Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Now.....wait a minute!

Brietbart News June 15, 2016 by Warner Todd Hudson
One of the most popular bars in Key West, Florida, erupted in a brawl, police say, because one couple took offense over another patron’s farting.

According to the Miami HeraldFlorida police reveal the fight took place last Friday “due to someone farting” at a Sloppy Joe’s restaurant and bar.
The report stated that Naples, Florida, residents Richard McBride, 53, and girlfriend Sandra Stoner, 55, joined in an argument with an unidentified couple “over a fart.”
The Naples couple said that they took offense and began a war of words with the other couple with Stoner confronting them in “an aggressive manner.”
Key West Officer Igor Kasyanenko confirms that surveillance video shows Stoner getting out of her seat to confront the unknown woman by “getting in her face in what appeared to me as an aggressive manner.”
Apparently the unidentified woman began to tussle with Stoner, causing McBride to enter the fight to shove the woman away. After he pushed the woman, the man punched McBride in the face, the report says. McBride admits he then tackled the man, sending both of them tumbling to the ground.
Bar security then broke up the fight.
The other couple left the establishment before police arrived. Apologizing that the unfortunate fart was the result of his diet of plantians and beer the couple did not want to continue.  The male refused to continue as he did not want to break his new glasses. He left muttering under his breath that this kind of thing never happens in New Jersey. Ultimately, McBride, who police say smelled of alcohol, received hospital treatment and no charges were filed. The fight is now gone with the wind.


bagoh20 said...

If your woman has not farted in your face, you need better skills. Am I right, ladies?

Methadras said...

This has Titus written all over it.

Chip Ahoy said...

"Let's go to Sloppy Joe's."

You know it's going to be mess right there. The picture that forms is lifting a hamburger to your mouth that drips because it's a dripping liquefied hamburger inside the bun.

Better to go to Tidy Joe's. You'll come out of the place feeling human.

But I'm wrong again. The menu is all normal food like arepas and chonch fritters, Havana nachos, smoked fish dip.

That sounds horrible but it isn't. I ordered that recently at Humboldt Farm Fish & Wine. Mine was smoked trout. Now doesn't that sound dreadful?

It's Philadelphia cream cheese in a ramekin, with a layer of diced up smoked trout filet, with a dollop of strawberry preserves on top and some kind of crustini type bread so smear it. Same thing as lox, exactly the same thing except different.

Humboldt Farm Fish & Wine: recommended.

But after Happy Hour when the duds are all sufficiently looped and leave and the place transitions to all young, you might say hipster types, but they're all young and interesting and engaging and hard working professionals determined to have a great time, and fun. You don't notice until you engage how smart and clever they are. And everyone's gorgeous. Photos show both smoked trout dip and gorgeous young people.

Evi L. Bloggerlady said...

I am not saying you have to like it, but if you can't fart in an establishment called "Sloppy Joe's" something is seriously wrong.

Evi L. Bloggerlady said...

We obviously need laws for fart control.

Trooper York said...

Holy crap they better not pass fart control.

I have an heavy duty massive magazine. Fully Auto. Not single shot. They will ban my ass.


Evi L. Bloggerlady said...

Trooper York's ass is a gunship of farts!