Tuesday, January 3, 2017


This post was inspired by reading all the "me too" comments over at Althouse talking about flying and driving to see the total eclipse of the sun next August. I know that half of you want to forget that site exists so you can skip that.

Back to the video. I think I've just scratched the surface with my "rock bottoms for Rodham" series. I seriously wasn't looking for this one, it just spoke to me from my YouTube sidebar. There must be dozens of others.

Here's a tall order for MamaM if she's reading this. I recall reading her rather brilliant take on the difference between a narcissist and egoist and how Trump was one but not the other. I wish someone could find or link to that.
[added] While the Carly Simon video dates from October, 2016, recall my prediction:

The Left have conceived their anti-Trump babies. Now we're in gestation phase. Watch out for future little monstrosities.


chickelit said...

Simon goes out her way to mock Trump's looks. She is just one year older than he, but I must say he has held up much better in that department. Maybe it's the work she's had? That would be sad.

Chip Ahoy said...

Yeah, that's why he was picked. Amazing how acute the perception for the other and never for oneself.

Plus the ad amounts to Carley Simon song and photos of Trump, basically and advertisement for Trump. FAIL!

And not just regular fail either, epic fail.

But I'd rather speak of happier things. Delightful things. Generous things.

I just now opened an envelop that contained a (superfluous) handicap parking placard that I forgot in rented automobile.

A very nice letter accompanied the card, thanking me for hosting an excellent dinner.

The letter says:

Thank you for a wonderful dinner and evening. It was spectacular, and ust as I anticipated. You are a wonderful chef and the explanation of what you are doing, the ingredients and why you are using them just adds to the enjoyment. Will be looking forward to do this again in February when I come up to do taxes.

And more.

An Amazon gift card for $50.00 fell on the floor.


Just for making dinner as one does.

Man, I cashed in that card like that *snap*.

This dinner.

And that was really good too, I must say.

The steaks are from Oliver's. If you live in Denver, you need to go there.

I had apple and pear in the salad. You heard of honey and mustard dressing. This is vinaigrette with powdered mustard and apricot preserves. Anything sweet works to counterbalance. Maple syrup would work. Anything sweet, like yucca syrup, prickly pear syrup, golden syrup, orange drink concentrate, anything sweet, raspberry preserves, anything sweet.

Joseph kept saying, "This salad is dessert," and "I have steaks all over the place by representing his clients and this beats anything at the steak houses."

He said that like three times.

But here's the bummer.

Before this, people asked me what type of wine they should bring. And I don't know anything about that. I reached back into my memory of when I used to be able to tolerate wine and answered "beaujolais village." I did not know that stuff does not last. I thought it behaved as regular wine, but come to find out the hard way it does not. The grapes are too young. It goes off right away. So I had to spill out two bottles of wine.

Then opening another bottle I realized it's off too. I had stored them upright. I had to pour out two more bottles of regular wine because I failed to store them properly. What a f'k'n bummer! Four bottles of wine right down the drain.

And that teaches me something: Wine is a pain in the ass.

No wait! It teaches me to store it properly. Yes, that's what it taught me.

Live and learn, innit.

Whenever these things happen I think, "Well, college was a LOT more expensive than that."

chickelit said...

I just rewatched John Lennon's last televised interview (w/Tom Snyder). Lennon remarked that while The Beatles had politics, their messages were subliminal. Nowadays, pop musicians --especially old cranky ones -- are too overt, too political, and too mock-worthy. Politics and pop music need a divorce ASAP.

Evi L. Bloggerlady said...

That path for the summer eclipse is wild

William said...

A few kind words for Mariah Carey in her days of trial and trouble. So far as I know, she and Kanye West are the only two major recording artists who didn't make an anti-Trump psa. You need a few divorces and a couple of stays in rehab before you gain enough wisdom to guide the American public on their own elective choices. Maybe when she's older, she can pitch in for Chelsea........Jeez, I wish I hadn't looked at that steak. I'm having severe hunger pangs. The price of not being overweight is going to bed hungry every night........I gave up cigarettes many years ago. For the first few years I would sometimes see someone smoking and feel a pang. But after awhile that passed. I never get the nicotine urge anymore. It doesn't work that way with food. Steak especially triggers a feeding frenzy. The mere act of eating steak makes one hungrier. It's impossible not to overeat in the presence of such food.

Lem said...

100% what Chick just said.

chickelit said...

A few kind words for Mariah Carey in her days of trial and trouble. So far as I know, she and Kanye West are the only two major recording artists who didn't make an anti-Trump psa.

The Oscars should be fun this year!

chickelit said...

Carly Simon and Steven Tyler could sing a duet as twins.

William said...

Off topic prediction: If Charles Manson is the first celebrity death this year, the auguries are good. If Queen Elizabeth has the honor, the auguries will not be great.

Evi L. Bloggerlady said...

William, you are a good guy...but forgive me if I prefer not to be alone with you. Especially if you have knife, fork, and Lee Perrins

Chip Ahoy said...

How did the 'me too' comments on TOP's eclipse post cause you to associate Carley Simon's video?

Because it's a 'me too' bandwagon type of thing to do, to signal one's perceived virtues?

(By narcissistically basing using one of her own hit tracks? Listen to my opinion, remember my song? I bet you think this election is about you. Goodness some people's self-reflection is blind.)

Fine to do an anti-Trump video, just be sure to avoid narcissism as one of his key faults.

I never did care for her. But I bet she can stick her own fist in her mouth and there's nothing wrong with that.

chickelit said...

How did the 'me too' comments on TOP's eclipse post cause you to associate Carley Simon's video?

How would one sign the lyrics "then you flew your Learjet to Nova Scotia to see the total eclipse of the sun"?

chickelit said...

It still irks me to hear JEB! utter those words about "a servant's heart" which are old, Bible-based words introduced into the American political vernacular by Sarah Palin, the very person vilified by the Bush clan. My how I still detest that man.

chickelit said...

Which "star" are you most disappointed in seeing in this latest screed?: Donny from The Big Lebowski or The Flying Nun?

The Oscars will be as unwatchable as the Grammy's

MamaM said...

Some days are diamonds, chickelit, and some days are stones. So too with comments that can be found and reflected upon and comments that drop out of sight or screen like a stone.

I don't recall what I said, where I linked or know how to find a past comment anymore. At one time, you showed me how to do it over at Althouse but that was several years ago and if I remember correctly that method of doing so stopped being free or available.

I appreciate you remembering that one sparkled!

Listening to John Denver in order to verify my diamond/stone memory was almost more than I could bear.

Eric the Fruit Bat said...

"Me too" comments.

That's brilliant!

There are a gazillion patterns in commenting that I notice for which I have no ready category that's accurate, insightful and clever all at once.

But now I've got that. So thanks!

windbag said...

That path for the summer eclipse is wild.

We're smack dab in the middle of it. I just hope it's not cloudy that day.

Sixty Grit said...

You are? Perhaps I better check that out - it's been years since I have seen an Eclipse. Or any other Mitsubishi product for that matter.

Sixty Grit said...

Well what do you know - missed it by that much. And my Lear jet is in the shop.

Amartel said...

So I got through the first 10 seconds and ... what, suddenly we're all supposed to be concerned about a lying narcissist in the White House? Really? [Insert link to video clip from Casablanca where the inspector is shockedshocked about gambling going on in here.]

Amartel said...

You're so lame!

Leland said...

Yeah chick; I think the Oscars will need to be skipped this year. You know, no matter who won; we'd see Paul Fignewton handing out the award for Best Actress in a Leading Role and telling us how it should have been his cast with people applauding such stupidity. But now; we will have an endless parade of the correct people winning awards, so they may give their acceptance speech about how Trump has ruined America in just a few weeks. I'm glad Leo took the year off, but he'll be a presenter too.

Amartel said...

The entertainment industry award shows have been a waste of time for years. Now you can get the highlights (all 5-10 seconds) on youtube the next morning.

ricpic said...

When Trump says the secret of his popularity is his looks he's onto something. IMO he won the presidency in that first Republican debate. And it wasn't just about "I will build a wall," it was about looks, which include presentation. How many Republican candidates were there on that stage? Fourteen? Something like that. I saw thirteen grey calculating machines and one enjoying himself immensely fully human being. It was irresistible. Not to sophisticates! Oh never to sophisticates. To other average sensual humans beings. Other les hommes moyen sensuels. Who then went ahead and elected him.