Thursday, July 7, 2016

A Very Serious Post for all Fans of Lem's Levity!

Most of us really enjoy posting and commenting here at Lem’s. It had offered us a safe port in the storm of a few years ago that we all remember so well. It has grown as a place of great conversations and pointless arguments. Both of which have an important place in our day to day lives or we wouldn't bother with it. If we didn't care about it we would treat it the way Hillary treats the law. So if it is as important to you as it is to me I have something I need to talk to you about.

Lem has graciously offered us this place to converse and generously let other mooks like me pontificate. But this is not real life and in real life Lem could use a hand. He is too modest and proud to ask for contributions but since I am neither of those things I ask that you put something in the tip jar for him. Use his Amazon portal or just send a couple of bucks. He could really use it and if you value this place at all it would be great if you could help out. Everyone should do what they can do. I know many of us are in tight economic circumstances and it is hard to find extra cash but every little bit helps. Please don’t explain yourself in the comments one way or another. Do it if you can. Do it if you want. It’s up to you.

Many other blogs with the proprietors who are in much better financial circumstances ask for contributions all the time. I see them incessantly at joints like Powerline and Legal Insurrection and those guys are swimming in it in comparison. It is almost impossible to monetize a blog as many can attest. But a little bit right now would go a long way. So do what you can and accept my gratitude and that of our fearless leader.

Let’s keep our friend in plantain’s and pointy shoes if we can. Thanks.


AllenS said...

On the way.

ricpic said...

Rice and beans! When I was a merchant seaman for about 15 minutes I was part of the mess crew and I said to one of the deckhands who ate rice and beans exclusively, I said to him just as he began ordering, I said, "I know, rice and beans." This did not go over well. I jumped ship in Long Beach.

Trooper York said...

Thanks Allen.

Dust Bunny Queen said...

Thank you for reminding me. I buy a lot on Amazon and because I use an ad-blocker I don't ever see the widget for the Amazon buy button.

I will try to remember to turn off ad block on Lem's and use his portal. Just don't make fun of the stuff we buy though :-D

AprilApple said...

sent a bit your way thru paypal.

Trooper York said...

Thanks April and DBQ.

Chip Ahoy said...

Those beans looks good.

Oh! Were those beans and rice supposed to make us feel pity? It didn't work. Rice and beans are a complete protein, the meat sludge is pure extra trimmings. Like glamor food. Everything looks great when you're starving.

Ace is writing about intermittent fasting. Cutting a meal here and there and that being a big deal that doest the trick of moving people stuck on 10% body fat to 6% body fat, and I'm thinking, those cows are 6% fat? Holy shit, I must be 0% fat. I do intermittent fasting all day long every single day, that's my m.o. I miss meals every single day. I cannot keep up shoveling food into my pie hole and then pooping it out, over and over and over day in and day out.

He's writing about food making chemical brain signals that tell you you're hungry.

And you listen to that signal? And obey it?

Not me. I like that feeling of emptiness. I wait until the signal is insistent. The signal must be a demand to action, not just a signal. The demand must be clear. The hunger demand signal must provide a picture so I know what to go for. Show me what you want and I'll get and until then, nothing goes into the pie hole. There is no idle shoving of food items into the pie hole. No. Everything is visualized first. And motivated by real hunger and that's why I'm so goddamn skinny. And always will be.

If I had three meals a day that would mean somebody else is here bringing it because I am not up to that task.

I have to do the dishes around here. That's how poor I am. My housekeeper's gone. What do you use, paper plates? (I'm baffled by the plastic forks sent with delivery. These again? All that crap goes straight to trash. Like I'm going to eat my calzone with a plastic fork and cut it with a plastic knife. It's sweet that they thought of that though.)

You should see the stud who delivers calzones at 1:30am. And the most well-spoken and considerate dude too.

You should see the stud who delivers from Jet. Romance novels have covers with guys like that on it.

You should see the stud who delivers pizza from the Pizza Co. Working two jobs to pull his life together.

All these studs running around all over the place delivering things. This is the brave new world of delivery manned by young heroic energetic muscular studs who carry things and transport them in a timely manner very well, serving to our convenience. They blow my mind.

Check out grubhub.

The place is fantastic. A whole world of late night dining opens before you, convenience of preparation and deliver by studly dudes at your fingertips. And you sense all this work is transient for them, stepping stone they're eager to step off from and onto better things. All of them are meant for better things.

Lem said...

Thanks everybody.

Lem said...

Judging by todays events... It looks like I picked the wrong week to quit blogging.