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Seriously Batman you are going to love it!

"You just have to stop by this bar. It's called the Stonewall. You have a lot of friends there. Or you will make a lot of friends there."
 "Here is one of them now. We call him the first hipster."

WKRLEM :Obama's Mom's favorite tune!

Gratuitous Bathtub Whose that girl?

What's a bath without bubbles?

This young lady was one of the most unbelievable love interests for the Duke that I ever saw. Actually second worst ever.

Of course when is in the water she can never resist a taking a few strokes. Or when she was on dry land for that matter.

Whose that girl?

What did we learn from Benghazi hearings?

That is the search parameters.

Think Progress
Fact Check
Think Progress

Liberals rush to the front to be heard. I don't care what they say. They're all Clinton crime syndicate fluffers. Their mouths smell of … never mind what their mouths smell of. 

America Rising pac. This sounds like fun.
  • 600 requests for increased security in Libya never made it to Secretary Clinton's desk.
  • emails from Sidney Blumenthal were read promptly, responded to, and disseminated.
They don't mention the name removed because Blumenthal was barred from State, so his name is removed from his recommendations directly from him, via Hillary Clinton to White House. She played her boss.
  • meanwhile Ambassador Stevens did not have Hillary Clinton's email address.
They fail to note these email addresses reside on a private server, that Hillary Clintons State business is carried out illegally on the same server, the insecure server, the one not owned by State Department. Our emails on her personal server, destroyed on Hillary Clinton's whim, does not bother Democrats.

They don't mention this whole thing came about because the commission asked State for related emails and were provided with 8.

Seemed like there should be a couple thousand or so more.

Looking at Libya as a whole America Rising believes a statement made by an aide to Hillary Clinton is of some importance, the aide expressed the opinion that Libya is central to Clinton's legacy. They think this has traction. America Rising is attacking that legacy, they quote the aide with emphasis and at length and follow with links to the aide's tweets saying such.

The rest is not helpful. They are not things we learned from the hearing. Democrat bashing about Democrat panel members not being interested in pursuit of truth, rather fluffing for Hillary. We know that already. We're looking for things that are new to this hearing. That was a PAC. Not very useful. Back to search results.

WATCH: What Did We Learn From The Benghazi Mega ...

WMAL says, two new pieces of information:

It's one thing, actually, Hillary told both her daughter (!) and an Egyptian official that the attacks were some kind of Al Qaida type group, planned, and not a spontaneous demonstration. There are two incidents, one immediate, where Hillary acknowledges the reason, two more notes on her phone about what she told an Egyptian official.

"We know that the attack in Libya had nothing to do with the film. It was a planned attack, not a protest."


This is of disqualifying importance, but not for her unserious fluffers. An American was mistreated and jailed because of Administration insistence on the importance of the video. That right there alone is disqualifying but not for Democrats. We all know that any Republican politician responsible would be politically crucified and rightfully so. This series of incidents is crucial to the issue and cannot be dismissed. The lie of the video's importance is propounded after these two recorded and recovered admissions of fact. Facts we all understood when we lived them. Even before Susan Rice entered the scene lying in series right before our marveling eyes. Later promoted, Susan Rice. We knew that we were being lied to then, we saw the liar paid off, and now here is the proof by State Department head. That cannot be dismissed, but her fluffers dismiss it.

People who insist that nothing was learned from the hearing are not paying attention. We learn that Chris Stevens does not have the email address and cannot get through to his boss about his urgent need for protection, but Sidney Blumenthal can get through on that same server used illegally as protection for Hillary Clinton believes her chief enemies are all Republicans. That is why the private server. The one Stevens cannot get to. Her own paranoia about what what her enemies could do to her based on what she knows she can do to them and does do to them along with commingling State business with Clinton Foundation business and Clinton family business on a private server so that real State business cannot penetrate is unacceptable. It is illegal. It is insecure. This is what we have learned but none of that matters to her absurd fluffers.

They don't mention that in the hearing Hillary reverts back to "believing to this day that the videos had something to do with the attack." So she exonerates herself from her own coverup. Her fluffers cannot care about anything so minor as that. They are simply not serious people.

Nobody mentions Hillary reverting between praising "security specialists for all the work they do so unassailably loyally throughout while simultaneously blaming "security specialists" for every single failure, while claiming full responsibility for everything is quite incredible. Fully responsible and fully not responsible simultaneously, that's Hillary Clinton's testimony.


Charrrrro inspired:

WTH ever happened to Rick Derringer? More interesting is who was he before that hit? Here he is as the 17-year-old band leader of The McCoy's:

Si! EL Capitan Stubbing es muy grande!

Jes that is why I love to be a guest on the Boat of Love. El CaptainStubbing tiene un mucho grande pistolo, es verdad. Si as long as that. You would like to play it like the banjo no Senor Clark?

He told me many stories of his time with the Mary Tyler Moore. That Rhoda, oye what a puta. And Phyllis like it con el perro. Si es verdad. But the strangest stories he used to tell was of his time in the Navy on how you sat it, the PT boat. His captain McHale was un hombre muy es strange.

Is that a Bottlenose or are you just happy to see me?

It was very hard to find a Dolphin to play Flipper. Because generally Dolphins are always hard. Most male Dolphins are rapists. They love to come up to humans and start humping away. Now some woman love that. When Marilyn of the Munsters came to Seaworld she just spread her legs and let the fish have his way with her and moaning about Uncle Herman or something. But most people weren't down with that. So we had to use Lady Dolphins so they wouldn't be swimming around all the time with a hard oar in the water so to speak. Plus most male dolphins had scars and stuff from fighting.

The main one we used was named Suzy. But a strange thing happened. She started rubbing up against the female costars and licking them and trying to stick her bottle nose right in her twat. Then we figured it out.

We had hired the only lesbian Dolphin in captivity.
(Ivan Tors The E True Hollywood Story of Flipper)

Judge who freed drug dealing savage is "sorry" now.....but it is too late for a dead cop!

Now she’s sorry — five months ­after freeing the career drug dealer who is charged with murdering ­Police Officer Randolph Holder.
The hero cop’s death this week, by a bullet to the forehead during a shootout in East Harlem, “breaks my heart,” Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Patricia Nuñez said Friday.
“I know. I am truly sorry,” Nuñez said sadly when a Post reporter reminded her about the 33-year-old cop’s devastated family.
“And I will speak on the record” at sentencing, she added, referring to suspect Tyrone Howard’s Nov. 12 court date in a 2014 drug-sale case — the very one she had “resolved” in May by sending the gangbanger to rehab instead of jail, despite his history of three similar felony sale convictions and the advice of prosecutors.
Nuñez then paused as she sat in her car outside her parking garage in The Bronx.
“There is nothing,” she said, her voice strained, “that breaks my heart more than a police officer dying.”
The judge closed her eyes for a second before adding, “Nothing.”

Paul Ryan new House Speaker

Here are two competing views, acceptance and rejection.

The Ryan Revolution, Free Beacon by Matthew Contenetti describes Ryan oddly supported by Freedom Caucus known for being "combative, aggrieved, empowered" upon their encounter with Ryan their adversarial relationship "melted away."

After reviewing Ryan's recent history, Contenetti contends Ryan's election as speaker would be the culmination of a long journey for Ryan and for Republicans and asks what have we learned since this began when Ryan refashioned Social Security and Medicare reform from the 3rd rail of politics to GOP platform? He answers, tacking on  entitlements needn't be political suicide, Republicans needn't dismiss the subject of poverty, compassion, civil society, these categories that should influence our thinking. Ideas, even controversial ones, are not hindrances in politics but boosters.

Enough of Contenetti.

Paul Ryan"s Selection as Speaker Represents All That's Wrong With GOP, National Review by Mark Krikorian begins, GOP to its own voters: Drop dead. Krikorian describes Republican leadership out of step, that Ryan as chairman on Ways and Means worked but Ryan as GOP leader does not for three reasons. Reading carefully through more of GOP out of step positions and GOP drop deads to voters we see the the three reasons are immigration, immigration and immigration. Ryan is described as dedicated libertarian regarding free flow of labor.

Both suggest Ryan is the thin edge to a wedge, that this is all preliminary, the action about immigration will happen after Obama. Both have the ring of après Obama, le déluge within the Republican House.

RIP Mary Kate Danaher.

With all her bits and pieces about her. She is off to a better place to rejoin her husband and her brother.

In remembrance of all we have lost this past year.

Oh all the time that e'er I spent,
I spent it in good company;
And any harm that e'er I've done,
I trust it was to none but me;
May those I've loved through all the years
Have memories now they'll e'er recall;
So fill me to the parting glass,
Goodnight, and joy be with you all.
Oh all the comrades that e'er I had,
Are sorry for my going away;
And all the loved ones that e'er I had
Would wish me one more day to stay.
But since it falls unto my lot
That I should leave and you should not,
I'll gently rise and I'll softly call
Goodnight, and joy be with you all.
Of all good times that e'er we shared,
I leave to you fond memory;
And for all the friendship that e'er we had
I ask you to remember me;
And when you sit and stories tell,
I'll be with you and help recall;
So fill to me the parting glass,
God bless, and joy be with you all.


That's the scene that always plays in my head when I hear "sanctuary city."

R.I.P. Maureen O'Hara.  You were lovely!

"Cold comfort: why people in Antarctica are such boozehounds"

"Life on the ice combines isolation, boredom, cold weather and a hypermasculine environment, all of which contribute to excess drinking and related shenanigans, experts say."

Art that will grow on you

See artwork created by painting with bacteria and letting it grow.


Maldives vice-president arrested for alleged plot in murdering the president by explosives placed under his seat in a boat.

(link tested)

And you might think, "How interesting! Maldives must be an interesting place." 

You don't have to go there to find out it's not. The photos are the most boring set on Google Earth. Every other place is more interesting judging by photos, even remote Aleutian islands. Open Google Earth and see for yourself. The most interesting points are resorts on the west side, the east side, nothing. 

You never know, this could be a Jeopardy! answer sometime.

Ludwik, Ludwik, dummkopf.

John Belushi as Mozart as Ray Charles

Master Sergeant Joshua Wheeler

The first American to die in Iraq against ISIS, is a reminder of those who have sacrificed in two wars that never really ended.

Fourteen combat deployments.

Eleven bronze stars, four with a V for valor.

Seventy hostages rescued in the final mission

     One flag covered coffin, to be met by one new widow

Four sons now without a father, one a new baby.

One posthumous Purple Heart.

So begins the the story of Joshua Wheeler told on the Daily Beast by Michael Daly.

I did not  know it is possible to have that many bronze stars. I do not understand how a man can be so thoroughly honored and not promoted to commissioned officer. The ranking system and disparity between honors is baffling.

I'm amazed with the people this country produces.

[link corrected]

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What's better than a tiger in your tank?

"....Hologram USA, a technology company that specializes in these visual recreations of celebrities, announced that it would use the likenesses of [Andy] Kaufman and [Redd] Foxx and parts of their previously recorded routines to create hologram shows that will be presented across the country next year.
“They’re comedy icons,” said Alki David, the founder and chief executive of Hologram USA. “Both of them influenced so many comedians after them.”"

Meet the Mets!

Just realize that they are losers.

Just sayn'

Buddy Clinton Died for Your Sins

The mainstream media has been corrupt and useless since the very birth of our republic it is just that they have been useless in different ways. For example they never publicized the fact the Franklin Delano Roosevelt was crippled and had to survive in a wheelchair. It was covered up to the extent that most Americans did not even realize that he was disabled.

Instead the press publicized such trivialities as the fact that he had a little black Scottie terrier named Fala. However they neglected to mention that he also kept Shirley Temple as a pet for most of the 1930's.

(Buddy Clinton Died for Your Sins, Doris Kearns Goodwin, Playboy Press, 2009)

It's De Blasio Time.

So we were walking home from the store around eight pm last night. As we get to the corner there is this sloppy Eric Garner MoFro whipping out his dick to take piss on the Chemical Bank. The scumbag must of weighted about 400 pounds. A friend of mine Bobby the Bartender was walking by and starts yelling at this guy that there are women and children on the street and WTF? Bobby used to be a Transit Cop and was demoted to bartender/alcoholic. He starts beefing with the guy.

This skell goes "I couldn't hold it so mind your own f*cking business."  I saw a cop car on the corner. So we kept walking. It was parked in front of Dunkin Donuts. Of course. My wife crossed the street  and told the cop sitting in the a puny Indian douche who was on his phone. "Sorry to bother you but there is a dude just pissing on Court St. Maybe you should look into that."

The cop gets out of the car and walks down the street where Bobby is still arguing with Eric Garner as he spew urine on the steps of the bank. You know something the city council wants to decriminalize.

I don't know what happened. We kept walking home because it was late and they basically caught him dick handed so to speak. As we walked a couple of blocks away we saw a bunch of cop cars with lights flashing converging on that spot. I guess Apu couldn't handle it so called for back up. Maybe if we are lucky they Eric Garnered him.

This is what it has come down to. You can't walk down the street without some savage whipping out his junk and peeing in your face. The City Council wants to decriminalize it. The Cops don't want to enforce it. The press will start a big freaking deal if they roust him and tune him up to teach him a lesson.

It's sick out there and it is getting sicker. It is De Blasio time.

DOJ will not bring charges against Lois Lerner

[lois lerner] News.

I cannot read, for I must pray instead.

But my other eye is reading search results anyway.

Washington Times -- 1 hour ago The IRS did mishandle tea party and conservative groups nonprofit applications, but their behavior didn't break any laws, the Justice ...

Mediate repeats the headline

Daily caller repeats the headline

Fox News adds "and others will not be charged"

All the headlines say the same thing, the Department of Justice found nothing illegal.

For many observers too diffuse to number and account, and for reasons that vary with each person trust in government generally, its departments running roughshod, is diminished incrementally, severely, and that distrust and accumulative mistrust, devolves to the people and to the party that produces it.

Now I must pray. "Lord please smite these surly sisters. Cause their skin to boil and blister. Make their hair fall out in clumps and make their bulk shrivel and waste, and Lord, please do these wonderful things with haste."

Lord: Knock it off. She's none of your business.

But how can I go on with this social injustice unpunished? This perversion of government by political operatives?

Lord: I said, she is her own business. Mind yours.

But, but, she IS my, but, but, but

Lord: Shut up. Eh, peace be upon you. Just know regarding what matters her soul is chewed up. Take care now that not happen to you.

House Republican Women's Caucus to vote en bloc for Ryan as Speaker

"“The unanimous support of the women members of the Republican conference represent a broad range of views and a broad geographic range from coast to coast,” [Rep. Virginia Comstock, VA] said in a statement.""



I knew I shoulda taken that left turn at Albuquerque

While cruise missiles are traditionally used at the beginning of bombing campaigns to hit multiple high-value targets simultaneously while avoiding radar detection and maintaining the element of surprise, Russia’s strikes did none of those things. Instead, [IHS Jane's analyst Jeremy] Binnie believes, everything that was targeted by the Russian cruise missiles could have easily been hit by other Russian assets within Syria (more than 50 aircraft) or possibly by Russian ships in the Mediterranean Sea.

“I think if you look at what cruise missiles are traditionally used for . . . this isn’t one of those scenarios,” Binnie said. “Russia has been striking the [Islamic State] for more than a week, and the U.S. has been for more than a year.”

Binnie went on to say that the cruise missile strikes were probably a show of Russian military force and technology, noting that the ships that fired the missiles — mostly small missile corvettes — were intended to demonstrate that even the small ships in the Russian navy are stronger than they look.

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Honey, we need to talk.

We do ... I took the trash out.

I know. And thank you so much for that.


"Little Martha" is the only song credited to guitarist and band leader Duane Allman. He was killed a few weeks after its recording.

According to the Wiki:
The song's namesake was Martha Ellis, a twelve-year-old girl whose grave the Allman Brothers Band had come across during their frequent trips to Rose Hill Cemetery in their homebase of Macon, Georgia. (Both Duane Allman himself and Berry Oakley would be buried there by the end of 1972).

We at the Lem family have a medical emergency back in NJ

We are getting ready to leave Florida to be at our sister's side.

She is unconscious and the doctors give her a grim prognosis.

I don't know the details.

My parents, who happened to be here from Georgia, insist on going to Georgia first and then leaving for NJ. I didn't think that was a good idea, but, my stepmom wont budge. She says she doesn't have enough/right clothes.

So we expect to arrive in NJ later tomorrow.

Please have us in your thoughts and prayers. Your humble host Lem.

"Duo steals jewelry from art gallery, leaves name, number in guestbook, cops say"

"If I knew that they cost that much, I wouldn't have taken it,"
Megan Ohara, 24, and David Ziskoski, 19, were arrested on Sunday by the Palm Beach Police Department.
Police said Ohara and Ziskowski walked into the Attila JK exhibition at the ICFA Gallery in Palm Beach Sunday and took a bracelet and a ring belonging to the exhibition's owner and artist. The artist said his jewelry was sitting on a desk in the gallery and that combined, the items cost about $6,000.
He gave police a description of Ohara and Ziskoski, and one officer noted he had seen the duo hanging around Palm Beach.
As officers arrived back to the gallery, the artist said he had noticed something in his gallery's guestbook. Someone had written multiple fake email entries into the guestbook, including "," according to the arrest report.
Two of the fake emails included the name "Meg" and one included Ohara's phone number next to it. Also on the page was a drawing of male genitalia and a woman's face labeled as "Meg."
Later at the Palm Beach County Jail, Ziskoski told investigators he and Ohara were the ones who the put the entries in the guestbook, and again said they took the jewelry, according to the report.

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Black Lives Matter!

America's Youte!

Back to the Future!

Say it Ain't So Joe!

Say it ain't so, Joe please, say it ain't so
That's not what I wanna hear Joe
Ain't I got a right to know
Say it ain't so, Joe please, say it ain't so
I'm sure they telling us lies Joe,
Please tell us it ain't so.

They told us our hero has played his trump card
He doesn't know how to go on.
We're clinging to his charm and determined smile,
But the good old days have gone.

The image and the empire may be failing apart
The money has gotten scarce
One man's word held the country together,
But the truth is getting fierce

Say it ain't so, Joe please, say it ain't so
We pinned our hope on you Joe
And they're ruining our show

(Ooo Babies)
Don't you think we're gonna get burned
(Ooo Babies)
Don't you think we're gonna to get turned
We're gonna get burned
We're gonna get learned
Where going to get turned
Where going to get burned
Where going to get burned
Ooo learn
Ooo burned

Say it ain't so, Joe please, say it ain't so
That's not what I wanna hear Joe
Ain't I got a right to know
Say it ain't so, Joe please, say it ain't so
I'm sure they telling us lies Joe,
Please tell us it ain't so.

They told us our hero has played his trump card
He doesn't know how to go on.
We're clinging to his charm and determined smile,
But the good old days have gone.

Say it ain't so, Joe please, say it ain't so
I'm sure they telling us lies Joe,
Please tell us it ain't so.

Buddy Clinton Died for Your Sins...Presidential Pets

The most famous photograph of a presidential pet happened during the administration of President Lyndon Baines Johnson. He was photographed holding one of his pet Beagles by the ears and terrible controversy ensued. As you can see in the accompanying photograph an already elderly Helen Thomas was present and started a campaign against the beleaguered President because no one had held her by the ears in quite a long time. In fact no one had ever done it. Most pundits of the present day also condemn the supposed cruelty of this pose except for blogger Andrew Sullivan who sees nothing wrong with holding a beagle by it's ears. In fact he calls it hot.

Let me be clear. Having Lyndon Johnson hold you by the ears is not hot. Trust me. I know what I am talking about.
(Buddy Clinton Died For Your Sins, Doris Kearns Goodwin, Playboy Press 2009)

Meet the Flintstones

The original Flintstones cast broke up at about the same time as the Beatles. The stars of the show were blow to the four winds. Wilma got a bit part on the Mary Tyler Moore show as Rhoda’s mother and a dish washing liquid commercial. Betty moved to Rock Vegas to open a brothel. Barney died in a motorcycle crash while high on Meth. Fred of course as you well know became a professional bowler. The one cast member who had the strangest path was Dino. He was working as a technical advisor on the movie Caveman with Ringo Starr and made friends with Ringo’s wife Barbara Bach who always had a soft spot for gay dinosaurs. She introduced him to a cutting edge group of gay and bi-sexual rockers like David Bowie and Freddie Mercury. They were all very impressed by two things. Dino’s musical talent and his enormous dinosaur cock. But why should that be a surprise. After Bedrock is where Rock lives.
(John Deacon, Behind the Music: the Dino Flintstone story)

Reactions are still coming in

h/t AllenS

Rent is too damn high

In India toilets seem to be a luxury item.

Back closer to home...

"A 23-year-old Google employee lives in a truck in the company's parking lot and saves 90% of his income"
The idea started to formulate while Brandon — who asked to withhold his last name and photo to maintain his privacy on campus — was interning at Google last summer and living in the cheapest corporate housing offered: two bedrooms and four people for about $65 a night (roughly $2,000 a month), he told Business Insider.
"I realized I was paying an exorbitant amount of money for the apartment I was staying in — and I was almost never home," he says. "It's really hard to justify throwing that kind of money away. You're essentially burning it — you're not putting equity in anything and you're not building it up for a future — and that was really hard for me to reconcile."

As for food and showers, that's all on Google's campus. He eats breakfast, lunch, and dinner at work and showers every morning in the corporate gym post-workout.

Poster: The next day Jake was charged with rape

Link to source

Top voted comment...
Treating women as if they are mentally incompetent at all times is really the only solution.

"Back To The Future films will never seem dated."

What strikes me about this trilogy now, during the final week of the final year of the saga's Hill Valley narrative, is the way the individual movies, unlike their characters and town, have improbably escaped the ravages of time.
Once we got about twenty years out from the first film, their 1985 scenes became "period," too, like the 1955 scenes. I showed the trilogy to my son and daughter not too long ago, and they laughed as hard at Marty's once-hip ski vest and feathered hair as audiences during my era laughed at the 1950s signifiers. My daughter, who is a lot older than my son and is studying film history and sociology in college now, was intrigued to see how a trilogy conceived and filmed in the '80s viewed life in the '50s, and what it said about 1980s life without meaning to.
The sense of cultural superiority seemed more palpable to me when I watched the series with my kids than when I watched it during its original run, or when I revisited it in the '90s as a college film student. I was 16 when the original "Future" came out. The eighties were my adolescent decade. Few teenagers have the self-awareness and humility to recognize that the time they live in is not, in fact, the most technologically and culturally advanced time that the human race will ever experience, and that snickering at the past (as depicted in movies or history texts) makes the laughing person seem clueless and arrogant; I was no exception. I'm humbler about that sort of thing now because I'm in my forties and seen a few decades turn over. When I watch the "Future" films today, I am not just watching the films, I am watching myself—or I should say, I am thinking about who I was when the films came out, and cringing a little bit at how much I thought I knew, and how much I didn't know that I didn't know. When I was in high school, I laughed during the diner scene (along with everyone else in the theater) because Marty ordered a Pepsi Free and the counterman thought he was demanding a Pepsi for free. Now I laugh because the Pepsi Free name was discontinued in 1987, two years after the first "Future" came out. The joke is not about the obliviousness of the '50s adult, it's about the arrogance of the '80s teenager.

Clock kid is moving to where his "inventions" wont be questioned

"Texas teen arrested for homemade clock to move to Qatar"
A 14-year-old Muslim boy who was arrested after a homemade clock he brought to school was mistaken for a possible bomb will be moving with his family to the Middle East so he can attend school there, his family said.
Ahmed Mohamed's family released a statement Tuesday saying they had accepted a foundation's offer to pay for his high school and college in Doha, Qatar. He recently visited the country as part of a whirlwind month that included a Monday stop at the White House and an appearance Tuesday at the U.S. Capitol.
"We are going to move to a place where my kids can study and learn, and all of them being accepted by that country," Ahmed's father, Mohamed Elhassan Mohamed, told The Dallas Morning News before boarding an airplane from Washington back home to Texas on Tuesday.
The main stream press reporting of this story continues to be sloppy.

Webb drops from Dem race, considers run as Independent

""[Said Webb,] The Democratic Party is heavily invested in interest-group politics," he said, and that could exclude groups it means to include, responding to a question about his reluctance to embrace the Black Lives Matter movement and to call on the removal of the Confederate flag from federal grounds.

In an email to reporters on Monday evening, Webb's campaign said that he is considering running as an independent.

But on Tuesday, he said only that he was considering the possibility. "We intend to spend the next couple of weeks talking to people," he said. "People I have not felt comfortable talking with as a Democratic candidate, but a number of people who have reached out over the past year who have encouraged me to run."

Webb said he “would have significant financial help” if he ran as independent, based on what people have told him.

He also said he believed he could beat Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton in a general election. “If we ran an independent race that worked and got traction, I honestly could see us beating both of them.""

-Daniel Strauss, Politico

Great moments in merkin history

"This put a strange Whim in his Head; which was, to get the hairy circle of [a prostitute's] Merkin .... This he dry'd well, and comb'd out, and then return'd to the Cardinall, telling him, he had brought St. Peter's Beard. [Alexander Smith, "A Complete History of the Lives and Robberies of the most notorious Highwaymen," 1714]"

relative size of planets and other celestial bodies

A scientific comparison, seen on imgur.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Instant Replay: The Unedited Version

We lost Willie Davis for two games this week. To a concussion. All because of domestic violence.

Not Willie of course. He is a pussycat who wouldn't hurt a fly. He wouldn't lift a finger to his wife. It seems his wife Bertha beat the crap out of him. She brained her with the frying pan that she was making pancakes with yesterday morning. You see Big Bertha only knows how to cook pancakes because that is what she learned from her Auntie. Plus rice which she learned how to cook from her Uncle. I think she called it perverted rice or something but it is pretty good.

Anyway Willie causally asked if they could have something other than rice because he was starting to feel like a Chinaman and that is when Big Bertha brained him with the skillet. So we don't have a defensive end this weekend for the game against the Eagles.

Coach Lombardi has a strict no tolerance policy against domestic violence. He once cut Jerry Norton for beating up his maid. Now Jerry claimed it was an accident because he was practicing his punting and she walked right into his kick. She sort of got kicked in the punt so to speak.

But Coach didn't stand for that. He cut him then and there.
(Instant Replay- The Unedited Edition, Jerry Kramer & Dick Schaap Random House 1968)

Poem by Japanese girl who has machine gun stuck up her ass

The long spring day,
its mists rising,
before I know it
has turned to twilight,
and the heart that crowds my chest
hurts me so 
I moan
like the mountain thrushes.
Then from the mountains
where our great Lord,
a god aloof, 
is pleased to wander,
a wind comes blowing,
and as I stand alone,
morning and night,
it turns back my sleeve
and I think how auspicious 
is that one word "back"!
Back where her gun is.

I call myself a man of spirit,
but on this journey, 
grass for a pillow,
my thoughts keep going back—
no way to stop them—
and like the fires that burn
when fishergirls of Ami Bay
boil down their salt,
these memories burn
deep within my heart.
Of their 50 caliber butts.

Because the winds across the mountain
blow without cease,
each night in sleep unfailingly
I think with longing
of my love back home.

With her clenched cheeks
firing again and again.

Top 5 Marvel 1960's cartoon theme songs

You don't want to lose your amateur standing.

The pressure around the Louisville basketball program is reaching its tipping point.
Former Louisville recruits and players confirmed in detail the stripper parties and a pay-for-sex system spearheaded by former Cardinals graduate assistant Andre McGee, in interviews with ESPN’s “Outside the Lines.”
I knew they weren’t college girls. It was crazy. It was like I was in a strip club,” one player said of the parties that were paid for by McGee, in concert with former escort Katina Powell, and hosted at Billy Minardi Hall, a campus dorm, according to the report.
The parties would basically unfold like a scene straight out of “He Got Game.” A handful of strippers would perform, some fully naked, for the players, then some would be paid extra to have sex with the players in a separate room.
Two of Powell’s daughters who worked as strippers at the parties, Lindsay and Rod Ni, estimated they received $100 to have sex with former Louisville stars Russ Smith and Montrezl Harrell, respectively.

Do they have tampons in Asgard?

" ’Cross the Rainbow Bridge of Asgard, 
Where the booming heavens roar, 
You’ll behold in breathless wonder, 
The god of Thunder, Mighty Thor!"

"She slings her mighty Hammer
 Complaints she would yammer,
The terror of her evil foes 
When her mighty red river flows!"

"Trump basically blamed his brother for ..."

*boink* That's where they're shut off. This is the dark haired woman on Fox's Outnumbered, and Trump did no such thing. We all heard the same thing, the made-for-t.v. interpretation unnecessary. "Blame him, or don't blame him, he was still president when it happened" is a common and logical point made regularly from day one and objections about internal obstacles preventing cross Department communication are already long challenged and all that is wrapped up anyway in the Conservative-embraced adage 'the buck stops here.' You've lived too long among liberal progressives when the buck of responsibility never does stop, and never at the top but diffuses to fog throughout. It is a simple statement, Fox, and you've mangled it.

He said no such thing, but he implied it. And really hard.

And that implication is what is meant by "he basically said..." interpretation.

When in fact Trump basically avoided saying that specifically. The interpretation nails the specific avoidance. He worded it just so, just so that you cannot have that interpretation, so do, do jump at that specific interpretation. Blame him or don't, you decided to blame him, he WAS president on the day of attack so the phrase "he kept us safe throughout" is patently false. So knock it off already.

There's that.

Here's another opposite.

"Whenever the subject of guns comes up, you and your loyal followers respond as Pavlovian dogs..."

I am a follower. Loyal, eh, I know little of that. This writer just called me a dog. A loyal stupid dog acting as Pavlov described his dogs. That is rude and I take umbrage. Notice, he didn't say, "Chip, you are a dog" just as Trump didn't blame Bush. Still, illogically, my umbrage allows me to attack. That's my new thing, you're an asshole, I am too. This asshole called me a dog. I dislike guns, but I dislike academic cream puff aggressive assholes worse. So I attack. And I don't care what the guy says in return to me. It means nothing. I know he didn't mean me specifically, that he knows nothing about me, and the argument is not mine, and I don't really care, but I did notice that, so I attacked. He attacked so I attacked back. That's all. All responses go straight to the trash. I just flat don't care what the guy says, my blood pressure spiked when I read his poo, I felt that, so I blood-pressure spiked him back, I hope so, I have no interest in argument, just biting. Like a dog. Like Pavlov's dog, come to think of it, he' a bit right there, I guess. Maybe I'll outgrow this phase. And maybe it'll get worse.

"Kitchen Design Isn't Sexist..."

All that stuff in our kitchens is, of course, why were able to leave them. Women in the 1920s spent about 30 hours every week preparing meals. Thanks to food processing technology and labor-saving appliances, that number has dropped into the single digits. Men have taken up some of the slack -- and it seems worth noting that standardizing kitchens too high for the average woman has probably made them more attractive to the average man. But even if you add in the culinary labors of our male partners, Americans are still spending less than a third as much time cooking dinner as our great-grandmothers did.
Women could never have gone into the workforce in the numbers they did if they had still been expected to spend 30 hours a week feeding their families. They were propelled into careers by the mass-produced modern kitchen, which, with all its flaws, remains one of the greatest feminist advances the world has ever seen. The occasional twinge in our backs or crick in our necks seems a relatively small price to pay.
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