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Karaoke: Hot Child in the City

More Red Meat

That is from yesterday's Trump rally in San Diego. The two young men unfurled their banner as they walked with the crowd leaving the rally. Most of the protesters had been sequestered across Harbor Boulevard in the background.  They are shaded by the shadow of the Convention Center. The fellow on the right with the cap was bellowing the whole time in an affected "southern" accent about how he hated Muslims and Mexicans. Shortly after I took the photo, three uniformed police escorted them back to their safe zone before they met any harm.
In the comments: Chip Ahoy brightens the protesters' day:

 And, Lem links to Telemundo caught in the act in San Diego.


Marlene's German lyrics closely follow the very simple English ones. Test your German familiarity. I do like one distinction, however:
Wann wird man je verstehen, [When will they ever learn,]
Wann wird man je verstehen? [When will they ever learn?]
     I put the English version in brackets, not as a translation, but for comparison. My book-learned German says that wann wird man je verstehen should translate to "when will one ever understand."  But Google translate begs to differ and translates wann wird man je verstehen as "when will we ever learn." And that's just it -- Google has vastly improved the message and the meaning of the original song. It's the pronoun, you see.

     The original phrase "when will they ever learn" grates on me because it blames others for the human condition. In the context of the original song, it was very much an "us vs. them" mentality. According to Pete Seeger and a very eager postwar generation, war was what other people did. Nowadays, war is what the US does; "others" are freedom fighters. The German version is one step closer to the truth and Google is a full measure closer to the truth:

Not "when will they ever learn"; not "when will one ever learn"; but rather -- when will we ever learn?  It's the pronoun, you see.

      Pete Seeger is credited with writing most of the song, but a lesser-known songwriter named Joe Hickerson (who is still alive?) nearly perfected it by turning the song into a circle. Another example of such a circular song is Zager and Evans' "In The Year 2525." Can anyone think of others?

The song is also an example of a now rare artistic device called Ubi Sunt.

meaning of Kissed by a Rose

But did you know that when it snows my eyes become large and the light that you shine can be seen?

This must be one of the best lines in songdom. It seems to mean two things at once because of the contradiction. When it's actually snowing it's gray outside, but then after it snows a person's pupils contract autonomically to protect their eyeballs from snow-blindness, but when it snows as a person doing cocaine then their pupils dilate even if it's bright outside. Love is poetic light. The poet's eyes widen and love light is seen by a widening of emotional perception. The song is about cocaine and about love for a woman at the same time. During a cocaine buzz the poet landed on a parallel.

I'm trying to understand what this song is saying so I ask, [kissed by a rose, meaning] This song facts page explains the song in industry terms and leaves you hanging as to meaning, while the exceedingly lengthy comments explain the meaning of the song.

I did not realize how much this song means to people. Their comments are all lengthy and well-considered. There are some really smart people out there. They thought about this a great deal and give the explanation their best effort.
Coke users know about "bindles" (a 3"x3" piece of magazine paper folded in a certain way to "unfold" ("bloom") and reveal the coke inside. His new girl he loves probably cut her bindles out of "fashion magazines" and one day, he opened a bindle that showed a rose on it, which hit his emotions when he saw the parallels and symbolism about what their love really was".
So when he sings the "now that your rose is in bloom" (opening the rose photo on the bindle to reveal the coke) then a "light hits the gloom on the grey." Seal is literally saying "when you opened this bindle, a light came and took my gloom away, but it was a ROSE on the bindle -- that meant he had TWO symbolic roses to choose from - the rose on the bindle of coke, or the rose that represents her TRUE LOVE he thinks is blooming, just like when the rose bindle "bloomed".) 
When he uses the word "grey", he's talking about his mood. Winston Churchill (and other prominent people) back in the 19th and 20th centuries used to talk about their depression as being "the black days". Others refer to "grey" the same way, where their mood or depression isn't debilitating, but it's unpleasant.)
Google images [bindle cocaine] Oh, those things.

Psych! Seed package. He could have said origami envelope. And all that is just 1/4 of his answer. And they all answer this way.

if you think this is about drugs you're pretty much a dumbass. mary has the exact meaning IMO
There. I'm a dumbass. Mary:
"there used to be a greying tower alone by the sea"---means he used to be lonely and unhappy, had given up hope
"you became the light on the dark side of me"---means she has brought happiness to his sadness and misery
"love remains a drug thats the high not the pill"--means that the love she has given him brings a high> When people are in love it releases chemicals in the brain that are similar to a high someone would get from drugs, but it has nothing to do with drugs, remember the song by Huey Lewis called "i want a new drug" referring to love not drugs.
"but did you know that when it snows my eyes become large and the light that you shine cant be seen"---means--it is figuratively snowing, sad weather because she is not there, it is a time of darkness for him, when there is less light the pupils become large, less light meaning less happiness, and that happiness she brings him is gone because shes not there, when shes gone no light (happiness) is in his life
"baby i compare you to a kiss from a rose on the grey" means--- he is comparing the kiss (a kiss is an expression of love and she is the love in his life, the rose refers to her (a rose is beautiful, she is the rose--on the grey is referring to the the love she has brought to his sadness and misery (the grey is a color that denotes gloom)
"ooh the more i get of you stranger it feels" he has been lonely for so long that the emotion of love feels unfamiliar to him
"now that your rose is in bloom, a light hits the gloom on the grey"----means now that she has opened her heart to him, he is happy now, thus she has brought happiness to his gloom. when a flower is in bloom it opens and its beauty is revealed.
"there is so much a man can tell you so much he can say"----refers to the fact that even when men are in love it is hard to reveal their feelings to their woman.
"you remain my power,my pleasure my pain" meaning she evokes every emotion in him,she means everything to him-- all emotions she brings to him are strength (power), pleasure (happiness) pain (sadness)
"baby to me your like a growing addiction that i cant deny, wont you tell me is that healthy baby"
He is falling more and more in love with her every day. He's becoming addicted to her, kind of to the point that its not a healthy relationship when one focuses too much on the other it may become almost like an obsession. he's hooked on her and its hard to give her up. Just like a drug addict needs more and more drugs to achieve their satisfaction.
Mary thinks that when it snows and his eyes grow the light that she shines cannot be seen. No, Seal printed the lyrics. When it snows the light that she shines can be seen. The other interpretation is better. His girlfriend does cocaine too and he needs her to say that it's their their love that is growing so similar to addiction and not the cocaine they do together and not just growing co-dependency.

Songwriters are always writing about drugs and relationships. This song is one such.

71 comments and half are this long.

In ASL, the sign for "gloom" goes right into the sign for "gray." It's a very nice combination of light hitting the edge of gloom and the gray. And oddly, the sign for "gray" is the same configuration and movement and idea as the sign for "anyway."

The Milky Way

The Milky Way Over the Oregon Coast (click to enlarge)

"Stars over the sunflower" SE Queensland, Australia (click to enlarge)

"Why A German Pilot Escorted An American Bomber To Safety During World War II"

Jalopnik:   It was a few days before Christmas in 1943, and the Allied bombing campaign in Germany was going at full tilt. Second Lieutenant Charlie Brown was a freshly minted bomber pilot, and he and his crew were about to embark upon their first mission — to hit an aircraft factory in northern Germany.
Brown’s B-17F Flying Fortress, dubbed Ye Olde Pub, was typical of American heavy bombers of the time. Along with an 8,000-pound bomb capacity, the four-engine plane was armed with 11 machine guns and strategically placed armor plating. B-17s cruised at about 27,000 feet, but weren’t pressurized. At that altitude, the air is thin and cold — 60 degrees below zero. Pilots and crew relied upon an onboard oxygen system and really warm flight suits with heated shoes.
As Ye Old Pub approached Bremen, Germany, German anti-aircraft batteries opened up on the formation. Unfortunately for the pilots and crew of Ye Olde Pub, one of the anti-aircraft rounds exploded right in front of their plane, destroying the number two engine and damaging number four. Missing one engine and with another throttled back due to damage, Ye Olde Pub could no longer keep up with the formation. (read the rest here)

Wake up!

Know Your Ally: Britain

US Documentary on the British People | 1944

America's top spelling mistakes.

They're talking about a map published here at  dcist.  Interesting comments at the link.

In honor of Scripps National Spelling Bee Google pulled data on spelling search query "how to spell" by state. 

Utah looked up "leprechaun," Texas looked up "niece."North Dakotans inquired about "attitude." California asked for the spelling of "desert." 

I got that one. Dessert is sweet and delicious and has two S letters because you always want two desserts and desert has one S letter because once is enough for the desert. 

These are all smart people I'm surprised they bit. They're just playing. They all know better. Every one of these people, Insty, Zurcher, Taranto, Goldberg knows "how do you spell _____" is not how you query spelling. Collecting those queries then actually collects the most common words queried by people who haven't a clue how to query spelling. You simply type the word and if it's wrong then Google suggests the correct spelling. Usually. That's how spelling is queried. And there is no way to collect all those spelling queries because they appear simply as words spelled correctly or misspelled. The premise of the map is too flawed to be useful. I think all these people know that and they're all just having fun. 

Colorado, Jeez, disappointing, the spelling for "beautiful" isn't even mnemonic, it's just exaggeration bea U t-i-i-i-i ful.  Or is it full? Better check. 

South Dakota is checking "Gray" I bet because of the book Fifty Shades of Grey with its British spelling. This whole time they thought it was "gray." And it is. So the magnitude of the queries for [gray vs grey] is missed completely by counting as highest the far less number of queries for [spelling of gray]. 

This is what statisticians do when they're goofing around. It's just fun because they know it's all bogus. It's not how people search spelling. They're having fun with stats of people stumped on both spelling and search query. 

Credit where it is due: Two little very hard studying kids with disciplined habits and fer'ner last names tied for first place by spelling incredibly arcane words that they'll never have a chance to slip in ordinary conversation should they both live to 1,000 years for example Jairam Hathwar spelled "Feidenkrais" and Nihar Janga spelled "gesellschaft" to get to their first place spot. 

Tie endings like this are cool. After all that a sudden death match off would be too cruel. 


WKRLEM FM. Bye Felicia


Donald Trump used that song shortly before speaking at his rally in San Diego today. It's a great CCR tune. I'm pretty sure that Fogerty's lawyers will be in touch with Trump's people shortly. They also played a lot of Stones' songs.

I  got about as close to the stage as Sixty Grit must have gotten to John Fogerty back in '69 when he attended that august fest.

I was still going through the metal detectors when I heard Sarah Palin's distinct voice. Here she is:
All the speakers were in front of the flags, but there was a sideshow going on to the left of me where the media were perched on a raised platform. Darrell Issa appeared briefly on that stage/perch and held a sign "Veterans For Trump."  That was the news-breaking moment for me -- a full 30 minutes before Trump announced Issa's endorsement:

Trump took the stage:

Visually, the whole rally could have really used one of those live projection screens. You people watching YouTube really had a better seat. At least his words came through loud and clear. Most of his message resonated. The part about Iraq being wrong got a muted response. San Diego is full of veterans.

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"Heimlich uses Heimlich manoeuvre for first time, aged 96"

theguardian: The 96-year-old surgeon credited with developing his namesake Heimlich manoeuvre recently used the emergency technique for the first time himself to save a woman choking on food at his retirement home.
Dr Henry Heimlich told the Cincinnati Enquirer in an interview on Thursday that he has demonstrated the well-known manoeuvre many times through the years but had never before used it on a person who was choking.

Top voted comment... 
Thank you Dr Heimlich. When my son was 5, he entered my room panic stricken, blue in the face whist pointing at his throat. Using this move, a fizz pop (round, candy lollypop) shot across the room shattering against the wall. Quite possibly the scariest moment of my life. He starts university this year...

“We’re just investigating it like any other case”

"Filmed having sex with boys in school bathroom: The disturbing story of a Florida human trafficking survivor"
The 15-year-old girl had only been a student at South Fort Myers High School in Fort Myers, Fla., for two weeks when she went looking for her new crush in the boys’ bathroom.
She’d spent the prior two years in and out of treatment facilities, her mother told NBC2, learning to cope with the horrors of the sex slave industry into which she had been trafficked at age 13.
So when she tracked down her crush after school last week and he asked her for sex, her mother said through a victims’ advocate, the young teen agreed.
But then word got out, and someone started filming, and over the next hour as many as 25 male students were shown on school surveillance footage passing through the bathroom, the News-Press reported. Multiple boys had sex with the girl, she later told authorities, during a time period after school when students involved in extracurricular activities participate in a study hall. Sixteen students were disciplined by the Lee County school district, the newspaper reported.
Though the sex was described as consensual, according to the involved parties, the girl was not legally old enough to give consent. And because of her troubled background, the teen’s mother and advocates have said this behavior, called promiscuous by many outraged community members, is actually quite common among sex-trafficking survivors.

Breaking: "Trump backs out of debate with Bernie Sanders"

Politico:  Donald Trump will not participate in a debate with Sen. Bernie Sanders, the GOP nominee said in a statement on Friday.

"Based on the fact that the Democratic nominating process is totally rigged and Crooked Hillary Clinton and Deborah Wasserman Schultz will not allow Bernie Sanders to win, and now that I am the presumptive Republican nominee, it seems inappropriate that I would debate the second place finisher," Trump said. "Likewise, the networks want to make a killing on these events and are not proving to be too generous to charitable causes, in this case, women’s health issues. Therefore, as much as I want to debate Bernie Sanders - and it would be an easy payday - I will wait to debate the first place finisher in the Democratic Party, probably Crooked Hillary Clinton, or whoever it may be."

Trump had originally told Jimmy Kimmel earlier this week he would participate in a debate with Sanders if the host network would donate millions of dollars to a charity.

Whose that girl?

I don't want to have to edit the comments so Evi and edutcher can't answer who this might be. Because you know I edit the comments so it only reflects my point of view. She is the exact opposite of perky  I must say. Imagine waking up to that every morning. It is enough to choke a dead dog. If you had a gun you would shoot her to put her out of her misery. I guess that is why she wants to confiscate everyones guns.

Whose that raddled old harridan?

(Hat tip to the Evil Blogger Lady)

Addendum: I want to include a link to Evi's blog which you should check out every day. I only waited until someone guessed who this evil witch might be.

Give me the Old Time Religion.......

So I spent all day yesterday at a religious observance. It was one of my favorite niece's confirmation and we had to trek out to Staten Island. It was an all day thing so I was off the grid. Away from the store and all the other day to day stuff we are always dealing with. No politics only religion.

Now it is always interesting to me to go to another Church in a different parish. I have been in this one  many times. St. Clare's is one of the bigger congregations on Staten Island.  In fact in New York City. Many of the families who went over the Guinea Gangplank to Staten Island are parishioners. All of my cousins go there. I have buried cousins out of it. It is sort of half  way between the old school churches in Brooklyn with statues of St Lucy with her eyeballs on a plate and the quasi-Protestant churches with the tambourines and the circle and squares on the wall instead of Jesus on the cross. It was packed as over a hundred and fifty people were getting confirmed by Bishop O'Hara of the New York Archdiocese. That was were I drifted off into reverie as candidate after candidate went up to be confirmed.

"Trump sent his plane to transport 200 stranded marines"

American Military News:  After hearing about 200 Marines left stranded after returning home from Operation Desert Storm back in 1991, Donald J.Trump came to the aid of those Marines by sending one of his planes to Camp Lejuene, North Carolina to transport them back home to their families in Miami, Florida.
Corporal Ryan Stickney was amongst the group that was stuck in North Carolina and could not make their way back to their homes. Stickey told that he had spent nearly six months serving in Operation Desert Storm between 1990 and 1991 and was eagerly awaiting his return home. 
Here is a picture from that day:

"Woman given permission to remove dead fiance's testes"

ABC News:  The day after the man died unexpectedly in mid-April the woman lodged an urgent application in the Supreme Court to have his testes removed so she could one day use the sperm. The court was given several sworn affadavits from the couple's friends, who said they had "made no secret" of their wish for a child.

In making his decision, Justice Martin Burns said the testes had to be removed within 24 hours of death if the sperm were to ever be used. (link for more of the story)

"Two Baltimore cops charged in death of Freddie Gray sue prosecutor for defamation"

Daily Mail:  The officers allege in their suit that Mosby, who announced charges on May 1 of last year, knowingly made false statements when she alleged wrongdoing on the part of the officers.

The suit cites statements Mosby made that Porter and White knew Gray was in distress when they checked on him in the back of the transport wagon, but ignored his cries for help and did nothing to administer aid.

'These statements were defamatory because they exposed Plaintiffs to public scorn, hatred and contempt, and thereby discouraging others in the community from having a favorable opinion of, or association with, Plaintiffs,' the lawsuit says.

"Clinton was not completely forthcoming when she turned over... emails"

Business Insider:  [T]hree messages — which appear to have been found among electronic files of four former top Clinton State Department aides — included Clinton's own explanation of why she wanted her emails kept private. In a November 2010, email, Clinton worried that her personal messages could become accessible to outsiders. Two other messages a year later divulged possible security weaknesses in the home email system she used while secretary of state.
The emails appear to contain work-related passages, raising questions about why they were not turned over to the State Department last year. The inspector general noted that Clinton's production of work-related emails was "incomplete," missing not only the three emails but numerous others covering Clinton's first four months in office. (read the whole thing)
A reddit comment shed some light on what may have happened to the home brew server now in custody of the FBI.
Despite what you hear, Clinton did a very good job wiping her servers of data before handing them over. Rewriting random data over the disks until no one ever would be able to retrieve said data.   What she did not know is that when the server was set up there was a cloud backup used. (using a company that didn't have clearance to store classified information!) When the FBI found out about the cloud they asked the company for that data. At the same time Clinton demanded that the company delete that data. The company complied with the FBI. And so the FBI has all the cloud backups. Now how much was backed up and for how long, no one knows. But we would not be even talking about it if she knew about the cloud before the FBI did. We got lucky, Clinton did not.

potato and cheese baked in cream

The potato discs are a meteorite hurtling through the atmosphere, a flying saucer crash landing.

Maybe these potatoes have proper identification like scalloped potatoes but I believe that is too fancy a classification for this. And I'd like to avoid the word controversy of using "scalloped" technically wrong while sounding right and getting away with it because of widespread misuse making it acceptable and knowing word mavens insist "escalloped" is the thing done here, not a curvilinear imitation of marine bivalve mollusk's crenelated shell. 

Cream and milk with whatever favorite flavor things mixed into it. The potato a blank flavor absorbing canvas like tofu.

* dry powder mustard for a good kick in the pants.
* chipotle chile powder for capsaicin heat and smokey flavor
* cumin for a bass note of New World warmth.
* dry powder garlic because I don't feel like messing around with a stinky garlic clove right now.
* coarse sea salt
* fresh cracked black pepper
* two types of random cheese in case one cheese isn't good enough.

There you go. Left out butter because it seemed superfluous. Left out onion because I didn't want to cut one. Left out bacon because I didn't want to fry any right now. 

Bake 1 hr @ 400℉

Plate, top with sour cream.

The idea is to burn some cheese. Here's the thing, as with almost all things, if a portion is not actually burned then you are not daring enough. We cook types have a thing about attaining the full Maillard and that means burning some so that the entire range of layered caramelization complexity is present, tasted, smelled, and seen in its color from tan to light brown to dark brown to black. It's the first thing everyone goes for. To get rid of it. To get rid of the burnt bit on their plate they'll eat it first and the full layered complexity of multiply transformed sugars and proteins blooms in their mouth and now with it gone every bite thereafter is less intense.

Controlled burning turns ordinary things like bread and potatoes and cheese into an experience.

clouds and rain

Nice blue band of sky in the center where the darkest clouds of all form independently.

Barry didn't always appreciate being the leader of me. Our situation was happenstance. He could have used a better subject. Nevertheless from the very beginning of existence Barry was never without an answer. For some reason it was impossible for Barry to say, "I don't know." And I thought that was awesome.

"Barry," I asked this sage of five, "what makes the clouds move through the sky?"

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Who's hugging who? The Internet has no clue

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dude sufficiently rugged to vote for a woman

"The subtle difference between Daniel Radcliffe and Elijah Wood"

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A fifteen pound baby is born

The same as a 6-month-old

Melania Trump's Diary

Well we finally made it! It is official. Donald has collected enough official delegates pledged to him to be the nominee of the Republican Party. Of course there are few hold outs who are acting like Japanese soldiers on some Pacific Island that didn't the word yet. That Eddie Munster pussy in Wisconsin is still dancing around like the punk that he is. And the wise Latina in New Mexico is too busy frying up the tortillas to come to our rally. That’s ok. The train is pulling out of the station and they either get on or they get run over. The time for bullshit is over. The time to take names and kick ass is here. If they want to start their own party now is the time. Go for it.

Donald wants to turn his attention to Granny. He is going to slap her around like Ted does to Heidi. Only this time it is personal. She is so slow and ponderous is like attacking a wooly Mammoth or something. She is as light on her feet as that 600lb man who has a reality show on TLC. Of course he is voting for us. All of the reality stars are voting for us. Even that chick with a dick Jenner. We are going to run the table for reality stars. Snooki. The Countess. Dorinda. Lisa Vanderpump. Those morons on Southern Charm. Even the midgets are on board. Just on the lower shelves.

This last rally in New Mexico is setting the table for what we are going to see going forward. Hordes of hipster assholes and illegal Mexicans waving Mexican flags and throwing rocks and bottles. Rioting in the streets. Donald is going to hang all of that on Granny’s turkey wattled neck. He is going to let America know that the Democrats are the criminal party. They are run by criminals. Their candidate is a criminal. Her husband is a rapist. They want to release murderers and rapists and sign them up to vote. They already did it in Virginia. Obama is going to issue a blanket amnesty just wait and see.  Thousands of criminals will be released out into the community. The liberals don’t care. They don’t live with these savages. But regular Americans of all types will not be amused.

Editing Katie Couric

RS:  You know the old saying, what’s good for the goose is good for the gander. Well in that spirit Reason TV has put out a new video response to Katie Couric’s blatant editing job that was exposed yesterday.

It’s short but sweet. Watch:


Trump lives in TV networks rent free

Racist Chinese commercial

Link to video

Link to source where the top voted comment is a link to another video... (below)

WaPo: Clinton’s inexcusable, willful disregard for the rules

WaPo: HILLARY CLINTON’S use of a private email server while secretary of state from 2009 to 2013 has been justifiably criticized as an error of judgment. What the new report from the State Department inspector general makes clear is that it also was not a casual oversight. Ms. Clinton had plenty of warnings to use official government communications methods, so as to make sure that her records were properly preserved and to minimize cybersecurity risks. She ignored them.

The 83-page report declares that “beginning in late 2005 and continuing through 2011,” the department revised its Foreign Affairs Manual and “issued various memoranda specifically discussing the obligation to use Department systems in most circumstances and identifying the risks of not doing so.” Ms. Clinton didn’t.

During her tenure, State Department employees were told that they were expected to use approved, secure methods to transmit information that was sensitive but unclassified, or SBU. If they needed to transmit SBU information outside the department’s network, they were told to ask information specialists for help. The report said there is no evidence that Ms. Clinton ever asked, “despite the fact that emails exchanged on her personal account regularly contained information that was marked as SBU.” On June 28, 2011, a cable was sent to all diplomatic and consular posts over her signature warning that personal email accounts could be compromised and officials should “avoid conducting official Department business from your personal e-mail accounts.” At the time, Ms. Clinton was doing exactly that.

"What's a skill you've learned that has improved your daily life?"

Reddit best answers... 
Saying no to people. Don't feel bad about saying no, it's better than saying yes when you're not comfortable with doing something, and you don't make excuses on why you can't do something.
I've learned how to manage my time. I used to consistently run late, anywhere from 5-15 minutes, until I realized that racing around and still being late made me feel stressed and anxious (never mind the fact that being late all the time is disrespectful as fuck to everyone who has the decency to show up on time).
I spent some time really exploring how much time it takes to complete basic tasks. I started to pay attention to how much time it actually takes to get from point A to point B. I made it a priority to be early, and then gradually fine tuned the process until I was dialed in to arrive on time without being super early. I stopped making excuses for why I was late, and pretty soon I didn't have a reason to make excuses...Now I can be on autopilot and still be where I need to be, with all of my tasks completed, with about 5 minutes to spare.
Being on time is a habit, just like being late is. It's a much less stressful and more pleasant habit to have though.
Letting people finish their sentences before I start mine. Conversations flow like gravy.
Clean as you go. It's such a tiny, simple thing but is such a huge departure from how most people live their lives it's tough to get into. People always comment now that I'm super clean and tidy, just because I wipe up a few drips of coffee that spill from my cup as soon as it happens.
But it is SO much nicer and comfortable living in a clean place, where you basically just put things away when you're done with them, instead of letting grime and clutter build up for a week or two and cleaning it all at once.
Think twice before speaking.
Delayed gratification.
I don't rush to buy the new hot thing, and after I sleep on it I usually realize I have a decent slightly-used thing already. Or, I realize it makes sense to get the new thing. But taking the emotional rush of impulse buying off the table has been tremendously good for my financial well-being.
I think delayed gratification also helps in not feeling entitled. Waiting isn't inherently bad. It isn't an injustice. It's just waiting; we all do it. Wait your turn.
Cooking. Nothing fancy, but I can make a healthy meal from scratch without fuss.

WKRLEM FM: Remember your history......or you are doomed to repeat it.

WKRLEM: How do you spell Bill Kristol? With a really big L.

Mexican Radio

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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

"Customs officers find burritos contain meth, no guac"

UPI: A narcotics-detecting canine alerted officers to the presence of drugs and a search determined the woman was carrying more than a pound of methamphetamine in two packages that had been wrapped in tortilla shells to make them look like burritos.
Officers estimated the meth had a street value of more than $3,000.

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forest background chevron scrim

I don't know what I am doing so this model is trial to find out what I might be doing. I think that I need a thick forest and that can be drawn or painted. For fake out added dimension theaters use scrims. Set designers paint the usual background then suspend a thin see-through curtain in front of it with the same elements sewn onto it, or painted onto it. Sometimes two. The technique works well with things like trees. This is the same idea in paper pop-up form.

It's put together backwards because I still don't know what I'm doing. Were I to make, say, ten of these things, then I'd have the pattern and the process would be reversed. But this is how the model happened to see if the effort is worthwhile, should say, is happening.

Men who live as dogs.....well you can make your own jokes!

The Guardian, May 25, 2016 by Nell Fizzell

It’s easy to laugh at a grown man in a rubber dog suit chewing on a squeaky toy. Maybe too easy, in fact, because to laugh is to dismiss it, denigrate it – ignore the fact that many of us have found comfort and joy in pretending to be animals at some point in our lives.
Secret Life of the Human Pups is a sympathetic look at the world of pup play, a movement that grew out of the BDSM community and has exploded in the last 15 years as the internet made it easier to reach out to likeminded people. While the pup community is a broad church, human pups tend to be male, gay, have an interest in dressing in leather, wear dog-like hoods, enjoy tactile interactions like stomach rubbing or ear tickling, play with toys, eat out of bowls and are often in a relationship with their human “handlers”.

"South Carolina Gov. signs 20-week abortion ban"

AP:  The law took effect Wednesday with the Republican governor's signature. The only exceptions are if the mother's life is in jeopardy or a doctor determines the fetus can't survive outside the womb.
These bans are now in effect in 13 states and blocked by court challenges in three other. South Dakota's ban takes effect July 1.

You something about Law Abiding Illegal Immigrants................

They are as hard to find as Moderate Muslims. Just sayn'

My Candidate for Vice President (hat tip to edutcher)

BOOM! GOP Senator Cotton RIPS “Bitter, Vulgar, Incoherent Ramblings” of Harry Reid (VIDEO) Gateway Pundit

"Republican Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton pulled no punches in attacking Democratic Senator Harry Reid on the Senate floor Wednesday, slamming him for “outrageous slander” and “cancerous leadership.”
“As a junior senator, I preside over the Senate. I usually do in the morning, which means I’m forced to listen to the bitter, vulgar, incoherent ramblings of the Minority Leader,” Cotton said. “Normally, like other Americans, I ignore them. I can’t ignore them today, however.”

Hooked on VW

Hillary's scandals aren't going away

Politico:  A flurry of events set to unfold in the coming days and months could push back into the headlines the controversy over Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server during her time as secretary of state, providing plenty of fodder for Donald Trump and his "Crooked Hillary" attack line.

No matter how that comes out, Clinton also faces an ongoing FBI investigation into the email set up. Some of her aides have already been questioned. She's expressed a willingness to sit down with investigators — something they're expected to take her up on in the next few weeks. Unless it takes place in complete secrecy, such a session would be the highest-profile legal spectacle the former first lady has faced since she testified 20 years ago before a federal grand jury investigating the disappearance and reappearance of Whitewater billing records.

"I think the [Office of Inspector General] report is going to be of interest and the testimony is going to be out there," said Judicial Watch's Tom Fitton. "I think the courts will take action this summer....I don't see any of this going away."

On top of all that, there's an expected House report on Benghazi. And a slew of planned document releases from the State Department that a conservative group is planning to make into a movie.

"We have been for months and we will be for the next several months on the receiving end of document productions from the State Department and others," said David Bossie of Citizens United, another conservative organization. "We have been and continue to be in the works on a Hillary documentary....We'd like to have something launch on or around the the Democratic Convention."

If someone gave you a box containing everything you've ever lost, what would be the first thing you'd look for?

Reddit top voted comments...
My Lego fireman. He was my favourite, he had a mask and an air tank and he was awesome. Lost him in battle in the front yard when I was 5. I'm 20 years old now. Never forgotten.
The hundreds of guitar picks that have slipped into alternate dimensions. Seriously, my freshman year of college I dropped one on a square section of concrete about 15' square and it bounced out of sight. I was surrounded by concrete, and a bright green pick literally vanished.
When I was 8 my parents divorced and my Mom dragged my sister and I to a burnt out hippie comune a ten hour drive away from my Dad. It was more or less like my sis and I were on our own out there, because the children there didn't get much adult attention. It was like Lord of the Flies. My Dad visited me for my 9th birthday and he gave me a locket with his picture in it, wearing a hat I gave him. I cried, it was the perfect gift, and the moment I realized I was really taking care of myself when he wasn't there.
I was 9, and I didn't want toys. All I wanted was my dad, and I was so happy just to settle for a tiny picture of him instead. To this day I think of that as the moment I lost my childhood. I lost the locket in some move or other. What I wouldn't give to have it back...

The $100 dollars I left at an ATM because I brainfarted, took my card and walked out before the cash dispensed.

When I was 3 years old, my older sister passed away at the age of only 15. She had peanut allergies, and at the time regulations around products containing peanut ingredients were next to none.
I have no actual memory of her existing because I was too young to remember her. But from what I have been told by everyone in my family, she always was there to take care of me through the hard times. It is told to me from her best friend, that my sister never left my side. She brought me everywhere, at only 15. My parents were addicts, and neglect was quite real.
For years I was upset as a young child / teen because I wanted to know her. Then came a time where I was digging through things in my grandparents basement, and found a bunch of her high school binders, ones she was using right before she passed away. There was so much life in them. All the doodles, scribbling of boys names, etc. I finally felt like I knew her on a deeper level... but I didn't have these items for long... About a year after this, my mother passed away. This lead to a whole messed up process as it was just me and my mom (my father passed a few years before), so I was tossed between my grandparents house, child care services, a group home, and a private school. In this process many things were not gathered from my house where me and my mother lived... alas, the mementos I had of my sister were gone.


Don't fear the weather but do be prepared.

Let’s go where the weather's from. Out there’s where dinosaurs gone. Seasons don’t fear the weather nor do the wind the sun or the rain. We can be like they are come on, Baby, don’t fear the weather, Baby, take my hand don’t fear the weather we’ll be able to fly don’t fear the weather it's all right there, Baby, I’m your man.

WKRLEM: Trump rally in New Mexico.......can we win this time?

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Pardon the raised arms

The bulletproof shell is formed this way.

Truth is, I admire the work of her stylist. Well done. 

Because you do the best with what you have to work with in front of you. I told the hair stylist sincerely, "Thank you." She nodded acknowledgment. I continued, "For making me beautiful again." She did no such thing and she thought that was a bit funny but tried to play along and not act like that's quite impossible. "I will now resume my catwalk modeling career" patently ridiculous given the way I clunked in, but Jeez, calm down, it wasn't that funny.

Disney Parks To Veterans Affairs Secretary: 'We Take Wait Lines Very Seriously'

Not the Onion: "Dormant Butt Syndrome May Be To Blame For Knee, Hip and Back Pain"

Millions of people in the U.S. suffer from knee, hip or back pain, and experts at The Ohio State Wexner Medical Center say dormant butt syndrome (DBS) may be the cause. 
Dormant butt syndrome refers to the tightness of the hip flexors and weakness of the gluteal muscles. When gluteal muscles are weak, the muscles and joints around them absorb strain during exercise, often causing hamstring injuries, back pain, hip pain and knee injuries that could lead to surgery.
“The entire body works as a linked system, and a lot of times when people come in with knee or hip injuries, it’s actually because their butt isn’t strong enough,” said Chris Kolba, a physical therapist at Ohio State Wexner Medical Center. “The rear end should act as support for the entire body and as a shock absorber for stress during exercise. But if it’s too weak, other parts of the body take up the slack and often results in injury.”   
Kolba coined the term “dormant butt syndrome”... (more)

When loved ones get mixed up in your head

"MSNBC host mistakenly calls Bill Cosby "Bill Clinton" during report on his sex assault case." Watch...

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Walter Russell Mead: The Meaning of Mr. Trump

[T]rump looks like a vulnerable candidate—one with so many flaws that his candidacy must inevitably implode once he comes under serious scrutiny. But as he showed during the primary campaign, Trump isn’t subject to the normal rules. Between policy flip-flops, lack of knowledge and experience, business woes, ill-tempered outbursts, and scapegoating of minority groups who are likely to vote in November, he presents his opponents with an embarrassment of riches: there are so many attractive targets for negative ads that even Lee Atwater would be hard pressed to decide which to hit first.
But this apparent weakness and vulnerability conceals a strength: Trump is an unconventional candidate whose proposition to the electorate isn’t about particular policy stands, experience, credentials or even personal and political honesty. Trump is the purest expression of the politics of ‘NO!’ that I personally can recall. He’s the candidate for people who think the conventional wisdom of the American establishment is hopelessly out of touch with the real world. He’s the little boy saying that the emperor, or in this case, the aspiring empress, has no clothes. What energizes the Trump phenomenon is the very power of rejection: people who think the train is about to head off a cliff want to pull the emergency cord that stops the train even if they don’t know what happens next. To many of Trump supporters, Hillary Clinton looks like Nurse Ratched in One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest: the enforcer of a fatally flawed status quo and the personification of bureaucratic power in a system gone rogue.

What makes Trump so appealing to so many voters is that the establishment does seem unusually clueless these days.The great American post-Cold War project of seeking peace and security through the construction of a New World Order based on liberal internationalism and American power doesn’t seem to be working very well, and it’s not hard to conclude that neither the neoconservatives nor the Obama-ites really know what they are doing. When it comes to the economy, it’s been clear since the financial crisis of 2008 that something is badly awry and that the economists, so dogmatic and opinionated and so bitterly divided into quarreling schools, aren’t sure how the system works anymore, and have no real ideas about how to make the world system work to the benefit of ordinary voters in the United States. With the PC crowd and the Obama administration hammering away at transgender bathroom rights as if this was the great moral cause of our time, and with campus Pure Thought advocates collapsing into self parody even as an epidemic of drug abuse and family breakdown relentlessly corrodes the foundations of American social cohesion, it’s hard to believe that the establishment has a solid grip on the moral principles and priorities a society like ours needs.

Trump appeals to all those who think that the American Establishment, the Great and the Good of both parties, has worked its way into a dead end of ideas that don’t work and values that can’t save us. He is the candidate of Control-Alt-Delete. His election would sweep away the smug generational certainties that Clinton embodies, the Boomer Progressive Synthesis that hasn’t solved the problems of the world or of the United States, but which nevertheless persists in regarding itself as the highest and only form of truth. (read the whole thing)

"I just stay in my lane"

NY Post:  The KRON-TV San Francisco reporter faced the full wrath of colleague Gary Radnich live on TV after she inadvertently reported on a story that the sportscaster had intended on running in his segment. Watch...

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There goes Obama, trashing his own country for the benefit of dictators

One thing is not like the other

Breaking News: The dead are voting in California

“He took a lot of time choosing his candidates,” said Annette Givans of her father, John Cenkner.
Cenkner died in Palmdale in 2003. Despite this, records show that he somehow voted from the grave in 2004, 2005, 2006, 2008 and 2010.
But he’s not the only one.