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WKRLEM_TV: Ted Cruz gets some Coaching for the next debate!

Who says I have Small Hands?

The physical attributes of America’s first ladies have often been the subject of speculation and innuendo especially in the hands of political opponents of our chief executives. It is commonly agreed that Dolly Madison had the largest breasts of any first lady and that Helen Taft had the largest buttocks as she was well matched with her husband William Howard Taft. Lucretia Garfield was of course greatly renowned for her vestigial vagina that was the subject of songs and stories during James Garfield’s presidency.

A little know fact was that the wife of Warren G Harding did in fact have a wooden leg that was the result of a sexual affair that had gone awry. Florence Kling was the divorced daughter of Harding’s hated rival who “vigorously pursued” the Ohio newspaperman with series of depraved sexual escapades that led to their marriage. Florence Harding was the driving force in the popular ladies man political career and they delighted in having sex in strange and unusual places. Harding delighted in having sex with her supine on his desk in the editor’s office where he would unscrew his wife’s leg and use her other leg as a rudder to turn her around and around to have access to various orifices. The lies and excuses that they created to cover up their activities from their inquisitive reporters led to the practice of “spinning” that has endured to this very day.
(The Long and the Short of It, Presidential Penises by Doris Kearns Goodwin, St. Martins Press).

An Open Letter to the Conservative Movement.

By John Kluge March 3, 2016 (Hat tip to Vox Popoli)

Let me say up front that I am a life-long Republican and conservative. I have never voted for a Democrat in my life and have voted in every presidential and midterm election since 1988. I have never in my life considered myself anything but a conservative. I am pained to admit that the conservative media and many conservatives’ reaction to Donald Trump has caused me to no longer consider myself part of the movement. I would suggest to you that if you have lost people like me, and I am not alone, you might want to reconsider your reaction to Donald Trump. Let me explain why.
First, I spent the last 20 years watching the conservative media in Washington endorse and urge me to vote for one candidate after another who made a mockery of conservative principles and values. Everyone talks about how thankful we are for the Citizens’ United decision but seems to have forgotten how we were urged to vote for the coauthor of the law that the decision overturned. In 2012, we were told to vote for Mitt Romney, a Massachusetts liberal who proudly signed an individual insurance mandate into law and refused to repudiate the decision. Before that, there was George W. Bush, the man who decided it was America’s duty to bring democracy to the Middle East (more about him later). And before that, there was Bob Dole, the man who gave us the Americans with Disabilities Act. I, of course, voted for those candidates and do not regret doing so. I, however, am self-aware enough to realize I voted for them because I will vote for virtually anyone to keep the Left out of power and not because I thought them to be the best or even really a conservative choice. Given this history, the conservative media’s claims that the Republican party must reject Donald Trump because he is not a “conservative” are pathetic and ridiculous to those of us who are old enough to remember the last 25 years.

I am a unifyer

Smearballs made this. 

"What did you think was normal till your learned otherwise?"

Redditors who grew up filthy rich up-voted comments...
Taking trips overseas constantly. I remember being so surprised in elementary school that my friends had never been to Europe.
I thought until the start of high school that a 100$ bottle of wine was cheap. Expensive ones ares several thousands after all.
Going on ski holiday every year. Living in Germany, where the alps are just a two hour's drive away, but still flying to western Canada for skiing at whistler mountain
John Travolta told a cute story about his daughter once: they had to fly commercial once and she was shocked, incredulous, and asked, 'daddy, who are all these people on our plane?!' She thought everyone had their own 757.
I spent my late teens and early twenties butlering for a very very wealthy (not billionaires but not far off) family. They had 2 school age kids that I would drop off in the morning. The older (7 maybe 8 t the time) of the two was amazed to learn that I didn't have a holiday home to go to when I took time off.

Do not despair

Some say she is still drinking to this day

Diesel made a friend

Coin tossing quantum experiments

The notoriously counterintuitive features of quantum mechanics make it hard to design experiments to study the quantum fundamentals and to develop quantum computing and quantum cryptography. So a team of researchers has developed an algorithm for combining the building blocks of quantum optics experiments, such as beam splitters and mirrors, to achieve a particular goal, such as a certain photonic quantum state. The experimental arrangements generated so far are ones the researchers say they were unlikely to have thought of themselves, and some work in ways that are hard to understand.
Experiments in quantum optics, whether for fundamental or practical ends, tend to use a rather limited set of components to manipulate the quantum states of photons. Beam splitters can send laser light along two different paths with certain probabilities and generate so-called superposition states in which photons seem to take two paths at once. Nonlinear crystals generate pairs of quantum-connected (entangled) photons, and the usual mirrors and lenses guide laser beams.
The algorithm designed by Anton Zeilinger of the University of Vienna and his co-workers, called Melvin, takes elements like these and shuffles them to find an experimental arrangement that will produce specified quantum properties in the photon beams. For example, many experiments require entanglement, where two photons have some property, such as polarization or angular momentum, that is correlated—measuring the value for one photon tells you the value for the other. Researchers might also want to manipulate single photons. (read more)

"How could everybody get it so wrong?"

Washington Times OPinion: Once upon a time a man or woman put in the early years on the Springfield Republican or the Log Cabin Democrat or the Bloomington Pantagraph, covering spats between aldermen or obscure state legislators, learning the trade along with something about the nature of humanity and acquiring a little familiarity with the body politic, and finally arriving in the city with knowledge, insight and a little learned humility. He was a hard man to fool.

But we’re all at the mercy now of progress, and columnists, commentators and pundits go straight from graduate school to a column, a microphone with a camera, certified like a CPA as a fully fledged doctor of humbuggery. This leaves them at the mercy of the flimflam artist, with no understanding of why and how an audience laps it up.
David Remnick, the editor of the precious and erudite New Yorker magazine, told his readers last summer that Mr. Trump was such an ignoramus, who knew nothing about politics, that his “whole con might end well before the first snows in Sioux City and Manchester.”
They’re still shoveling snow in New Hampshire — the last of it is expected to melt in time for the Fourth of July parade — and Mr. Remnick is still puzzled about why and how it happened.
Mr. Remnick has a lot of distinguished company, even if most of it has not learned a lot from the experience.
James Fallows, who has spent three decades as national correspondent of Atlantic magazine, was even more confident than Mr. Remnick when he wrote early in the campaign cycle that “Donald Trump will not be the 45th president of the United States. Nor the 46th, nor any other number you might name. The chance of his winning the nomination and election is exactly zero.”
Chris Cillizza of The Washington Post was certain as early as last July that “Donald Trump is not going to be the Republican presidential nominee in 2016.” Nate Silver, who successfully applied higher math to presidential politics four years ago and made a name for himself as the guru who got it right, told his colleagues in November to “stop freaking out” about the Donald’s poll numbers. He wasn’t going anywhere. (read the whole thing)

reading problem


Wintergatan 2,000 marbles music machine


Oh Henry!

Here's to the good ol' days when Mexico and El Norte saw more eye to eye and Tex Avery was animating Frito Lay characters.
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Dave Brubeck - Take Five

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Japanese craftsmen restores old beaten-up book

Feel good video of the day

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You're in the Army Now!

Everybody  and his brother is shitting their pants about what Trump said about the military. The question arose at the debate was what would Trump do if the military refused his orders to torture terrorists or kill the families of the terrorists. Of course Trump didn't realize the trap they were setting for him. You see he doesn't see waterboarding as torture or even other means that are harsher as a problem for terrorists. He sees it as just what they deserve. Also I guess killing a whole family with a drone attack is no biggie when Obama does it but if a Republican does it then it is a war crime. I get it.

What freaked everyone out was Trump's response. “They won’t refuse. They’re not going to refuse me,” he said. “If I say do it, they’re going to do it.”

"Rarely Seen “Enchanted” Moments of US History"

h/t AllenS
A horse-drawn fire engine of Engine No. 39 leaving Fire Headquarters
at 157 East 67th Street for the last time after being replaced with
a motorized fire engine, New York City, February 19, 1912.

A life guard and a doctor attempt to save a swimmers life on Coney Island Beach, 1940.
The woman in the center chose the worst moment for a smile.
Alice Huyler Ramsey (November 11, 1886 – September 10, 1983),
the first woman to drive across the United States from coast to coast, 1909.
Only 152 miles out of the total 3600-mile trip were made on paved road.

The Right's Trump Lexicon by Dianna West

This list started out as the Big Conservative Donald Trump Dictionary but changed to The Right's Trump Lexicon. Dianna West is author of The Death of the Grown-Up and American Betrayal. She's collected remarks about Trump in blog posts and tweets made by well known writers and pundits and collected their disparaging adjectives used to describe the Republican front runner for president of the United States.

I noticed this link to Dianna West deep in comments to a post at Instapundit. I have another vocabulary thing ready to show "J" encountered online. But this one that suddenly appeared is a lot better because it's so mean spirited. Truly mean spirited. Her list is fully elaborated with links to original writing. She has all the remarks where these words are used to describe Trump and his family and his supporters. Dianna created a beautiful collection that describes GOP in their own words. They are describing Trump and by doing describe themselves. Recommended, I found her collection worthwhile.

abortion Trump is abortion
anal to Ann Coulter, does Trump pay more than anal?
ball gag
balls, Carly cut his balls off
balls to compare himself to Reagan
blood libel
brown shirts
clown site
complete idiot
complete moron
crock of bullcrap
Epuration Sauvage 
good news (how Trump campaign ends) 
hardcore porn
King Kong
ledge  (3 tweets referring to on the ledge)
machine gun
Manhattan Project
Maxi Pad
media whores
mock (orange skin)
moron (and moron voters)
mouth-breathing anti-semites 
plastic surgery disaster wife
robe of conservatism
scarlet letter
sex tape  (gross thing someone imagines)
sharia (of American politics)
supply lines (insurgency needs to have supply lines cut)
venereal disease
Vichy Republicans
wall (handy list of people to put up against the wall)
whore (Trump's wife is a whore)

Ha ha ha. No "n." Missed nut, nincompoop, non-politician, non compos mentis, nattering nabob, nettlesome creature.

C'mon. Missed all these letters.

j  jackass
q  quite insane
x   xenophobe
y  yellow running dog 
z  zelot

Musings of a pro blackjack player


"If you are immune to gambling’s allure – its sensory seductions, its hokey promises of a win – you start to see through the hidden numbers and spinning dials and flashing lights to the machinery beneath. When I see people with holes in their shoes buying lottery tickets they can ill afford, I can think only of Karl Marx’s ‘opium of the people’. Observing the grey-rinse brigade playing one-armed bandits in Vegas’s teeming slot-machine alleys, I marvel at how these women (and it is overwhelmingly women) have managed in retirement to find a pastime that so precisely mimics the piecework of the production line.
Surely it is a mark of late capitalism’s descent into decadence when, for sheer entertainment, we simply throw money away? When our play trumpets itself as a parody of the means of mass production?"

"Hillary Paid Herself $250,000 From Campaign Funds"

Free Beacon: Federal campaign finance records reviewed by the Washington Free Beacon found that starting in April 2015, the month that Clinton launched her campaign, thousands in payments began flowing to the candidate.

The first transaction from Hillary for America to Hillary Rodham Clinton came on April 13, 2015 in the amount of $74,042. This transaction was filed under ‘Payroll & Benefits’ with a separate payment of $1,488 for ‘Employee Benefits’ that same day, according to FEC filings. On April 14, just one day later, $744 went to Clinton marked as employee benefits.
The next in a series of payments to Clinton did not occur until later in the year.
All told, payroll and benefits transactions to Clinton have totaled $254,447 since the launch of her campaign.
No other candidate running for president recorded payments to themselves, FEC files show. Donald Trump reimbursed $410,000 to himself and other Trump entities for payroll expenses, rent, hotel, and restaurant bills in December, according to reports.
While it is legal for candidates to pay themselves from campaign funds, the rule was established and intended for candidates who are not well off and quit their jobs to run for political office.

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GOP Debate

Are you watching?

Melania Trump's Diary

Well today we are in Detroit City. My goodness what a terrible place. Empty streets. Burned out houses. No business. No factories. It is like a movie set. They set up the downtown to look all prosperous but on the car ride in it looked like the worst areas of Slovenia when the fighting was going on. Why is the debate here? Nobody is going to vote for a Republican here. Why couldn’t it have been in Florida? We could have done it at the Golf Course at Mar A Lago. I bet if we did it there we could even get Obama to show. He sure wouldn’t come to Detroit. You see he doesn’t like black people all that much.

Today was another big day. Mitt Romney decided to make a big speech to attack the Donald. He rehashed all the charges that little Marco made in his various speeches where he went all attack-weasel. The same tired litany of bogus claims. Mitt should understand that a businessman who is a risk taker can open many businesses and they don’t all make it. Especially if you are licensing your name out and other people are running it. Then you are just in it for the cash. Low risk maybe high return. Look at my friend Bethenny Frankel. She hit it big with Skinny Girl Margherita’s. Then she licensed a whole bunch of other stuff like popcorn and diet books and blenders and who knows what. And they all failed. Well except for the tequila drink and the dildoes. She should have just stuck to the things she knew best. Or to things she likes to stick in her body. That should be her business plan.

Carpool Karaoke, James Corden picks up Sia

Please enjoy this as much as I do.

Sure hope this shows because I'm going to be really bummed if it doesn't

They are flat out yelling in the car. 

I don't know who this guy is, a late night host. I'm up late night, I should know, but I don't. One of the comments to this video on YouTube repeats a remark spreading across excellent videos, "Well, I was a fan. Now I'm an air conditioner." I feel the same way. And this man, James Corden is clearly a true fan too. These two together are perfect. 

I'm practicing Chandelier. Most dictionaries don't have the word. I have two ways to do the word and one of the ways is graphically beautiful and fits the song perfectly. I just realized it's about a girl cycling through alcoholism and drug addiction as self-medicating. I'm working out the lyrics and how to express them, deciding which portions to drop or act out. I cannot express how impressed I am with James' grasp of Sia's full catalog. Word for word, every song of hers, every vocal inflection. I'm sitting here watching them thinking with some degree of jealousy, "This sonofbitch has every single song of hers nailed!" I can only hope to do as well, not sing them, show them. 

It goes without saying that Sia blows me away as person and entertainer. She is so sweet, so silly, so easily given to play, and so talented on top of everything. Now that I'm into them, I can see her cracking out these songs, lyrics, melodies, transitions in minutes. The songs that I've studied are all simple, straightforward, and repetitive that drive a single thought. It's how James mastered them all so thoroughly and so quickly. This video has 24 million views, the music was not old when this video was made. I think she's doffed the mask by now, I'm not sure. I kind of like it. It's a silly trick and it worked very well for her. 

I've sang with women for passengers in cars while driving and still do and although very fun nothing so close to 1/10 good as this. I'm jealous. And I guess I'm just not near the fan that James Corden is. This right here is serious dedication and real authentic love.  

ASL "chandelier" [type: chandelier, choose U.S. flag] two sign ligature, the first sign is "glass." 

Another way for "chandelier", less useful for song, is another 2 sign ligature, "fine" +"light" as tinkling a bell

"The Moral Rot at the Heart of “Refugees Welcome”"

The American Interest via Instapundit:  Chancellor Faymann may just be acting politically to defend a policy that polls well, rather than having had a moral epiphany. But his comment cuts to the heart of the moral and intellectual hypocrisy of the “Refugees Welcome” policy: the pro-refugee factions, which see themselves as humanitarian paragons, have nonetheless managed to devise a program which in reality boils down to “if you survive the trip here, you’re welcome to stay.” . . .

If you don’t want to use ships and ferries, then feel free to fly the refugees. A direct, one-way plane ticket from Istanbul to Berlin this Friday can be found for as little as $44. People smugglers, on the other hand, will charge between $800–$1300 (and up) for a seat on a rubber raft from Turkey to Greece. Then there’s the $335-435 charge to get between certain countries in the Balkans and southern Europe. And at each leg, there’s a chance of death—by drowning, by suffocating in a truck.

So if it’s true that “refugees welcome”, why not just let them fly? Because an increasingly restive German public would go ballistic—but also because even the supporters of Angela Merkel’s policies know that Germany does not have the means to house and feed, much less employ and integrate, the numbers that would then come. Yet until recently, speaking of restrictionism was taboo among the German and European elite; even now, movement toward embracing deterrence—toward sending real signals that the journey north won’t be worth it and so not to come—progresses only slowly and haltingly in Berlin and Brussels.

Right now, a series of do-gooder decisions have turned the journey from Syria and Africa to northern Europe into the Hunger Games. Is that really what moral policy looks like?

Instapundit: Virtue-signaling is never about real world consequences. And the more people virtue-signal, the less virtuous they tend to be.

Saturday: four closed caucuses/primaries

[S]o far the primary calendar has been heavily tilted toward open primaries. But there have been four closed elections: the Iowa caucus, the Nevada caucus, and Super Tuesday’s Oklahoma primary and Alaska caucus. Ted Cruz won three of those four closed elections.

So here’s where it potentially gets interesting. Although the media are looking forward to March 15, this Saturday (March 5) there are four Republican primaries/caucuses: Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana and Maine. All are closed.

Then, once the winner-takes-all states begin, a large number of those are closed primaries and caucuses as well (including Florida, for what it’s worth)."

"Lab tech allegedly faked result in drug case" A lab technician for the State Police allegedly faked results in a drug case, and has drawn into question 7,827 criminal cases on which he worked, according to state officials.
Kamalkant Shah worked as a laboratory technician for the State Police laboratory in Little Falls and was found to have "dry labbed" suspected marijuana, according to a Feb. 29 memo to Public Defender Joseph Krakora from Deputy Public Defender Judy Fallon. Shah's essentially accused of making up data.
"Basically, he was observed writing 'test results' for suspected marijuana that was never tested," Fallon said in the memo.
Shah was removed from lab work on Dec. 10 as soon as the problem was discovered, said Peter Aseltine, spokesman for the Office of the Attorney General. Shah, who received a salary of $101,039, was suspended without pay effective Jan 12, he said.
Shah has not been charged with any crime, and is believed to have retired, Aseltine said.

Poorly designed, Mosul Dam has always required vigilance, and now...


"“The machines for [cementing the porous gypsum layer the dam rests upon] have been looted [by ISIS]. There is no cement supply. [The remaining workers] can do nothing. It is going from bad to worse, and it is urgent. All we can do is hold our hearts.”

At the same time as the bedrock is getting weaker and more porous, the water pressure on the dam is building as spring meltwater flows into the reservoir behind it. Giant gates that would normally be used to ease the pressure by allowing water to run through are stuck.

...“If the dam fails, the water will arrive in Mosul in four hours. It will arrive in Baghdad in 45 hours. Some people say there could be half a million people killed, some say a million. I imagine it will be more in the absence of a good evacuation plan.”"

Murphy herding sheep

Bryan Pagliano

Former State Department Staffer who worked on Hillary Clinton's private email server granted immunity by Justice Department. 

Google search [bryan pagliano granted immunity] choose your source.  

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

I am not a Racist, Sexist, Fascist or Madman....I didn't even play one on TV!

Every nincompoop commenter and douchnozzle pundit will  repeatedly slam Donald Trump for being a Reality Show star. They drip contempt from their condescending smug mugs while they promote fey Rent Boys and Frankenstein Monsters who never met a villager he couldn't alienate.

They don't realize something. Being a Reality Show star is his secret weapon.

You see he has been in every regular American's home for the past decade. Not George Will's house where they don't own a TV. Not Jonah Goldberg's house because he only watches the Food Channel. Not Anderson Cooper who is in a hot tub with Marco Rubio and Titus. The elites and the political class have no idea of what normal regular average unwashed Americans watch. For ten years.

E. Mammals

This is Hoch's selection from Gardiner's list of Egyptian hieroglyphic signs. From an artist's point of view this is one of the more interesting groups. Whenever in doubt for drawing an animal an hieroglyph sign can do. At least for starters. Birds are another great group for that reason. Hoch uses thirty-five of these signs to teach his class and that covers the entire range. The italic letters with marks around them are transliteration symbols that suggest sounds. It's phonic and so oblivious to homonyms. When used to communicate via computer the little marks are forfeited so they're even worse as descriptors. 

JSesh has many more signs than Gardiner collected. Most of the time their values are not listed and that makes us suppose they have the same value the basic sign has. These are all elaborations on the regular sign and you see the groups repeated. 

"Fewer Agents Projected to Patrol Border" The agency [Department of Homeland Security] is budgeting for 300 fewer agents in 2017 than they did for this fiscal year.
Since September, Border Patrol agents have been catching more unaccompanied children and families at the border.
“One, we have people turning themselves in at unprecedented rates. Then we have the people that are always coming in illegally,” National Border Patrol Council Local 3307 Vice President Chris Cabrera said. “Then we have the drug flow that’s coming north and the money that’s going south and guns that are going south. And to cut jobs at a time like this is a recipe for disaster.”
For the 2017 fiscal year, Border Patrol plans to field a little more than 21,000 agents. By its projections, the agency pays $181,000 per year in operational costs for each agent.

"Germany: Traditional sausages banned in public canteens out of respect to Muslims"

IBT: A regional branch of German Chancellor Angela Merkel's CDU party is fighting to keep pork on the menu in public canteens, with many institutions allegedly removing the meat from menus out of concern that religious minorities could be offended.

The proposal will be presented by the CDU's Schleswig-Holstein group in the state parliament's session next week. The group's parliamentary leader, Daniel Guenther, claims that pork products were being taken off the menu in schools, nurseries and canteens across the region.

"The protection of minorities - including for religious reasons - must not mean that the majority is overruled in their free decision by ill-conceived consideration," said Guenther, as quoted by Deutsche Welle, arguing that tolerance must mean "the appreciation and sufferance of other food cultures and lifestyles."

Bratwurst sausages and other pork products are at the heart of German cuisine, with pig farming particularly important in the northern state of Schleswig Holstein, where agricultural production is the source of 17 per cent of state revenues.

"Eight-Year-Old Yazidi Girl Sets Herself on Fire to Prevent Islamic State Rape"

Breitbart:  German doctor Jan Ilhan Kizilhan, treating Yazidi victims of the Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL/IS), tells the Agence France-Presse he has treated an 8-year-old girl who set herself on fire to stop jihadists from raping her.
“IS sold her eight times during the 10 months she was held hostage, and raped her hundreds of times,” he said. “This is one of the cases I always have in my mind.”  The fire burned 80 percent of her body, and Kizilhan said the girl lost her nose and ears.
You have to be very desperate to have the wherewithal, at that age, to figure out how to make it stop, and go thru with it.

Kasich holding out for Veep?


"Kasich’s presence in the race almost certainly damaged Rubio on Tuesday night. As of late Tuesday, Kasich took 9.4% of the vote in Virginia — a state where Rubio likely lost by five points or less. Kasich also took 18% of the vote in Massachusetts; the same as Rubio.

The Florida senator’s backers are livid that the Kasich’s showing in Virginia may have kept their candidate from winning and will continue to hurt them in upcoming primaries; Kasich has indicated he will not drop out until after Ohio, and may be aiming to stay in as long as it takes to be a Trump alternative."

What poor decision will you likely make today?

Top voted Reddit answers...
Probably going to go home, sleep, play video games, not do my work, put it off another day.
Pay more attention to my phone than my education... Shit
Currently parked illegally. Gonna find out in about 30 minutes how that turned out
Going to sleep way too late knowing I have to wake up early in the morning to go to the university.
Junk food and a beer for dinner.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

the month of March and Jesus at Pella

 March could be my favorite month. Where we live and have lived March is the best month, dynamic, promising, exciting, we start thinking of Spring and Christians start thinking about Easter. The strange holiday that you never can pin down. You have to look each year on a calendar to know where it lands. It could be in April but might be in March, I don't know, crocus pop up and Christians are drawn toward a passion at the beginning of March. You can feel it, the feeling is palpable. 

The beginning of March, the last weeks of his life were dynamic and highly energized for Jesus and his apostles too. As we enter the season of Spring and of Christian Easter let's stop and look back again at what the group of apostles and Jesus were doing at this same time of year way back then that we are living in now.

This is a rather long post about the doings of Jesus the last few weeks before his appearance in Jerusalem and the unfortunate events that followed.

What did Jesus do these preceding weeks? Jesus taught at Pella not far from Jerusalem. And what did Jesus teach? Jesus taught the love of the heavenly Father and brotherhood of man. And how did Jesus teach that? Through parables. 

The three parables most often used in this period all lean on the topic of being lost; the lost sheep, the lost coin, the lost son, they are parables about different aspects of the Father's acceptance. 

Jesus and ten apostles arrived at the Pella camp for the last week of Jesus's time there the end of the first week of March.  He was active in teaching this week, attending the multitudes afternoons and instructing the apostles at night.

Word of Lazarus resurrection reached the encampment before the arrival of Jesus and the assembly were nearly beside themselves with excitement and energy. No such tremendous event had occurred since the feeding of five thousand. This is the height of the second phase of Jesus' ministry, the plan is to teach one week at Pella then tour southern Perea leading to the last week in Jerusalem. In Jerusalem the priests were alarmed and organizing themselves to action. 

The Pharisees and chief priests had formulated their charges against Jesus.

1) Jesus is friend of sinners, receives ungodly people and even eats with them

2) He is blasphemer. Talks about God as Father and teaches he is equal.

3) Jesus is lawbreaker. Works on Sabbath and disregards sacred laws.

4) Works wonders by power of the devil.

A burger with a side of burgers

"60 Minutes Australia crew attacked and injured...."

Sweden's Avpixlat news service reports that the 60 Minutes team was interviewing residents about the European migrant crisis in the suburb of Rinkeby when they were set upon twice by 'a group of young African masked men'.
'When a cameraman got out of the car, a car drove up next to him and the African driver of the vehicle began to fight,' the agency reported.
'After two minutes fuss about why they would shoot right in Rinkeby as the driver drove over the cameraman's foot. The man fell and lay still for a moment while the team continued to film the car quickly drove away.'
Police were called and took statements but once they left another group lay siege on the Australian crew. (read more)

Stacey Dash Oscar awards punk

This must be the most brilliant punk that I've seen in my lifetime.

I'm just now understanding it. Man, talk about slow on the uptake. Daily Mail. I love this so much.

Somebody mentioned in comments, "She's even played in Clueless, didn't she?" As if there is something apposite between cluelessness with Oscar appropriateness and fictional cluelessness depicted in a movie and cluelessness of conservatives in general who simply do not do such fabulous things as Oscars.

A drop of conservative thought poisoned the Oscars. An eyedropper, boink, the whole thing tainted.

From their point of view this is their fashionable night of the year, this is the reward that they live for now televised worldwide and a beach-flea bitten cur limps onto stage and poos right on the edge. Bad example because that would actually be better, that would be easier to respond to, that would get an applause. Let's say, there is nothing so awful like it. Maybe. To them the equivalent is what the Islamic nanny arrested in Moscow metro station did. Something that simply does not fit so badly that it cannot be processed. Understanding does not come. There is no reaction at all. That is why the punk is so brilliant. It is so out of place to the Oscar audience that it blows their mind completely. And they don't know this, the episode exposes them for who and what they are, again, and it is not attractive. Yet they still think so. They still think that fashion is wasted on Stacey Dash.

And the whole time I don't know who she is and you do. I saw two previous Stacey Dash posts and your comments show that you know her.

This is what makes me so impossibly thick. I love her role in the movie Clueless. She is one of my favorite characters. The girls in that film pulled off that attitude so beautifully. I love every character in that film. It's a fantastic film and she is a standout. But I don't know her name. It's like a rule or something, don't learn actors names. A mental block. I love the nameless actor. The character.

This is how hopelessly thick I am about entertainers. When Clueless was mentioned, I actually thought, "I wonder which character she played." Is that stupid, or what? I recalled the girls one by one. Their adorable high school fashion. Each girl is brilliant in the film in my opinion. I couldn't match anyone up. The name Stacey Dash still meant nothing to me. Even after two posts here. Considering the racial component I cannot even explain to myself how stupid that is.

If I saw her on FOX I never connected her with a movie. If I saw her, I did not recognize her voice. I did not put it together. If this were a crossword clue it would be an irritating blank spot and I'd privately bristle and criticize the constructor for using an entertainer.

And now that I know I love her even more. Her stunt and the host's stunt is described as a blowout but in my remote view the Oscar audience's flat reaction is perfect. Perfect. Because the whole rest of the world except for dwindling viewership who still hold this event the highest height of fashionable fashion, and structured to breaking point too, knows that it's not all that. Non-enthusiasts know all along that the Oscar audience is incapable of understanding or processing anything beyond their own nose. That is why the dead non-reaction of Oscar audience is perfect. But you have to watch the show to know that.

Or else have the bits and pieces hit like random little meteorites because that's what it takes for this sort of thing to break through established filters. I'm glad this finally made it through. Now I like this gal even more and I consider this deadpan Oscar stunt described as horribly flat as probably the highlight of the show were I to watch it. I laughed my butt off when I realized what they did. It has evoked the perfect responses later. The hate pours out. She really did piss on their party.

Went like this: All dressed up glamorously as if she is celebrating at a high fashion event. "Not everybody thinks the same way as you through empty axioms. I'm so glad to be elected to drive this point " … later, after the shattered mind bits are reassembled, "Oh, shut up, Stupid, you're not like us. Fashion is wasted on you."

Five reasons nobody cares about the Oscars Ed Driscoll, PJ Media, good links, with comments.

John McAfee: The FBI is lying about iPhone

John McAfee Reveals How To Crack The iPhone.

"The car century was a mistake. It’s time to move on"

Washington Post: We must first remember that all cities were car-free little more than a century ago. Not all cities responded to the advent of automobiles with the same enthusiasm as the cities of the United States. In fact, some cities never did adopt the car. Venice was unwilling to destroy itself in order to build streets wide enough for cars, and therefore has never had them except in a sliver near the mainland....

Cars were never necessary in cities, and in many respects they worked against the fundamental purpose of cities: to bring many people together in a space where social, cultural and economic synergies could develop. Because cars require so much space for movement and parking, they work against this objective — they cause cities to expand in order to provide the land cars need. Removing cars from cities would help to improve the quality of urban life.

Streets are also our most important public social spaces. Most cities in Europe now acknowledge the terrible damage cars have done to this use, which is why cities all across Europe are discouraging automobile use in favor of walking, cycling and public transport. This is most clearly illustrated in Oslo, the first European capital to announce that its downtown core will soon be made car-free in order to reduce carbon emissions and improve air quality, as well as to improve conditions for pedestrians and cyclists...

Removing vehicles from our streets would make urban life cheaper, safer, quieter and more pleasant. Repurposed parking spaces and, in some cases, travel lanes would provide ample land for walking and cycling, plus any essential street-running public services, such as light rail, trash collection and emergency services. The surplus land can be devoted to public purposes — imagine Manhattan with sidewalks 15 feet wider and room for sidewalk cafes.

WKRLEM- A Moment of Clarity

Choking The Chicken

Should Trump win big later on today, the reaction to watch is not the media's meltdown -- it will be China's reaction. They are watching very closely.
I wish I knew more about economics in order to predict the fallout of a Trump Presidency.

Monday, February 29, 2016


Keith Richards wrote that song 50 years ago and it was released in early 1967.  According to Wiki, there is some dispute concerning the late Brian Jones' contributions. That is Jones playing the recorder.

WRLEM-TV: Marco Rubio has a rally in Texas and a Dance party breaks out!

Scooby Doo who are you!

Scrappy Doo: Scrappy-Dappy-Doo!
Scooby Doo: Hey!
Scrappy Doo: Trolls don't stand a chance with me! Let me at em. I'll rock 'em and sock 'em. I give them what for. I post and I post and I don't care how many times I get deleted.
Fred: Scrappy, for the thousandth time, there's no such things as Trolls on this blog! Don't bring your nonsense over here. We are here for a reason. To stay away from you.
Scrappy Doo: Sure there are, and when I find them I'll give them a good of puppy power!
[Urinates on Daphne]
Scrappy Doo: Ta-da!
Daphne: Oh God. He's peeing on me!
Fred: Don't worry. He does that on every thread. 

Like a Doll's Eye!

Quint: [Quint first scratches the chalk board to get everyone's attention] Y'all know me. Know how I earn a livin'. I'll catch this Trump for you and improve your blog, but it ain't gonna be easy. Bad Commentors. Talking about things that interest them in their own voice. Not like going down the pond chasin' bluegills and tommycods. This Trump, swallow your blog whole. Little shakin', little tenderizin', an' down you go. And we gotta do it quick, that'll bring back your tourists, put all your businesses on a payin' basis.  But it's not gonna be pleasant. I value my self-important sense of myself over any sort of good fellowship. I'll find the sweet spot for you blog, but I'll decrease the number of comments, and just give you people who think the way I think. All one of them. But you've gotta make up your minds. If you want to stay alive, then ante up. If you want to play it cheap, be on welfare the whole winter. I don't want no volunteers, I don't want no mates, there's just too many captains on this island. These peons are just not as smart as me. I am a world travel who got parking tickets on three continents. Because I am a driver. Just obey me and my opinions for me by myself. For that you get the head, the tail, the toupee, the whole damn Trump. And all the reality show rubes who kiss his puffy ass will be gone. Giving clicks and comments on some other blog.

"Stacey Dash Oscar Appearance did not flop.... "

Hollywood wants to envision itself like Rudy Huxtable’s playgroup – they want their actors and actresses to be Asian, black, redheaded or blond. They want the illusion of diversity, tolerance and open- mindedness, even though they’re much less ideologically diverse than your average suburban megachurch. As Hollywood grapples with its “diversity problem,” they are aspiring to add minorities to major roles.

That still misses the point.

Yes, black actors and actresses should have more roles. (Take a note from Hamilton the musical, guys.) But, if you have a Hollywood cast that looks different and THINKS EXACTLY THE SAME, that’s not real diversity. Chris Rock pointed it out quite nicely last night during his opening monologue.
Now, I remember one night I was at a fundraiser for President Obama, a lot of you were there, and, you know, it’s me and all of Hollywood. And all the, you know, it’s all of us there and there’s about four black people there, me, let’s see, Quincy Jones, Russell Simmons, Questlove, you know, the usual suspects, right? And every black actor that wasn’t working. Needless to say, Kevin Hart was not there, okay? So, at some point, you get to take a picture with the President.
And as they’re setting up the picture, you get a little moment with the president, I’m like, “Mr. President, you see all these writers and producers and actors? They don’t hire black people. And they’re the nicest white people on earth. They’re liberals.”
So, in their absolute thirst for different varieties of skin tone, they miss out on the one type of diversity that would make it truly interesting: ideological diversity. What if, for example, white Hollywood liberals aren’t the “nicest white people on earth?” Since Rock and his friends probably don’t ever come in contact with conservatives, they’d never know. Last night, you witnessed a rare instances when they did encounter a conservative, and that’s when their ‘open-mindedness’ really kicks in.

That’s what made America cringe as they watched the Oscars last night. It wasn’t a joke that fell flat, it was a moment that revealed just how unwilling Hollywood is to embrace anyone who thinks differently.

Kasich courtesy phone

This is news: Justice Thomas asks questions in court, 1st time in 10 years

Thomas' questions came Monday in case in which the court is considering placing new limits on the reach of a federal law that bans people convicted of domestic violence from owning guns.
Thomas asked the Justice Department lawyer defending the government's prosecution whether the violation of any other law suspends a person's constitutional rights.

Joe Scarborough: “I mean is he really so stupid that he thinks Southerners aren’t offended by the Ku Klux Klan and David Duke?"


"It’s breathtaking. That is disqualifying right there. To say you don’t know about the Ku Klux Klan? You don’t know about David Duke?" the co-host said during the opening segment of the show after remarking upon Trump's feigned ignorance of the group and Duke during an interview with CNN on Sunday, two days after he explicitly disavowed the group in a news conference.

The "most stunning thing" about the latest development, said Scarborough, a southerner himself, is that the latest maneuver "isn’t buying him a single vote."

“I mean is he really so stupid that he thinks Southerners aren’t offended by the Ku Klux Klan and David Duke? Is he really so ignorant of Southern voters that he thinks this is the way to their heart — to go neutral, to play Switzerland when you’re talking about the Klan?" Scarborough asked. "And to say he doesn’t know enough information about the Klan to condemn them — exactly what does Donald Trump expect to learn in the next 24 hours about the Klan.”

Oscar Winners 2016

These are the winners of the 88th annual Academy Awards.
Best Picture: “Spotlight
Direction: “The Revenant,” Alejandro G. Iñárritu
Actor: Leonardo DiCaprio, “The Revenant”
Actress: Brie Larson, “Room”
Supporting Actor: Mark Rylance, “Bridge of Spies”
Supporting Actress: Alicia Vikander, “The Danish Girl”
Did you watch? Want to tell us your impressions. Please do.

Sunday, February 28, 2016

WKRLEM-TV: Bags finds out that Trump was elected President!

Why did I have to miss out on the finale of Downton because of this bullshit commie Oscar nonsense!

super lice

Eliot Ness talks about immigrants!

This is a job for the Untouchables.

“Ricco, Youngblood, Lee. Let’s go. We are going to get Trump. Taxes. The same way we got Capone. We need to get him to release his taxes. We have to go over them with a fine tooth comb. He doesn’t use a comb. I think he takes his hair off and sends it out to be dry-cleaned. So we need to do it. There has to be something there. I just know it.

I bet there is a lot to find. Where he contribute to charity. He doesn't give to Vets groups like he says he does. I do know he founded a school for wayward Eastern European models with larger than a D cup. I think he calls it the Jenny McCarthy House. Plus he donates his used Trump Toupees to Habitat for Humanity. I think they use them to thatch huts or something. The rest of contributions would also be very interesting. We need to humiliate him if his cheap or out him if he ever gave to a cause that subsequently became unpopular.

Most of all we have to check his Mob ties. Just because every business in New York has Mob Ties doesn't mean anything. If he has any receipts from the Shop Right Supermarket chain we got him. Everybody knows they are owned by the Gambinos.  If he bought concrete thirty years ago from a Mob Concrete Company when they were they only concrete companies in business well we got him! In fact if his mother bought an Artichoke in 1942 he is ours since everyone knows that Ciro Terranova owned the artichoke business. He has Mob ties. I know it. Let’s go over his tax returns. He can’t issue a summary like Rubio or Cruz or Mittens. We have to look up his asshole to see what we can find. Nobody wants to do that to Rubio. God knows it is too crowded up in there.

Get the accountants and let’s get to work boys. We finally got him. Trump is going down. What? Shut up Marco. Nobody wants you to go down on anybody. Save it for South Beach. Let's go.”