Monday, December 18, 2017


Come back on her face.

Just hope that Charles Bronson doesn't find out about it.

St. Basil the Great

Apologies for the indulgence. This is a huge file shrunken by dimensions and optimized to 90%. It's just that I like the name Basil.

I'll tell you something equally ridiculous.

Yesterday I had a very long conversation with a visitor who talked quite a lot and enthusiastically but had some difficulty holding a thought. He is an interesting man while conversationally flighty. One suspects drugs, but there are no drugs. He mentioned ADD and ADHD. I asked him to explain what those letters mean.  He mentioned those syndromes are grossly over diagnosed, suggesting he was misdiagnosed when a boy. And none of that diminished the value of his conversation but I could tell how it could be difficult holding employment. I can see why he's held back. 

Remarkably, he looks exactly like a cartoon character on Scooby Do. I mentioned that and he didn't exactly appreciate it. He named the character. "I've been told that I look like Shaggy Rogers." He ran his fingers through his thick brown hair to flatten it and to make him not look so much like the cartoon character, but everything that he did made look more like the cartoon character. And it's not just his hair, it is his careless job of shaving. He said he used his friend's electric razor that didn't work very well. I looked closer and could see that he tried. And failed. He made a real mess of his scraggly beard. Thick wild hair, scraggly beard, rounded jaw, round bright eyes, schloppy loose t-shirt, blown out sneakers. He is 6'4", 165 LBS. 

Fascinating speaking to a living cartoon. I couldn't get over that the whole time.

He doesn't believe me but he could make a million just on his looks. 

He told me he was born Dec. 1976. I noted that was our nation's bicentennial. The year I turned 21. And that's why he shocked me when he stopped talking to hear the music in the background and start singing along with Depeche Mode. He was ten when this music was popular. It's not his music. I asked him about that and he answered, "Oh I like all their stuff. All of it. I like Erasure too. How he even heard of this baffles me, far less it being his favorite. But then, it shouldn't be so surprising. I guess. I know a crossword constructor with his own books and published widely in newspapers and online who is this man's age and who memorized all the lyrics to the entire Beatles catalog. He challenged us to give him a line from any Beatles song and he will provide the next line. So we did. At least a hundred of them. And he got every single one of them right. 

It was an old playlist. My laptop finished a video then went onto Christmas songs, the most annoying disjointed nonsense some station dug up from trash bins. Very annoying incongruous songs. An un-curated grab bag of crap playing in the background, so I switched to a portable loaded with an i-pod set to a very old playlist, just to make the carols stop. This is what arrested his attention.

You know more about music than I do. Way more. You may not know this song is not about Jesus. It sounds like it's mocking Christianity, but it's not. Wikipedia has the lowdown. Martin Gore said the song is inspired by Elvis and Me by Pricilla Presley.
It's a song about being a Jesus for somebody else, someone to give you hope and care. It's about how Elvis Presley was her man and her mentor and how often that happens in love relationships; how everybody's heart is like a god in some way, and that's not a very balanced view of someone, is it? 
One last thing. I used this song to practice ASL for its odd challenges. It's not fast and it's not difficult. But it's odd. Thinking about what the phrases mean and then thinking of ways to show that, and do similar to the manner it's delivered in the song, to keep the beat and the attitude, I found my choices changed over time. It's such a tremendous song I don't know why it didn't chart better than it did, and I also expected the kids learning ASL to pick up this song to practice. It's a natural for that. But only one person uploaded to YouTube. And it is so bad that I got disgusted 1 millionth of the way through. The introductory fingerspelling is deplorable. It is depechely deplorable. See for yourself, if you like.

I shouldn't be so critical of young people trying. But I am.

How Obama let Hezbollah off the hook

Politico describes how Obama allowed Hezbollah to persist with trafficking cocaine into the United States to keep his Iran deal unimpeded.

The story is long and deep and detailed. And that Politico would write such a thing is mind-blowing in itself. Right there is another whole story for discussion.

This item was noticed on Legal Insurrection where Willian Jacobson summarizes nicely. He pulls the best bits.

That's all you're having here or else this would go on for ten printed pages. Except to mention, when I bother to turn off my protection from Facebook and reload to read Politico comments, I'm always disappointed by their low quality. They sound like Washington Post commenters, I form of picture of people who live in Washington, or  at least in the corridor, intensely interested in politics but too partisan too strictly narrow minded to allow a whole picture. While the commenters at Legal Insurrection are always reliably well-rounded, deeply informed and interesting.

Through it all I have a lingering question for which you probably have an immediate answer, why would a president do something like this?

The story is dreadful in its details.  Maybe not so suitable for such tender light-hearted blissfully unconcerned souls such as yourselves. (Joke)  

Sunday, December 17, 2017

Grace Jones

I told a friend she's from New Jersey, but that was wrong. She's from Jamaica and moved to Syracuse N.Y, at age thirteen.

The friend is a musician with ideas of producing his own album. He's good too. Interesting songs that are not rap. Regular traditional style music. He's asked me to help with photographs for a cover and I agreed. I was interested to find out if I could get his tattoos to show. They do, and under the worst lighting imaginable and with ISO cranked way up and conflicting sources of dim light. Just sitting there talking.

Notice the drum, and guitar, and piano keys. He struck a dramatic pose, such as Erté or more accurately like an Egyptian, profile and arm like this except higher and with parallelism, too briefly to photograph, and he asked me, "What does that remind you of?" I answered, "Grace Jones." He suddenly became more animated and said, "Yeah! That's what I'm thinking." 

I love this so much. I love every aspect about it. In my view it holds up very well. One time I mentioned this at TOP and my remark was attacked by some fuddy-duddy who believes Edith Piaf' s original is much better, hers is real music, and this is just trash. How rude! 

On the album, at the end, I always heard, "La bee on hose, la bee on hose, la bee on hose." And I thought, now see, that's your New Jersey self bashing through. But I was wrong about that too.


Due to the prolonged drought there are rarely enough clouds to produce a sunrise worth photographing. This morning was different, but there were no crows commuting - I could hear them in a nearby tree with their beaks chattering - baby it's cold out there (currently 29 degrees, yeah, I know).

Friday, December 15, 2017

WKRLEM: Woke early?

Lisa Bloom caught paying women to bring accusations against Trump

They're the women who already accused Trump, and some who were considering it. As I recall, Trump threatened to sue them and that was the end of that. Enter Lisa Bloom to up the ante with offers to arrange their mortgage paid, to have their stories sold, and six-figure payments by anonymous donors and tabloids. One woman refused after being offered $750,000.

Three quarters of a million dollars isn't enough for that kind of trouble.

Their stories are elaborated at the Hill. Including Lisa's commission of 33%. See, some people are just really good at profiting from chaos. She's not actually bribing them. She's coordinating donors pounding on her door with Hillary Clinton PACs and by helping with new living arrangements for women who feel threatened by political profiting from making high-level accusations.

Paul Ryan considering retiring midterms 2018

All the links go to Politico article put together by Tim Alberta and Rachel Bade titled Paul Rayan Sees His Wild Washington Journey Coming to an End.

I found the article difficult to read because there is no straightforward declaration. It's all private conversations, supposition, adding two and two, and review of events during Ryan's terms combined with things Ryan mentioned previously. Then, at the very end, "Ryan, will you be leaving soon?" Ryan snaps, "No!" You could call it wishful thinking. Comments to the article on other sites welcome the idea.

WKRLEM: Desi? Or Doesn't he?

Thursday, December 14, 2017

What is good in life, Sixty?

To buy and sell, to create and clean up, to warm oneself by the fire, to feel the warmth of the sun, to work and to walk, to meet and greet dogs, to spend time with a 15 year old dog who knows what is good in life, and to see what beauty nature holds and to be here enjoying the day.

I have also watched way too many teevee shows. Some have great visual effects, excellent production values, but the story telling is so bad it makes the shows unwatchable. I want to watch muh stories but they really drag on way too long. On a more cheerful note, here is the third of three great composers born in 1685 - talk about an alignment of stars!

WKRLEM: we could never do this now cocktail party

Citizenship quiz

Be a sport, be a whiz and take the History Channel quiz. (Test written before 2016 election)

Nellie Ohr, co-stars in Ghost Busters

Steven Crowder interrogates Alexa

Inspector General's year-long investigation into politicization of FBI and DOJ

The I.G. full report is scheduled for release January 15, 2018. Due to its 1.2 million documents bulk, the I.G. is controlling its release in carefully curated pieces. He is allowing time for the public to take this in and time for the principles to react. This is why Andrew McCabe cancelled his scheduled appearance on Capitol Hill. He has a conspiracy issue to deal with. He needs lawyer's advice. In his absence the I.G. released more documents to the investigative committee. The pervious email dumps showed tremendous pervasive partisanship among key figures in the FBI's investigation of Trump colluding with Russia to swing the election. Damning enough. The information released today develops a picture of FBI cadre formulating a backup plan to delegitimize Trump should FBI plans to preventing Trump from being elected fail. FBI agent Strzok writing to FBI lawyer Lisa Page:
I want to believe the path you threw out for consideration in Andy’s office that there’s no way he gets elected – but I’m afraid we can’t take that risk. It’s like an insurance policy in the unlikely event you die before you’re 40.
Trey Gowdy and Jim Jordan can interrogate Rosenstein all they like, while Rosenstein's disengaged eyes wander like Peanuts cartoon when adults speak, "wah wah wah wah wah," and they can make all the righteous noise they can muster, but it's up to DOJ to actually prosecute and knowing that could be the reason why Jeff Sessions recused himself and why he seems so complacent throughout, so he can act when the timing is right, when the public has taken this in, when the depth and the breadth of FBI and DOJ crimes are made obvious, when media can no longer reformulate facts for their partisan audience, when he must and with minimized conflict.

For show, then. And it's a very good show.

They're calling for second investigation into the investigators. But that's on top of another dozen ongoing investigations. From Hillary's emails and her destroying evidence, through FBI complicity in Obama's DOJ giving Hillary a pass, to FBI, CIA, and DOJ illegally obtaining FISA warrant to eavesdrop Trump campaign and then delegitimize his administration, politicized departments of government acting in concert to usurp the will of the people, this is magnitudes of order beyond Watergate forty-five years ago.

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton appointed Lieutenant Governor Tina Smith to rep.ace Al Franken in Senate

Smith will finish Franken's term which will end in 2020.
Smith is a former General Mills executive who in the 1990 started her own marketing and political consulting firm. She eventually managed Walter Mondale’s unsuccessful 2002 Senate run and Mondale’s son Ted Mondale’s failed 1998 bid for governor.

More information about Tina Smith at Legal Insurrection, including her age. How rude! Along with more about the situation surrounding the whole debacle.

Doug Jones wins Alabama Senate seat held by Jeff Sessions

Another shot? Really? I didn't know that. I was certain all the money Democrats poured into this race wouldn't work, but it did. Apparently results were very close, I read by 1%. 

Elizabeth Warren called Kisten Gillibrand a whore

Kisten Gillibrand began stage three of their new plan to discredit Trump Administration, or better to set the stage for impeachment. First they attacked him based on the tape of his conversation where he bragged about being so rich that gold diggers flock and allow him to do anything, but that failed. Attacks proved useless because they have so much of that mischievousness themselves. So stage two was clean house Puritanically. But that backfired because their conglomeration of politicians, entertainers and news readers are so overwhelming rife with perverts and the me-too phenomena is clearing them out for the present. Now that they've cleaned up their politicians, so they think, it's time to pick up that line of attack against Trump again. Or else why suffer all that trouble?  It galls them that much that their customary attack using conservative values against conservative Republican candidates doesn't work anymore. It galls GOPe too. Enter Kisten Gillibrand suggesting Trump resign. But he won't. So Congress should investigate the multiple sexual harassment and assault allegations against him.

We'll soon see who DNC drags out paid multiple thousands to pursue this attack. Waiving twenty-thouseand dollar bills through James Carville's trailer park as it were.

Trump dominated the news cycle again by tweeting a counterattack. He called Gillibrand a total flunky of Schumer and someone who came to his office begging for campaign contributions not long ago and who'd do anything for them. He hit Schumer and Guillibrand. He broadcasted that Schumer had best not come whoring either. He's telling Schumer he's ready to handle phase three.

Elizabeth Warren chimed in to support Gillibrand by attacking Trump: Are you really going to slut-shame Gillibrand?

Yes, you fake ass Indian slut. I am going to slut-shame the slut.  Kidding. Trump didn't say that. Trump hasn't yet responded. The news cycle hasn't spun down. They're too excited about their Senators jumping on Trump.

Except Trump didn't slut-shame Gillibrand. Elizabeth Warren did. Trump said she'd do anything for the money she was begging for and that sounded like whoring to Elizabeth Warren, and it is, but not in a sexual way. And although Trump says this same thing about men, it does prove the point again that Trump was making when he bragged so freely in private about about gold diggers surrounding him. When you're rich, they come to you. They offer what they have in exchange that they think might interest him. Oddly enough, in that original tape, as I recall it, he went on discussing his failure at seducing a woman he was attracted to. Even shopping for expensive furniture didn't work. It was an engaging story, actually, sluts all around him attracted to his money, except the one he wanted, married, I think, got away untouched.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

WKRLEM: Joy to the World

When is a leg not a leg?

When it is a stick. I was sawing leg blanks today and one of them fell off my workbench. My dog grabbed it and ran off - she thought it was a game. So I chased her around the yard and eventually she dropped it. Work and dogs make for a wonderful life.

Amazon deliveries

Care to hear something stupid?

I bought four things on Amazon together so they could be delivered at one time. But instead Amazon made four separate deliveries. Their new way of doing things causes me to track them excessively because they could be left at my front door or even downstairs inside our secure front door. But those two place won't stop inside thieves. Sometimes a package sitting there is too tempting.

Two on Sunday. Quite careless, they were left on a table at the front door. Anyone passing could have just taken them. I saw the second package by chance by my walking out the front door downstairs.

Today I'm expecting the electric pressure cooker that you see advertised all over the place. I'm eager to try it. My regular pressure cooker is unbelievably useful. Lately I've been using it for rice. Cooked in a bowl with measured water on a trivet inside the pressure pot with its own water. It's fast and it's flawless. And I don't even have to clean the pot.

Today I invented a lunch. But first I checked Amazon package tracking.

Brussel sprouts with bacon and tofu cubes in soy broth. Same thing with the sprouts as the rice. Sprouts are quartered and put in a jar with water, on a trivet inside the pressure pot with its own water. Brought to 15 lbs. pressure, then brought right back down. No timing, actually, just up and down.  The water in the sprouts deglazes the bacon messed up in the pan. Cubed tofu added. To turn the water into broth, 2 teaspoons soy sauce, 1 level teaspoon sugar (I'm out of mirin), 1 teaspoon fish sauce, 1/2 teaspoon toasted sesame seed oil, 1 teaspoon maple syrup because the jar was right there.

I know I'll get boos for tofu, but so what, this is delicious and very easy to eat. If anything, this would convert you. Odd making broth without chicken stock or beef stock.

Here's the thing that's stupid. 

I'm turning into my mother in the years before she passed. We finally got through to her that she cannot compare tips today with what she earned in her youth. The whole socioeconomic backstory has changed. In her last years she began tipping wildly shoving bills at nurses and hostesses, gas station attendants, car maintenance people, DMV clerks, government workers, meter readers, everybody she came into contact, anybody who did anything for her. 

This holiday season I doubled the usual tips, so much as half the cost of the service. And it feels great because they're not expecting it. Ten bucks tip for the pizza deliverer, for a pizza delivered to somebody else. Ten bucks tip for a haircut and so on. Tracking this package, and reading how overworked Amazon deliverers are, two hundred a day with no toilet breaks, if that can be believed. I pulled out a ten dollar bill to have waiting. But now it's into the afternoon, so I thought, what the heck make it twenty for Christmas these people are really hustling. I put the ten back and took out a twenty. The twenty dollar bill is waiting right at the door to pass to the Amazon deliverer. After lunch I check Amazon. "Your package has been delivered at your front door." They delivered when I was right there at the door making this Brussel sprouts and bacon soup. I open the door and there is the package. Had the driver just knocked on my door I could have given them their twenty dollar bill. But they didn't knock. They just dumped and split. Like a cat. No knock. No tip. 

And that's very stupid.  

Donald Trump, Diet Cokes

Like a boss.

Mike Morell, former CIA director admits to politicization of intelligence communty

The interview is difficult to read for the resolute unshakable bias of both interviewer and interviewee.

Susan Glasser writing for Politico opens with "The Russian 2016 hacking, Morell told me, was in fact a U.S. “intelligence failure” in multiple ways." That hacking was Russian phishing Podesta who stupidly opened his email and exposed DNC servers, where Russia turned over information to Wikipedia. She does not mention that, knowing her readers will conflate that known hacking that shows Democrat incompetence, with imaginary hacking of voting machines resulting in Hillary Clinton upset losing to  Donald Trump that has arrested the attention of Democrat media and whomever it is still watching them, the Democrat public at large.

Politico tucked this damaging interview away far to the bottom of their front page under the title Ex-Spy Chief: Russia’s Election Hacking Was An ‘Intelligence Failure’ 

Monday, December 11, 2017

WKRLEM: #metoo

We were all so innocent then.

I have been watching reruns of Rowan and Martin every night and about 90% of the stuff they did would get them arrested today.

Of course 90% of what I did back then would get me arrested too so what the heck.

Sock it to me.

1685 on the AM dial...

Johann Sebastian Bach.jpg


The post at American Digest, Putting Christmas Back in America is a comparison between Obama and Trump Christmas cards. Obama family card says, Happy Holidays, and Trump family card says, Merry Christmas.

Simple point. We've heard the gripe before. Obama responds with videos of himself saying Merry Christmas. The point remains, the trend is to commercialize the heck out of a Christian holiday while skipping its Christian origin. And Obama card is part of that.

There is nothing in Christian teaching that says adherents must celebrate the presumed birth of Jesus for his gospel, his good news, not that he died to erase our sins as commonly believed, rather, his teaching that we're all sons and daughters of God and we're loved in the same way parents love their children, that he loves us so much that he came here and lived among us, is so enriching, so profoundly different and elevated beyond other religions, that believers through ages did all this themselves. You cannot jump on the Christmas celebration bandwagon, profit by it, and skip the birth of Jesus. Now join hands around the cash register and sing Jesus Loves Me.

The comments at American Digest ignore the point of the post and devolve immediately to cursive writing. "Donald's and Melania's signature sure is pointy." And, "Barron needs to learn cursive." And,  "They don't teach that in school anymore."


Parents are teaching their children cursive at home because it's not taught in school anymore.

Oh man, this causes a flashback so hard I'm forced out of body and time displaced over here.

Boom. I'm in the first grade. Sitting at a tiny desk with a girl next to me. I am slow on the uptake. I am not getting this connect the letters thing. I connected them all in one long string. The whole paragraph connected. The girl sitting next to me, bless her, said, "You're doing it wrong."


"You're supposed to leave gaps."

"Well then, how do I know where to have gaps? Gawl!"

This was going to be another of those random language things thrown at me just to make language more difficult. Adults are wicked.

"The letters in each word are connected. Each word is one thing. Leave a gap between each word."


"These letters are changed a little bit so you can do that. You don't have to lift up your pencil all the time."


She is a genius. She had everything figured out way before I did. And this wasn't the only thing she broke down in terms I could understand. She explained a lot of things that happened in class. She is the girl who explained to me during class why we praise God for things that people do. The teacher remarked, "Thank God, the man jumped in and saved the family from the car in the river." Why does God get credit for the thing that the man did? No fair. The teacher skipped right over the hero and gave her praise to God instead. I told the girl, that is not right. She answered cooly, God made the people who do heroic things. Then, when I said, "No he didn't. Their parents made the people who did heroic things." Then she said, "God made people." And I go, "Evolution made people." And she goes, "God made the earth. God made evolution possible." And I'm all, "Oh. Okay you got me. You're really good at this."

Recall the witness in Zimmerman trial given a handwritten note in court, critical to her testimony, and asked to read it. To the embarrassment of all Americans watching, and giving the lie to her previous testimony,  she said, "I don't do cursive."

Not I can't read cursive. I don't do cursive. As if that was her choice not to bother.

And mixed with embarrassment for her not reading cursive in English is full empathy and compassion. I still cannot make any sense of hieratic no matter how hard I try. Some of them come through but not many. Only the most explicit. Here look for yourself and see what I mean. All the rest are too similar to each other that the slightest difference in handwriting style throws off the whole thing, and it's all nothing but idiosyncratic handwriting. I totally understand the woman not comprehending handwriting. Japanese / Chinese kanji is the same way. The handwriting versions are sloppy messes slapped on with an overloaded brush. You have to be good at recognizing to get them. I'm watching The Samurai Gourmet and looking up kanji I cannot recognize and it's all cursive and hardly anything matches.

WKRLEM: Nobody ever drowned in Roy Moore's Car.

Read the entire article on "American Thinker."

In it you get a recap of the famous "waitress sandwich" that Uncle Ted and his butt boy Christopher Dodd made. Just a small example of the behavior of the Lion of the Senate.

Now the main stream media liars and the Democrat hypocrites want to destroy Judge Moore based on fabricated stories which are proving to be forgeries. One of these whores even admitted forging the date on to the yearbook which was her one piece of evidence and the media barefaced lies and said it is not a forgery. Yeesh.

I think he wins easily.

I also think he will stand against President Trump almost as much as he stands with him. Because Judge Roy Moore is not afraid to stand alone in defense of the Ten Commandments and Religious Freedom.

Adam Schiff, a regular on CNN

The Russians were involved before the election, the Russians were involved during the election, the Russians were involved through the transition, and the Russians are still involved. There always were Russians and there always will be Russians. They're everywhere all at once.

Come O-O-O-O-o-o-n! I am super cereal.

Smells like ... desperation.

Adam Schiff, representing California, and his pal Eric Swalwell, also representing California are thought to be two of the leakers of the Wikileaks memo wrongly dated that goofed up CNN overly eager to bring harm upon Donald Trump Jr.

It's why CNN is protecting their two sources so strongly instead of simply naming who gave them wrong information. Because they're members of Congress and great sources of leaks.

Both are also being investigated in the FBI criminal probe into the Awan Brothers.

And both are regular guests on CNN.

dog curiosity

By the side links on a regular right-wing website I landed at Ideal Media, a click-bait site, here and recommended, it's loaded with interesting things that can easily snag you with wildly varying items of interest, right up my alley, in politics, science, urban archaeology, and dogs sticking their heads through cat doors to see what's going on inside, here, less interesting, all the dogs look kind of dumb.

And that reminded me of something so insane and so brilliant it blew me away and I can never let go of this image. The visual imagery is permanent.

I had just bought a house and people were interested to see it but it was hardly ready to be shown to anyone. The back porch opened to the garage and ran the length of the dining room and the kitchen. Two sliding doors in each room and window over the sink. If the porch were a room, it would be the best room in the house. All I'd have to do is extend the roofline in glass just 18 inches or so, for a blister greenhouse with south-facing glass wall looking out to the yard that was very well landscaped. I did build that out. And it was the best room in the house. I loved that room. It was fantastic. A very large ficus tree grew in there like crazy and a regular cactus grew right up the wall to the most outstanding specimen I've seen in a home.  An aloe vera plant grew outrageously large and bloomed for three months. It was spectacular.

But before that was built I tested the idea with a prototype made of thick plastic that you get from Home Depot on rolls. A test greenhouse. This was winter, later in December, close to New Year. This is where I got the idea to host a New Year party. And that turned out to be unbelievable. We had so much fun it developed into an annual thing. And that grew outrageously too. Friends brought their friends. Year to year they showed up regularly. It became part of a New Year circuit and people would make sure to end up at my house for 12:00.

Over time, though, the people who showed up en mass were seen only once a year. At my house. I did not really count them as friends. My house was just a party place to end up. And there I was annually paying the alcohol bill and doing the catering myself. Since the crowd really weren't my friends, since they didn't return invitations for me to attend their gatherings, it became so much a burden as fun. I got too old for that crap.

My second Belgian sheepdog was still young. And I must say she was a gorgeous creature. She'd be in the yard sitting there like a sphinx and I'd look at her, stare actually, admiring her lines, caught up in her beauty. All three of them were like this, and their movement is poetry. Except when they slink along like a wolf. They look for all the world like a storybook evil wolf. They radiate evil. Except for that one atavistic trait, all three dogs were pure beauty in conformation lines and in movement. All three were from champion stock, but Tina was too small to show. Comparatively, of the three, Tina was most like a little princess, the least rough in play.

She taught me to go very easy on training. Simple suggestion will do. She's already eager to please, she's already mentally right there to do whatever I want of her. But there can be no corrections. The usual training will not work. It cannot be happy jubilant childish praise combined with sharp correction. It can only be mild steady encouragement, or else they go wild with excitement, and withheld praise as correction. The absence of encouragement equals correction to this breed. And gentle encouragement with physical contact equates to high praise. So then, low key "good girl" and touching the tip of her ear between my fingertips equals high praise. And not doing that equals sharp rebuke of correction.

That's what my dog taught me in two minutes training with her. And that's how I handled the dogs thereafter.

The sheepdogs are keeping track of my position, and they hate being separated. They want to be right at my side. Attached to me if they could. They put their paw on my shoe, they shove their shoulder into my knee. They settle down and behave if I just touch their ear.

Setting up the plastic greenhouse that year between Christmas and New Year separated the dog from me and a friend who was there helping with a space heater to warm the room for the party. I was standing in the open room as my friend cut the plastic for the space heater to exhaust. The dog was running circles in the back yard excited and none too pleased being separated. She wanted to be with me inside the room. The dog is a continuously circling blur in the background as the knife slices through the opaque plastic wall. When he pulls the knife from the slot that he cut, it has a dog's nose attached to the tip exactly as if the knife pulled the dog through the slot into the room. We were both stunned by the dog's precise timing and her boldness of pushing her head through the slot. Were she a millisecond too fast then she would have sliced her own nose.

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Washington Post finds Photo of Judge Roy Moore on a Date!

Wait a minute!

That's not Judge Moore.

That's J Edgar Hoover.

Great. Another thing the FBI will have to cover up.

The Deplorable Gourmet, by the Horde

Cookbook assembled at Ace of Spades, 361 pages, $15.00 on Amazon. Perhaps the Kindle version is better. $6.00. That way if you think of a key word you can more easily look up something recalled. No pictures.

It's chock full of deplore.

Most the recipes are for people who don't like to cook. A lot of recipes for children. No organic free-range buy local in this book. There is a heavy reliance on prepared ingredients, tinned beans and vegetables and sauces, packages of mixes, prepared dressings, a lot of Velveeta cheese. All regular grocery store cheese. Heavy reliance on mayonnaise, sour cream, Philadelphia cream cheese. A large number of recipes for mac and cheese, but surprisingly, not one for mac and cheese with bacon and jalapeño. The longest recipe description is for a mac and cheese layered casserole. The description runs a full page. Most are terse. They tell where the recipe came from, which contests it won, which holidays it's served, who invented it. And to think they're actually written down on cards is itself rather funny. You got four ingredients. Is that really a recipe you found when your mother passed?

I had to put the book down for a full blown laughing session until it worked out of my system. That took a very long time. Page 333, I think, Lin-duh's Unknown Black Bean Soup. She says, "I pulled this out of my ass one night." And I died laughing. It's a cookbook! You don't pull something out of your ass then suggest people eat it. OMG! That is funny.

All of the recipes have that same cavalier je ne sais quois that you see in Ace comments.

Some of the recipes are unusable. The dip section is quite poor. It amounts to: stand in front of your pantry and with eyes closed grab something. Spin around. Grab something else. Grab a tin of tomatoes and put it all in a blender.

The potato recipes are extensive. Quite a few variations on potato salad. Quite a few chilis and stews.

The book is organized:
Drinks. I skipped that whole part. But I'll probably go back and read it.
Deserts, lots of those.
Bread, there's a good one that calls for 1/4 teaspoon yeast, and knew by that it will be overnight proofing. Sure enough, it matches the NYT no-knead method, except this is even more careless. Other breads take 2 packages of yeast and that doesn't even make sense. You can start with one package and leave it an hour and have 2 packages worth reproduce by itself.
Snacks and appetizers, 35 pages of those.
Sides. This is where all the potatoes are and the mac and cheese, 20 pages of starches, 19 pages of fruit and veggies, 8 pages of salads.
From the Grill
Main Courses

Some of those recipes sounded very good. Quiche without crust and baked pineapple. There are  few recipes that call for pineapple and in each recipe they specify a tin of pineapple and my heart sinks. The difference between tinned and fresh pineapple is vast. And the cost of fresh is actually lower than it is in Hawaii. By half, at least. There are  lot of things like this. Bean salad.

Aunt Wally's Bean Casserole: 15 oz can green beans, 15 oz can yellow beans, 15 oz can kidney beans, 15 oz can pork and beans 15 oz can lima beans, 1 can tomato soup, 1 small can tomato paste, sugar, mustard, bacon, sausage, then the only things fresh, celery and onion. Aunt Wally's concept of cooking is opening cans. And having said that it actually sounds pretty good.

Interspersed are actual thoughtful and careful recipes. They're sporadic. Persian rice salad, Rotmos (Mashed Root Vegetables) A mashed potato substitution. Bacon and Bourbon dressing, Roasted Garlic Cauliflower Goat Cheese Puree, Spinach Salad with Apples, Avocado, and Bacon, to name only a few. The book is jocular throughout but it is no joke. This really is how Americans prepare food. And it's loaded with great ideas, and quite a few not so great. See, if this were the Kindle version I could go straight to the place that I skipped when I saw the word Spam. Oh! Right. Pg. 162, Mom's Despair (Spam & Rice). I didn't read it. Maybe it's actually good.

Nobody said anything about using a pressure pot. Although some did mention slow cooker.

I'll look through it again. To see what I might have missed. And maybe to review all the potato recipes again.

Amazon delivered the book this morning. I went out to walk around a few blocks and to pick up a few deli groceries. When I came back Amazon had delivered again. I placed an order for 4 things to deliver all at once, and they're making 4 deliveries. It occurred to me, they're treating the whole world like one gigantic office mail delivery system.

WKRLEM: #metoo

U.S. media yesterday suffered its most humiliating debacle in ages

Glenn Greenwald on The Intercept. Saw this linked on Drudge this morning.

He's chiding them for making his profession look bad. He senses the most thinking among his own tribe are beginning to distrust American media, that even Russian journalists who've dealt with State journalism their whole lives are fearing that distrust will extend to them. He doesn't like Trump but he doesn't let on to that here. He lists their damaging goofball reports motivated by party loyalty but not enough. He says there are literally too many to list so he limits to highlighting the last week.

Still, his report is excellent. It's a beautiful drubbing to behold.

I must say, I've developed respect for Glenn Greenwald when I saw him debate a U.S. Army General. He's honest. He's concerned for his profession. He knows respect is earned.

While contrary to that, his whole site, The Intercept, by a variety of authors, is all pure horse shit of the same ilk he's complaining about here. Half truths and incredible bias. Through the rest of his website he's propagating the exact same kind of noise, an endless annoying tinnitus. Republicans axiomatically bad, Democrats fundamentally good. Check out his front page. It's nothing but hatred for all things Republican and nothing but anti-Trump propaganda throughout.

And while a portion of comments to his article congratulate him on fine reporting, the rest of the comments are distressing as anything you'll see. They're fine with propaganda. It's what they want. Whatever works to defeat Republicans.

pizza cutter, crackers

I hesitated buying this forever. I thought it is silly. And I can cut everything quite well with my chef's knives. They're awesome. While this is irredeemably uni-tasker. For such a seldom used thing as pizza. And the thing will get all gunky with cheese. And that is unacceptable. So I thought.

Then I realized I can use this for my light-as-air dry cheese-bacon breadsticks. And I can use it for slicing fresh pasta too. And it can be used for cutting dough for crackers, all much more easily than with a large knife. And this thing works! Rolling the breadsticks like long worms takes half an hour. Rolling the dough flat and cutting with a knife takes about 8 or 10 minutes, I don't know. Didn't time it. This pizza cutter rolls through the whole batch in 1 minute flat, maybe less.

This thing is not a loose cheap wobbly disc, it's an actual knife. It's sturdy and heavy in the hand. It's a real thing, not a gimmick. I figured Oxo will have this thought out the best. And they do. $13.00 on Amazon. They come even less expensive.

Making dough for the breadsticks is easy and careless as making dough for crackers except the breadsticks use yeast. So those are covered and allowed to rise after they're cut. The crackers are not. The crackers are rolled out flat, very easy to do because there is no resistance. It's like Play Doh. They roll thinly beyond the edges of the baking mat and then trimmed. The trimming collected for one final rollout.

The crackers can have baking powder included if you want them to puff up. And they can have yeast in them too if you like.

You heard of biscotti, biscuit, twice baked, for extra dry cookie, and you heard of Triscuits, thrice baked. These breadsticks and crackers are all triscuits to rid them of water and to assure they're crisp and light as possible. They're all excellent. I cannot keep off of them. They sit there in a bowl or upright in a jar and every time I pass by I grab one until they're gone. And it doesn't matter what combination of ingredients I put into them.

I used a knife for these cheese crackers. They imitate Cheez-it.

Pretend the cheese is butter. Enough cheese to load up your desired amount of flour. Here, the flour can be anything even dry beans turned to powder in your coffee mill. Whatever you choose add at least some regular flour to behave as a paste. Salt, of course, and any seasoning that you like. Then water in increments to bring your pile of ingredients to a workable dough. The water is temporary. It will be baked out.

The joy that you bring to your life with the variety of crackers you concoct is amazing.

One time I made designer crackers loaded with various spices. This batch was incredible. But a major pain in the butt to lay out the stripes, using cardboard to block out the stripes. And very odd eating them not being able to predict what flavor will burst in your mouth. The pizza cutter would have been useful for this.

For crackers, it helps to have a number of trays and silicone baking mats like these. I have a lot of them and they're used all the time. They're stored upright on the counter next to the stove. That's how much they're used. 

Frank Luntz acts amazed in Moore focus group

The group says some interesting things. Early marriage, forgiveness and such. Luntz asks, "how many women would it take?" And none of them are sufficiently acute to say, "if we said 10 then DNC would provide 12, if we said 20 then DNC would provide 25." But they did say it doesn't matter, and I guess that means the same thing. They see through the DNC tactics and they're not having it. They're not being played anymore. Luntz feigns incomprehension to get at their core.

Sadly, I could only make it less than halfway when my old man editor snapped it off suddenly. It rules everything nowadays. Maybe you can do better than I did. At 3:30, Luntz suddenly took on the appearance and mien and pleading manner of Patton Oswald and instantly my viewing was finished.

Like this.

Can you even tell them apart? 

Speaking of Patton Oswald, he is featured in Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., a show that is watchable until Patton Oswald shows up and I'm all wh-a-a-a-a-a-t? No. Just no. No. No. No. No. No.

So I skipped ahead. turns out there are two of them. One Paton Oswald isn't enough for Marvel to inflict on their viewers so they give him an important position, the boss of everyone, and make him into twins! Double no, double no, double no, double N.O. 

So I skipped until no Patton Oswald. Then skipped whenever Patton Oswald showed up. Skipped again. Skipped again. Next episode, skipped again, skip, skip, skipped again. Next episode, skipped, skip, skip, skipped again. I skipped three full episodes straight through because they had too much Patton Oswald. I did not watch one single second of Patton Oswald. I just kept skipping past his fat ugly, squat compacted corpulent self. And I don't care what he added to show nor what I missed. I don't care how brilliant his performance or non-political his role. He is not having one more second of my attention. Forever. That's how vehement and controlling and narrow my old-man editor has become. It's cranked up to high all the time. And now even someone who looks like Patton Oswald, or behaves momentarily like Patton Oswald, as Frank Luntz does here, gets the same treatment. And that's not even a resolution, not even a conscious decision. It just happened automatically. It's a psychological/intellectual shield. A psychic forcefield. And it's impenetrable. 

Jim Jordan on Fox

He's going to prove the FISA warrant to snoop on Trump campaign was politically motivated and obtained through deception. The thinking is that will cause the entire investigation to collapse.

It's rare for FISA to deny a warrant. 99 out of a 100 requests are approved. It's been criticized as rubber stamp process. Yet the investigation was denied its warrant to snoop on Donald Trump's campaign. Investigators returned with the ridiculously bogus Christopher Steele document with elements so risible the report disqualifies itself yet it was successful in obtaining the FISA warrant on the second try. The judge who granted the warrant suddenly recused himself from matters bearing on this issue. Or perhaps he was forced. That part is still not clear.

Another FBI agent in Mueller's investigation accused of political bias

Wall Street Journal starts their article by applying their own biased spin by stating this latest reveal is the result of ratcheting up of complaints by Trump supporters due to Trump's legal team predicting Trump would be cleared by year as the investigation extends into 2018.

It's not possible for WSJ to start out saying Trump voters are flat sick and tired of Democrat's ridiculous dancing dog show and they're getting very sick and tired of them.

Andrew Weissman, the guy leading the probe's Paul Manafort and Rick Gates cases has his Party loyalty on full display, first by attending Hillary Clinton's election night party, and secondly by praising Sally Yates's efforts to thwart President Donald Trump in glowing reverent terms.

He's also given thousands of dollars to Democrat campaigns. 

Ari Fleisher: 
There are 2 reasons people attend a candidate’s victory party. 1) They’re cheering for the candidate to win. 2) They want a job/promotion if the candidate wins. Both reasons should disqualify Weissmann from investigating Trump.

Following WSJ view, I expect we'll be seeing more of this as Trump supporters continue to ratchet up the their complaints. 

Saturday, December 9, 2017

IRS leaked James O'Keefe's big-money donors

Daily Beast reviews James O'Keefe's activities over the years for their readers as if they don't already know, and reveals the arc of his funding amounts along with a few of his larger donors.

They include an infographic of donors in colored blocks, such as you see in desktop publishing magazines Time and Newsweek.

Left out of their discussion is this reveal by IRS is illegal and precisely the sort of thing that got Trump elected.

They also omitted the DOJ has a high-level leak investigation presently and anyone caught leaking has all their communication collected, work and personal, by DOJ and NSA. This is what Sessions has been doing. This is how Mueller and his team's emails were gathered. This IRS leaker and untold number of journalists will now have all their communication collected to prosecute as DOJ decides. Whatever comes of it is yet to be seen while the process is never comfortable. Daily Beast will receive as good as it gives. They're getting sloppy. And that is a good thing.

War canoe of acacia koa, or maybe Quercus virginiana, depending upon one's constitution...

As a yute I fell in with a bad crowd, surfers. I rode the wild waves of the Atlantic on an inflatable raft I bought at a seaside resort, but I read the magazines about real waves and real surfboards. History was presented on those pages along with exotic names and places, such as Duke Kahanamoku who rode a 16' board made of koa wood in the perfect curls forming off of Waikiki beach on Oahu. Exotic, far away, but fascinating to someone who loved being in the ocean.

Years later I traveled to Hawaii, the big island. I snorkeled in Makaiwa bay, body surfed dangerous waves on a black sand beach near Hawi, at the end of the Akoni Pule highway, not far from the King Kamehameha statue that was lost, but now is found.

I drove as many of the roads as I could on the Big Island, on a quest to buy some koa. Tried every shop I saw in every town I drove through, but the answer was always the same - no koa (for haoles), although that last part was unstated.

That was in 1990, however, back in 1974 I obtained employment at a mainframe computer manufacturer in Sunnyvale. I worked with a great bunch of people, many of whom I have kept in touch with over the decades. One bought a bowl from me last July, we talked,  and I asked about another guy who now lives on the Big Island (that story is awesome, but only so many words fit here). I told him I wanted some koa, and he knew a guy who might be able to obtain some. More communications, months pass, then yesterday the koa showed up.

MamaM asked about what prompted my purchase of that koa and this post is some of the back story. Those of you who have been paying attention know that I am cheap. Real cheap. I am willing to gas up my saw and drive a county or two away to saw some free wood, but the thought of paying for a chunk large enough to make a bowl hurts me. All the while I was negotiating with my koa benefactor he never once mentioned price. Well, even a cursory search for curly koa wood brings up prices that are painful. Fifty dollars a board foot is not unknown. But what do you know - dude sent me eight board feet free, gratis, didn't even ask to be reimbursed for shipping from Kurtistown. Is this a great country or what? Here is a picture of the kind of work my koa guy does:

So that is the story of how some beautiful koa arrived here in my snowy realm. It truly is a wonderful world.

The best ukuleles are made of koa.

Creatures of the Deep: The Pop-up Book by Ernst Haeckel and Maike Biederstaedt and

Brace yourself because this gets a bit scientific.

It is foremost an art book based on art forms in nature in the sea. Here is Ernst Haeckel's Amazon page that shows his regular books along this same line. He is an artist and his prints and posters are sold all over the place. Here is Duckduckgo image page search result of his name that shows his artwork just like this book. If you click the "web" tab at top then you'll see where to guy them.

Apparently someone said, "Hey! You should make a pop-up book and have these as your backgrounds."

Then he goes, "But I don't know how to make pop-ups."

Then the first guy goes, "So what. We can find someone to do that."

The pop-up guy, Maike Biederstaedt, I think, has only this book on his Amazon page. And the pop-up mechanism are all rather simple. Most are a single mechanism placed directly on the central fold, with others cleanly displaced off the central fold by basic pop-up means, for example, the mollusk page uses a strap across the central fold in the shape of V, the shortest possible strap or bridge, providing two new angled side gullies to attach mechanisms. The whole book is elegant this way. The background art is important as the single specimen that is popped up.

This video shows the first page where presumably these species are identified but I cannot read it so I'll tell you what they are, a few are weird, and one is microscopic.

1) cephalopods, octopus and squid
2) asteroidea echinoderms starfish
3) acantharea Venturiaceae sea squirts
4) Jellyfish
5) ammonoids sea mollusks
6) anemones

The book is $21.50 on Amazon, reduced from $30.00, a savings of $8.50. With 6 pages that comes out to $3.50 a page.

That's not so bad. It's very artistic. Each poster or print would cost more than that. You could tear out the pages and mount them on mat board and frame them as pages popped up. That would actually be rather cool. There are several places online to buy metal frames of all types. You pick the style of frame that you want. You tell them the size of the sides and they cut them to fit your specifications. You must know in advance what you want or else you'll quickly become bewildered by all the choices. For a pop up page spread out and mounted, the frame will have to be thicker than normal for a sort of window box art display frame. Right there, one choice is made for you. You decide black, gold, bronze, silver, whatever. You decide the size of the mat that you glue the art to. One time I bought four segments for a poster. It's exactly like Frame I Yourself used to be. As a kit, they include the corner inserts too. And cable with insert loops to hang them. They're little pieces of metal that you screw into the track in the back of the frame that have holes in them for the cable to poke through. Like this.  Here's a 2-minute video of how to assemble a frame.

This book would be so easy to tear apart.

I'm trying to help you class up your place, alright?

Okay. Let's see on Amazon what people gripe about this book.

1-star review:

* Two mechanisms torn. Had to repair.

[Good for you. Try not to be so rough next time.]

2-star review:

* No words. 

3-star review:

* No words. Wants words or side stories in the margins.

[Words would ruin your art. These people have no appreciation for possibilities.]

5-star reviews

* Mother loved it and didn't care about it not having words. Thinks words would detract from the beauty

* Beautiful and informative

* For nephew. Instant hit with whole family. On permanent display on coffee table. Likes not having words. Instead they made inquiries into different organisms and made up storylines the whole evening.

* Grandson loved it so much she bought another.

* Beautiful pictures. 

Trump, full speech Pensacola

Overheard subway conversation

Harvey at IMAO says that he hates the artwork and that made this 10x funnier. It forces you to examine the artwork critically. The woman's outline stays the same while her expression changes dramatically and while the imaginary cartoon-camera goes closer and closer into the guy's face until the frame is just his lips and her face is contorted in Hell. Come on! That's fantastic. I love the artwork that Harvey hates. I saw it before and it wasn't this funny. He needs to stop hating it right now.

DOJ opens investigation of Planned Parenthood

They'll be looking into the sales of baby parts.
If an organization takes taxpayer dollars, then they have to adhere to every regulation and every law. Trafficking in the harvesting and sale of fetal tissue is not something that should involve government funding. They like to claim they only receive about $530 million from the federal government. 
The report found the Planned Parenthood abortion corporation and its affiliates received $344.5 million in federal funds and another $1.2 billion in funding from Medicaid (which includes a combination of federal and state funds) for a total of $1.5 billion over three years from federal programs. The abortion giant receives $1.2 billion from Medicaid, $201 million from the Title X family planning program $40.6 million from Title XX Social Services block grants and $25.9 million from the Title V Maternal and Child health Services block grant.

More at Victory Girls. 

Civil war

"Does that gramophone work?"

"Of course! I will play it for you. But first I have to light my pipe. I never listen to music without it."
His pipe was broken too, with a piece of tape holding it together. He lit it, cranked up the gramophone and out came the voice of an Arab singer from the 1940s, the same one that my grandfather used to listen to in Lebanon. For a moment I was no longer a photographer shooting ruined Aleppo. I was a boy in my mountain village, my grandfather sitting on the sofa in the afternoon listening to the “belle epoque” songs of Arab music.
Anis had recently returned to Aleppo, with plans to rebuild not only his home, but also his large collection of vintage American cars, despite everything being reduced to rubble.

The music over the ruins of Aleppo.

More words, photos and video of the cars at the link.

Friday, December 8, 2017

WKRLEM: #metoo

The woman is lying again

Beverly Nelson accusing Moore gave a news conference admitting she added the D.A. and the date to Roy Moore's signature in her yearbook. As if his signing her yearbook proves that he knew her back then and that proves he made aggressive unwanted advances upon her young innocent vulnerable sexually budding self way back then before she became an angry vindictive lying cow.

But she actually forged his last name. And this is clear in larger color photographs. Here's one. The original message is signed Roy. The new color ink begins with Moore, not with D.A. as she says.

If allowed, forensics will tell us the blue ink was added now and not way back then. But Gloria Celebritylawyer does not allow it.

While handwriting analysis is unreliable, and with ink color aside, let's do analysis anyway. For fun.

The upward notch on capital R in Roy differs from the downstroke loop serif for capital M in Moore. They would either be both upward notches or both little serifs, but not mixed impulses for first and last name.

Here, let me forge one for you.

The ending of one letter influences the beginning of the next letter, but the ending of lower case y in Roy does not influence the next upper case M. It can lead more easily to an upward notch than it would to a downstroke serif. Further, if the loop of the R and the large final looped stroke of the M were plant leaves, they'd be two separate species. But too bad. Signatures are disallowed in handwriting analysis because they're wildly different from all other samples. And poof there goes our fun.

I have no idea if the coast is clear...

...but it is snowing here.

I don't much care for snow, or winter, for that matter. I have work to do and this kind of weather makes me want to stay inside. It will be precipitating for the next 24 hours - not good, I have somewhere to be on Sunday, and from what I have seen in previous winters, the snow plow is broken.

However, I did get a nice surprise this afternoon - two boxes showed up on my front porch - inside were two big blocks of koa wood from Kurtistown on the Big Island of Hawaii. Talk about a wonderful slice of the tropics right here in the snowy Southeast. 

The wood is highly figured and the ends are treated to prevent cracks from forming, which is good as it might be a while until I can rough turn it. In the past I have used wood from local trees almost exclusively, including such local exotics as dogwood, crape myrtle, deodar cedar, golden rain tree, apple, Bradford pear, persimmon, southern sugar maple, Atlantic white cypress, plum, red mulberry and so on, but this will be the first koa I have ever worked with. So look for a koa bowl or two on this page sometime in the future - they will be stunning.

This evening's musical selection seemed  appropriate both for the season and the weather: for all you snowflakes out there...

Young people like to teach old people things

So let them. Ask them stuff. The validation far exceeds the input.

anecdote alert:

I told the hairdresser, "If you don't mind, I brought in my razor for you to show me how to oil it. The other woman already showed me but my razor doesn't match hers. I'm not sure where to put drops." She cut my hair and when she was done she said, "I'll get your backpack for you to pull out your razor." She took out her two types of oil, drip and spray, she plugged in my razor and carefully demonstrated. She was detailed in all aspects, explained different oils, what not to do, as if teaching a class. She too time, unrushed, and she really did help me understand. The thing is so noisy and obnoxious I almost threw it away. I had no idea I'm supposed to oil the thing each time. Now it hums quietly and it's a lot smoother. No tugging. But interestingly, I think, she felt as good about the exchange as I did. Then it occurred to me, she appreciated her specialization acknowledged. Beyond the ordinary, "great haircut."

I'm going to ask young people a lot more knowledge-based questions and give them the chance to shine as instructors.

Kielbasa, cabbage, potatoes

In a pressure cooker. Let's watch Debbie and see where she goes wrong.

Boy, this is frustrating. I looked through scores of videos, possibly a hundred,  and none do the way that I do it. Most use a very fast method. All that is needed is time to cook the vegetables. Women use two heads of cabbage, which seems like a lot, and a boatload of potatoes. Some omit onion.

Debbie made a video without having done this before.

A long time ago a young man half my own age told me he was braising sausages. I asked him what braising means. He told me slow baking in covered pot with scant water so moisture fogs in the pot, steams the protein and rains over the thing that you are cooking. "Like a crock pot?" He said, "Sort of. Yeah."

I cut kielbasa shaped like a U into large sandwich-size chunks but that was only so they could be turned and singed all around. First step in building additional flavor. Then added water to steam them, not boil them. A rather large pile in my largest pot. And let them cook slowly on low stovetop for hours until softened. Testing along the way. So the pile diminishes as I go because I'm eating portions of the chunks. When they're done, then the vegetables are added. On the bottom. Cooked and softened kielbasa on top. So all that fog and drizzling rain inside the pot drips through the sausage to cover the vegetables.

Without any additional flavoring, no salt, no pepper, no cayenne, nothing, the spices inside the sausages permeate everything and flavoring the water, plenty of spices inside the sausages to spread all around resulting in the most delicious liquid ever that can be sipped straight like exceedingly flavorful broth. And all the vegetables contributing their own flavors and accepting the spices rained up them.

All the fast ways work fine and everyone is happy. The video uploaders say it's their family's favorite thing. Their sausages are cut into bite-size pieces and when they chew them there will be some resistance. But braised for hours then the casings melt producing a sort of sticky surface and the meat is so tender it veritably melts in your mouth with near zero resistance. They no longer have the familiar texture of sausage or hotdogs. Nothing at all like sausage that's grilled.  Braising changes them into something else entirely. While the vegetables cooked much shorter period maintain their individual textures.

Some cooks us sauerkraut that adds vinegar. Some finish with wine. If a touch of vinegar is added to finish then I'd consider a touch of something sweet to go with it, braised onion, for one, or a touch of sugar for sweet/sour balance. Then, after all that long slow cooking, something fresh like tomato or cucumber and crispy lettuce on the same plate to go back and forth.

I bought one of these new style pressure cookers. We'll see how it goes. I use the regular pressure cooker quite a lot for things that you might not expect, and it's brilliant. It is the largest pot that I own and at first I thought it might be better if I have a smaller one too. Then I realized its size is no setback. The large pot can be used for small batches. So, for the new version that you see advertised all over the place, I upscaled to the large size. Debbie is cooking for her family of five and I am cooking for myself. Still, the large size is better because those leftovers are fantastic. The regular pressure pot makes a huge batch of chicken broth from collected bones in nothing flat. An amazing improvement and an impressive savings. I'd like the new one to do the same thing. Plus, the very small version are cheap, say, for an individual batch of beans or rice or frozen chicken breast or couple of chicken thighs.

I notice that cooks dump salt and pepper all the time in one spot. It'll dissolve and distribute. But wouldn't it be better to sprinkle evenly throughout? It just seems like it would. With bread dough I keep visualizing salt killing the yeast that it lands on.

All the pressure pot actually does is increase the temperature of boiling water. Like boiling food below sea-level. Like cooking in a bathysphere thousands of feet under the sea. The water has to get really hot before it boils and turns into steam. Then the steam is trapped and steam and water are the same temperature. At 15 lbs pressure the water and steam are 250℉. As a general rule, increasing temperature by 10°C (to 230℉) doubles the rate of reaction, halving the time of completion, increasing to  20°C (to 248℉) quarters the time it would take to cook something at 212℉. How in the world did they figure this out? Science!

Man, these scientists sure are smart.