Saturday, April 9, 2016

Time after Time

Alan Dershowitz beats the Rap and breaks out into song!

No comment yet from Bill Clinton.

Doc Holiday Must Die

Doc stood out on the wooden boardwalk and watched as the bar swamper and another patron carried the limp body of Lew McCall down the street toward the undertakers. He straightened his cravat and touched his hide out gun in the pocket of his vest. He walked along the boardwalk until he crossed the line. The line was the imaginary border between the upper and lower classes. 
As a dentist Doc had an entrée to the “better” side of town. The further away from the heart of the district the less you heard the revelry of the underemployed. Hickok stood across the street and looked up and down the thoroughfare from the front of the jail house that was smack dab on the line. He followed the group walking down the street with baby steps as they hefted the dead weight of the knucklehead he had just shot. Hickok was illuminated it the gas light that hung from the top of the porch in front of the jail. That seemed a chancy thing to do. Hickok was a bold man. Perhaps it is true that fortune favors the bold. Perhaps it even had a sneaking affection for the stupid. Standing in full view like an illuminated sign seemed stupid instead of bold. It wasn't Doc’s problem so it was none of his never mind.

You know I have finally figured it out......Ted Cruz is A Rod.

I was listening to the Yankees this afternoon and that worthless fuck A Rod hit a home run to give us a 1 run lead. Then it hit me. I couldn't put my finger on it. No not my junk. I have big hands. I couldn't put my finger on why the more I found out about Ted Cruz the less I like him. Then it came to me like a thunderbolt.

Ted Cruz is A Rod.

Hillary displays her working class routes.....remembers how she used to be a bartender at Hooters.

Actually this is kind of unfair. It is not that easy to pour Guinness or any other stout. There is a trick to it than any experienced bartender knows in pouring a thick stout. I don't expect her to know this.

Or how to use a Metro Card.

Or anything that a normal working class person has to know.

Is barbecuing a guy thing?

30 Minute BBQ Recipes

Gov Rick Scott PAC's heat

Florida Governor Rick Scott’s PAC has released an ad attacking the lady who yelled at him in a Starbucks.

The good old days

Memory Lane

WKRLEM TV: The way to handle ISIS

The same way you handle Credo.

punk a hardworking hipster

Friday, April 8, 2016

Here's Something You Don't See Everyday 2

SpaceX Falcon 9 successfully landing on ASDS

Here's Something You Don't See Everyday

This is a large adult tarantula seen last weekend at Anza Borrego State Park. The spider was about 20 feet from where we hung out. Note the dead snake in the upper right which we believe it killed. After it went into its spider hole, we left it alone. My daughter sprinkled some Lucky Charms cereal around the hole. The next morning, the snake and the lucky charms were gone and the hole had been webbed over. 

I'm jealous of you being happy without me

I've been going through the talent videos that made people cry. A good part of the crying is the contestant's backstory. Some of the stories are awful. The show plays the awfulness to its fullest. Very sappy, judges go onstage and hug the sobbing contestant. But this backstory is not so bad.

That was the motivation for viewing a few dozen videos but it is not what arrests my attention with all of them.

The young man starts out with a distinctly British accent. I made a bet with myself that no matter what song he chooses he will drop the accent and switch to sing in a distinctly American accent. 

Why will he do this? 

Because it's a song and songs attempt to reach directly to your heart and speak soul to soul that is the purpose of these songs and that cannot be done through a facade. Any falseness destroys the intent. He will sing in American accent because American accent is free of bullshit facade. He restores all missing r's that are purposefully dropped for his facade British English, he removes all intrusive r's placed incorrectly for his facade British English, he restores all r's affected by facade British English displaced r syndrome, drops all glottal stop constant substitutions and all consonant elisions, and sings directly to the hearts of his audience by purposefully employing a direct and clear and distinctly American form of speaking, an American accent. It is the only English accent that will work because it is the only one free of nonsense.

Otherwise you get Waltzing Matilda. 

Charge: British English is a facade engaged on national scale using language for souls to distance themselves from emotion. And when they want to get real and allow their emotion to tap into realness they drop the facade and sing directly, free of affectation, free of facade by switching to a clear-hearted and clear intentioned American form of English.

That was my bet with myself. Silly bet actually, this is all axiomatic. 

Sure enough. The guy goes American sounding to touch the hearts of his audience. They all do. This song would sound ridiculously false in British accented English, its wacky r-displacement and various consonant jackery facade would be too obvious to sing. It cannot be pulled off. I would advise stop being silly altogether, be real always, but that's impossible at this point. 

Remembrance of Things Pabst- Oy my Yiddisher Pickle Edition

The best thing about New York Jewish Values is the food. The pastrami. The Matza Ball soup. The knish. The Yiddisher pickle.

Here I am at Ben's Kosher Deli in the garment center. We were out shopping at the show and we always stop at Ben's. I recommend it to you the next time you are in New York. It is not famous like Katz's or the Carnegie or any of the other rip off tourist traps. It is where your everyday members of the tribe go.

This was right after my heart thingy so I had to be careful about what I ate. So I carefully ate a whole freaking sandwich and a knish. They didn't have to the good square knishes because the company that makes them was on strike so there was a knish drought that was terrible.

"A professor was subjected to a lengthy Title IX investigation for her article about how there are too many Title IX investigations"

You can learn more about Kipnis’s “Inquisition” over at The Torch.

On the Panama Papers

"...A libertarian of my acquaintance wrote to inquire whether this is going to sour people on global capitalism.
It shouldn’t. What we’ve seen from the papers so far is not so much an indictment of global capitalism as an indictment of countries that have weak institutions and a lot of corruption. And for all the outrage in the United States, so far the message for us is pretty reassuring: We aren’t one of those countries.
Consider the big names that have shown up so far on the list. With the notable exception of Iceland, these are not countries I would describe as “capitalist”: Russia, Pakistan, Iraq, Ukraine, Egypt.  They’re countries where kleptocratic government officials amass money not through commerce, but through quasi-legal extortion, or siphoning off the till. This is an activity that has gone on long before capitalism, and probably before there was money. Presenting this as an indictment of global capitalism is like presenting Romeo and Juliet as an after school special on the dangers of playing with knives.
...For that matter, even foreigners who are trying to hide their names might not be doing so for entirely unsavory reasons. People living under unstable regimes may have very good reasons to want to move assets outside the country; Jews in 1930s Germany did not put money in Swiss accounts because they were trying to lower their tax bill, but because they were trying to ensure that they would have enough set aside to flee the genocidal maniac ruling their country.
...What we seem to have learned from the documents so far is that this particular sort of corruption isn’t a big local problem for the U.S. We do of course have some law breakers, because there is no such thing as a law that won’t be broken. But it seems to be a minor, furtive thing, rather than the mass habit you see in parts of the developing world. The IRS is very good at finding offshore tax cheats, and getting better all the time. I am confident that if U.S. scofflaws should be revealed by these documents, the tax authorities will waste no time ensuring that they get what is coming to them.
Other governments may fail to enforce their laws, perhaps because the named figures sort of are the local government. That is a big problem. But that doesn’t mean that it’s our problem. Global capitalism didn’t create the issues plaguing weak states. And global anti-capitalism won’t fix them, either.

New York Values

My old friend Jerry Rivers was on Bill O’Reilly the other night expounding on “New York Values” and what Ted Cruz the most conservativeman in the world was dog whistling when he said that in the Iowa caucuses. Jerry put his finger on it. It is basically an Anti-Semitic ploy to signal to people who hate those “New York Jews.”

I have seen this before. It is nothing new. It is Hymie town from Jesse Jackson. It is Ted Cruz not voting for benefits for the cops and fireman injured in the aftermath of 911. I get that a lot of the country hates New York and it’s people. New York is not for everyone. New Yorkers can be assholes. No doubt. We are very opinionated. We are always in a rush. We don’t have time for the slow and easy country style that is so prevalent out there in the rest of the country. We are not the laid back surfer style from Cali. It’s not for everyone.

This was American Idol

American Idol is done. For now.

Last night was the final season of American Idol. Or at least that was how it was announced. After fourteen years the most popular musical talent search show in decades is going off the air. It was a season long celebration and goodbye that was actually pretty entertaining. The final show was actually pretty great. They brought back many of the contestants and people we remember and who we had followed in previous years. You remembered them and their stories. Or at least I did.

There was the dead wife guy. The Asian guy who couldn't sing. The drop your pants guy. The girl who got thrown off because there were photos of her giving blowjobs on Facebook. Bucky with his teeth fixed. Kelly Pickler with her new tits. A bunch of plus sized black girls who can sing the shit out of a song. White guys with guitars. The whole crew.

"State trooper fired for proselytizing on-duty"

The ACLU of Indiana filed a lawsuit this week against ISP Trooper Brian Hamilton on behalf of Wendy Pyle.
The lawsuit claims Hamilton gave Pyle a warning ticket for speeding, then asked her what church she attended and whether she was saved.
She says she did not feel free to leave while the questions were being asked. She filed a formal complaint about the stop. (news video story at the link)

Where did Hannibal cross the Alps?

Up until now, no physical evidence—like belt buckles or bones—have been found to indicate where Hannibal made his crossing. However, an international team of microbiologists have finally found something…solid. According to the two papers (first and second) in Archaeometry, the researchers believe Hannibal crossed the Alps via the Col de Traversette pass (~1.9 miles or 3000 meters above sea level), which spans between Grenoble, France, and Turin, Italy.
..."The deposition [of animal feces] lies within a churned-up mass from a 1-meter thick alluvial mire, produced by the constant movement of thousands of animals and humans,” said Dr. Chris Allen, from the Institute for Global Food Security at Queen's University Belfast, in a statement.
“Over 70 percent of the microbes in horse manure are from a group known as the Clostridia, that are very stable in soil - surviving for thousands of years. We found scientifically significant evidence of these same bugs in a genetic microbial signature precisely dating to the time of the Punic invasion."
Or in other words, the researchers found evidence of poop—a lot of it. Certainly enough to belong to the thousands of horses Hannibal had with him, and it's dated to the right time period. And if this discovery should prove to be the discovery of Hannibal’s route, this find is enormous.
...“If the site was affected by human–animal traffic, as the evidence indicates, there is every possibility that artifacts such as coins, belt buckles, daggers, equestrian fasteners and so on might have been buried in the mire. If such archaeological evidence can be found and definitively linked to Hannibal, it would answer the question of which route Hannibal and his army took into Italia.”

Bubba Battles Black Lives Matter

"I don't know how you would characterize the gang leaders who got 13-year-old kids hopped up on crack and sent them out on the street to murder other African-American children," Clinton said, pointing his finger at the crowd. "Maybe you thought they were good citizens."

"You are defending the people who killed the lives you say matter!" he went on. "Tell the truth. You are defending the people who caused young people to go out and take guns."

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Embalming Fruit Slices

Fruit slice immersed in glycerin.
I'm experimenting with embalming fruit slices. I've been unhappy with using plastic fake fruit as garnishes in my plastic beverages. I've tried embedding raw untreated fruit in the resin, but the water content seems to screw things up. I read online about some tricks that florists use to preserve flowers and leaves -- contact with glycerin. If you dip the stems of flowers or leaves in glycerin, it displaces the water and preserves the look and feel of the flowers. My hypothesis is that the glycerin will displace most of the water in the fruit slice w/o compromising the look and appearance, and being closer chemically to the plastic, will be more compatible. I'm not so much worried about subsequent decomposition when one of these is embedded in plastic -- it's an anaerobic environment. Plus glycerol is a cheap and nontoxic substance to work with and to dispose of.

Wish me luck!

Rick Astley - Keep Singing

Learn the catwalk

In one fast lesson.

Auditor: Government Will Owe More Money Than Entire Economy Produces

Washington Free Beacon:  Gene Dodaro, the comptroller general for the Government Accountability Office, testified at the Senate Budget Committee to provide the results of its audit on the government’s financial books.
“We’re very heavily leveraged in debt,” Dodaro said. “The historical average post-World War II of how much debt we held as a percent of gross domestic product was 43 percent on average; right now we’re at 74 percent.”
Dodaro says that under current law, debt held by the public will hit a historic high.

Bush II press secretary's advice to Trump

1. Stop fighting with everyone and don’t be so nasty.  When you tweet unflattering pictures of Senator Cruz’s wife and threaten to “spill the beans” about her, question Ben Carson’s faith, offer to pay the legal bills of those who engage in violence, fault POWs, or accuse President Bush of being a liar, you push away voters you need to get to 50 percent.
2. Get your facts right.  Think about how much stronger you would be if you supported your statements with accurate facts or anecdotes.  If you had said “a small group” of Muslims cheered from rooftops in New Jersey on September 11th, no one could have faulted you.  Same thing when you say we “send nothing” to Japan, or when you misstate the trade deficit with China. You often fudge up your poll numbers too.  You regularly show that facts are malleable to you, and that raises doubts about your substantive knowledge on all sorts of matters.
3. Learn more policy.  Your comments about abortion were a double-edged disaster.  You alienated everyone.  They showed you are not familiar with the background of an important emotional issue.  Anyone aware of Right to Life’s thinking knows, mothers are not criminals.  You need to take the time to learn a variety of issues. You might think everyone in Washington is stupid, but there are a lot of smart people in that town who actually care about issues and you should find the ones you trust and listen to them. No one expects you to memorize arcane policy points.  But it will be harder for you to reach 50 percent if voters think you can’t demonstrate sufficient knowledge to sit in the Oval Office.
4. Make policy announcements.  You’re an outsider with business experience and people want to hear what you would do if elected, beyond building a wall.  On energy policy, corporate welfare, agriculture policy and dozens of other matters, you would surprise people and grow your support if you gave a small number of actual policy addresses.  The point will be less what you say about each specific matter (so long as you demonstrate some level of fluency and expertise) and more that you’re capable of doing it.  Some one-third of the Party supports you because they think you’re tough.  You would make inroads with other voters if they thought you were thoughtful.
5. Stop citing polls.  Politicians who talk about polls do so to show the election is all about them.  But elections are not about politicians.  Elections are about the hopes and dreams of the voters and especially now, voters want someone who can lift up our country, defend us, and grow the economy.  I get that you talk about the polls to show you’re a winner.  But if and when you start losing more contests, the polls will define you as a loser. What will you talk about then?  It’s better to knock it off now.  And of course, all the recent polls show you are losing to Hillary.
You got yourself to where you are today by demonstrating an uncanny, powerful, outsider’s bravado.  But the gap between 40 percent and 50 percent support is immense.  The higher hanging fruit is tough to get, and you won’t likely earn that support if you stay on your current path.
The Super Tuesday news conference you held at Mar-A-Lago and your policy speech (on a TelePrompter) to AIPAC were your two best moments demonstrating there is more to you than bravado.

Popehat mansplains Ke$ha court decision

CNN: A Court Denies Ke$ha Claims:  New York judge threw out Kesha's appeal Wednesday in her case against Sony Music.
Kesha, the singer known for hits such as "Tik Tok" and "Die Young," had appealed a decision in February that said she could not be released from her contract with producer Dr. Luke.
    Kesha has alleged that Dr. Luke, whose real name is Lukasz Gottwald, had sexually, emotionally and physically abused her. Dr. Luke's record label is affiliated with Sony.
    Manhattan state Supreme Court Justice Shirley Werner Kornreich noted that Kesha had "failed to plead that any of the alleged discrimination occurred in New York State or City," and that the court had no jurisdiction over the claims.
    The court also denied Kesha's claims that Dr. Luke's abuse constituted a hate crime.

    Possible use of GMO mosquitoes in Florida to fight Zika virus

    "The trial [given preliminary approval by the federal government] would see genetically altered male mosquitoes released into the wild near Key West in Florida. These mosquitoes — of the speciesAedes aegypti — contain a gene that kills the animal (referred to as a "lethality trait") as well as fluorescent markers used for lab identification. When the genetically altered males mate with the local female mosquito population they produce offspring that die while still young, minimizing the spread of diseases carried by the animals, including Zika and dengue.

    ...Scientist have welcomed the FDA's tentative approval of the trials. Zachary Adelman, an associate professor at Virginia Tech's Department of Entomology, said he was "glad to see that cooler heads have prevailed." He added: "By allowing the trial, the FDA will be signaling that science and evidence-based practices should prevail over the hysteria and irrationality long associated with genetically-modified organisms."

    Oxitec, which describes itself as "the only GM insect company in the world," has already carried out trials using its genetically altered mosquitoes in Piracicaba, a city in the Brazilian state of São Paulo. The company said in January that this reduced the local population of Aedes aegypti mosquitoes by 82 percent, and that it was building a new factory in the city to expand the project. Bringing these measures to the US may seem extreme, but it could be necessary as climate change and urbanization help spread mosquito-borne diseases to new regions."

      Hillary falls from 22 to 6 point lead in Pennsylvania primary poll  A new poll found that Hillary Clinton’s lead over Bernie Sanders in the critical Pennsylvania primary has plummeted to the single digits after the former Secretary of State led the Vermont Senator by more than 20 points.
      A new Quinnipiac poll released Wednesday shows Clinton leading Sanders by just a 50-44 margin three weeks out from the state’s primary.
      Bernie Sanders: Hillary Clinton is not qualified to be president. Look out Hillary... the globes are coming off. 

      Political statement

      Wednesday, April 6, 2016

      Crusoe & Oakley Dachshund Play Ball Hockey

      Via AllenS

      It's come to this: Is Thomas The Tank Engine racist?

      WKRLEM: Rest in Peace Merle.

      Lark Rise to Chappagua

      I spend a lot of time trying to find enjoyable TV shows to watch at night after a long tough day at work. Recently Amazon put a new show on Prime so it was free to watch. It is called "Lark Rise to Candleford." It is the story of two small communities in England at the end of the 19th Century. It is a warm and inviting show and a great way to wind down the day without gore and blood stained corpses that are the staple of TV these days.

      What struck me about the show was the relevance to todays politics. Lark Rise is a small hamlet of tenant farmers barely living on subsistence wages from working in the fields of the squire. They count their pennies and the slightest error can send them off to the work house losing kith and kin. So they have to bow and scrape and make sure that they do not offend their betters.

      "Abortion Activist Claims Planned Parenthood Videos Caused Raid At His Home"

      Agents seized all video footage from his apartment, along with his personal information, David Daleiden said in a Facebook post. Daleiden, the founder of a group called the Center for Medical Progress, said agents left behind documents that he contends implicate Planned Parenthood in illegal behavior related to the handling of fetal tissue.
      Rachele Huennekens, a spokeswoman for state Attorney General Kamala Harris, said in an email that she can’t comment on any ongoing investigation.
      Harris, a Democrat, is running for the U.S. Senate. Daleiden suggested in the social media posting that the raid was politically motivated because Harris has accepted campaign contributions from Planned Parenthood.

      Wasserman-Schultz facing well-funded challenger

      The Florida professor challenging Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz for her congressional seat posted a strong first fundraising quarter, raising $550,000.
      Tim Canova's haul came from 15,295 donnations averaging less than $20, according to figures released Monday morning by the campaign.
      ...The DNC chairwoman has faced criticism about the party’s decisions in the presidential race, and Bernie Sanders supporters have accused the party of picking Hillary Clinton as its favorite.
      Canova has endorsed Sanders and is trying to run with a similar populist streak as the Vermont senator. And Canova also has the backing of the National Nurses United super-PAC, the group that has already spent more than $1 million to help Sanders.

      Karoshi: death from overwork

      "Japan has no legal limits on working hours, but the labor ministry recognizes two types of karoshi: death from cardiovascular illness linked to overwork, and suicide following work-related mental stress.
      A cardiovascular death is likely to be considered karoshi if an employee worked 100 hours of overtime in the month beforehand, or 80 hours of overtime in two or more consecutive months in the previous six.
      A suicide could qualify if it follows an individual's working 160 hours or more of overtime in one month or more than 100 hours of overtime for three consecutive months.
      Work-related suicides are up 45 percent in the past four years among those 29 and younger, and up 39 percent among women, labor ministry data show."

      "Family mourns teen shot to death in Lake Park"

      Family members identified the victim as 17-year-old Claverle "C.J." Joseph. They said he was on his way to Palm Beach Gardens High School when a gunman opened fire on him at Silver Beach Road and Sixth Street.

      She said this was the third time someone shot at her son. The last time he was shot in the hand a few weeks ago. (video story at the link)

      Go, Dog, Go!


      I saw Cruz give something akin to a victory speech, or an encouragement speech when he 20 percentage points ahead and polls still open. I put it on mute. I was taken how his face shines. I looked at reflected light where features come to a point, edges of his nose, chin, even lips are pointed as if his whole face is scrubbed excessively with abrasive exfoliant and buffed with industrial equipment. I thought, "Man, his face sure looks presidential, classically presidential. His face is already an oil painting by Gilbert Stewart. The picture here doesn't show the startling burnished quality of his face the television showed tonight but here's the idea.

      I learned something. When I searched [powdered wigs] it shows costume wigs to buy that are pure white and it shows oil painting powdered wigs that are not. It could be the white in the oil painting turned brown. However sometimes the subject is also wearing a white shirt and the contrast between shirt and white powdered wig shows the wig to be not so pure white. 

      Tuesday, April 5, 2016

      Crux and Sanders Win Wisconsin

      Of course we know from Althouse that half of the Cruz voters were #nevertrumpers. They will be disappointed if Cruz is actually the nominee. They want Paul Ryan.

      Hey, the whole Bernie thing (and his winning streak) is pretty much being ignored by the same people who despise Trump, amirite?

      The most conservative man in the world.

      Giggles Bar, K Street Washington April 5. 2008
      Amanda Carpenter comes up to bar and places her expensive Louie Vutton purse on the bar. She sits on a barstool in her designer dress and surveys the veldt like a predator searching out prey. A lioness on the prowl in her natural habitat. The bartender brings over her usual. A dirty martini. A very dirty martini. Because she is a very dirty girl.

      She scopes out the action. A bunch of pajama boys. Congressional staffers. Republican congressman in ill-fitting cheap suits from Men’s Warehouse. Flotsam and Jetsam.  Then the crowd shifted a little. A beam of the last remaining sunlight during happy hour illuminates the corner of the bar. There he stood. A sturdy rugged Latin man. In a crisp $1,000 Paul Stewart suit and amazingly brightly shined wing tip shoes. It was him.  Don Juan Montoya De La Theodore Cruz. The most conservative man in the world.

      He felt her eyes on him. As though she was caressing him from across the bar. He was sipping a Dos Equis. He didn't often drink beer. But when he did he drank Dos Equis. Conservatively.

      He said something to his companion who laughed and slapped him the back as he strode toward her. She sat up straighter on her stool. She felt a little wet. Conservatism excited her. Not as much as cocaine but still.

      “Hello senorita. Do I know you” asked the tall olive skinned Canadian? He was of course a Canadian even though he claimed to be an American. He was proud to have been born near the USA. Why should mere details of his place of birth matter to a man such as himself? After all. He is the most conservative man in the world.

      I'm soured on Apple

      Apple computers that is. I have an iPhone 5 which no longer communicates with my much older MacBook. I took it to the "friendly" Apple store and they flat out told me "dude, you need to upgrade your computer." No genius fix. No advice. No nothing. Just a smug admission that they believe in planned obsolescence.

      I took some great video of a tarantula and the mud caves at Anza Borrego, but, I am unable to share them because the files are too huge to get off my phone. This used to be breeze -- a snap -- with communicating devices, but no more.

      I am a longtime Apple customer, going back to the 1980's. To be honest, I've been disturbed by the stances the company has taken since Steve Jobs died. They are both sucking and blowing it.

      Andrew Napolitano: "The Clinton Investigation Enters a Dangerous Phase"

      [B]ryan Pagliano, the one member of Clinton’s inner circle who, with either a written promise of non-prosecution or an order of immunity from a federal judge, began to cooperate with federal prosecutors last fall.
      Here is what he told the feds.
      Pagliano has explained to federal prosecutors the who, what, when, how and why he migrated an open State Department email stream and a secret State Department email stream from government computers to Clinton’s secret server in her home in Chappaqua, New York. He has told them that Clinton paid him $5,000 to commit that likely criminal activity.
      He has also told some of the 147 FBI agents assigned to this case that Clinton herself was repeatedly told by her own State Department information technology experts and their colleagues at the National Security Agency that her persistent use of her off-the-shelf BlackBerry was neither an effective nor an acceptable means of receiving, transmitting or safeguarding state secrets. Little did they know how reckless she was with government secrets, as none was apparently then aware of her use of her non-secure secret server in Chappaqua for all of her email uses.

      Response tweet: "buy my book to find out how to end capitalism"

      "Bill Simmons and HBO are making a Game of Thrones recap show"

      "The first show to emerge from Bill Simmons' partnership with HBO is After the Thrones, a weekly Game of Thrones recap show that's going to premiere on HBO Now alongsideThrones' sixth season later this month. It's not clear when After the Thrones will air on HBO proper — a HBO press release claims air dates will be announced "as they are confirmed" — but it'll debut on HBO Now and HBO Go on Monday, April 25th, one day after Game of Thrones returns on April 24th. Chris Ryan (executive editor of The Ringer, Simmons' forthcoming website) and former Grantland TV critic Andy Greenwald are set to host, and Simmons and Eric Wasserman are serving as co-executive producers."

      Backlit Pricks

      Photo taken at Anza Borrego State Park.

      Barbecue Tool Box

      team building / sales

      This is a two for one post. Two separate things are discussed.

      This is why I despise teams. The post characterizes what I've shut out of Twitter stream. Embarrass them to what end? 

      If the point is to have readers not care anymore then it's working. Twitter is nearly useless presently. It's all this sort of thing, truly bad team building and sales techniques, and any bit of news is repeated a thousand times. Elections bring political types to their basic most elemental worst. 

      So that's that. 

      We cannot do anything about that except control the flow of it or control our place by the river of it. Think about different things instead. 

      A new place opened up called Torchy's. Possibly Torches. After months of remodeling an old Arby's. The redesigned space is not all that much different. Imagine a line of people that extends from the counter in the corner the full length of the open space dining room, a cavern, then wrapping around the wall to the outside and back the full length of the building. In freezing weather. Like this:

      At odd hours the crowd is less. I went in today at around 3:30 PM, the cavern was packed with people, and it is noisy, but no line at the counter. I told the young girl I hadn't been in before and asked her to recommend her favorite thing. She did. Then said, "Four dollars and fifty cents." Something like that, a ridiculously low amount. I understood instantly why the place is so popular. 

      What comes with it? Oh, that's just a taco. But it's big. You can add beans and rice if you want. She never offered a drink. She is sweet, and she is helpful, she recommended a terrific taco, but she failed her employer by not asking me or selling a drink. I thought it odd that she'd think I'd not need one, or come back for one, or discover on my own their separate bar once I'm in there. 

      That is case one of pleasant experience containing a sales fail. 

      Then to Floyd's for a haircut. (Named for the fictional barber shop in Mayberry.) Another enthusiastic young girl. I asked her if she's been to Torchy's and what is the dealio with the long lines all the time. She spun out her Torchy's spiel with such fervor it made my head spin. She told me the history of Torchys, its origin as another nearby onetime Denver restaurant that closed and reopened in Texas under another name down there and then came back to Denver with their Tex-Mex BBQ that has its established patronage already from the previous incarnation here and from their fans in Texas. She described their simple menu of excellent fire roasted meat with simple fresh vegetables. Boom. Instant success. And all that is odd because there are already two excellent and authentic Mexican restaurants half a block away in two cardinal directions. She told me everything about the draw of the place except the main thing, it's price. All that for Taco Bell pricing. Plus a bar. A complete winning formula that attracts a student type crowd, a definite mixed minority type crowd, hipster types, frankly, the inside looks like a trailer park. A bus terminal. It is in fact a bus stop on a segment of main thoroughfare where bus routes overlap. She said how much they all love it. How they order all the time, how they're over there every day, call in advance for takeout but sometimes they're too busy for that. I'm impressed with her eager description. Her face lights up. She is true sales person. I say so, "You are a remarkable sales person." 

      "I know! But that's because I love it so much." 

      But sales fail because she did not mention price. And she doesn't work there, she works here at Floyd's. Her sales work is at Floyd's, not Torchy's. Then when my haircut was done she failed to ask me if I would like to try any hair products. A very large portion of the place's sales comes from merchandise. Her enthusiasm does not extend to her employer. She's not so thrilled about about success of her employer as she is excited about the food and the success of Torchy's.  

      Three sales fails in two brief interactions, not selling me a drink with a meal, not mentioning the price at Torchy's as one of their outstanding features, (and she doesn't work there anyway) and not selling me products after my haircut. Both of them should be trained for those specific sales pitches, drink and hair products. 

      The girl at Torchy's is not a team member, although pleasant and fun and all the rest. And the girl at Floyd's is not a team member because she's pitching for another business, another team and ignoring her own sales, ignoring her own team. 

      I'm not complaining. I enjoyed talking to both girls tremendously. Both were helpful to me. But both are not actual team members and both displayed employment sales fails. 

      Monday, April 4, 2016

      Intel Analysts claim forced out for not toeing the Obama line on ISIS.

      Two senior intelligence analysts at U.S. Central Command say the military has forced them out of their jobs because of their skeptical reporting on U.S.-backed rebel groups in Syria, three sources with knowledge of their claim told The Daily Beast. It’s the first known instance of possible reprisals against CENTCOM personnel after analysts accused their bosses of manipulating intelligence reports about the U.S.-led campaign against ISIS in order to paint a rosier picture of progress in the war.
      One of the analysts alleging reprisals is the top analyst in charge of Syria issues at CENTCOM. He and a colleague doubted rebels’ capabilities and their commitment to U.S. objectives in the region. The analysts have been effectively sidelined from their positions and will no longer be working at CENTCOM, according to two individuals familiar with the dispute, and who spoke on condition of anonymity.
      The analysts’ skeptical views put them at odds with military brass, who last year had predicted that a so-called moderate opposition would make up a 15,000-man ground force to take on ISIS in its self-declared caliphate. An initial $500 million program to train and arm those fighters failed spectacularly. And until the very end, Pentagon leaders claimed the operation was more or less on track. Lawmakers called the plan a “joke” when Gen. Lloyd Austin, the CENTCOM commander, finally testified last September that there were just “four or five” American-trained fighters in Syria. (read more)
      Via Instapundit 

      What can you get a "Lifetime Supply" of for less than $500?

      I once bought my brother 10,000 for $5.
      Toothbrushes, just get the cheapo ones and replace them every 2 months or so.
      Razor blades. When i was in the army i got real sick of buying mach 3 cartridges, so i bought a merkur safety razor and a sampler of different razor blades. you can find 100 packs for about $16. I could get 5 days out each blade, even if i shaved every week (including while on leave, lol yeah right) thats 52 blades a year. So at ~$8 a year, $500 will buy you 62.5 years worth of blades. so if from age 17 - 80 is considered a normal lifetime's worth of razorblade necessity, $500 ought to do 'er.
      Sticky notes.
      Fuck man. I bought like a huge pack for what would be about 5$ and I've barely touched the things and I regret my decision to get this many, unless I'm just fucking about or being passive-aggressive I basically never use them for anything useful.

      Man escapes from car dangling on cliff edge, only to be hit by a passing bus

      On Saturday afternoon, the motorist lost control of his vehicle while driving along Malibu Canyon Road, leading the SUV to dangle off the side of the cliff, according to Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department.
      Although the driver managed to climb out of the vehicle, he was then hit by a tour bus that was passing by.

      "Hillary Clinton's 'unborn person' comments angers both pro-choice, pro-life sides"

      "“The unborn person doesn’t have constitutional rights,” Mrs. Clinton said on NBC’s “Meet the Press.” “Now that doesn’t mean that we don’t do everything we possibly can in the vast majority of instances to, you know, help a mother who is carrying a child and wants to make sure that child will be healthy, to have appropriate medical support.”
       Mrs. Clinton also said “there is room for reasonable kinds of restrictions” on abortion during the third trimester of pregnancy.

      ...The comment “further stigmatizes #abortion,” Ms. Arellano said in a tweet. “She calls a fetus an ‘unborn child’ & calls for later term restrictions.”

      ...“This is Trump-level gaffery,” Mr. Podhoretz said in a tweet. “If you acknowledge personhood, then the unborn has every Constitutional right.”"