Saturday, December 3, 2016

break dance, next generation

This is insane. And were are the birds? Too brutal, I suppose. Equal pay for equal work!

Dance is brutal. And dance is gymnastics. But this is another whole level. And you notice there are no tall people, no long legs here. It just blows my mind.

Leave it to Asians, inspired by American culture, especially inspired by black culture, this did all have its roots in black culture, first seen in N.Y. street dancers, buskers of a kind, would set up their boombox, and set out a flat piece of cardboard on the sidewalk suitable for spinning and dancing an entirely new way and quickly adopted on the west coast, developed further in idiosyncratic styles, but leave it to Asians, particularly Koreans to apply their studied coordination in teams under tutelage of master choreographers. I've known ballet dancers, and I've seen a lot of ballet, but I've never seen Mikhail Baryshnikov pull anything like this. He's a big fairy compared to this.

And on the other side of the globe, across the Atlantic, it's France that is inspired by American inventiveness to take it all to another order. 

But so what. Sometimes our own American criminals are inspired by traditional Russian dance.

Sorry. I couldn't help it.


Evi L. Bloggerlady said...

To Life!

Eric the Fruit Bat said...
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Eric the Fruit Bat said...

To biologists from outer space that all must look like some kind of mating ritual.

And that gives us our vocabulary word of the day: Lekking.

Let's use it in a sentence!

Lekking. Lekking. Lekking of the BDA.
Lekking. Lekking.
Lekking of the BD.
Lekking of the BD.
BD, BD, A, A, A!

Methadras said...

This is awesome break dancing. Brings me back to my youth. Love it.

XRay said...

Boring. Learn some close order drill instead. Discipline versus 'creativity'. Though COD can have creativity as well.