Saturday, March 18, 2017

No one expects the climate inquisition

"World's biggest fund manager threatens to oust company directors who ignore climate change"

Via RedditIn a post on its website, BlackRock, which controls assets worth $5.1 trillion (about £4.2 trillion), said climate risk was a “systemic issue”.

It said it planned to engage with the companies that are “most exposed to climate risk” over this year to help them tell investors – like BlackRock -- about the financial impacts of global warming and the shift to a low-carbon economy.

In an associated briefing note, BlackRock made clear how serious it was about the issue, pointing to a letter written to businesses by its chief executive Larry Fink which had said “while we are patient investors, we are not infinitely patient”.

“Climate risk will be one of the key engagement themes that the Investment Stewardship team will prioritize in 2017 and the team’s recent work on this issue … will inform our assessment of shareholder proposals on the topic,” the briefing note said.

“Over the course of 2017 we intend to engage companies most exposed to climate risk to understand their views on [reporting their climate risks].

“For directors of companies in sectors that are significantly exposed to climate risk, the expectation will be for the whole board to have demonstrable fluency in how climate risk affects the business and management’s approach to adapting and mitigating the risk.”

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chickelit said...

The control of carbon is the control of life within us.

chickelit said...

"BlackRock" - is that another name for a Saudi fraud also known as Kaaba in Mecca?

AprilApple said...

BlackRock = mega democrat party donor.