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Saturday Night Dance Video

Oh please, Mr. Pfeiffer, don't throw us into that briar patch.

Dan Pfeiffer threatens total shutdown of Homeland Security.

They must have discovered a planet where this reasoning makes sense. This is Dan Pfeiffer describing how Obama can deal with Congress. This is reported on Conservative Tribune who is relaying reporting on The Daily Caller. The problem: Obama wants funding for his executive amnesty. Republicans are pretending to fight by imposing cuts to stop or slow Obama's plans to allow illegal immigrants into the country.

Dan Pfeiffer speaking:

1) Obama will block all funding for the entire department and would veto any spending bill if the Republicans try to impose cuts.

2) Are Republicans going to shut down the Department of Homeland Security to undo our executive action? I don't think they are going to do that.

3) It's possible that insanity will prevail upon the House Republican caucus as it did last October during the 2013 shutdown.

Tell us more of your homeworld, Usul. On our world that is no threat, in fact, a welcome development. On my world the shutdown is a ringing Republican success putting the check on Democrat crazy and the spotlight on Presidental menace for all to see ultimately doing terrible and lasting damage to Democrat party, trust in government generally and putting Republicans on notice to shape up, the shakedown is started. No matter how many time you repeat the opposite, slapping stucco on your rickety shed, results show you're wrong. #empty threat

24 days to Al Gore's 10 'years to save the planet' and 'point of no return' planetary emergency deadline

Anthony Watts reminds on Wattsupwiththat.

Clever boy, we know what he's going to do; compare Gore's dire predictions to actual outcomes and hold up for ridicule.

Goody. That should be a simple list of exaggerated predictions.

On January 25th, 2006 at Sundance screening An Inconvenient Truth Al Gore said,
...a documentary chronicling what has become his crusade since losing the 2000 presidential election: Educating the masses that global warming is about to toast our ecology and our way of life. 
Gore has been saying it for decades, since a college class in the 1960s convinced him that greenhouse gases from oil, coal and other carbon emissions were trapping the sun’s heat in the atmosphere, resulting in a glacial meltdown that could flood much of the planet.
And more Gore words.

Oh. This is longer than I thought. Bummer. I thought it would be simple. Anthony Watts actually treats each item seriously providing graphs and satellite data indicating first that little has changed the intervening ten years with supportive scientific opinion. He continues with a chart of surface records for the last ten years. It's boring and scientific and serious rebuttal ending, "Gaia seems to be a "Gore denier". How inconvenient.

Disappointing. I wanted a list with obvious misses.

Originally the intention was to accompany Gore's story of anthropomorphic CO2 increase leading to climate change to the traveling salesman of elixir in the wizard of Oz, also the wizard in Dorothy's dream, who awards the protagonists with things they already possess.

And instead of finding that clip of the salesman, the bogus wizard, I found one of John Ritter as Frank Baum recalling his inspiration for that salesman character, and inspiring himself to "sell" his fiction to eager accepting children. It's beautiful. It's a great idea. This is how I leaned to write essays for school, by telling my story first to Toni, then just recall what I told her and write that. The organization come with the face-to-face sales pitch. Nice touch at the beginning of the clip of having the real life salesman who inspires Baum to sell his story and by doing inspires the character of the elixir salesman within it. Baum himself who learns how to do it, and Gore for different reasons, are the same people doing the same thing. Fine, similar types, doing similar things.

Do you think enthralling children with story is so fantastic an achievement? It's not.


Snapped is cable television show run on Oxygen network narrated by Sharon Martin and I realized by researching the narrator that I've misunderstood the show all along. I've been watching with the wrong attitude and been annoyed with it the whole time. 

Martin's narration drips with sarcasm. She sounds like a teenage mean girl isolating another girl at school. He tone is prosecuting attorney assumes culpability of every movement. 

I wonder each time when I hear her, "Who hired you?" Where tone is so important, why is her tone the one that is bought? Why? Why are they doing this? Come on. Of all the good readers available they pick this sarcastic immature and very mean-sounding woman.

You know, reading aloud is a bit hard to do. You're looking at words well ahead of your mouth and figuring out what tone to express them, and it wears over time, dry lips, throat and the rest. Her tone is consistently pre-teen mean girl sarcastic and incriminating.  

Snapped episodes are popular on YouTube. This is how she sounds.

Okay, just a few seconds of that sample gets on my nerves. Who can stand this? Who would hire this? Why? What is WITH this woman? 

Dude, it's a joke. 

Everyone's in on it and I'm last to discover. It is not sincere. 

I did not realize the shows focus mostly on cases of female murderers. Their victims usually their significant other. Knowing that changes everything. Women viewers are expecting the same type of story each time with differing details. It explains the tone. It really is intended for "can you believe she pulled this crap?" tone throughout. Even when introducing characters, as if people meeting people is planned malevolently.

I ask, what does this woman look like? And I'm answered.


Now that's funny! Got me, you bitches. Putting a face to the narrator, Ha! Knocking them out on the red carpet receiving her award for excellence in narration.

I get it now. Cable is funnier than I imagined. This is women being catty as possible and knowing it and reveling in doing it excellently when the facts are all in and the verdicts handed down. The woman is adored for her feminine condemning narration.

Two days into 2016 and predictions are coming true

Background: During an ABC Democratic primary debate (Sat December 19th, 2015) Hillary accused Donald Trump of being ISIS "best recruiter"

That same night Politifact checked Hillary's statements and reported...  "No evidence for Hillary Clinton's claim that ISIS is using videos of Donald Trump as recruiting tool"

Later, terror videos surfaced using Hillary's husband former president Bill Clinton and current president Barack Obama. But, alas, no ISIS Trump terror video.

Six days after the debate, December 22, Rush Limbaugh featured a CNN segment with this odd caption (below). Where upon Rush predicts "An ISIS Trump Video Will Materialize"

BURNETT: Bill Clinton has been used in ISIS recruiting videos, and Donald Trump surely may be in the future, but at least at this point he has not.
GERGEN: Don't you think there's a video coming now? (chuckles) Don't you think they're gonna make one real quick and get it out there?
BURNETT: I mean, they absolutely could.
Which brings us to the present time. Ten days after Rush made the prediction, that ISIS would produce a video featuring Donald Trump, his prediction has comes true. The Hill: "Trump featured in terror group's recruitment video"
Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump is featured in a newly released video from terrorist group al-Shabaab, according to multiple reports Friday.
"The West will eventually turn against its Muslim citizens," al-Qaeda leader Anwar al-Awlaki, who has since been killed by a U.S. drone strike, says in the video after Trump's remarks.
"Slowly but surely, your situation is becoming similar to that of the embattled Muslim community of Spain after the fall of Granada," al-Awlaki tells Muslims viewers living in the U.S.
Elsewhere in the video, the group urges black youth in America to convert to Islam, invoking racial tension surrounding the police-involved shootings of black men in recent years.
Are Hillary's enemy of her enemies a friend?

Former Social Justice Warrior in his own words

Reddit archive: Changing was a long process. I initially got into SJW groups sort of through popularity- feminism was supposed to be THE thing for equality, and I wanted everyone to be treated well, so I joined a bunch of feminist forums, which branched into more garden variety SJW circles. Initially I had no idea there was a dark side to it.

I had some weird views before; I think in a lot of ways I was a stereotypical white knight. I was depressed at the time, and being applauded for being progressive definitely was an ego boost. Fighting people I perceived as bigoted made me feel better about myself. My SJW tendencies were based mostly out of self loathing- I felt weird, like an outcast, had never had a girlfriend, hated myself, and thought that I was fixing myself by jumping deep into feminism. I armed myself with a lot of bad statistics (like the 1 in 4 rape stat) and felt smart because of it.

After a while it becomes second nature; you just sort of convince yourself that you're on the right side and see your opponent as a stereotype out of reflex. That can happen here too, but SJW's actively encourage it. You become utterly convinced that you're part of an elite, enlightened group fighting an aging generation of uneducated racists and sexists.

But eventually I started to realize that I had incomplete information. I lost a lot of arguments to people I'd stereotyped as being dumb. The people I called allies just jumped to ad hominem attacks and semantic arguments, and that made them secure in their beliefs. That's how they operate; when they lose, their mental gymnastics aren't supposed to convince you. It's to convince themselves, to justify not changing their sources or beliefs. And it's very effective at that. It worked for me for a while.

But eventually it wasn't enough for me. I started trying to revise feminist arguments with new, accurate sources. I'd correct people on my own side on forums and whatnot. They hated that, and jumped right to calling me a rape apologist and a woman hater. I was blown away, it contradicted my notion that we were the logical side.

At the same time I started college, my grades were pretty awesome and college was way less stressful for me than high school had been. I had so much more time I took an active interest in learning some real skills for the first time. I'm making my own indie game now in between my regular job, based on the skills I learned my first couple years of college in my free time. I also got a girlfriend for the first time. She was (and is) amazing, best thing that ever happened to me.

This stuff gave me a little bit of pride that was extremely harmful to the communities I was in. Whereas before when someone generalized most men as rapists, it had given me an opportunity to feel superior to other men while still hating myself, now all of a sudden it offended my new-found self worth. Their communities thrive on self loathing disguised as elitism. And then the womens' studies class I took in college cited people absolutely insane- like Andrea Dworkin. Even as indoctrinated as I was at the time, I still knew that class was too far.

I still find it funny that, though most of the class started out conservative and was roped into SJW mentalities, I started out SJW and by the end of the class it had practically ruined feminism for me. Because I'd been a part of it before. I knew when the professor was wrong. I knew how hollow the "peace and acceptance" spiel they preached was. I knew the counter points to their sources. It felt like a bad joke to me at the time; I knew how my classmates felt, I'd felt the same way months earlier. But I was powerless to actually explain that to anyone, they just demonise and talk in circles until the argument goes away. As I had done months earlier. At first I felt bad, ashamed, for going against everything. I wanted to be convinced again, I wanted to be a good SJW again. And all of a sudden I realized it wasn't going to get better. I was in a university class about feminism, overrun with SJW's, and they had worse arguments than I'd seen online. There was no smarter next level to feminism that I was just too stupid to see. That was it. I was at the top and our arguments still sucked.

The last straw was when I made a desperate, ditch effort to convert my brown female girlfriend to feminism with me. It failed; she said feminists in her country were crazy. We argued a bit. Finally it felt like a curtain was being pulled back and I realized the ridiculousness of it all. I was a stupid white knight arguing with a brown girl that she should be more feminist. I deconverted on the spot. I stopped being ashamed of myself, a lot of things changed about the way I see myself and the world. Ironically, I stopped seeing every situation as a men vs. women or race vs. race binary. SJW's insist their goal is to make everyone equal, and for a long time I believed it, but their communities actually enforce factionalism and division.

I know this post makes me look bad, I cringe every time I think about the things I used to believe and say. I feel bad about the good people I insulted and wrote off. The good news is, I'm not the same person as I was in my mid-late teens. My life actually functions and has a purpose now, so that's nice. I try to see every situation in terms of individuals now, not sides. I'm not depressed any more, I have a regular decent paying job, I'm developing a game on the side, and I'm about to marry my wonderful fiance'.

Sorry for the tl;dr, it ran way longer than I expected. Once I started typing I felt like I needed to get it off my chest.

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Katrina Pierson

Katrina Pierson is spokesperson for Donald Trump. Gathered from a few too brief videos, some with men speaking over her, dominating time, interrupting, and gathered from the titles of search results, the reaction she causes, she appears the analog of Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Michelle Malkin combined, a woman of fierceness, brains and looks. It appears Donald Trump has chosen a very capable spokesperson. Don't tell anyone, it appears I'm in love.

YouTube titles by searching her name:

Earlier tonight, Katrina Pierson, Bob Beckel and Rick Wilson with Don Lemon on CNN December 21, 2015

Katrina Pierson Drops MASSIVE Truth-Bomb on MSM Narrative

Katrina Pierson goes thermonuclear winter on Hillary Clinton

Katrina Pierson w/Hysterical Muslim; Don Lemon; CNN; 11-23-2015

Donald Trump spokeswoman Katrina Pierson vs David Brock, a Hillary Clinton surrogate, battled on CNN

Trump Spox Katrina Pierson Battles S E Cupp on Muslim Ban Proposal ‘So What They’re Muslim!’

Trump spokeswoman Katrina Pierson destroys CNN's Brian Stelter

Doesn't she sound fun? I'll show the last one, now that I know his name, he's in the earlier one but unnamed. He's a dope. They're pulling the Journolist thing of agreeing to hammer a point so he stays stuck on an issue only he and they previously agreed to linger on and when finally unproductive with her then he says that he doesn't want to go down a rabbit hole, after he dragged us all through it and stayed there in Wonderland.

Other journalists do the same thing with the same specific insistence that one element is important. Katrina attempts to get across it's important to people with no intention of voting for Trump and can never have traction with anyone else. Those days are gone. At this point the attempt to use Trumps own faux pas against him helps Trump. But they cannot see that. Being C students it's their one go-to. The titles say, crushes and destroys, and obliterates and such but Katrina is actually simply rejecting their premises and providing her own, the ones well discussed on Trump's circuit, and going from there. None of that is new to Trump's supporters, but the reporters and the activists are not used to being presented with completely different paradigm by having their language dropped and Katrina providing her own. The effect is her lifting a template up to their faces and spray-painting her bold colors across them and it is glorious to behold.

Searching her name through regular browser shows Journalst style approach to destroy her.

Trump's spokeswoman is an unemployment cheat AND an 'Agenda 21' conspiracy theorist

Katrina Pierson, Trump spox, catches flak for bullet necklace: 'Next time I'll wear a fetus'

The Katrina Pierson Bubble Bursts - The Texas Observer

Pete Sessions rival Katrina Pierson says '97 shoplifting ...

Trump spokeswoman accessorizes with bullet necklace ...

Katrina Pierson, Trump spox, catches flak for bullet necklace ...

Ha ha they love her too. They're doing it again, the fixation on the bullet necklace is the give, it sends them off the edge, to them it's a killer but it doesn't matter to anyone without such obsession.

The first minute that ran reminded me of Brian's risible concern for truth.

Without listening again, they were on about reading Teleprompter. Trump speaks from the heart and things come out in the excitement of the moment, some of it not so factually provably accurate.

Journ-o-lister types would like to latch on mistakes made during campaign and make hay of it but nothing they bring up matters and it's frustrating for them.

Brian suggests Teleprompter is more truthful, more honest because statements read from it are carefully crafted whereas speaking directly human to human heart to heart soul to soul is carelessly off the cuff and less factual less trustworthy less truthful. Two models of honesty and truth asserted for your assessment. Brian didn't care much for Teleprompter presidency but regards it more honest.

And that's why I regard Brian a dope, completely outclassed, and Katrina no one to mess with. How she tolerates patiently the men's rudeness in the other videos ganging up on her is beyond me. They treat her as unreal object. I look at her face in the key frame above and swoon, compare the capture to his.

"Emails Show Coordination Between Chicago PD, Mayor’s Office Over Laquan McDonald Shooting"

[A]ccording to the AP, there was email correspondence between Emanuel’s office, the police, and the independent police review board Emanuel set up in which there were concerns about how bad it would be for the city if this became a story.
The head of the Independent Police Review Authority emailed in March about sending witness interview transcripts to the law department so they could use them for settlement negotiations.
And in May, when a spokesman for the review board asked Emanuel about doing interviews (since there was some media interest in the case), an Emanuel spokesman said that they need to “tread lightly” if the focus is on the specifics of the case.
That same spokesman also sent out another email expressing his frustration with how the––again, independent––review board didn’t go along with what he said about one particular media inquiry.
How is Benghazi like Chicago?... Bonus if you can put it in Samuel L Jackson words ;)

"Turkish President Erdogan cites Hitler's Germany as example of an effective presidential system"

"Asked on his return from a visit to Saudi Arabia late on Thursday whether an executive presidential system was possible while maintaining the unitary structure of the state, he said: "There are already examples in the world. You can see it when you look at Hitler's Germany."
"There are later examples in various other countries," he told reporters, according to a recording broadcast by the Dogan news agency. 
Erdogan wants to change the Turkish constitution to turn the ceremonial role of president into that of a chief executive, a Turkish version of the system in the United States, France, or Russia.
Elsewhere in the news... "Obama to impose new gun control curbs next week"
President Obama will meet with Attorney General Loretta E. Lynch on Monday to finalize a set of executive actions on guns that he will unveil next week, according to several individuals briefed on the matter... according to those familiar with the proposal, who asked for anonymity because it was not yet public, the president will expand new background-check requirements for buyers who purchase weapons from high-volume gun dealers.
The president will also use his executive authority in several other areas...

Clinton email: Merkel despised ‘Obama phenomenon’

The Hill: Sydney Blumenthal sent Clinton a memo on Sept. 30, 2009 with background information on John Kornblum, who was at the time taking over as Germany’s foreign minister.

“Kornblum strongly suggests you try to develop your personal relationship with Merkel as you can,” Blumenthal writes. “He says she dislikes the atmospherics surrounding the Obama phenomenon, that it’s contrary to her whole idea of politics and how to conduct oneself in general. She would welcome a more conversational relationship with you.”

Obama had only been sworn into office eight months earlier. 

Obama Berlin 2008

Has the Obama phenomenon given rise to the Trump phenomenon? 

Trump Dallas 2015

Nick and Nora Charles figured out the right way to live among the Woo!ers decades ago.

That is a comment by Aaron Miller to an article by Jon Gabriel published on Ricochet about not liking New Year's eve because it's mostly people who go, "Woo!" 

I had no idea Nick and Nora were such lushes. The compilation has them appear quite unattractive. I heard of them a million times but never saw them once. I know their dog is Asta only because of crossword puzzles. It's a gimme. And any combination of those names can crack a recalcitrant corner. But if you told me it was really Asta and Charles Nora and their dog Nick, I'd have to believe you. 

Anyway I still don't get it. It doesn't make sense. The answer is Nick and Nora deal with the Woo!ers by staying drunk and giving each other the short shrift?

The comments are negative about New Year's as the post. They indicate a mature readership. Somewhat fuddy-duddy. Not at all like the kids having fun.

Others compare it with Halloween and with Martin Luther King Day and with St. Patrick's Day. Others specify what they are drinking quietly at home and what specific cigars they are smoking. One commenter first kissed his wife on New Year's, so...

Interesting reading people studiously avoiding reveling.

None of them mentioned themselves aging and none of them mentioned MADD.

Police used to stop drunk drivers on amateur night, even involving accidents, and give it a pass because, New Year's.  

But then as baby boomer generation matured and lose a couple thousand loving husbands and fathers to drunks, on a night in particular, lose a few thousand mothers, beloved sons and daughters to drunk driving and all of a sudden there's gotta be a law shutting down all the carefree drinking on that special arbitrary night, and come to think of it all nights, and there goes the fun. All the fun. It's dependent on alcohol. That is singularly the main change from the fun times of yore. I blame MADD because they changed the laws.

Now, if it were such fun and if revelers were not so old presently and had MADD not changed laws and subsequent attitudes then Uber could stand a chance of resurrecting the fun, but all that did happen so Uber cannot resurrect the truly drunken fun of days gone by. Too bad. Drunks lose. You'll have a toned down version and that will involve forced Woo!s. Be thankful the reveling doesn't involve vuvuzelas. 

Happy 2016

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Delray Tree and Fire

Outside by the tree

inside the tree

by the tree entrance

Worst Wifi Password Ever

Is this funny?

False advertising. Easily solved. Difficult to communicate verbally in English to thickheads is not the same thing as worst wifi password ever. 

I was hoping for a really technically bad password.

Modern "Who's on First?" And that routine gets more credit than it deserves. They stick with the same construction, locution, syntax that confuses to extend the same confusion instead of switching, or switching forms.  I'm surprised to learn that it's a film about a baseball Vaudeville act. I've seen the original movie, and the I've seen the routine a dozen times, it seems, apparently people are taken by humor in ambiguity. 

They should hire me. I could write a dozen of these easily.

To be honest, there are too many personal examples, a few that by repetition, and not by me, become similar tales that from my point of view at the time from within them desperate without anything funny to them. Not one thing. Different situations. Pits of despair where earnest sincere communication attempts fail in series by wheels spinning in miscomprehension. They are not funny, in each example I'm quite stupid, yet somehow hilarious to others. 

"State Dept. breaks judge’s deadline on Clinton emails"

We have worked diligently to come as close to the goal as possible, but with the large number of documents involved and the holiday schedule we have not met the goal this month. To narrow that gap, the State Department will make another production of former Secretary Clinton’s email sometime next week,” the department said in a statement.

It’s the latest embarrassment for the department, which has repeatedly struggled to handle the more than 30,000 emails Mrs. Clinton returned to the government nearly two years after she left office.

The department is under a federal court order to release emails every month since the summer, but broke the order by missing the first deadline under that order. It had caught up, but has now fallen behind again.

I'm old... I'll clap when there's something worth clapping about

Link to source

Missouri, Illinois Face 'Slow-Motion Disaster'

At least 21 people have been killed in Missouri and Illinois and there have been widespread evacuations in the wake of a powerful winter storm. Two rivers have risen to record levels set in the so-called "Great Flood" of 1993.

Videos and story at the link

"Florida store offers free firearm with jewelry purchase"

"We kind of took the take off the shotgun wedding and twisted it a little bit so more people could get involved,... This kind of gives the guy an incentive to purchase a piece of jewelry for his wife,” Czerok (Shop owner) told reporters. “Or, vice versa, we’ve sold a couple of gentlemen’s rings and the wives got the shotgun.”

The jewelry store has been around for 14 years, says Czerok. Her husband Nick, the jeweler, opened the gun store addition in 2012. Both of the Czeroks are firearm enthusiasts.

Don't you just love it when people have an aha moment? All of a sudden nothing is the same again.

philosophies of life

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Ian Tuttle on Samuel L. Jackson

Writing for National Review Ian Tuttle tells us that listening to Samuel Jackson lowers America's collective I.Q., that Jackson knows nothing about anything important. The article is nearly entirely what Jackson has to say on his insights about comparative religion and the intersection with politics and Tuttle assumes Jackson's perspective is so ridiculous it needn't be taken apart, you do that yourself as you read it.

I have to ask, come on now, if only to be contrarian, what does Jackson say that is actually wrong? Save for the thousands of years thing and conflating Christianity with its sects and the United States' historical relationship with Islam, apart from those three rather essential misconceptions, where does Jackson go wrong? Because a lot of people think exactly like this and it does no good to argue.

Help a brother out.

Jackson speaks as they do, as you often hear people even your own relatives who do have a perception on these things beyond being informed by CNN and MSNBC, a valid point of view, informed by their values, but it's a point and not a sweep of view as you're used to having so feel a strong impulse to fill in the gaps as he goes, but there's no stopping Jackson, no convenient places of entry without restructuring the entire worldview. Provided with insight forced upon his innocent self, Jackson scans the geopolitical landscape through a prism then examines a single color of bandwidth projected. His grasp of history is partial and fractured and the pieces assembled incorrectly but his grasp is not entirely wrong.

My question is, how do you agreeably chat with Jackson, imagine this if you will, without accusing him of lowering your I.Q., how do patiently endure the trial of listening sympathetically and identify the neglected spots and gently and kindly fill them to satisfaction, because he sounds exactly like friends and relatives and even our president.

National Review, Breaking: Celebrity Says Dumb Things About Subject He Knows Nothing About.

"Fight breaks out at Newark anti-violence rally"

A skirmish broke out between rival activists on the steps of City Hall Wednesday during what had been intended as a demonstration against violence in Newark, several witnesses who attended the rally confirmed.

Police were called to the scene after a small crowd began arguing over escalating violence and the city's attempts to curb it, witnesses said.

The noon press conference was called by a group of activists led by Salaam Ismial, co-chair of the New Jersey Study Commission on Violence, and Abdul Muhammad, a longtime Newark anti-violence activist. In a release announcing the event, the two said they planned to ask Mayor Ras Baraka to "unleash his quality of life plan in addressing ongoing violence facing Newark residents."

Nobody does it better

Trump not catering to NH campaigning traditions

"And while Christie has seemingly taken up residence in New Hampshire, Trump has stopped in the state for just 23 events, a strikingly low number.

The Trump campaign attributes the large venues to demand and enthusiasm from his supporters.

But Trump is a known germaphobe who dislikes shaking hands, which might be another reason he’s avoided the diner appearances that are a staple of New Hampshire politics.

In any event, none of this has hurt him in the state, at least so far."

Obama spies on Congress... again

But don't expect anybody to do anything about it.
The National Security Agency’s targeting of Israeli leaders and officials also swept up the contents of some of their private conversations with U.S. lawmakers and American-Jewish groups. That raised fears—an “Oh-s— moment,” one senior U.S. official said—that the executive branch would be accused of spying on Congress.
White House officials believed the intercepted information could be valuable to counter Mr. Netanyahu’s campaign. They also recognized that asking for it was politically risky. So, wary of a paper trail stemming from a request, the White House let the NSA decide what to share and what to withhold, officials said. “We didn’t say, ‘Do it,’ ” a senior U.S. official said. “We didn’t say, ‘Don’t do it.’ ”

My question is will California senator Dianne Feinstein claim shock and ignorance a second time?

Barack Obama's Twitter account, SOTU

Skid Row 2 - Suburb Security cameras edition

Published on Dec 27, 2015
Just a Montage of Videos We Have Captured Here in Chilliwack Bc...

Drone through skid row L.A.

Documentary filmmakers fly a drone through L.A. and encounter trouble. The discussion is between filmmakers and police who explain the situation in L.A.

You know, their street sweeping service has fallen off. 

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

"Reporters claim PTSD from watching violent news"

Second hand smoke?
Most have never left the comfort of their big city offices, but a growing number of reporters and editors are claiming to suffer trauma from watching and posting violent videos on news sites, according to a new study of media and human rights workers.
Their coping mechanisms can be just as bad: heavy drinking, binge-eating and sex. Said the study: "Unhealthy coping mechanisms included frequent one night stands or, as a documentary journalist called it: 'Head-down sex with different people every night.'"
The study uncovered claims of PTSD and "vicarious trauma" from those working with video and audio showing terrorist beheadings and city shootings. The biggest impact came from the sounds of victims screaming.
"Whether it is a broadcaster, publisher, human rights or humanitarian professional, symptoms associated with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) - which were previously only observed in professionals deployed in the field - are now evident amongst staff working in offices on what we call the digital frontline," said the study from British-based Eyewitness Media Hub.
"Forty percent of survey respondents said that viewing distressing eyewitness media has had a negative impact on their personal lives...."

How close is too close?

"Bernienomics 101"

Megan McArdle: The day after Christmas, Bernie Sanders asked a question on Twitter: “You have families out there paying 6, 8, 10 percent on student debt but you can refinance your homes at 3 percent. What sense is that?”

Finance types may snicker. But I’ve seen this question asked fairly often, and it seems worth answering, respectfully, for people whose expertise and interest lie outside the realm of economics.

The short answer is: “Loans are not priced in real life the way they are in Sunday School stories.” In a Sunday School story, the cheapest loans would go to the nicest people with the noblest use for the money: single mothers who need money to buy their kids a Christmas present, say.

That’s splendid for the recipient. But what about the lender? Let’s say you had $150 that you really needed to have at the end of the month, say to pay your rent. Would you want to lend it to the single mother whose income is stretched so tight that she needs to borrow money for Christmas presents, or would you want to lend it to some heartless leech of a securities litigator with an 800 credit rating who happens to have left his wallet at home? C’mon. You know the answer; you just don’t want to say it. If you really need the money -- if you cannot afford to turn your loan into a gift -- then you lend it to the better credit risk with the higher income, not the person who may find themselves too short to pay you when the loan comes due.

In aggregate, most of the money in your savings account is loaned out using this cold calculus, and unless you could afford to have that contents of that account suddenly vanish, you want it to be. That’s why poor people, on top of all the other unfairness heaped upon them, pay higher interest rates. And that is why secured loans, like mortgages, get lower interest rates than unsecured loans, like credit card balances and student loans. (read more)

"Texas 'affluenza' teen taken into custody in Mexico"

ReutersA Texas teen from a wealthy family, a fugitive after breaking his probation sentence for killing four people while driving drunk, has been taken into custody in Mexico, a law enforcement official said on Monday.

Ethan Couch, 18, nicknamed the "affluenza" teen, was serving 10 years probation for intoxication manslaughter in the 2013 incident.

He and his mother, Tonya Couch, 48, disappeared this month...

At age 16, Couch was speeding and had a blood-alcohol level of nearly three times the legal limit when he lost control of his pickup truck and fatally struck a stranded motorist on the side of the road and three Good Samaritans who had stopped to help.

Several passengers riding in Couch's vehicle were hurt, including one friend who was permanently brain damaged.

Shaq O'neal's aquarium

He has two of them installed by the Acrylic Tank Manufacturing featured on Animal Planet's television show Tanked. His new one is Egyptian. It takes up the whole room. The team was assigned the project of designing the entire room. The team got their idea from a Las Vegas lounge.

Goodie gumdrops. What's not to like?

The eyes go directly to the hieroglyphics and the instant they come into focus I'm disappointed. Dadgum these gumdrops. 

The beetle is seen first and three marks under it, a half circle (basket) at bottom and sun disc Re on top Kepher-y neb Re, the becoming, the images lord Re. It just looks like "the  images of Lord Re" and that's Tut. Come on. We talked about this before. All of us recognize this. Does it have to be so common? 

Skip the squarish thing, it's nonsense. It's a 3 and the symbol O33, a palace facade, itself sometimes used as cartouche in oldest style hieroglyphics, this time inside a square cartouche. 

The proper rounded cartouche on the left is instantly recognizable as Tut, the most common cartouche in all history by that quail that sticks out. The hieroglyph quail chick with the two semi circles placed in the negative space of the ligature creating a sort of percent sign says, Tut, or more often twat. Maybe twet. It's more often a w than it is a u but we'll give them Tut for tradition.

Because nobody wants to go around saying Twatankhamun.

And they never say what the rest of that means. The top is very common ligature in royal names, "Amun" more exactly Eh men (redundant) n, again, the frond is "eh" the game board is "men" and the zigzag water is redundant "n" and we see why these pictures went out of style. Those zigzags are hard to draw and even more difficult to carve in stone, one wrong move and the whole row is messed up, and all for a redundant sound to fill negative space in a ligature satisfyingly artistically. It's ridiculous. 

Anyway, from the top to the middle, it says, Amun ankh Tut. They switched it around to give the god written priority out of respect. It's confusing because sometimes they don't. So far, Amun, Tut, life. 

They say it means "the living image of Amun" 

But "tut" means courageous or strong, not image, kepher means that. We already know that from the beetle. This whole time all over the place they're telling us the wrong thing when you break it down to its bits. 

The bottom row are shepherd's hook and symbols for places and most translations never even bother with these. The hook refers to dominion of royalty the thing that looks like a butter churn is actually an architectural column with a peg on the top of the sort to fit into a cross beam or into an empolia, a centering hole in another column. The symbol is translated "Iunu", their name for a place at the far southern border, Heliopolis in Greek, also "On." The plant is translated  "sw" or "swt" and refers to the northern Egypt, the delta area, rather like saying, "rules from New York to Los Angeles" and they always leave that part off in translations. 

Disappointingly common. After all the resources Shaq makes available and nice as it is, this is the best they can do. Surely they know there will be people coming through who recognize all this on sight and know it for the tritest of all possible trites. I could dip into my laptop's trash bin and pull out the addresses of a dozen avid student Egyptologists who would all eagerly fill all the available space on those walls and throughout that aquarium with authentic hieroglyphics that say whatever you want them to say. They'd cheerfully take up the project for free as homework and discuss their production between them with no goofy nonsense or anything trite. What a bummer, with all that money and end up with basically a gift shop. Set designers do better. 

It's a very cool room if you don't care anything about Egyptian script. 

The wall paper looks similar to the tomb of Ti who followed Tut. The carving style is similar and blue background is similar but there are significant differences too. Ti's tomb is mostly pleasant scenes of daily life and less scenes formal religious scenes of Going Forth by Day. I've used pictures of his tomb many times. Ti has boat scenes as do other tombs with bas reliefs with blue background but they're all different from these. There are cartouche hieroglyphs showing but they're too tiny to read. Google images: [Dendera Temple, near Qena] looks similar.

The wallpaper beats the rest of carvings on the aquarium. They could have done much better with all that. Had they only asked we could have helped Shaq have a better more convincing Egyptian lounge room. But NooOOoooo. 

clear ice win

* 1 small cooler
* freezing winter nights
* tap water

The Weather Channel explained this.

You don't freeze the whole thing, just a top layer.

Pros: Perfectly clear ice. Total win. Simple instructions. Inexpensive. Large mass of ice at once. Impurities pushed out. No filling ice trays.

Cons: Hassle. Jacked by Global Climate Change™and el Niño and ordinary weather disruptions. Wet mess. Must be thawed to release and refrozen causing problems. Must be chipped to fit glasses. Out of doors airborne debris. Knife hazard. 

Monday, December 28, 2015


Lemmy Kilmister of Motörhead Dead At 70

Lemmy's PSA regarding drugs:

Lemmy's signature hit: "Ace Of Spades:"

I reviewed his biopic, "Lemmy" here

Dec. 28 evening time lapse with transitional Van Gogh

Dwarf Vader by Kevin Curtis ep. 3

 The series is picking up an eager following. 

Cleveland officers will not be charged in Tamir Rice's death.

CNN: "No indictment in Tamir Rice case, prosecutor says"
Rice was holding a pellet gun when he was shot. It was "reasonable" to believe that the officer who killed the boy was facing a threat, (prosecutor) McGinty said.
The officer was in training outside a Cleveland recreation center in November 2014. The shooting sparked controversy given Tamir's age and the fact that he had a gun that resembled a handgun.
A witness called 911, reporting there was "a guy with a pistol," adding that the weapon was "probably" fake.
Information that the gun the caller saw was probably not real and that the person holding it appeared to be a juvenile was not conveyed to Officers Timothy Loehmann and Frank Garmback, according to recordings that law enforcement released.

Luntz: Donald Trump’s bile is a healing balm for spurned Americans

The simple truth is, the more provocative his language, the deeper and more passionate his support. He is no dummy; there is a method to his proverbial madness. Mr Trump says — to the growing legions who will listen — what tens of millions of Americans are already thinking. Respect or revile him, the man has hit a vein.

I spent three hours in a deep dialogue focus group with 29 Trump supporters. The phenomenon of “The Donald” is rooted in a psyche far deeper and more consequential than next November’s presidential election. His support denotes an abiding distrust in — and disrespect for — the governing elite. These individuals do not like being told by Washington or Wall Street what is best for them, do not like the direction America is headed in, and disdain President Barack Obama and his (perceived) circle of self-righteous, tone-deaf governing partisans.

Trump voters are not just angry — they want revenge.

Mr Trump has adroitly filled the vacuum of vitriol, establishing himself as the bold, brash, take-no-prisoners megaphone for the frustrated masses. They see him as the antidote to all that Mr Obama has made wrong with America. So to understand why millions love Mr Trump so much, you have to take a step back and listen to why they hate Mr Obama so much. (read the whole thing)

Drudge: Hillary's Magical Xmas

Link to story

Christmas Is Over -- Are You Trying To Lighten Your Carb-Based Footprint?

Islamic Scourge

I was not aware that ISIS was in Afghanistan until just now. ISIL (the President's favorite term) will no longer do and nor will ISIS, given their etymologies. I suggest just IS which stands for Islamic Scourge.

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Trek across the Colorado Rockies

Or possibly a walk down the block.

YouTube video is better than uploading directly to blogger.

I'm too slow. Missed the best part. Climbing the first snow mountain they encountered piled up at the corner, making snow angels, following the difficult crest instead of boring flat surfaces on both sides of it. The real chore of taking the dog out to poop, even putting pants on to do it, and kids and little dog will have an adventure.

Kentucky's Mall St. Matthews Shuts Down After Brawls Involving Up to 2,000

"It was a series of brawls" involving 1,000 to 2,000 people ages 13 to their early 20s, McDonald (a police spokesman) said, adding that "the entire mall" was affected.

"It took about an hour and a half, close to two hours, before things were calm," But no one was arrested...

McDonald said investigators haven't determined what sparked the outbreak of violence, but they don't believe it was planned. (read more)

The Cautionary Tale of La Befana

I posted that video a few years ago. It has over 83,000 views and is by far the most popular thing I've ever produced.

Yet, it's interesting that such a benevolent cautionary tale garnered 15 "thumbs downs."  Skimming the comments, I see that a disgruntled few were chafed and not chuffed that the recording claims the La Befana legend is relived each year on January 5th and not on January 6th -- the true Epiphany). The truth is that like St. Nicholas' Day (December 6th), children celebrate the day before (la befana is Italian dialect or childspeak for la epifana -- the Epiphany.  Dutch kids put their little shoes out the night of December 5th and Italian kids put hang out their calzones on January 5th. Of course, the Holy days are the calendar holidays.

"Pope Francis assures atheists"

"You don’t have to believe in God to go to heaven"
In comments likely to enhance his progressive reputation, Pope Francis has written a long, open letter to the founder of La Repubblica newspaper, Eugenio Scalfari, stating that non-believers would be forgiven by God if they followed their consciences.
Responding to a list of questions published in the paper by Mr Scalfari, who is not a Roman Catholic, Francis wrote: “You ask me if the God of the Christians forgives those who don’t believe and who don’t seek the faith. I start by saying – and this is the fundamental thing – that God’s mercy has no limits if you go to him with a sincere and contrite heart. The issue for those who do not believe in God is to obey their conscience.
“Sin, even for those who have no faith, exists when people disobey their conscience.”
The ultimate sanctuary city.


"‘Rape culture’ is a ridiculous term – mere gassy propaganda, too rankly bloated to critique. Anyone who sees sex so simplistically has very little sense of world history, anthropology or basic psychology. I feel very sorry for women who have been seduced by this hyper-politicised, victim-centered rhetoric, because in clinging to such superficial, inflammatory phrases, they have renounced their own power and agency."

Man tries to turn himself in for reward money

Link to picture source

Link to meme source