Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Melania Trump's Diary

So that happened. We had the first debate and Donnie is pretty pissed off. Kellyanne and Roger told him to hold back so he really didn’t blast Hillary for all of the stuff he could have hit her with. He mentioned the emails but that was about it. We didn’t even put Gennifer Flowers in the Front Row. We didn’t have Moncia throw cigars on the stage. Nobody smashed a blackberry with a hammer. Donnie is livid. He feels we pussied out. But they wanted him to be Presidential. You know a pussy.

The new team is insisting that we have to play it different and so far it seems to be working. Of course it helped that Hillary stroked out at the 911 memorial and everybody got to see that she is only kept going by massive drug abuse and Huma’s tongue baths. So we had a chance for a knock out and Donnie got distracted.

Of course Lester the Molester was a one way Charley. He asked Donnie like ninety two follow up questions and didn’t ask Hillary even one. Plus all of the questions were about our controversies like the birther nonsense. Donnie settled that. But they had to bring it up to pretend that Donnie is racist. Donnie isn’t racist. Sure he had to sign that consent decree forty years ago. That was his Dad. Old man Trump was a stone racist. He thought Ivana was a mulatto for Christ sake. The government was just starting to bully businessmen in those days and went to everyone who rented out apartments and told them they had to sign off that they wouldn’t discriminate against the Canadians. So everybody signed and did what they wanted to do anyway. Why do you think that all of the housing projects look like Showtime at the Apollo? It is just natural that people want to stay with their own kind. So what?

Donnie had to bring up some of Hillary’s bullshit. Benghazi. The emails. When they asked about cyber warfare he should have said Hillary’s idea of cyber protection is to destroy her blackberry with a hammer. More than that he should have said “Do you want to have the non-stop court cases and Fifth Amendment pleas and impeachments that come with the Clintons? Aren’t we tired of that bullshit?” Of course when they hit him with the Miss Housekeeping bullshit he really lost it. Don’t they realize that this bitch was a getaway driver on a hit? That she was a baby moma for a Cartel big wig? That she did porn? She is another criminal beaner that the Democrats made into a citizen. That’s what Hillary and Obama want to do. That and import Muzzie terrorists to stab us in the mall for fucks sake. Of course Hillary thinks we are all racists because we don’t want them to come in and kill us at a baby shower and shit. Enough already.

The next debate will be different. Donald is going to be Donald. He will bitch slap the bitch. The time is now. I told him if he beats on her I will give him a special treat.

There are seventy one rusty trombones in the Winning Parade. 


edutcher said...

From the way things turned out, playing Reagan's game was the way to go.

Next time, he can eat her lunch - or anything else of hers he feels like.

ricpic said...

As I saw it Trump lost the debate. Badly. Lo and behold I go on the internet the next day and he's the winner in nine out of ten polls. What do I take away from that? The People want what they want and apparently - praise be - they want Trump. He's got the wind at his back as they say and can do no wrong. Plus, he's a quick learner and will more than likely hold his own in the next debate. I won't believe it till it happens but maybe just maybe he's going to win this thing.

edutcher said...

You miss the point. The object was not to go tit for tat with Frumpty.

The object was to show people he was not the out of control nut the media had painted him as being. Reagan had the same job in '80 when he debated.

This Surber piece has a pretty good summation of Trump the marketer making his pitch not only about himself, but Frumpty, as well.

William said...

There's no one in America who doesn't know about Monica. There's not much leverage to be gained from the Monica card. I would have preferred that he mention the bathroom server when Hillary talked about the need for cybersecurity. Anyway there are more recent scandals than Monica, and I'm sure Hillary has a carefully scripted response if the Oval Office blow job gets mentioned in the debate.....My bias was towards Trump, and I thought he did ok in the debate. Apparently the way one's opinion is formed by these debates is not just by watching the debates, but by listening to the pundits afterwards. The pundits all claim that Trump lost so I'm beginning to doubt my original judgment......Stiill, I wasn't a Trump fan during the primaries, I thought he lost many of his debates, but he kept winning the elections. Maybe he lost the debate but won some votes. For example, I wouldn't have thought to hold Hillary's "super predator" comment against her, but maybe it was effective in undermining her support among blacks.