Thursday, February 16, 2017


"Denver was founded when a bunch of settlers already worn out after crossing the plains saw the Rocky Mountains and said "Fuck that, I quit."


edutcher said...

No, it was founded by a bunch of stoners who said, "Hey, man, maybe if we wait here long enough, we might find some good stuff grwoin' here"

Lem said...

No. I think it was founded by a guy with a Chip on his shoulder 😉

Trooper York said...

Hey where is Chip?

edutcher said...

Making a card, I think he said.

That, or he's in Oroville helping oopsy bail.

ricpic said...

Hey Lem, case you didn't notice the world is on fire. Literally. Paris is burning. I think it has something to do with Schmendriks in combination with Islamic thugs bringing down the West. But keep posting about trivia. I mean it's only the end of civilization as we've known it. Admittedly a terribly oppressive civilization according to Schmendriks. But if you're capable of love there'll be a lot less to love. All, needless to say, of no concern to Schmendriks and Muslims.

Amartel said...

Trump presser today: Will no longer refer to CNN as "fake news." In the future will refer to it as "very fake news."
Gold standard awesome.

Amartel said...

ric, don't let Il Douchebag get you down. He's not worth it.

edutcher said...

ric, Paris is forever burning.

They were better off with the Narzis.

Chip Ahoy said...

This looks like a very old photo of Denver. But what do I know?

Here are better photos.

The weather here right now is awesome. I think it was 70℉. Or darn close.

Today I was vacyouyouming the floor of thousands of little bits of paper and I realized something unrelated. I wondered before, why didn't Chinese invent Rogallo wing? The hang glider kite. They had all the materials to do it. Why did they have to await American compulsion for adventure to try insane things? And then today vacyouyouming I thought the same thing about Egyptians. Why didn't Egyptians fly kites? Why not? We know they were totally into birds, they have a million birds in their alphabet so they were tremendous observers of nature, and they had all the materials. And they had imagination. And they had time to f around. They had papyrus for paper and for kite stems. They had hemp for twine. Yet no kites. We must conclude for thousands of years however great their civilization, their building, their art, their presumptuousness, their megalomania, they're still basically not innovative. Or else somewhere in those thousands of years somebody would have tried to fashion a paper bird or make a kite with papyrus or with linen. But they didn't. Tremendous advances just waiting to be discovered and they didn't bother discovering it. Because they lack basic innovation. And that's the hard truth that not having kites reveals. So stick that in your little incense burner and smoke it.

I will draw a picture for a watercolor painting, or do a pop-up page just for this, Egyptians flying kites, and idea so preposterous you'd go, "Hey! That anachronistic! Egyptians didn't have kites!" And I'd go, but they should have were it not for that gigantic empty spot in their practical imagination and sense of experimentation, a national affliction, a continental condition, that endured thousands of years and persists today.

I think kite-flying speaks to an expanded leisurely class. At least a class not engaged in the drudgery of life maintenance 100% of the time. And that's why it took thousands of years to appear. Surely people dreamt of flying the whole time previous to kite flying appearance.