Saturday, January 14, 2017


Nostradamus predicted Trump 400 years ago:

The great shameless, audacious bawler. 
He will be elected governor of the army: 
The boldness of his contention. 
The bridge broken, the city faint from fear.

Century III, Quatrain 81


Lem said...

Was Nostradamus Notre Dames husband by any chance?

Asking for a friend 😉

Chip Ahoy said...

Nailed it!

I just now got off YouTube where I've been very naughty. I watched 10 seconds of a Trump video with Steve Harvey who apparently said rotten things about Trump on his show, smashing a picture of him or something, and now they're in cahoots about improving cities and that drew out obnoxious malevolent journalists and the stupidest most thickheaded commenters on the planet so I spoke to them worse than I spoke to my dogs when I had dogs. Actually I spoke sweetly to dogs. But not to Democrat dopes. I wrote with dismissiveness that exceeds their own and I called everyone a dope. Everyone who presumed to repeat common dopey Democrat memes were delivered the dismissive smackdown and then called a dope. Everything they claimed to value was knocked down and then called a dope.

Then my Google notifications filled up with 50 or so responses and I deleted them all one by one until they were all gone without reading a single one, because I don't care what dopes say in retort. I'm there to offend, not engage. They're probably building up again.

Then I watched videos about Matthew Reinhart and creativity and pop up books, ridiculously, his recent works are My Little Pony, Disney Princess, and Frozen, all for little girls. I watched videos of little girls gushing over their amazing pop-up books in different languages. Here's one in Thai. The girl is totally stoked. And I realized girlish silliness and cuteness and nonsense is truly universal. Reinhart touched the hearts of all those little girls he doesn't even know all over the world through a subject that obscenely ridiculous. They know the names of all the ponies, and they saw the movies of all the Disney princesses. (incidentally, the princess book is incredible. It sells for $60.00 and it's crammed with 32 pop-ups. Outrageous, but that's less than $2.00 per pop-up.) And they're all so terribly clever.

Then I watched a video on black pharaohs and I thought, "Good! American accents" but the thing starts out, "This Nubian culture and its pharaohs were forgotten by history because they are black."



Why did they have to ruin their video with that crap?

They said that blacks were depicted as captives.

Well, ALL Egypt's enemies were depicted with their facial hair, and hair styles, and dress. ALL of them were.

And when the Nubians took over and became pharaohs themselves in the 11th dynasty, the beginning of the middle kingdom their statues depict their negroid features. So they're not just depicted as captives in art. Not at all. They're depicted accurately as pharaohs. They're in king Tut's line. They're part of King Tut's expanded display. National Geographic is entering the subject cold without studying first from a non-Nubian angle, or else they would have known that and the impulse of projecting their own racism would not have occurred because they'd already know that art history contradicts that ridiculous racist conceit. It pissed me off.

chickelit said...

Nostradamus Notre Dames husband by any chance?

Win one for the quipper!

ampersand said...

Nostradamus is Cosa Nostra's bitch.

Eric the Fruit Bat said...

I find myself wondering whether Nostradamus would be a Scott Adams fangirl as well.

Rabel said...

From the History Channel webpage:

"Now by breaking Nostradamus' code and searching for clues we can reveal that not only might he predict the outcome of this year's battle between Hillary Clinton and Donald Drumpf, but he also foretells a time of great trouble in the wake of this historic election."

What the Fuck?

chickelit said...

Didn't Rush Limbaugh used to call Congressman Henry Waxman (D-CA) "Nostrildamus"?