Saturday, May 23, 2015

Memorial Day Weekend Bonfire

Pull up a tree stump and sit around the bonfire for a while.  Tell stories, laugh, sing some campfire songs if you feel like it. 

The old radio has been brought outside; a long electric cord from the house  makes the tubes glow in the fading sunlight. The music is old, traditional country and western: Ray Price, Kitty Wells, Bob Wills, and others.

No talk of politics or wars or news.

Memorial weekend

Official twitter account of Democratic party, so it says.

We're glad you're happy. We do realize this is the best you can manage. Enjoy your ice cream, your photo op while eating it on this national funeral weekend of remembrance. 

The faces that go across the screen of young men who have died in service to our country used to look so mature and advanced, disciplined, well put together in their uniforms and their home activities, and now as I age they all look to me like children, the flower of our nation.

It must be Climate Change again

Breckenridge, Colorado.

"We woke up today to a new Ireland"

"The amount of people who came out to vote is just such an emotional thing for us," said Fred Schelbaum, 48, standing with his civil partner Feargal Scott, 43, who he said he intended to marry.

"Up to now a lot of gay people felt they were tolerated in Ireland. Now we know that it's much more than that."

"The future for young LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender) people in this country is incredible," O'Neill said.

"I'm just glad to be here on the day this Ireland came into being."

Bulldog meets Bull

Link to YouTube

"The Simple Logical Puzzle That Shows How Illogical People Are"

"Wason tells you that if a card shows an even number on one face, then its opposite face is blue. Which cards must you turn over in order to test the truth of his proposition, without turning over any unnecessary cards? Click on your answer in the interactive video below:"

"If you got it wrong, keep your spirits up: More than 90 percent of Wason’s subjects erred, too, and in quite a systematic way; the mistakes they made followed a pattern. “I feel very unhappy about my original choice,” a subject once told Wason, “but yes, I would still choose the same ones if I had to do the task again.” In that 1968 paper, titled “Reasoning about a Rule,” he wrote that these were “disquieting” results. The reigning assumption was that humans naturally reasoned analytically, but here was Wason’s subject admitting that, if given the choice, he’d be irrational again. It made Wason wonder: Is it the logical structure of the rules that make the puzzle difficult, or are people tripped up merely by the words with which the puzzle is expressed?

peach paletas

It's an al sur del la frontera thing, the cognitive is "wooden palate" for the popsicle stick. Whereas Americans would use sweetened juice for their popsicles Central America uses real fruit for their paletas and berries, often exotic, some vegetables, odd combinations you would not think could go together, but do, horchata made with ground almonds, rice, barley, sesame seeds, tiger nuts (chufa sedge, yellow nutsedge, nut grass, earth almond). This book, Paletas: Authentic Recipes for Mexican Ice Pops, Shaved Ice & Aguas Frescas is #1 bestseller, I just now noticed. You will want to have the real popsicle mold kit, not a junk plastic one with reusable plastic handles, no, those types are for babies, you want paletas, real wood sticks, or else it's just, pfft, no fun at all, plus you can buy 1,000 popsicle sticks for extra wood stick related projects, say, make a castle with its own jet airplane.

I don't think of them that much but I noticed an odd pattern arise suddenly from countries south of us.

They're looking at this.

I have this book. It's small as far as books go. Only 108 pages with a lot of photographs. The raspados (shaved ice) look delicious and so do the aquas frescas (refreshing drinks) but let's look at the paletas described in the book.

Spicy Pineapple
Spiced Tomato-Tequila
Sour Cream, Cherry, and Tequila
Yogurt with Berries
roasted Banana
Passion Fruit Cream
Lime Pie
Quick Coconut
Fresh Coconut
Mexican Chocolate
Mexican Eggnog
Rice Pudding

¡Cómo imaginativa! Mi mente es soplado. My mind is blown. But wait, what? No mango, no papaya, no apple, no kiwi, no tamarind, no vanilla, no cherry, no pear, no quince. I expect the author expects us to have the idea after 25 examples. They mostly follow the exact same formula, the best ingredients you can find, sweetness adjusted with cane sugar keeping in mind that sugar tastes less sweet when cold and the pops will not freeze with too much sugar. Lemon or lime juice, water, pinch of salt. That's it. Some use milk. 

I think I'll try chocolate malt. 

Emma's Mattress

New Twitter account, Emma's mattress speaks for itself and, boy, does it ever have a mouth on it. 127 tweets so far and 381 followers as of right now but I expect that will rise rapidly.

Must you have a Twitter account to view the page? I don't know.

Conservative satire is improving. Slowly but surely. This is good, a mattress that speaks frankly about being bounced on, stained, forced to participate in unwanted activities, dragged around all over the place, made to attend classes. Here is another good example unrelated to improved conservative satire, the author states outright to look up Poe's Law if you don't know what it means, (eventually reality overlaps satire so unless explicitly stated people will be unable to discern a difference) so he gives it away upfront and that is very American, instead of allowing it to be misunderstood, even broadly, and work out by itself in the comments and admitting to nothing. But he does admit, so there goes the joke. Even then viewers are still taken in. He matched things up so well. He imagined what he would like them to be saying based on what he sees so he can come up with lines that match like "what does he expect, a big hug from everybody?" While the Arab guy on t.v. hugs his own body but says something else entirely. Like bad lipreading. Video: How Muslims react to Obama's latest speech.

Friday, May 22, 2015

Monkey Go To Heaven

“My back! My back!”

Watch a Shooting Suspect in Front of a News Camera...

Shake It Off, Taylor Swift

Rotoscoped is the process animators use to trace cartoons from video or film. The original is nice, you can see why the students chose it. Nice clean lines all around. It is an exercise in symmetry against a cleared canvas. An aerobics and physical exercise video too, apparently, if you would take her advice and shake it off like this for four minutes here and there you are guaranteed to shed excess body fat and tighten right up all over. After this rotoscoped version I had to give up on the cleaner original version on YouTube after its fourth interactive slap-on advert just a bit over half way through, having seen what I went there for, their mad free-form dancing and their pigeon-signing and hand configurations really are interesting.

Americans believe one out of every five Americans is gay or lesbian

"The American public estimates on average that 23% of Americans are gay or lesbian, little changed from Americans' 25% estimate in 2011, and only slightly higher than separate 2002 estimates of the gay and lesbian population. These estimates are many times higher than the 3.8% of the adult population who identified themselves as lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender in Gallup Daily tracking in the first four months of this year."

Ship Building

"News of this magnificent architecture broke when a Star Trek fan spotted a satellite photo on the internet. Drone footage shows the view of a relatively ordinary building on the ground but an impressive aerial view of the replica."

"$30 hot dog man gets fired"

He told me he charged the people $2 a hot dog. He lied to me.”
Ahmed Mohammed — whose fluctuating frank prices ranged from $3 to $30 near the World Trade Center — was also fleecing owners of the food cart, his boss Abdelalim Abdelbaky, 22, told The Post.

“Nobody would give him a job and he came to me. [But] I lost money — and I lost some customers,” he said, adding he even let Mohammed stay rent-free at his home in Jersey City... Mohammed targeted people with accents near Greenwich and Albany streets, according to NBC.

In one case he tried to charge a New Yorker with a French accent $15 for a pretzel and a hot dog. In another, he asked $30 for a hot dog and a Dr Pepper.
I paid $5 one time for a hotdog. I made the mistake of not asking the price first. Lesson learned.

Islamic State militants seize part of ancient city of Palmyra, Syria

BBC-breaking news

Islamic State seized part of the town that is next to Palmyra, one of the Middle East's greatest archaeological sites.

I keep hearing about these great archaeological sites that ISIS is capturing that I never heard of before, and how is that? If it is so great then why haven't I heard of it, I'm big on this time of history and this general area, part of it anyway, I feel so inadequate. Every time I think that I have something fairly well covered I'm shown the ocean of things I don't know.

What is this Palmyra? How did it escape my attention until ISIS got there?

Wikipedia says Palmyra was an early second century BC caravan stop mentioned in the annals of the Assyrian Kings. 

I hadn't heard of the annals of the Assyrian Kings. This is new to me. 

And it might be mentioned in the Hebrew bible, but Wikipedia does not say where in the Hebrew bible nor under what name. 

Palmyra was incorporated into the Seleucid Empire and later by the Roman Empire that brought it prosperity. By the third century Palmyra was a prosperous metropolis. 

Roman emperor Aurelian defeated Palmyra 272 AD after a failed second rebellion becoming a minor city under a series of various rules, Byzantines, Rashiduns, Ummayads, Abbasids, Mamluks.  Four fifths of whom I am hearing for the first time.

The society was tribal, they spoke their own dialect of Aramaic and Greek, both languages replaced by Arabic after being conquered in 634 and there you go we can stop reading right here because this would be where history languishes. 

But let's continue anyway.

They had a distinctive culture, until they didn't. They were renowned merchants until they weren't. They worshiped local deities and various Mesopotamian and Arab gods until they converted to Christianity in the fourth century until they were conquered by Islam and their culture basically devolves to tribal conflicts, that's where all those rule-names I hadn't heard of follow in sequence.

Palmyra, the town that could'a had class, that could'a been a contender. It could'a been somebody, instead of a bum, which is what it is. Let's face it. It was you, Islam.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

What else is Hillary hiding?

Hillary Clinton LinkedIn Resume   Link to news story

diapers for water control

The problem is the coconut lined baskets hang on the railing and the dry Colorado air goes right through them taking all water with it pulling moisture from them like wicks. You can spend all day watering. 

The second year heavy duty liners were fashioned for them and that worked well as trough without any draining at all until they flooded for weeks on end.

The third attempt uses the sodium polyacrylate in disposable diapers, the same material marketed for gardeners, but here in a form that may be more useful to line the inside of these coconut liners to hold moisture a little bit longer and stop dripping on the bulged out commercial windows below.  
Buying these things was weird. I didn't know how many I will need. I don't know if this inexpensive brand will do the same thing as the ones in the videos. I looked for my size that would be small, then thought, "Why are you doing that, Stupid? Maximize the area."  
Although I saw two videos I still had no idea what to expect from these. It's basically a very large pad to fit around the nether regions of a very large man. All the rest is goofy keep-the-pad-on paper underwear with a weird paper elastic to hold snug around a fat man's upper legs, and for my purposes all that extra stuff can go away. The absorbent material fill the whole pad, not just the blue patch at the center of the pad.
It soaked the whole quart without spilling a drop. It could take more. It really is awesome. 
It is slightly too short and slightly too fat.

The top layer of paper material peels off  easily once soaked revealing cottony substance that can be spread to the ends of the coconut liner and partially up the sides. 
The first layer of potting soil also has this similar mixed in and that is run up the sides too beyond this white, but the bulk that fill the center is regular potting soil with vermiculite. The plants are already planted they're all ordinary nursery annuals with morning glory seeds mixed throughout. 

"Due to the nature of their contents"

"US officials will not release al-Qaeda leader's pornography stash"
Among the thousands of documents was what Reuters described in 2011 as a "fairly extensive porn stash".

Brian Hale, a spokesman for the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI), told The Telegraph that the pornography would remain classified even as details of Bin Laden’s other personal files were released.

Family letters revealed the intimacies of Bin Laden’s relationship with his wives and songs.

In August 2008, Bin Laden wrote to one of his wives, including a will: "If you want to marry after me, I have no objection, but I really want for you to be my wife in paradise."
I could tell you, but then I'd have to kill you.

Star Trek: Voyager

Hillary was not available for comment

"What's the point of having nerve endings in our teeth..."

"... when all it can do is hurt for the rest of your life, as they won't heal themselves or grow back if they get a cavity."

Explain it to me like I'm Five top 4 voted comments.
  • To let you know if a living thing is living inside of your tooth eating away at your flesh under the tooth. 
  • It might not have a purpose at all, as long as it doesn't get you killed before you have a chance to breed. Evolution is like that, it doesn't have a defined "goal". 
  • Evolution does not have an "ideal design" - it simply evolves 'random things'. 
  • If a the creature with the "random thing" gains advantage over creatures without the 'random thing' (or at least isn't disadvantaged by it) that creature may pass-it-on when it reproduces and more creatures get it. Also, if the "random thing" stops being useful due to other changes (such as creatures leaving the oceans/trees/suburbs/stable jobs) it won't disappear unless it's a pretty series disadvantage (gills, flippers, middle-class angst and a sense of personal wellbeing respectively)

Repot large cactus without being injured

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

On second thought...

"Co-author disavows highly publicized study on public opinion and same-sex marriage"
...citing “irregularities” in the data provided by his partner in the research. He is seeking a retraction of the study, published in the journal Science.

The study purported to show the ease with which peoples’ minds can be changed on the subject of same-sex marriage after short conversations, particularly with gay advocates.

The co-author, Donald P. Green of Columbia University... said two University of California-Berkeley graduate students who had attempted their own research “brought to my attention a series of irregularities that called into question the integrity of the data we present.”

When Green’s co-author, Michael LaCour, was shown the information, Green said he could not provide the survey data he claimed to have collected. Nor would LaCour provide “the contact information of survey respondents so their participation in the survey could be verified…,” Green said.

“I am deeply embarrassed by this turn of events and apologize to the editors, reviewer, and readers of Science,” Green wrote at the conclusion of his memo. He also listed the paper as “retracted by Donald Green” on his curriculum vitae.


How dare you,

Journalist, ask an old puffed up ironclad dotard an actual question and challenge her faltering acuity. You just know your place, Young Man, how about that?

Ever since the fateful day of watching the video "Shining Times part 1," a video I like very well and watched several times about Sam Arnold's restaurant in Morrison built as authentic fort and his pride that he expresses in hosting economic Summit of Eight, and how right off the bat at the beginning of the video Sam's comparing the arrival of Clintons as royalty I felt shame about someone I deeply respect feeling so great and accomplished about something so wrong as that. Then Hillary exiting the vehicle waving as British royalty does grates irritatingly and that sealed my lasting disgust. Ever since that day I felt shame.

This is who Democrats will inflict upon us all, Republican or not, because they are Democrat and only because they are Democrat, there is no other reason than that, and that's not a good enough reason.

So I'm inflicting her back upon you.

Without actually bothering with it myself. Truth is, this clip has been presented to me at least a dozen times and I haven't watched one single time. On t.v. and online. Because of Sam Arnold's restaurant. Two seconds in BLAM gone. Over and over and over and that is how much she impresses other people negatively. They're shocked at her inability to behave as authentic human and they are tired of her insulated style and her bulletproof wardrobe.


Yawm an-Nakba, Day of the Catastrophe according to Wikipedia, May 15 the day after the date for Israel Independence Day, their Yom Ha'atzmaut. Wikipedia provides the present-day interpretation of the meaning of Nakba beginning with Palestinian exodus and Palestinian refugees.

The appeal of the term "nakba" is as counterbalance for the terms "holocust" and "shoah," Hebrew for catastrophe. The nakba commemorations are a fairly recent propaganda exercise. Previously the PLO would not seek pity from the West but would instead present themselves as steady warriors on the way to total victory.

This is taken from Barry Rubin Reports.

Barry Rubin backs into his subject by first pointing out liberal writers are misusing the term as propaganda. He asks, "Where do these writers come from?" Referring to a recent paper published by Harvard that criticizes NYT for being too biased towards Israel, Rubin answers himself, the writer, Neil Lewis, works for the NYT.

Restated, Lewis who writes for the NYT is criticizing the NYT for being too biased towards Israel in a paper published by Harvard.

What makes NYT too biased toward Israel according to Lewis? The NYT failed to use the term "nakba" until recently, showing no sympathy for their "catastrophe" all those years and that proves NYT bias.

Midway through Rubin's piece we learn the term was coined by Syrian writer, Constantine Zurayk, vice-president of American University of Beirut. Barry Rubin cites this key passage in Zurayk's book, The Meaning of the Disaster.
“Seven Arab states declare war on Zionism in Palestine, stop impotent before it and turn on their heels. The representatives of the Arabs deliver fiery speeches in the highest government forums, warning what the Arab states and peoples will do if this or that decision be enacted. Declarations fall like bombs from the mouths of officials at the meetings of the Arab League, but when action becomes necessary, the fire is still and quiet, and steel and iron are rusted and twisted, quick to bend and disintegrate.”
For Zurayk, the "nakba" taught the Arabs needed to modernize and democratize and reform their system but what happened instead was 55 year continuance of blaming opponents and refusing to change. Zurayk plea for modernization and reform became a call for revenge.

Had Arab forces not attacked (led by mufti Amin Al-Husaini, a Hitler collaborator according to Barry Rubin) in 1946 then there would be no nakba.

If Arab states had made some compromise either to prevent the creation of Israel or to accept a two-state solution then there would be no nakba.

If Arab states and Palestinian Arabs accepted the partition plan in 1947 there would be no nakba and instead of mourning the creation of Israel they would be celebrating the creation of Palestine.

The real nakba is the rejection of partition that would have created a Palestinian state in 1948. It would be nearly 70 years old today and there would have been no wars in 1956, 1967, 1973, 1982, no refugees, no terrorism. According to Barry Rubin, who writes that even today this point is only being discussed by a handful of people.

Rubin concludes the real nakba resulted from attempts to destroy Israel and even today is still used as the rationale for continuing attempts to destroy Israel. But the concept that Zurayk wrote is broader, the Arab world's failure to embrace modernity, science, genuine democracy and so every day is a nakba the Arab Spring is another year for renewing the nakba strategy, a self-inflicted nakba and its victims are the Arabs themselves.

Here's Zurayk on the victory of Zionists.
“The reason for the victory of the Zionists was that the roots of Zionism are grounded in modern Western life while we for the most part are still distant from this life and hostile to it. They live in the present and for the future, while we continue to dream the dreams of the past and to stupefy ourselves with its fading glory.”
Rubin asks, isn't that exactly how the Nakba concept is used today, to dream the dreams of the past and stupefy with fading glory? To say, no compromise is possible, we are victims and we want revenge and dream of total victory.

Would-be College Safe Space Invader

What's behind the different ways MPs swore their oaths?

"The difference between 'affirmation' and 'oath'"
That most time-consuming of the traditional rituals surrounding the UK Parliament, the swearing in of all the MPs, has become an emblem of the changing shape of British society. A ceremony originally designed for exclusion - to keep out religious and political undesirables - has become a display of diversity, writes Stephen Tomkins.

Where 200 years ago all MPs would swear allegiance to the Crown in English, on the Authorised Version of the Bible, today they swear and affirm, in English, Welsh, Gaelic and Cornish, on (or ignoring) an array of scriptures, including the Koran, the Guru Granth Sahib, the Hebrew Bible, and the Christian scriptures in various languages and in Protestant and Catholic editions.

One MP on Tuesday asked for the Book of Mormon, and the clerk seemed willing to go and have a root around for one, until it turned out he was joking. MPs are even offered the opportunity to swear on the New Testament alone, an option of which George Osborne availed himself.
The late Tony Banks crossed his fingers while he took the oath

"More Countries Caught Manipulating Their Climate Data"

Rampant "data adjustments"....
In his latest article, [Dr. H.] Sterling [Burnett] wrote that Switzerland’s weather bureau adjusted its raw temperature data so that “the temperatures reported were consistently higher than those actually recorded.” For example, the cities of Sion and Zurich saw “a doubling of the temperature trend” after such adjustments were made. 
But even with the data tampering, Sterling noted that “there has been an 18-year-pause in rising temperatures, even with data- tampering.”

“Even with fudged data, governments have been unable to hide the fact winters in Switzerland and in Central Europe have become colder over the past 20 years, defying predictions of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and other climate alarmists,” according to Sterling.

The Swiss affair, however, is not the first instance of data “homogenization” catalogued by scientists and researchers who are skeptical of man-made global warming. (read more)

Adam Schiff, senior Democrat on House Intelligence Committee,

Said on Tuesday, that describing progress in the war against Islamic State should ring alarm bells and the taking of Ramadi is "a very serious and significant setback."

Adam Schiff, is responding to deputy press secretary Eric Schult'z answer to a question posed by a reporter last week asking if the Islamic State is winning and Schultz responded by citing the number of coalition nations fighting ISIS and the number of sorties flown. Adam Schiff now is saying the degree you hear administration officials use those metrics should make alarm bells should go off.

Schiff also warned of using measurements like how much ground is controlled because in some cases the group is replaced by other extremists militias also hostile to the United States.

Yahoo Politics, Oliver Knox

Someone Like You, ASL

Sung by Adele, one of her hits. I played it for a friend and he said, "Doesn't do anything for me." I played another. "Still doesn't." He dismissed her just like that. The video will not display here due to controls put on it. The video has a quarter of a million views and that is unusual for this type of thing and six hundred very nice comments and that is unusual for YouTube.

The interpreter is a beautiful woman, brianaott, and she does a beautiful job with this song. I noticed she did the other songs on the album too. 

For the phrase, "I wish the best for you too." She interprets I wish success for you both. 

For the phrase "Sometimes it lasts in love but sometimes it hurts instead" She chooses to drop the concept of "instead" or any exchange of this for that, and brings "pain" to her breast.

"I heard that you settled down" is interpreted colloquially "I gathered gossip." 




gossip (two "g's" chattering)

When she first heard the story, she believed it. 
("story" looks like "join" or "relationship" except it's pulled apart.) 

MP4 files from

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Barefoot Contessa

I think it gets bigger if you click it. A sudden rush while I was gone, within the span of 20 minutes everyone rushed to the same place, Ina Gardner's chocolate cheesecake, her moneymaker as she put it when she ran a shop. I forget what she said people paid for a slice and I hesitate to say how much for a whole cake whatever she said it was outrageous. She added, "I love rich people who just pay it without blinking." 

I bet I know what happened. This episode probably ran today and people checked it out online. My page is second in results after her own on Food Network site.

The cheesecake is 1+3/4 LB cream cheese and 4 oz sour cream fluffed up and set with three large whipped up eggs, so it's a little bit fluffier than usual cheesecake. And it has espresso mixed in, the instant kind to boost the chocolate. It's a thing Ina Gardener does. The chocolate is already boosted with vanilla. Any one of scores of alcohols will boost it too. So does peanut butter, just a tiny amount say a teaspoon, malt, orange zest, but Ina likes coffee boost for chocolate.

It's not good for you. A couple of slices and you're going, "Jeeze it feels I grew gills just so they can snap shut. Suddenly I have clogged gills. It becomes like eating a stick of butter. Chocolate coffee butter.

Discover the Networks

Please update your site you appear to be dead in the water. I found Discover the Networks a few years ago and thought back then, "Goodness now here is a thorough obsession." It appeared to me complete and I spent hours there learning such things about people as to make my head spin. Terrible things. Now, going back to it I find the site incomplete.

* It does not have and entry George Stephanopoulos and I quadruple checked spelling, Stephano-po-ulos. Not there.
* No entry for Candy Crowley and I double checked spelling, Crow-ley. Not there.
* No category for "revolving door" career arcs that pass through campaigns, administrations, and media.
* No category for "marriages" between politicians and between media and between politicians and media. And you know what happens with inbreeding.
*No category for "mong offspring" inflicted upon the body politic. And regular offspring operating within a guild system, both politics and media as family business. There is no category "family business" for  politics nor one for media. I can pick on FOX for two examples that come to mind. It's legal. It's not particularly corrupt. But it's insular and I just don't like it. Chris Wallace and Peter Doocy. I don't care how good they are at what they do. Why must we have them? Why must we bear with them? These two honestly couldn't find anything else to do. And the network honestly couldn't find anyone better? It is indulgence. Chris certainly indulged his weeks-long eulogy to his father as if his passing itself was that newsworthy and we all that interested for that long and then that indulgent presentation of corporate nepotism is network history. They both do well from what I've seen, they had better, the problem is both their Dads worked at the same place and that's the only reason they were hired before others. It's a natural development that people marry within their spheres and that children sometimes follow their parent's professions but it's not good for us.

“These guys become very violent to each other very quickly over nothing”

"Parking dispute may have lit fuse in Waco biker shootout." 
An argument over a restaurant parking spot may have ignited the horrific shootout between rival motorcycle gangs that killed nine, wounded 18 and led to the arrests of 170 bikers, police said Monday.

Gang tensions over turf, respect and statewide power have been boiling for months, police said, so when two skirmishes erupted Sunday in the parking lot and in the restroom of the Twin Peaks restaurant along Interstate 35 where 200 bikers met, the disputes quickly escalated into carnage. Investigators are still trying to piece together what happened... (read more)
"Organized crime charges filed against 170 motorcycle gang members after Texas shootout"
Approximately 170 members of rival motorcycle gangs were charged with engaging in organized crime Monday, a day after nine people were killed and 18 others injured in a shootout at a Texas restaurant.

A Waco judge set bond at $1 million for many of the suspects. McLennan County Justice of the Peace W.H. Peterson defended the high amount, citing the violence that quickly unfolded in a shopping market busy with a lunchtime crowd.

"We have nine people dead, because these people wanted to come down and what? Drink? Party?" Peterson said. "I thought [$1 million] was appropriate."
Update: "Waco biker shooting came after gang showed up uninvited, police say"

NYPD Braton Considering Amnesty To 1.2 Million Low-Level Offenders

"Wary Of Police-Community Relations, City Council Says Idea Deserves Consideration"
Experts like former police officer Jon Shane said it’s a bad idea that could lead to a spike in crime.

“You always have to be answerable for your behavior and unchecked behavior, we know, leads to larger things and those things manifest themselves in violent crime and property crime, like auto theft and burglary, and things like that,” said Shane, a professor at John Jay College of Criminal Justice.

“I absolutely think they have to go through the justice system before we just boot people out and get rid of them for space,” Upper West Side resident Elizabeth Miller added.

"Alarming Surge In Murders And Shootings In Baltimore"

"Dozens of shooting and murders in the last few weeks following the riots last month."
Christie Ileto reports some are concerned police are hesitant to crack down after six officers were charged in the death of Freddie Gray.

“People have said its because morale is down, or it’s because the officers were charged. We don’t know that,” said Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake.

A Baltimore police officer who chose to remain anonymous says the Freddie Gray case impacted policing.

“If you want them to be proactive in patrolling and trying to catch people, I could see them not being interested in doing that,” the officer said.

Caption this

Why am I seeing this fifty times today? 

Oh, it's a game. They did caption it and altogether they're terrible captioners and in doing so they frightened me repeatedly with this image over and over closer and closer like this.

Hillary's dotage doesn't matter to Democrat voters for the most part. All they need to know is that they are liberal and good and Republicans are old fashioned, behind things and mean. Here's some conservatives trying to mess with good natured and mostly young and not at all well informed potential voters but the antagonists are not very good at entrapment. The point is to show how stupid Hillary's supporters are but the thing about representational government is that it's for people with other and much more engaging things to do than live for following politics. They know what they think they need to know. How does it feel being so much more informed than almost everybody else?  

US Supreme Court will not hear Wisconsin John Doe case

This morning an Order was issued by the U.S. Supreme Court denying the petition for writ of certiorari in the John Doe Case of Wisconsin.

The issue in O'Keefe v. Chisholm on which the review was sought had little to do with the substance of abuses in the John Doe case instead focuses on technical legal points about when federal courts can stop state investigations.

But the case involves the states' ability to regulate campaign coordination and how that ability interacts with 1st Amendment rights.

The investigation is on hold because of a separate federal court order and also because the state court ordered it.

Legal Insurrection has the Supreme Court Order

Sound bad? Nah. It's a mess. Let Wisconsin slug it out further. Commenters at Legal Insurrection appear to be reliably eager legal students, they seem ever sincere.

American Human | May 18, 2015 at 10:39 am 
This case is a bit complex for me what with dueling federal and state courts and now the SCOTUS declining to take the case and this being considered but not that. I’m not complaining but I am interested. Can someone, maybe Mr. Jacobson, please provide a bit more context. Is the SCOTUS not hearing the case good for the cause of justice and liberty or bad? I’m not sure.  
platypus / May18,2914 at 8:44 pm  
Well, it is an indirect statement that the court does not consider this particular controversy worthy of its time in regards to constitutional issues. Cynics speculate that it is too hot for the court, and they may be right, but the truth is that these decisions (grant or deny) are NOT made by the judges. Anonymous clerks decide which cases get reviewed and they NEVER give a reason.
Chuck Skinner | May 18, 2015 at 3:32 pm 
Wait, wait wait….
“The motion of respondents John T. Chisholm, David Robles, and Bruce J. Landgraf for leave to file a brief in opposition under seal with redacted copies for the public record is granted.” 
I wonder what on earth Chisholm, Robles and Landgraf could possibly be trying to hide from the public. 
That one should have been denied, and the SCOTUS should have forced their statements into the daylight so they could be analyzed by the public to determine if the “public servants” involved in this case should be re-elected (or possibly jailed). 

Monday, May 18, 2015

"Key Hillary Clinton Claim on Emails Was Not True"

Newly Released Documents Reveal...
Emails published by the New York Times Monday indicate that Hillary Clinton used more than one private email address during her time as secretary of state, contradicting previous claims from the Democratic presidential contender’s office.

Multiple emails show Clinton used account “” while serving in the Obama administration as secretary of state.

Clinton’s attorney, David Kendall, had previously told Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-S.C.) that that particular address had not “existed during Secretary Clinton’s tenure as Secretary of State.”

Another statement from Clinton’s office said she only used one address during her time as secretary of state.

“Secretary Clinton used one email account during her tenure at State (with the exception of her first weeks in office while transitioning from an email account she had previously used),” it said. “In March 2013, Gawker published the email address she used while Secretary, and so she had to change the address on her account.”


Sounds pervy. I saw the hashtag following the definition of "vamping" the term came from a remark "If Obama spends his time vamping on Twitter..."  It turns out to be a thing teenagers do at night in bed online, it's their "me" time. This NYT Fashion and Style article explained it amusingly,
“Sometimes I look up and it’s 3 a.m. and I’m watching a video of a giraffe eating a steak,” 
That's funny right there. I suddenly wanted to see a giraffe eating a steak. I love these kids. They're not horrible at all. The hashtag shows all lightness and love and teenage angst and things like this video of a performer in Paris before her show riding around our adult impulse is "staged!" but the kids accept it for spontaneous encounter because this is how they would behave. Ariana Grand in Paris.

"What IS this strange sound from the sky?"


"US daredevil dies in Yosemite jumping accident"

"Part of me says it's kind of crazy to think you can fly your human body... Another part of me thinks all of us have had the dream that we can fly. Why not chase after it? Maybe it brings you to some other tangent. Chasing after the unattainable is the fun part."

His last Facebook post, on May 12, shows a picture of his dog in a mountainous landscape and the caption: "Miss Whisper. Yosemite Dog."

Cutting down a tree tight between buildings

This guy freaks me out using his saw so carelessly. He seems very adept with it, confident, and that's the freaky part, that's where people get hurt and lose digits. I have not seen anyone set down a chainsaw on a flat surface while it is running. I have not seen anyone leave it running lodged in the tree while they hammer shims into it. He moves all around a saw that is running and he freaks me right out. The chain is disengaged I suppose but it's just insane.

Faking Bad Update

This is a summer foo foo drink. A co-worker made up the recipe. She uses frozen mango chunks instead of ice. I made a fake version (pictured). This one is destined for retail display.


Fill tall glass with frozen mango chunks
3/4 oz Passion fruit Malibu Rum
3/4 oz Vodka
1/2 oz Grapefruit juice
Fill to top with sparkling water

Build and stir

I made the mango chunks using Sculpey. Here is what they looked like before baking and painting:

Sunday, May 17, 2015

"What is the strongest opinion you hold?"

Reddit top 3 voted comments...
  • If you don't know something about something, then don't throw fucking strong opinions about that something.   Edit: Urm, so yeah this is definitely my most upvoted comment. I'll use my moment of fame to say "don't be an asshole." Have a good day people :) 
  • That my problems are still relevant even though you tell me someone else somewhere in the world has it worse than I do. 
  • I'm a fluent welsh speaker, and when people come to my country and go to lessons or whatever to learn a bit of our language, some stupid fucks laugh at them for their pronunciation and shit, which puts a lot of people off from learning any more of it. It's so dumb because they constantly talk about how our language is dying..  Edit: for anyone who would like to be able to swear a bit in Welsh: 

Church by the lake

George Stephanopoulos addresses donation scandal on ‘This Week’


Louis C.K. discusses what it was like growing up in the 1970s

This Is How Balls Were Busted!

Watch the intro, then skip ahead to 28m 50s for my favorite part.