are times where…There are times where I mess up.”

Daily Caller , Althouse

Dirty Old Town

I was originally going to post the Pogues' version of this song but this version from the songwriter presented instead. I wrongly had thought that the song was about Dublin but of course it's about Manchester, England. I like the juxtaposition of optimistic love and grimy realism:

Cops: "Man Found Dead In Car Had Just Googled His Symptoms"

DETROIT (WWJ) A man was found dead in the parking lot of Grand Valley State University and police are searching Internet records to determine what killed him.

The body of the man, in his late 30s, was found inside a parked car. He wasn’t a student, but he had been inside the school shortly before he died.

The symptoms were pain and tightness of the chest and sweating.

“Maybe he thought he would just lay down for a minute and feel a little better, but unfortunately he  passed away,” Merrill said.

Police believe the death was from natural causes.

CBS Detroit

"An adult at 18? Not any more: Adolescence now ends at 25"

"Adolescence no longer ends when people hit 18, according to updated guidelines being given to child psychologists. The new directive is designed to extend the age range that child psychologists can work with from 18 years old up to 25."

There are now three stages of adolescence, according to the BBC report: early adolescence that ranges from 12 to 14 years, middle adolescence from 15 to 17 years and 18 and over is classed as late adolescence."

New scanning technology has made it possible for psychologists and other doctors to track how the brain changes and processes information."

MailOnline, BBC

Dublin canal

Becoming men. A man looks back on his youth, inner city Dublin hot summer days spent jumping in the canal.

friendly people

I do complain a lot about martinet types and their propensity for making rules. The secretary you know with the post-it note reminders to put the copier paper back in the tray and replace the toner just so, and the coffee machine rules of etiquette, filters, replacement and such. Those people all around. Given an inch, a mile taken. Fiefdoms everywhere here and there, building managers, park managers, all with a streak of control freak, and given real responsibilities, their dictator tendencies manifest. It's only natural.

By contrast all the people I meet face to face are perfectly lovely.

It's amazing. Today, a few errands, and I was so cheered by everyone I encountered. A word, a phrase, was all it took and every single person responded in a friendly and open and gracious way.

I am positioned equidistant between two King Soopers, a grocery store chain here in Colorado. Bean Soopers at 14th and Speer, and Queen Soopers at 9th and Corona, in the local jocular parlance. But don't mention I said that, it is probably not very nice. Parking is a mess at both places so I put off going. But what a delight when I finally do.

"Do you ever buy jumbo eggs?"  Talk about random.

That's all it took. We're examining eggs and picking out the ones most probable to be double. A small group forms, we all agree double-yolk eggs are ace.

I'm blocking a woman and apologize, "I was rapt in the wonderful world of meats."

"Me too!"

"I told this guy I made a steak with blue cheese and he has them with blue cheese in it."

There was a big pile, we both bought some, delighted with the price, and the guy who works there goes, he actually goes, I never heard anything like this, "Thanks for buying my meats."


Then cheese. I particularly want Asiago and Gruyere and couldn't find them. It is a very long counter. The guy pointed so I went back, and right there he was, he walked around the entire length and back, so twice, four upon return, just to show me, then carefully explain their general placements. Exceedingly conversational.

"Your trolly is noisy."

"I know!"

See? I don't even have to be well behaved. The customer went on at length about how that would be a good job for somebody, keeping the wheels cleared.

And so on, to the vegetables and checkout. The most cheerful group of checkerouters I have ever encountered. Extraordinary teamwork. A person flew in to unload my cart, Another flew in to help the slow bagger. All four converged to make fast work of it, and exceedingly conversational besides, like a movie where the cartoons whistle while they work. Amazingly impressively cheerful like I live on Happy Planet.

Don't come here. You'll mess it up. Sorry. Its enchantment might not be transferrable.

I feel it important to acknowledge the impressively friendly people in this city. At the haircut place at paying I notice a group of people ready to do business with the receptionist all graciously move back and to the side to allow my passage as if choreographed by plain good manners. Bless all of them. When I talk to them directly about the things that upset me they agree. Although they are part of it. For instance, a woman filled out a form for me a very long one, and we got to the part about race and I said, "You know, that question, that whole line of questioning angers me. It's rude. And it is only government, City, Federal, that asks such rude questions. It's like AOL teenagers asking asl (age sex location) " And none of that changes year to year. And she agreed. When I talk about camera restrictions plus surveilance, they are appalled as I. So as much as I complain about having to provide the exact precise form the little retard needs because she cannot extrapolate from the information provided, no, she needs one exact form with the total even though it hasn't changed, I love them so, in reality, right down to it, they are all very sweet and nice and actually trying to do good in their way. This is a very friendly city.

Prof. Rahe,

so very heartening to have someone of your stature and influence speak up for us. As I watch this unfold, I'm more convinced that the GOP Establishment were well aware of the IRS targeting of Tea Party Groups was known and nothing was done because they thought Romney & Co. Would win and signal an end to Tea Party/Grass Roots tactics. Note that though this started in 2009, Congressional inquiries only started after Romney's loss ('need to throw the Rubes some red meat. Looks like we'll need them in2014'). If they force immigration on us in it's current, flawed form, that's it for me.
Comment on ricochet
After Cruz Has Said His Piece...

In which Paul Rahe says among other observant things, . 
...what Ted Cruz is doing -- is signaling to the discontented that there really is another way. They can vote Republican in 2014; and, if they do so big time, there will be a correction of course.
If they hate Ted Cruz -- if behind the scenes they are feeding the media attacks on him -- it is because he is threatening to throw a monkey wrench into the works. They hated the Tea Party. Initially, in 2009, they tried to dismiss it and get on with the process of surrendering to the Democrats on the healthcare question; and then, in August 2009, all hell broke loose in the town meetings, and Charles Grassley and the rest of them found that they had to back off. 
Another good contrary comment to that, I think:
Let's be clear about something.  There is no such thing as "defunding" Obamacare.  They only thing in Obamacare that requires "funding" is the subsidies.  That also happens to be the only aspect of the law that is actually popular on a stand-alone basis.
It seems to me that everyone who is supporting Cruz is doing so based on the belief that he will fail (which, I admit, is correct).  If Cruz actually succeeded, somehow, almost all of Obamacare would continue in force - the taxes, the mandates, all the stuff that doesn't require "funding."
I think Cruz is throwing Obama a lifeline.  If Obama had the brains God gave a gnat, he would recognize that Obamacare is going to be an epic fail, and would take this opportunity to accept a "defunding" deal that would permit him to blame Republicans for the failure.  Meanwhile, Obamacare would continue to be the law, and Democrats would offer a stand-alone bill to provide subsidies to poor people, which would be overwhelmingly popular and would undo the so-called defunding.
If you oppose Obamacare, be grateful that Cruz has no hope here. 
There are many very good comments over there, too many to nick, and you know what that is? That is a political science education right there. Better than the political science education I paid for at CU. This is better than that. Better, because that was taught by a little commie hippy chick,♪ hip,♪ hip,♪ hip, hip, hip, hip ♫hippy chick.

That was my first class at CU and I knew straight off it was poo. The very first clue was the professor, assistant, I suppose, was trying to promote class participation and attempting to get the class to think of things that would get people worked up politically. A student suggested, "the environment." She latched onto that for discussion and gave the class the phrase, "treat the Earth like a sink," but nobody actually said that. She did. So when resuming to list on the blackboard the classes' suggestion, up went the phrase she provided not anything a student said. "treat Earth like sink" instead of "environmental concerns."

The text began with Engles and Marx. So did Psychology. So did writing 101. So did Spanish 101. So did Econ 101. And I'm thinking, Jeeze, these lovely people are trying to impress my impressionable little mind. I'm like putty over here and they're messing with me. Putty with a funnel top. Just pour stuff in and squish it around, I'll sort it.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

"We Don't Talk Anymore"

Cliff Richard - We Don't Talk Anymore (1979)  

moon, pizza

Poor boy, story seldom told. Squandered his resistance on a pocketful of... hang on.

That is somebody else, similar to amoebaboy but different. Amoebaboy offers a copy of an ace steampunk r2d2.

Happening Now: Ted Cruz Appears to Filibuster ObamaCare

"I rise in opposition to Obamacare," the Texas Republican began. This speech may go on for a while.

"Until I'm no longer able to stand".

TPM: Ted Cruz's Long Speech To Block Obamacare Funding Is No Filibuster.

Snowden's work 'made world more stable than it was five years ago'

Video of President Obama's Address to the UN earlier today.

Obama: World More Stable Than Five Years Ago

"'Family glitch' in health law could be painful"

"A "family glitch" in the 2010 health care law threatens to cost some families thousands of dollars in health insurance costs and leave up to 500,000 children without coverage, insurance and health care analysts say."

Congress defined "affordable" as 9.5% or less of an employee's household income, mostly to make sure people did not leave their workplace plans for subsidized coverage through the exchanges. But the "error" was that it only applies to the employee — and not his or her family. So, if an employer offers a woman affordable insurance, but doesn't provide it for her family, they cannot get subsidized help through the state health exchanges."

That can make a huge difference; the Kaiser Family Foundation said an average plan for an individual is about $5,600, but it goes up to $15,700 for families. Most employers help out with those costs, but not all."

More at the link... USA Today

Meanwhile, Politico now reports the birth of Obamacare as just something the campaign picked up, to punch up a campaign appearance.
Soon-to-be-candidate Obama, then an Illinois senator, was thinking about turning down an invitation to speak at a big health care conference sponsored by the progressive group Families USA, when two aides, Robert Gibbs and Jon Favreau, hit on an idea that would make him appear more prepared and committed than he actually was at the moment.
Why not just announce his intention to pass universal health care by the end of his first term?
Thus was born Obamacare, a check-the-box, news-cycle expedient that would ultimately define a president.
Define a president, who, after passing his own signature legislation, through both, the congress and the Supreme Court, needs Bill Clinton to explain it. Thereby redefining the real defining signature of Obama's presidency, "leading from behind."
President Obama is rolling out Bill Clinton once again to give him some desperately need public relations assistance, appearing with the former president late this afternoon in New York City to try to sell the unpopular Obamacare to Americans.
It’s the second time in recent weeks Clinton has been enlisted by Obama to promote Obamacare.
Bill’s service is hardly altruistic. Not only does he love being the center of attention, he may also want something from Obama in return for his PR work – an endorsement of Hillary, or at least a neutral stance in her expected primary fight with Vice President Joe Biden.
UPDATE: Cruz appears to be filibustering Obamacare. Si se puede!

USA Today , Politico , White House Dossier , Althouse

“I get to look at naked girls all day.”

He was a muscular guy with “kind of a nerdy kind of charm,” Marianna Taschinger recalled, a combination that proved irresistible to an 18-year-old girl in a small Texas town.

They dated, broke up, dated again. He asked her to pick out a wedding ring. He also made another request — that she take nude pictures of herself and send them to him.
“He said if I didn’t want to send them to him, that meant that I didn’t trust him, which meant that I didn’t love him,” Ms. Taschinger said.
The photos would never be shared with anyone else, she remembers him promising. And she believed him — until last December, more than a year after the couple broke up, when a dozen nude images of her popped up on a Web site focusing on what has become known as revenge porn. She is suing the site and her ex-boyfriend.
Revenge porn first drew public attention in 2011, when Hunter Moore, the unapologetic creator of a site called, said in a television interview with Anderson Cooper that he had no qualms about profiting from public revenge.
Eugene Volokh, a First Amendment scholar at the University of California, Los Angeles, said he saw no constitutional obstacle to a law written narrowly to address naked or sexual images distributed without permission.
“I think that’s a kind of invasion of privacy that the courts would say can be prohibited,” he said.
Professor Franks said that opposition to legislation often stems from a blame-the-victim attitude that holds women responsible for allowing photographs to be taken in the first place, an attitude similar in her view to blaming rape victims for what they wear or where they walk.
“The moment the story is that she voluntarily gave this to her boyfriend, all the sympathy disappears,” she said.

Breaking Bad: predictions

It will all have been a dream free polls 

The Real Endless War

We are at perpetual war with bacteria -- not with all of them but with some. And by "we" I mean everybody, regardless of nation, color, and faith.

Drug-resistant bacteria have been in the news recently and I was struck by the nightmarish features of some strains:

Extended-spectrum β-lactamase
Neisseria gonorrhoeae
The new heightened risk has many reasons. Bacteria gain drug resistance partially due to their rapid mutation, and partly due to people not following courses of antibiotics. Lesson: if you have the resources to kill the enemy, do not give up until every last one is dead. The strongest are always the last to die and when they reproduce, they create new generations of even stronger enemy.

Study: "Subconsciously Thinking About Death Might Make You Funnier"

A study published in the journal HUMOR states that researchers have discovered that subconsciously inducing thoughts of death makes people funnier than inducing thoughts of pain. Consciously focusing on death, however, doesn’t.

The study took 117 students and divided them into four groups. Two groups were exposed to either the word “death” or the word “pain” in 33 millisecond flashes on a computer screen while they worked on other tasks. Then they wrote captions for New Yorker cartoons.

And the death group killed it. An independent jury who knew nothing about the experiment voted for the subconsciously death-primed captions by clear margins. The effectiveness of subliminal messaging is still being explored, but this is further proof that we can demonstrate the impact of something without being aware of it.


Christopher Long, psychology professor at Ouachita Baptist University and author of the study, said that there was still a lot to explore in the difference between the consciously and subconsciously death primed humor, and why one makes you funnier.

“Our guess is that there is something about the source of the anxiety a person is experiencing and the way a person was reminded of that source, which influences his or her ability to be funny in the moment,” Long said in an email. “It may be that thinking about one's own death confronts a person with a more overt sort of discomfort that is either not as conducive or motivating to be funny, relative to a more subtle exposure to death reminders.”

The study linked the boost in humor to terror management theory—which states that human beings are bound to being aware of our lives’ finitude and thus create culture as distraction and also to grant those short lives meaning. It also points to humor’s role as a stress-reliever in times of trouble and trauma, but noted that there’s much more research to be done.


"Viagra Inventor Develops Spray to Curb Premature Ejaculation"

[O]ne of the inventors of Viagra claims to have a drug that will help many more experience the joy of sex."

Mike Wyllie, one of the team of scientists who developed Viagra in the Nineties, is poised to launch a treatment for premature ejaculation."

Tempe, a spray-on medication, has been judged safe and effective by the European Medicines Agency and is expected in bedroom cabinets early next year."

In trials, men who used the spray ahead of sex lasted on average five times longer.
The exact causes are unclear but it is thought over-sensitivity is part of the problem.
The Tempe spray contains low doses of two anaesthetics which help give a man more control. It only takes around five minutes to get work, although those who like to be spontaneous will be pleased to know it can be sprayed on up to two hours before sex."

A pocket-sized can will last a year, if a man has sex five or six times a month.


“If she’s running, to your knowledge, blink twice,”

In a taping of “The Late Show with David Letterman” for Monday night, former President Clinton said he did not know if his wife planned to run – alternately taking a jocular and serious tone on the subject."

He later added that the former secretary of state is busy with numerous projects."

“There’s a lot of stuff out there, and she’s just – she’s still finishing her book. She’s still setting up or project, ‘Too Small to Fail’ – a children’s effort through our foundation, and we’re having a lot of fun – going to movies and restaurants, and taking walks — being a normal person,” former President Clinton said. “I mean, you know, at our age, that counts for something – being able to have a little fun.”
You know that if I did know, I wouldn’t tell you. But I honestly don’t know. Chelsea doesn’t know, and Hillary doesn’t know,” he said. “And that’s a good thing for America. We should be focusing on these big challenges now, and talking about how to get this country back on track.”

Monday, September 23, 2013

shedding coils, mortal, surly, otherwise

I wanted to be dramatic by saying, "shed these mortal coils" slip that in conversationally and then I couldn't remember if the mortal coils were surly or what. So I looked up surly mortal coils to make sure I know what I'm talking about. And there is the poem High Flight.

Oh man, that gets me, pow, right in the left ventricle where it's going thud thud thud. I bet people think that poem is trite. But not me. 

So now I know, the bonds of Earth are surly, and mortal coils are just regular, probably no attitude worth noting, no temperament, just heavy clinginess. But the author wrote a previous poem, says Wikipedia, font of all modern received wisdom, about somebody who died, Sonnet to Rupert Brooke.

I learned he ripped off part of the Flight poem and that takes off some of the shine and opens my mind to the possibility of other ripoffs conscious or otherwise, at least other influences. I myself am very easily influenced, very impressionable. See if you notice some similarities here.

"We laid him in a cool and shadowed grove
One evening in the dreamy scent of thyme
Where leaves were green, and whispered high above —
A grave as humble as it was sublime;
`Twas brillig, and the slithy toves 
Did gyre and gimble in the wabe:
 All mimsy were the borogoves,
 And the mome raths outgrabe.
There, dreaming in the fading deeps of light —
The hands that thrilled to touch a woman's hair;
Brown eyes, that loved the Day, and looked on Night,
A soul that found at last its answered Prayer...
"Beware the Jabberwock, my son!The jaws that bite, the claws that catch!Beware the Jubjub bird, and shunThe frumious Bandersnatch!"
There daylight, as a dust, slips through the trees.
And drifting, gilds the fern around his grave —
Where even now, perhaps, the evening breeze
He took his vorpal sword in hand:Long time the manxome foe he sought --So rested he by the Tumtum tree,And stood awhile in thought.
Steals shyly past the tomb of him who gave
New sight to blinded eyes; who sometimes wept —
A short time dearly loved; and after, — slept."
And, as in uffish thought he stood,The Jabberwock, with eyes of flame,Came whiffling through the tulgey wood,And burbled as it came!


I think his name is Wimpy. I never liked this guy. I guess I didn't get the joke. Almost didn't show this. Because...

there's no joke there. Just a cartoon I never liked. The Lord told me in a dream my job on Earth is to amuse you and no leaving until I do such.

Then he came back and said this doesn't cut it. Try harder.


Wow, that sound is coming out of his mouth. New comments there since I bookmarked this. Had to check to see if I showed it already. More importantly, why is this not in my i-Tunes? Who must I fire for that oversight?

"4 Disney Movie Villains Who Were Right All Along"

4 Disney Movie Villains Who Were Right All Along -- powered by

Watch for the veiled Obama references

'Watch A Boring Sedan Rip A $400K Lambo In Half'

"The $400,000+ Lamborghini Aventador destroyed dramatically at the hands of a midsize sedan in Brooklyn this weekend conveniently did so in front of a couple of cameras. While this is terrible carnage, it does show off how modern safety equipment is supposed to work."

Lamborghini Aventador Mill Basin Accident New York
Witnesses have described the Lamborghini as "approaching at a high rate of speed," which is hard to determine in the video but plausible..."
The safety cell of the Aventador, for its part, did what it was supposed to do and reduced the energy of the accident by separating itself from the rest of the car. That's probably less comforting when you see the bill for reconnecting it."