Saturday, August 6, 2016

Melania Trump's Diary

This campaign is really starting to drag. And there are more than ninety days left. It is so long I might have to go back to Slovenia to get another Visa. Not an immigration Visa. A credit card. Donald expects that I only use American Express here in America. Because we put America first. But I get a Visa for my relatives back home so they can buy the potatoes and dirt that are the mainstay of their diet. You can’t forget where you came from after all.

Now the scumbag press is trying to look into my immigration record to see how I got into this country. I got here the old fashioned way. On my back. Look I was a supermodel not a nun. Somehow these so called liberals and progressives have a big problem with sex. Not like my Donald. He knew I had a past. Look he had a past too! But he had a lot of stuff in his past. Ivana. That slut whore Marla. A bunch of models, cocktail waitresses and coat check girls. Joey Heatherton. Dolly Parton. Even David Copperfield and that German cunt in a three way one drunken night at the Taj Mahal in Atlantic City. So we don’t judge and we don’t worry about the past and what we might have done. We only worry about Barron because of the Deal that Donald cut with Satan. I still don’t know how we are going to cover up his nanny jumping off the balcony. I have to watch that movie again to see how they did it.

Stan Getz


Are you watching the Olympics? If not, why not?

The Fall of the House of Murdoch!

Fox Faces Its Uncertain Future: The Minor Murdochs Take Command

By Stephen K Bannon August 6, 2016

Here’s an interesting headline for you: “Fox seeks to extend cable news domination in post-Ailes era.” Recalling the storm that has engulfed Fox News—the Gretchen Carlson sex-harassment lawsuit and other allegations, including from Megyn “Eve Harrington” Kelly, that precipitated the sudden departure of founder Roger Ailes—one might immediately ask: Why this headline appearing in The Hill on July 31? Could Fox sources be getting a little bit nervous?

Here’s a data point that might help answer those questions: In the fierce competition that is cable news, Fox came in third last week, behind both CNN and MSNBC. Some will say, of course, that the decline is just a blip, because the big story last week was the Democratic National Convention, and the Fox audience wasn’t really interested.

Maybe that’s the explanation, but maybe not. The Republican nominee traditionally goes on vacation during the DNC; Donald Trump is anything but traditional—last week, he was all over the news. So there was plenty for Fox fans to watch, even if Hillary & Co. made them nauseous. And yet the Fox audience just wasn’t there; as TV Newser’s A.J. Katz points out, Fox fell relative to the 2008 Democratic convention—including in the key 25-54 demographic:
CNN had the most viewers, MSNBC was up the most, and only Fox News didn’t add viewers. The news demo was flat vs. 2008. CNN was most-watched (and was also the No. 1 cable news network of the month in the demo), MSNBC showed the most improvement, and Fox News saw a -17 percent decline.
Ouch! A 17 percent decline is, for sure, painful. So yes, this would seem to be a strange time to see a header, “Fox seeks to extend cable news domination.” The immediate response is, what domination?

Pennsatucky should have know better!

New York Post August 6, 2016 by Julia Marsh
This judge believes life should imitate art.
A Manhattan jurist on Thursday asked how “Orange Is the New Black” actress Taryn Manning could claim ignorance of the legal system when her character’s life plays out in a prison.
“It almost defies belief that given who she is . . . she didn’t understand she needed to file some written notice,” said Judge Lucy Billings, referring to Manning’s failure to submit a notice of claim against the city before bringing a lawsuit for false arrest.
The actress, who plays Tiffany “Pennsatucky” Doggett, wants to sue the city for $10 million because she spent four hours in a holding cell after being accused of violating a protection order.
The accuser was the star’s ex-pal-turned-stalker Jeanine Heller.

Finally, a protest I can get behind


ESPN is losing subscribers at an astonishing rate and they don't care because their SJW agenda is more important than money!

The Cost of SJW Convergence by Vox Day August 6. 2016
ESPN is paying it, having lost 4 million subscribers and $350 million in the last year:
In the past five years ESPN has lost 11,346,000 subscribers according to Nielsen data.

If you combine that with ESPN2 and ESPNU subscriber losses this means that ESPN has lost over a billion dollars in cable and satellite revenue just in the past five years, an average of $200 million each year. That total of a billion dollars hits ESPN in the pocketbook not just on a yearly basis, but for every year going forward.

It's gone forever.

That's not just bad, this is downright cataclysmic.

And it's getting worse.

In the past year ESPN lost 4.159 million subscribers, that's another $350 million in lost revenue across the ESPN family of networks.

How Ultra Liberal SJW's and Republican Business Cucks work together to import Refugees who rape children!

Have you been following the story out of Idaho that the Main Stream Media has covered up? A group of Muslim refugee children raped a five year old and it is all being covered up. The mainstream media has a news embargo and the so called conservative media like the National Review and the American Specator and douches like Mark Levin will not touch it. A comphrensive account is presented by Breitbart in a very compelling article titled:

Twin Falls Crisis Imposed by Clinton-Era Pro-Refugee Advocates

This post is too lengthy to post here but I do want to post a couple of really disturbing paragraphs.

"Thousands of Muslim refugees are flowing into the small Idaho town of Twin Falls because of closed-door decisions made by a group of self-serving advocates in and around Washington D.C.

One key player is Lavinia Limón, CEO of the U.S. Committee on Refugees and Immigrants(USCRI). That’s a government-backed group that is paid to place migrants in Americans’ towns. Her group is also called a “voluntary agency,” or ‘VOLAG.’ The group’s local affiliate, the College of Southern Idaho, has already placed 1,000 Iraqi refugees in Twin Falls."

CNN is losing their collective mind

This morning I turned on the t.v. with sound. Results of a poll are given. The poll is obviously fraudulent, designed for bogus biased discussion. It asks who people feel could best protect America. A young attractive woman jumps in to answer and works up a lather about Trump's finger on the nuclear button. (There is no such thing) She raves and obviously emotionally unstable herself. The other panelist smile as if watching an enjoyable display as she says what they think in describing Trump too unstable to be president.


Good. Good. I think to myself. They've come undone. But I don't have to watch them. This is showing me and everyone else the network has its agenda, and that they are in full panic mode and that is good, very good, as people like myself dismiss them entirely. That bogus poll, that panel discussion, that specific woman compel me to vote Trump 10X as hard. After that now nothing can get through and Trump becomes even more attractive. Their argument works against them while they imagine themselves convincing. They're all clearly too unstable to vote. The network clearly corrupted with crackpots.

And yesterday was the exact same thing. Exactly the same. That makes a pattern. My apartment with door wide open to street sounds is quiet as a temple. Turn on the television and receive CNN ranting about Trump. Straight up ranting. Two mornings in a row. This is their morning material. I expect tomorrow the same thing. I'll be disappointed if it's not so. And television becomes more and more useless the more that it's captured by political partisans driven insane by Trump, oddly claiming that Trump is insane. Cartoons are more interesting, more useful, more valuable than CNN panel opinion faking as news. CNN has ruined itself. I imagine I'm not alone in this. I imagine their viewership attenuating as their freak out continues and increases over the next few months.

Past Espys (1998)

I believe this kind of humor is practically dead in mass media. Is that a good thing, bad thing or indifferent for American culture? Discuss.

"‘A few bad words better than getting blown up’"

Crossover Appeal

CBS BaltimoreAn Ocean City marina is selling T-shirts featuring the phrases “White Lives Matter” and “Blue Lives Matter” to spread awareness about the conservation of marlins. The White Marlin Marina is selling two types of the shirts — one in honor of white marlins and another in honor of blue marlins.

Worcester County NAACP president Ivory Smith tells The Daily Times of Salisbury that the shirts could be interpreted as a mockery of the Black Lives Matter and Blue Lives Matter movements. Those two phrases have been rallying cries following police shootings of African-Americans and shootings of police officers, respectively.
The designer of the shirts, employee George Lamplugh, says his shirts promote billfish conservation by featuring images of marlins on safe-release circle hooks, unlike Swagger Fishing, which sells “Kill Whitey” shirts and stickers promoting non-release white marlin fishing.
Meanwhile, in San Francisco, this picture which appeared in a police monthly journal is causing controversy.... (Link to NBC Bay Area distressed coverage)

"Black Labs Matter, All Labs Matter"
SF GATEThe photo, submitted by a union supporter, is accompanied by a plea from the union: “Maybe it’s time we all just sit back and tone down the rhetoric,” a reference to many months of heated national debate over police shootings and, recently, the targeted slayings of police officers.

"Rio delivers a simple, but spirited, Olympic welcome"

APSupermodel Gisele Bundchen shimmered to the tune of "The Girl from Ipanema." Fireworks formed the word "Rio" in the skies. The colossal Christ the Redeemer statue was bathed in Brazilian yellow and green. Dancers, all hips and wobble, grooved to thumping funk and sultry samba.

After one of the roughest-ever rides from vote to games by an Olympic host, the city of beaches, carnival, grinding poverty and sun-kissed wealth celebrated Brazil's can-do spirit, biodiversity and melting pot history.

The crowd roared when Bundchen sashayed from one side of the 78,000-seat arena to the other, as Tom Jobim's grandson, Daniel, played his grandfather's famous song about the Ipanema girl "tall and tan and young and lovely."

In a video preceding the show, U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said the games "celebrate the best of humanity" and appealed for an Olympic truce, calling on "all warring parties to lay down their weapons" during the two weeks of sporting achievement.

There were times after the International Olympic Committee selected Rio ahead of Chicago, Tokyo and Madrid in 2009 when it seemed that the city of 6.5 million people might not get its act together for the world's greatest sporting mega-event. The spreading health crisis of the mosquito-born Zika virus kept some athletes away. Promises to clean up Rio's filthy waters remained unfulfilled. The heavy bill for the games, at least $12 billion, made them unpopular with many. Heavily armed security stopped a small group of protesters from getting close to the stadium ahead of the ceremony.

WKRLEM: Chill bra....the little fishes don't care

Friday, August 5, 2016

cats are weird

From IRS and the tea parties to Homeland and the vote

UPIHomeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson said Thursday his department is considering classifying electronic polling stations across the country as "critical infrastructure," entitling them to the same level of cyber-protection as the nation's power grid and financial sector.

Johnson said the federal government has been looking at how to protect electronic polling stations from cyberattacks since before it was revealed the Democratic National Committee had been hacked, likely by Russians, representing a serious foreign cyber intrusion affecting the 2016 presidential election.

While federal officials have yet to officially point the finger for the DNC hack at the Russians, The New York Times reported Thursday that intelligence officials have a "high level of confidence" the individuals behind the DNC hack have ties to the Russian government.

"We should carefully consider whether our election system, our election process is critical infrastructure, like the financial sector, like the power grid," Johnson told reporters in Washington. "There's a vital national interest in our electoral process."

The nation's election infrastructure -- and the security of it -- has not undergone significant changes since passage of the Help America Vote Act in 2002, which Johnson said "raised the bar" for security, but is now outdated.

Strange Old Vehicles

h/t AllenS

"A black social worker called 911 because she was afraid of a cop"

"A violent arrest followed."
Nervous and distraught, Earledreka White did the only thing she thought she could to allay her fears after being stopped by a police officer in Houston: She called 911 to report the traffic stop and asked for police backup.
White’s voice was so shaky that she stuttered when trying to give the emergency dispatcher their location, a medical plaza parking lot outside the Loop 610 near downtown Houston. Next to her stood an officer with Houston’s Metro Police Department, waiting while she made the call in the doorway of her sedan.
“He’s saying I crossed over a solid line and I did not,” White told the dispatcher. “I got out of the car to ask him what the offense was. He raised his voice at me and threatened to arrest me. So I’m really confused. And I would like another officer to come out here.
“My heart is racing. I’m really afraid.”
Less than two minutes later, the officer reached for his handcuffs, then for White’s left wrist.
Soon, the two began shouting as White begged him to stop.
After a violent struggle, the 28-year-old African American woman was arrested, sobbing.
The charge? Resisting arrest. (more)

What a time to be alive

What a time to be alive.

Forklift crashes into liquor store, low-speed chase ensues


"During a 15-mph chase, police followed the driver into a recreational vehicle park and blocked the only exit with patrol cars. Police say alcohol bottles were found inside the front-loader, which had been stolen from a construction site."

WKRLEM: Chill bra!

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Obama: We do not pay ransom for hostages

Illegal in Massachusetts: Asking Your Salary in a Job Interview

NYT:   In a groundbreaking effort to close the wage gap between men and women, Massachusetts has become the first state to bar employers from asking about applicants’ salaries before offering them a job.

The new law will require hiring managers to state a compensation figure upfront — based on what an applicant’s worth is to the company, rather than on what he or she made in a previous position.

The bipartisan legislation, signed into law on Monday by Gov. Charlie Baker, a Republican, is being pushed as a model for other states, as the issue of men historically outearning women who do the same job has leapt onto the national political scene. (read the whole thing)

Nothing on the article about possible unintended consequences.

What asshole fact do you know that will ruin the fun for everyone?

Reddit best comments....
Worked in a liquor store. The same 25 or so people would come in every day and buy a pint of fifth of vodka. Every day. I would point out to them it is much cheaper over the long run just to buy a gallon. They would mostly shrug and buy their pint or fifth.
I realized later they were high-functional alcoholics who, knowing they would drink every drop available, just bought what they could consume daily and remain semi functional.
Spiders molt. When you see a dead spider, there's a good chance that it isn't actually a dead spider, it's just an exoskeleton. The spider is still alive, and it's bigger than before.
If you ever play Monopoly, and are playing by the "official" rules don't upgrade to hotels. There are a finite number of housing properties available. Get a group ASAP, fill it up with 4 houses ASAP and let it sit. Continue to buy property, fill em with houses. NEVER upgrade them to hotels, and you will win the game, as the other players will have no source of income compared to you.
Some, if not all, of the crew of the shuttle Challenger were alive and awake during their minutes-long free fall into the Atlantic following the break-up of the shuttle/rocket
Sea otters, cute as they may be, rape baby seals to death. Or. more accurately, the baby seals drown while being raped because the otters hold them down.

Supreme Court block transgender from using boys' restroom

Los Angeles TimesThe Supreme Court intervened for the first time Wednesday in the controversy over transgender rights and blocked a lower court ruling that would have allowed a transgender boy to use the high school restroom that fits his “gender identity.”

In an unusual 5-3 order, the justices granted an emergency appeal from a Virginia school board, which said it is fighting to “protect the basic expectations of bodily privacy of Gloucester County students.”

The school board was seeking to be exempted from the Obama administration’s position that schools nationwide are required to allow transgender students to use the bathroom they prefer.

Justice Stephen G. Breyer signaled he did not support the school board’s emergency appeal, but said he joined the court’s four conservatives as a “courtesy” to put the issue on hold until the justices can review the matter when they return in the fall.

“In light of the facts that four justices have voted to grant the application referred to the court by the chief justice, that we are currently on recess and that granting the stay will preserve the status quo,” he wrote, “I vote to grant the application as a courtesy.”

Claim: Secretive Branch of ISIS Built a Global Network of Killers

NYT:  “He was speaking openly about the situation, saying that they have loads of people living in European countries and waiting for commands to attack the European people,” Mr. Sarfo recounted on Monday, in an interview with The New York Times conducted in English inside the maximum-security prison near Bremen. “And that was before the Brussels attacks, before the Paris attacks.”
The masked man explained that, although the group was well set up in some European countries, it needed more attackers in Germany and Britain, in particular. “They said, ‘Would you mind to go back to Germany, because that’s what we need at the moment,’” Mr. Sarfo recalled. “And they always said they wanted to have something that is occurring in the same time: They want to have loads of attacks at the same time in England and Germany and France.”
One woman was killed and five injured in a knife attack in central London last night. (via Drudge)

Is it possible all these smaller attacks are connected and Europeans have not been told?

loanwords from Japan

I'm idly reading Wikileaks, Hillary emails search [nuclear] and so far seeing only normal day to day ordinary things that are not damaging. Six years ago discussions about Iran, Turkish PM visiting Iran, WSJ article, H. Clinton remarks on nonproliferation conference, Netanyahu cancelling a trip to Obama's summit, Brown missing the summit, India, S.Korea, three untitled but ordinary emails, then a Japan nuclear update, Iran again, Pakistan, US shelving nuclear shield, Russia helping Ecuador, more North Korea, Iran and Syria, redirecting nuclear weapons budget by US general, Israel, Bulgaria, Israel calculations re Iran, and now a "must read" on Japan from Hillary Clinton to Lauren Jiloty citing an article in the Economist.

In another window, looking up Lauren Jiloty a row of photos show an attractive smiling woman who could be mistaken for model. The first entries are about Hillary's email. The very first link to the Guardian "Hillary Clinton: the best of her emails"

That article lists.

* Hillary having trouble hanging up a fax machine
* A coat Hillary bought in Kabul and wore when visiting later
* Twittering in the Secretary's name
* Call Sarah and ask if she can get me some iced tea.
* Decoding diplomatic Jargon P5+1 and E3+3 (E=Europe, +US, China, Russia same as P5+1
* Apples for personal use.
* White House standing up Hillary. She was told there would be a meeting, she shows up but no meeting. She frets that Kissinger met with Nixon every day but she meets with O only once a week
* Surreal message from senator Barbara Mikulski (all about being a woman)

So then, all ordinary things, nothing damaging, nothing juicy, just ordinary inconsequential emails. Presumably these were all to Lauren Jiloty although that's not stated, presumed because it is first result under her name, she is never mentioned in this Guardian article.

So apparently this is who Jiloty  is and by Guardian standards the most interesting among Hillary's emails.

Back to Wikileaks and the email I'm looking at, the article in the Economist that Hillary sent to Jiloty, It is a good article, but hardly a "must read."

I'm always disappointed in those. Now, someone says, "must read" is fair assurance I can do fine without reading it. This is such because we know all this already.

The article is about the tsunami that wiped out the nuclear facility and the effect it had on Japanese society and their response to it, and what might come of that.  The article compliments Japanese civility, their observed habits, the awe this inspired in the rest of the world. It reviews their history in social terms stating that large events do have long lasting effects that change their society, a 1923 earthquake turned the country to militarism, the US dropping the atomic bomb on them turned their society to peaceful growth. The nuclear disaster may restore confidence while demanding corrections to secretive systems of governance, it may lead to political reform, and so on.

The thing that caught my attention though is the opening sentence. This is a small thing, sorry, nothing damaging to Hillary to report, just a matter of my own picayune interest, the author, Burns Strider begins, Japan's hydra-headed disaster, the fallout (see what he did there?) Some natural disasters change history, Japan's tsunami may be one.
That "tsunami" is one of the few Japanese words in global use points to the country's familiarity with natural disaster.
Oh really?  See? I told you it cannot be an actual "must read." The author doesn't know what he's talking about.

Seems there are a lot more loanwords from Japan than that at least in English. I can list several off the top of my head.

[loanwords from Japan] The search must be worded just so or else you get words adapted by Japan from other languages, those words are called gairaigo in Japanese.

I think we know all of these.

under arts

bokeh (attractive camera blur)
ikebana (flower arrangement)
imari (porcelin)
manga (comics)
wabi-sabi (sesthetic of acceptance of transience and imperfection, muddy little arrangements of weeds)

under business

kanban (efficient flow of materials)

under clothing


under food

adzuki (bean)
daikon (radish shredded for sushi)
katsuobushi (smoked skipjack flakes, bonito, for seafood soup)
koji (fungus used in miso)
kombu (dry kelp)
matsutake (mushroom)
mirin (sweet rice wine for cooking)
shabu shabu (each diner cooks their own from raw ingredient)
surimi (fake crab from whitefish)
tamari (stronger soy sauce)
wakame (another type of edible kelp)

under govt

daimyo (feudal rulers, great names)
mikado (emperor)
shogun (practical ruler during Meji era)

under martial arts


under religion


under other

katana (sword)
sensei (master)

There are a lot more at Wikipedia, but I don't know those. I picked out the common ones. The others don't seem so common to me as these.

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

WKRLEM- White Sandy Beach...a little something to let you relax....and chill.

One Day

A ukulele player is covering the song One Day written and performed by Matisyahu (gift of God)  who was at one time an orthodox Jew who incorporated elements of rap, reggae, beatbox and alternative rock. A well known song of his is titled Man Without a Crown. He is adored by his followers. For example, from YouTube comments.
that last part where he was saying " I look to the sky where my help come from " all the hairs on my body raised up and eyes watered.... powerful powerful shit. 
I like that, one line totally got her.

The Ukulele player in Hawaii is unaware that Matisyahu renounced his religion in 2011 and changed his appearance dramatically. He does not know the man singing along is Matisyahu himself and says so, "You look different."

Fans love this. It's all over the place. I think it's funny when the player greets the man singing along and learns it is Matisyahu he says, "Jesus Christ!" It's a flat expletive to a Jew, I imagine. It's funny.

Comments begin: "Something something vertical video.

Answered: "Something something 240p"

"Looks different"

"Less Jewy?"


It's a catchy tune besides. Looking for the video on YouTube I notice dozens of covers of this song and several with a ukulele. Girls singing it on benches, couples singing it in automobiles, kids in their home studios, groups in parks, men wailing it, choirs singing it, women being emotional with it, hippies adopting it, famous names covering it. 

Gluten for punishment!

So we are having a problem going out to eat. The wife has developed a severe allergy to gluten and dairy. It is amazing how much better she fells when it is eliminated from our diet. I cook everyday and I post recipes that have gotten sort of popular on Instagram and facebook. Mainly vegetable and meats no fish or corn or soy or dairy. Still you can make a bunch of tasty stuff.

The thing is I can still eat regular food. Not the way I used to of course just in moderation. But I can have a regular pizza or hero. It is just a struggle to find a restaurant that we can both eat at. On Friday night we tried to figure something out.

Sonny Fox shares his memories of the quiz show scandals of the 50’s, recalls experiences as WWII POW in Germany, and Wonderama host and JFK friendship.

I didn't know any of this. Not one bit of it. And it turned out to be unexpectedly interesting. The POW part is especially interesting. I never heard of Wonderama but should have. And I did know about the 64,000 Dollar Question scandal, but I did not know about Joyce Brothers memorizing boxing stats to prevail in that line of questioning.

He describes early t.v. as being rather goofy and a lot of fly-by-the-seat-of-their-pants.

It is an interesting podcast hosted by Gilbert Gottfried's Amazing Colossal Podcast here. I realize you can take Gottfried only in small doses, and that's okay, here he is very good listener throughout and only laughs (maniacally) here and there. I have a feeling you might enjoy this even more than I did.


Newt says Trump is in a Slump

USA Today:  "Let me just say flatly, I am totally for John McCain, who is a great war hero and a terrific human being, who has worked very hard for veterans. And I’m totally for Paul Ryan, who is the heart of the House Republican Party and probably the most problem-solving leader we’ve had in the Congress on the Republican side in the last 20 years," Gingrich said in an interview with Fox Business Network Wednesday. "So I think somewhat what Trump has done is just very self-destructive."

Gingrich said Trump’s behavior needs to shift to that of a general election candidate.

"Trump is still behaving like as though it was the primaries and there were 17 candidates. He has not made the transition to being the potential president of the United States, which is a much tougher league," the former House speaker said.

But Gingrich doesn’t think this week will put the nail in the coffin for Trump. Rather, he likened it to a slump once experienced by legendary NFL quarterback Joe Montana.

Gingrich said Montana had a “stretch during his career where he kept throwing interceptions; and for about half a season, it looked like he wasn’t Joe Montana anymore. And then he figured out what he was doing, and he changed. Trump, Trump is in that kind of a slump.”

"He's thrown a series of interceptions in the last week that really do not bode well for the campaign," Gingrich continued.

"Everyone recommends flossing – but there's hardly any proof it works"

The GuardianLast year journalists from the agency (AP) asked the departments of health and human services and agriculture in the US for their evidence that flossing works.

Since then, the US government has quietly dropped the recommendation, admitting that there is no scientific evidence to prove the benefits. And now the NHS is set to review their own guidelines.

On its website, it currently states that dental floss “helps to prevent gum disease by getting rid of pieces of food and plaque from between your teeth” which can cause inflammation.

Up to 45 million people

"Remembering the biggest mass murder in the history of the world"

Historian Frank Dikötter, author of the important book Mao’s Great Famine recently published an article in History Today, summarizing what happened:
Mao thought that he could catapult his country past its competitors by herding villagers across the country into giant people’s communes. In pursuit of a utopian paradise, everything was collectivised. People had their work, homes, land, belongings and livelihoods taken from them. In collective canteens, food, distributed by the spoonful according to merit, became a weapon used to force people to follow the party’s every dictate. As incentives to work were removed, coercion and violence were used instead to compel famished farmers to perform labour on poorly planned irrigation projects while fields were neglected.
A catastrophe of gargantuan proportions ensued. Extrapolating from published population statistics, historians have speculated that tens of millions of people died of starvation. But the true dimensions of what happened are only now coming to light thanks to the meticulous reports the party itself compiled during the famine….
What comes out of this massive and detailed dossier is a tale of horror in which Mao emerges as one of the greatest mass murderers in history, responsible for the deaths of at least 45 million people between 1958 and 1962. It is not merely the extent of the catastrophe that dwarfs earlier estimates, but also the manner in which many people died: between two and three million victims were tortured to death or summarily killed, often for the slightest infraction. When a boy stole a handful of grain in a Hunan village, local boss Xiong Dechang forced his father to bury him alive. The father died of grief a few days later. The case of Wang Ziyou was reported to the central leadership: one of his ears was chopped off, his legs were tied with iron wire, a ten kilogram stone was dropped on his back and then he was branded with a sizzling tool – punishment for digging up a potato.

Man arrested for raging at his wife over too much cheese on his grilled cheese

The Smoking GunThe unemployed De Paola became incensed at his 51-year-old spouse due to her “using three slices of cheese in a grilled cheese sandwich.” De Paola told cops that he had told the victim she “could make a grilled cheese sandwich with two pieces of cheese instead of three.”

De Paola’s wife told police that he was shouting in her face and that his spit hit her in the face. She added that her husband “has a history of violent and abusive behavior” that includes a prior arrest and the issuance of a restraining order.

During the incident, De Paola’s wife directed the couple’s nine-year-old daughter to dial 911. But De Paola subsequently yanked the phone cord from the wall and slammed the device on the ground. The couple’s 12-year-old daughter then used her mother’s cell phone to summon police.

Trump asked a question

CNBCDonald Trump asked a foreign policy expert advising him why the U.S. can't use nuclear weapons, MSNBC's Joe Scarborough said on the air Wednesday, citing an unnamed source who claimed he had spoken with the GOP presidential nominee.

"Several months ago, a foreign policy expert on the international level went to advise Donald Trump. And three times [Trump] asked about the use of nuclear weapons. Three times he asked at one point if we had them why can't we use them," Scarborough said on his "Morning Joe" program.

Scarborough then asked a hypothetical question to Hayden about how quickly nuclear weapons could be deployed if a president were to give approval.

"It's scenario dependent, but the system is designed for speed and decisiveness. It's not designed to debate the decision," Hayden said.

CNBC reached out to the Trump campaign via email and was awaiting a response.

WKRLEM: Misty Watercolor Memories

Been there. Done that.

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Did Obama trade Cash for Hostages?

WSJThe Obama administration secretly organized an airlift of $400 million worth of cash to Iran that coincided with the January release of four Americans detained in Tehran, according to U.S. and European officials and congressional staff briefed on the operation afterward.

Wooden pallets stacked with euros, Swiss francs and other currencies were flown into Iran on an unmarked cargo plane, according to these officials. The U.S. procured the money from the central banks of the Netherlands and Switzerland, they said.

The money represented the first installment of a $1.7 billion settlement the Obama administration reached with Iran to resolve a decades-old dispute over a failed arms deal signed just before the 1979 fall of Iran’s last monarch, Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi.

What's the weirdest thing about your body?

Reddit best comments....
I have one attached and one unattached earlobe.
On the left side of my head, above my ear, I've developed a random bald spot slightly larger than the diameter of a quarter. Coincidentally, right below my right shoulder, I have a thick patch of back hair about the same size (my back is otherwise hairless). It's like a whole community of hair just said "fuck it" and moved to my body's equivalent of Florida.
My immune system thinks I'm allergic to the progesterone I naturally release.
I have a perfectly smooth mushroom shaped, skin colored mole on the side of my head and I've had it since birth. My mom says it looks like a penis, you know, nice stuff that moms say.
Brains are part of the body, right? I have Prosopagnosia (face blindness), which means that I do not recognise or remember faces. I can look at someone, turn around, turn back, and I won't recognise their face. I don't recognise my coworkers, friends, or family by face. I have a lot of funny stories related to this...
I have a congenital blood disorder called Haemochromatosis. This means that my body absorbs far too much Iron from my diet and since it can't be expelled easily, my body stores the excess Iron wherever it can and the build up of it can cause nasty complications if not treated.
I also have Anaemia. Which is very strange as I have all this Iron in my body but yet it isn't being absorbed into my blood stream. Even Specialists at the BMA (British Medical Association) are scratching their heads about this and frequently ask for samples to research.

toy gun

Yesterday in line at the grocery a boy with his parent walk by holding a plastic gun with cartoon cross-connected extension arms the type with a boxing glove on the end except his had two black suction cups at the end. It was a toy grabber with a hand grip shaped as a pistol. Aim it at something a short distance and gently grab it. Not at all useful but amusing.

I want one.

It hardly extends at all but when it does it becomes a cartoon. Similar to this. It was funny seeing him idly playing with it. Boys will be boys.

(We actually have a label for toys)

This is how Democrats bait Donald Trump

"Calling Trump ‘Unfit,’ Obama Urges G.O.P. to Abandon Him"
“The question they [GOP] have to ask themselves is: If you are repeatedly having to say in very strong terms that what he has said is unacceptable, why are you still endorsing him?” Mr. Obama said at a news conference at the White House.
Mr. Obama said that in addition to Mr. Trump’s comments about the Khan family, the Republican nominee had demonstrated that he was “woefully unprepared to do this job.” The president said Mr. Trump lacked knowledge about Europe, the Middle East and Asia.
“This isn’t a situation where you have an episodic gaffe. This is daily,” Mr. Obama added. “There has to be a point at which you say, this is not somebody I can support for president of the United States, even if he purports to be a member of my party. The fact that that has not yet happened makes some of these denunciations ring hollow.”

How Time Flies


"Woman Robs Wyoming Bank To Go Back To Prison"

APFBI Special Agent Tory Smith said in court documents that Thompson entered a US Bank branch in Cheyenne and handed a teller a cardboard note that said, “I have a gun. Give me all your money.”

The teller turned over thousands of dollars.

Outside, Thompson threw money into the air and even offered some to people passing by, Smith stated. He added that Cheyenne police Lt. Nathan Busek said he found Thompson with a large sum of money when he arrived at the bank.

“Lt. Busek asked Thompson what was going on, and Thompson replied, ‘I just robbed the bank, I want to go back to prison,'” Smith wrote.

Mechanicsburg, Penn

I like the name of the place. Never heard it before. I'd expect there to be a lot of mechanical types given the name.

Trump had disputes with a city's fire marshal limiting his crowd to 1,000 even in a space that can easily hold double that number seated at tables, the space sectioned in half with a curtain for Trump and still plenty of room to mill around while more people than that are left outside in the heat after waiting for hours. Trump suspects and accuses dirty politics while the fire marshal is constrained by regulation. The capacity limitation might have to do with egress capability as much as area capacity. The facts are not clear. [trump, fire marshal]

His campaign must get in the habit of booking venues with clearly stated capacity. While his point is made that more people are disappointed than satisfied, this is a losing argument.

But not so at Mechanicsburg.

These Trump crowds are contrasted with Hillary crowds that number far fewer. She is seen speaking to about a hundred or so people gathered intimately compared to this. 

For comparison This video shows her supporters, some 200 or so with professionally printed signs and herself onstage with helpers. The video gives a glimpse of the crowd in Columbus Ohio  July 31, 2016 and the rest is her speech. 

Hillary's campaign is not grassroots, not one bit, it is top down, it is corporate. Trump's campaign is truly grassroots running against GOP as well as DNC and most of corporate media. 

CNN Chris Cuomo, "We're the biggest ones supporting her campaign"

This is old but still quite relevant,  June 2014, Chris Cuomo  is explaining that by delaying announcing her run for the presidency that Hillary was "freezing pockets" meaning donors would be holding back for her announcement making their money unavailable to other candidates. Then in a giddy moment of unchecked honesty Cuomo admits that they have been giving Hillary a free ride all along and that they are Hillary's biggest supporters.

Hillary Clinton cought lying again

Monday, August 1, 2016

Texas allows guns in college classrooms

BloombergThe so-called state "campus carry" law allows people 21 and older with a concealed handgun license to carry pistols in classrooms and buildings throughout public colleges, including the University of Texas system, one of the nation's largest with an enrollment of more than 214,000 students.

The law took effect on the 50th anniversary of one of the deadliest U.S. gun incidents on a college campus, when a student named Charles Whitman killed 16 people by firing from a perch atop the clock tower at the University of Texas at Austin, the state's flagship public university.

At the University of Texas Austin campus, third-year student Courtney Dang said the idea of campus carry was scary.

"There are so many students battling the stress of campus. Some are unstable and we don't know who has a gun," said Dang.

Gold Star Parents are radical Muslims who support the Muslim Brotherhood and are agents of Saudi Arabia

Clinton Cash: Khizr Khan’s Deep Legal, Financial Connections to Saudi Arabia, Hillary’s Clinton Foundation Tie Terror, Immigration, Email Scandals Together

 Breibart News by Matthew Boyle August 1, 2016

Khizr Khan, the Muslim Gold Star father that the mainstream media and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton have been using to criticize Donald J. Trump, has deep ties to the government of Saudi Arabia—and to international Islamist investors through his own law firm. In addition to those ties to the wealthy Islamist nation, Khan also has ties to controversial immigration programs that wealthy foreigners can use to essentially buy their way into the United States—and has deep ties to the “Clinton Cash” narrative through the Clinton Foundation.

27 non-political questions determine your liberal-conservative spectrum (Click Link)

(Note: if you are using Safari on iOS, you may need to scroll to see all options. There are 5 responses for each scenario.)


I'm setting off this morning on a road trip with my son. We're heading to Wisconsin to see relatives, a few friends, and the great inbetween. Back in a week or two. I may update on Twitter: @chickelit

"The Clinton Foundation, State and Kremlin Connections"

"Why did Hillary’s State Department urge U.S. investors to fund Russian research for military uses?"
Consider Skolkovo, an “innovation city” of 30,000 people on the outskirts of Moscow, billed as Russia’s version of Silicon Valley—and a core piece of Mrs. Clinton’s quarterbacking of the Russian reset.
Following his 2009 visit to Moscow, President Obama announced the creation of the U.S.-Russia Bilateral Presidential Commission. Mrs. Clinton as secretary of state directed the American side, and Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov represented the Russians. The stated goal at the time: “identifying areas of cooperation and pursuing joint projects and actions that strengthen strategic stability, international security, economic well-being, and the development of ties between the Russian and American people.”

The Kremlin committed $5 billion over three years to fund Skolkovo. Mrs. Clinton’s State Department worked aggressively to attract U.S. investment partners and helped the Russian State Investment Fund, Rusnano, identify American tech companies worthy of Russian investment. Rusnano, which a scientific adviser to President Vladimir Putin called “Putin’s child,” was created in 2007 and relies entirely on Russian state funding.
What could possibly go wrong?

Sunday, July 31, 2016

Scandinavian Airlines flight, 1969

Link to source

21st-century caveman

"Hunter-gatherer, 79, has lived in Argentinian mountain grotto for 40 years drinking from a creek and eating what he kills"
When he gets hungry he picks up his rifle and goes hunting or heads on a three-hour trek down the mountain to the nearest settlement of San Pedro de Colalao. A creek is his main source of water.
'It's the purest, richest water there is' he says.
His cave mates? Eleven roosters and two goats that roam the mountainside during the day and return at night looking for shelter from pumas and other predators. The crows of the roosters wake him up at around 3 a.m. every morning and he begins the day.
His only technological gadget is a small, battery-powered radio, but he has a hard time tuning into stations because the signal is weak up the mountain.
He walks three hours every day, climbing the steep mountainside to reach his cave. Luca's skin is weather-beaten and he has few teeth left, but he seems much younger than a man who is almost 80. (pictures at the link)

Didn’t see that one coming: TV psychic Miss Cleo has died.

New York Post, Page Six July 26, 2016 by Jessica Sager
A rep for the soothsayer told TMZ that Miss Cleo (real name Younee Harris) died Tuesday while in hospice care, surrounded by family and friends. She was 53.
Harris suffered from colon cancer that spread to her liver and lungs.
Since the Psychic Readers Network closed shop, Harris, who was born in Los Angeles, performed various odd jobs and used her infamous Jamaican accent in voice work for “Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.”

Call the Midwife....Babies Coming....Look it's got an olive in it's mouth!

New York Post Page Six by Derrick Bryson Taylor July 31, 2016
Lindsay Lohan may need to review her life choices.
The troubled star, whose father Michael Lohan told “Page Six TV” she was pregnant, was photographed smoking and drinking beer on a yacht in Italy Thursday.
Lohan, 30, has been in the Mediterranean most of the week following an explosive fight and breakup with fiancé Egor Tarabosov.
Photographers captured her looking completely burnt out on Friday. One image shows an exhausted looking Lohan sitting on the back of the luxury yacht in an ill-fitting blue swimsuit.
While Lohan hangs with friends, Tarabosov, 22, was photographed leaving London’s Chiltern Firehouse Thursday with a mystery woman

Here is a post that will dial the outrage meter up to red zone!

We'll make it up on Volume
Vox Popoli Blog by Vox Day July 31, 2016
Steve Sailer observes that Muslims serving in the US military have been a net negative since 2000:
As far as I can tell, 14 Muslim-American U.S. soldiers have died in this century versus 15 American soldiers murdered in a couple of terrorist attacks by Muslim-American U.S. soldiers.

Okay, so we’re losing soldiers on each one. (Never mind 3,000 dead civilians in the U.S.)

But we’ll make up for it on volume!

But that’s not the point. The point is that global empire costs a lot of money, which lines a lot of pockets around the Beltway, so we need to keep the Invade / Invite perpetual motion money machine going.
The Khizr Khan story was pretty good rhetoric for the Democrats. But it was hampered by the fundamental weakness of rhetoric that is used to sell falsehoods rather than the truth. Of course, one can't effectively counter rhetoric with dialectic, although Trump could have been even colder than he was in pointing to the silence of Khan's headscarf-wearing mother.

The more effective rhetoric would have been to point out that Khan's death likely saved American lives, as he was killed before he experienced an attack of Sudden Jihad Syndrome and turned his guns on his fellow soldiers. The outrage would have been epic and would have served to underline the fact that even some who wear the uniform and are sworn to defend the US Constitution are not, and never will be, Americans.

They are going to the Mattresses at Rao's!

New York Post by Beth Landman July 31, 2016
The legendary Italian restaurant Rao’s is known for its warm, clubby feel, but lately there’s a chill in the dining room — and it’s not the air conditioning.
Regulars say that since Frank Pellegrino Sr. filed a lawsuit against his longtime partner Ron Straci on July 15, the tension in the tiny dining room has been palpable.
“Frankie usually sits in the first chair by the bar, and Ron stands on the far wall, but now, when one shows up, the other leaves,” says one regular, who asked to remain anonymous, lest he lose his table at the restaurant.
Says another regular: “The other night, Ron walked in, and Frankie didn’t even look at him. Then Frankie left.’’
And a third adds that he also witnessed the atypical iciness this week.
Both Pellegrino and Straci work on the floor of the restaurant, greeting diners at the bar as they arrive, and they both handle special reservation requests, so the lack of communication can get sticky. It can also be problematic for the extremely loyal and long-term staff, like bartender Nicky the Vest.

Rosie doesn't love Chachi!

New York Post Page Six Convention Coverage July 30. 2016
Scott Baio is taking his new role as a Republican mouthpiece to Twitter, getting into a fight with feisty actress Rose McGowan. “It’s a tough week for having a soul,” she tweeted during the RNC.
Baio shot back with, “I didn’t know you were the country’s conscience. But enjoy living in socialism. Keep getting plastic surgery.” Ouch!
McGowan simply said, “I must recuse myself, can’t be in a Twitter fight with you @scottbaio it hurts the soul.”
Scott Baio is still warring with actress Rose McGowan, claiming she deleted a tweet at him that read, “Go feather your hair you cocktail sausage of a d–k.”
Her outburst was a response to him tweeting at her, “Keep getting plastic surgery.”

McGowan wrote an open letter to Baio after he called Hillary Clinton the C-word.
“I’ve always wondered about small minds like yours,” she wrote. “Minds that are aggressively determined to be below average.”

Dude skydives 25,000 ft without parachute

Link to video

"Recovery Remains the Weakest of the Post-World War II Era"

WSJIn terms of average annual growth, the pace of this expansion has been by far the weakest of any since 1949. (And for which we have quarterly data.) The economy has grown at a 2.1% annual rate since the U.S. recovery began in mid-2009, according to gross-domestic-product data the Commerce Department released Friday.

The current expansion remains smaller than the one during Richard Nixon‘s administration. And that 16% expansion lasted just three years. The economy grew 18% from 2001 through 2007. It grew 52% from 1961 through 1969.

So far, it has occurred entirely during Barack Obama‘s time in the Oval Office, making it the longest expansion under a single president. The growth streak would need to extend just a little more than halfway through the next president’s term to achieve a modern record. (read the whole thing)

Some years back a frustrated Rush Limbaugh explained Obama's approval numbers, despite poor economy.

The Dandy Warhols

Bohemian Like You - Link