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Exceeding Nature

The scheme belongs to a recently published chemistry paper entitled "Nonmetal Catalyzed Hydrogenation Of Carbonyl Compounds" which I think shows significant advancement in chemistry. For the non-chemist, I'll unpack the title.

You may not be interested in hydrogenation, but hydrogenation is interested in you: it feeds you. The metal-catalyzed hydrogenation of vegetable oils is big business. You may have gotten away from trans-fats, but are you free of cis-fats?  How about saturated fats? The food industry uses hydrogen and metals like nickel to hydrogenate food stuffs. And then there is the "hydrogenation" of nitrogen to make fertilizer.

What these guys in London did (never mind what they wear) is remarkable because they use hydrogen (H2) to make alcohols (top right) from ketones (top left). They use only the atoms C, H, O, B, and F, spatially arranged as shown. No metals.

Nature has little use for H2 which is the simplest molecule. Very little H2 even exists on earth.  There is a class of enzymes called hydrogenases, but guess what?  They use metals to activate H2. So this work goes above and beyond Nature itself.

"Video of 'Syrian Hero Boy' Outed as Fake After 3.8 Million YouTube Views"

"A viral video purporting to show a young Syrian boy rescuing a girl under fire from a sniper has been outed as a sham. The clip was initially reported as authentic by several Western media outlets, and it has been viewed over 3.8 million times on YouTube."

I Can't help but think of Gruber's and Obama's deception while reading this.

The video — dubbed "Syrian Hero Boy" — was the creation of Norwegian filmmakers hoping to pass the footage off as real and draw attention to the issue of children in conflict zones.

"Here’s #GamerGate In 5 Easy Bites"

1. What is #GamerGate?
#GamerGate is the hashtag (twitter) around which video game consumers have rallied to:
  • Demand an end to unethical behavior, corruption, and overt politicization in the video game industry, particularly among video game journalists
  • Boycott outlets that have attacked gamers with accusations of misogyny and sexism in response to the above demand
  • Share research  on and evidence of corruption in the industry
  • Support websites/causes that support gamers and inclusivity in the industry
  • Support each other against accusations of misogyny, racism, homophobia, etc.
(gamers just want to play games)

Skipping down past the 'easy bites'...
For those reading this who may be sympathetic to the social justice argument, I would point out using accusations of misogyny et. al. to cover corruption and graft severely undermines the fight against actual examples of sexism, racism, and homophobia the world over.

But beyond that, I believe this is a cultural tipping point, wherein we can decide if we will continue the spiral down into splitting people up into groups of victims for the benefit of a few corrupt leaders, or head back towards valuing the individual on his or her own merit.

Video games are a wonderful hobby that promote inclusivity, friendly competition, and independent thinking. Let’s not allow them to become another political message board dictated to by unscrupulous narcissists. (please read the whole thing)

I was famous today

A comment that I wrote about the current Social Justice Warrior "thing" in science fiction (one of their attack dogs started attacking "good" people) got quoted by two of my favorite authors.  

And then there is this.

I'm seriously considering buying this shirt.... and wearing it.

News From The Towers On High...

A California company, Electronics for Imagining, paid $1.21/hr to employees -- people brought in from India. Link

Is this true? Possible? How?

Or is the right question: why not more often?

I'd like to hear a credible defense from the usual suspects.

God Bless America!

It's not just me thinking it.

The town hall meeting in Westminster Massachusetts did not go according to plan.

Seventy speakers had signed up to talk about a proposed ban on sale of cigarettes (for the children! Think of the children!) but over two hundred citizens showed up to express their disapproval and crowding the small elementary school, quickly disrupting the meeting before even just four speakers could speak.

The three members of the town's board of health had to be led out under police protection. They felt. Having busted their move and taken notice of visible anger, naturally they felt threatened. These people are irrational. They're angry. At us! They are not even following proper protocol.

Andre Crete, control freak loser. Had it coming to her good and hard.

And let this be a lesson for you, healthcare person.

People still smoke?

Go figure.

One man stated my sentiments exactly but on another issue, about guns. I think this phrasing actually did have an impact on the reliably liberal acquaintance when I told him that personally guns scare me and I do not care for having them around, however, politicians busting moves on my Constitutionally protected rights to be a complete dummkopf and a danger to myself scare me and annoy even more. I think it might be a uniquely American attitude but possibly not. The Westminster citizen said the same thing about cigarettes.

Eww, gross. Smoke 'em if ya got 'em. Dummkopfs.

Eventually it all passes by the wayside, smoking does, without any need for anxious control freakish bans. Clear clean fresh air Utopia will arrive without you shoving it along.

I love this key frame ↑.

Look at it, Doesn't take much to hold him back. Stomach sticking out. Waving a tiny flag. Mad as h-e-double flag sticks. It makes me laugh.

This seven-second Vine is best. 

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Apologies. You're probably sick of this guy. I sure am. Die already, Gruber, die!

You've undoubtedly heard of the 5th Gruber video ridiculing a legislator's concerns as something his adolescent child might have written. That in lieu of answering his concerns directly. Why ridicule and not a direct straightforward answer? Because he cannot answer. On the spot, ridicule is the only option for arrogant asses when cornered.
“Any Hsaio-Gruber type health care mega-system will inevitably lead to coercive mandates, ballooning costs, increased taxes, bureaucratic outrages, shabby facilities, disgruntled providers, long waiting times, lower quality care, special interest nest-feathering, and destructive wages and price controls.”
John McCloughry, former Vermont state senator 
Sounds reasonable to me. Answer that.

Oh, how we all laughed and laughed. Such silliness.

Democrats, this is why your despicably cynical party had its asses handed it at all levels of government. Learn anything?


And you've undoubtedly read about the 6th video in which the so-called Cadillac tax is discussed as a way to sneak taxes on Americans over time so that years down the line they will be impossible to repeal and so ridiculous an amount to pay at a 40% rate that employers will dump them all onto the federal plan by then,

This plan is already law and it taxes high-end healthcare plans by 40% as it links that rate of taxation to the Consumer Price Index in the form of repealing healthcare exemption rather than linking to the amount that healthcare actually rises.

Healthcare costs rise considerably faster than Consumer Price Index, so the exemption does not keep up with the actual cost of healthcare. Until it becomes untenable and employers drop coverage altogether. But the ACA framers cannot say that. They must be sneaky about it. According to Gruber's models within 20 years all healthcare plans will fall under the definition of Cadillac plan, and mission accomplished. Voters fooled. Because voters have short attention spans, you see, and cannot keep up with discussions about convoluted plans described over 1000 pages of gobbledygook. Silly voters and their short attention spans.

It is clarifying to contrast this with McCain's suggestion at that point of already accepting the ACA bill, of a straight tax exemption equal to its cost that would straightforwardly have taxpayers come out even. No. Obama wanted healthcare to be taxed. He wants the whole thing for healthcare to be profit center for federal government.

Consider, employer supplied healthcare is part of employee's benefit package. When they dump healthcare onto the federal plan as they eventually must then to keep even they must then compensate their employees for the loss of their plans by paying them incrementally more. That income will be taxed. So then, under Obama's plan the employee will be taxed twice. Once for increased wages and again on their so-called Cadillac plans.

Cadillac should sue for infringement.

And this party expects to be trusted.

I keep hearing the figure of $400,000 paid through Health and Human Services to Gruber for this immoral monstrosity. Over and over and over I read that, at least fifteen times today, and I just heard it again on the news. Just short of half a million dollars and that is an unconscionable amount indeed. Your tax money spent on tricking the entire electorate and then ridiculed for having been so tricked.

That's not even half of it.

Health and Human Services also paid Gruber $2,000,000 for an ongoing contract. To keep him on hand to sort for them the convolutions that he created.

Minnesota paid $329,000 to Gruber for his help in sorting his own mess.

Michigan paid $481,050.

Wisconsin paid Gruber $400,000 to attend a meeting and for the same cookie cutter information package.

Vermont paid Gruber $400.000.

West Virginia paid Gruber for the same information package.

Main paid Gruber for the same information package.

Colorado paid Gruber for the same information package.

Oregon paid Gruber for the same information package.

Gruber bilked the federal government, its departments, and individual states to provide them with as big a mess as possible so that the public cannot possibly penetrate it while still having their own lives, straight out of the Cloward-Piven handbook. He is a crook plain and simple despite his smirking arrogant hand-wringing complexity.
And there will be no justice in this country until he is treated as such.

Sweetness and Light


We await the 7th...

Illute - Major Tom

(Peter Schilling Cover) (live bei TV Noir)

"What Cities Would Look Like if Lit Only by the Stars"

Hong Kong
By combining two realities, I am making a third that you cannot see … but it exists! I am showing you the missing stars,” says Cohen. “Photography is way of showing things that we can’t see. Photography is a way to dream. I am not showing you post-apocalyptic cities, merely cities without electricity. I am bringing back the silence.”

San Francisco
Cohen has visited nine cities including New York, San Francisco, Rio De Janeiro, and Hong Kong. Using an equatorial tripod mount and polar-scope, Cohen captures an urban landscape, then travels to a less populated location at the same latitude with greater atmospheric clarity. Using this method, the skies above Shanghai are actually in Western Sahara and Paris is illuminated by the stars over Montana.
I combined two realities of my own and took a picture of it...
Combined Black Beans and Potato Salad Leftovers

"Obama considers plan to delay deportation for millions"

"President Obama is considering an executive order that would prevent as many as 5 million people from being deported, administration officials said Thursday."
But the officials — speaking on condition of anonymity, citing internal deliberations — said the details of the immigration plan are still being developed and called reports of specific action "pre-decisional."

"We will not be shutting the government down," McConnell told reporters...

"We'd like for the president to recognize the reality that he has to govern with the Congress that he has, not the one that he wishes he had, and work with us to try to find a way to improve our immigration system," McConnell said.
Pablo Alvarado of the National Day Laborer Organizing Network, said he was unimpressed with the latest "trial balloon."

"They're leaving opportunity on the table," said Clarissa Martínez De Castro of the National Council of La Raza, a Hispanic advocacy group that has advised the White House on its executive action plan throughout the year.

"I know there's concern that this executive action was going to be attacked," she said. "But even if they do 100 people, they're going to be attacked the same. So why not go bolder?"

Phoebe Rosetta landing

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Gruber's book

Jonathan Gruber, who Nancy Pelosi never heard of, actually wrote a book for all us dummkopfs too stupid to know what taxes and government services are best for us.  You can tell by the comic sans typeface it is meant for serious readers. We learn too, but by rumor not from the book, that he owns eight pet parrots.  I find that hard to believe but not impossible. Although I did know of one household that remodeled a large portion of their house to accommodate a whole flock of parakeets so that they could fly all around inside and out. 

Nancy Pelosy: What GOP wave?... Who is Gruber?... (Who am I, Why am I here?)

I do not believe what happened the other night is a wave,” Pelosi said in her first sit-down interview since Democrats lost a dozen House seats to Republicans on Nov. 4. “There was no wave of approval for the Republicans. I wish them congratulations, they won the election, but there was no wave of approval for anybody. There was an ebbing, an ebb tide, for us.”
House of Rep 2014 Midterm Elections Results

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi has joined in with the White House’s attempt to distance itself from a key figure in the creation of the Affordable Care Act who claimed the bill was passed with help from “lack of transparency” and “the stupidity of the American voter.”

MIT professor Jonathan Gruber — who assisted congressional staffers in writing the bill — made such claims last year during an academic conference, but the video only became widely-viewed this week. He has since appeared on MSNBC to call the comments “inappropriate,” but did not deny his underlying point.
"As for whether she would consider stepping down as minority leader, Pelosi said she’s needed now more than ever."

Chip Edit: Nancy says what?

CNN Jake Tapper and Instapundit Glenn Reynolds duke it out over John Fogerty and the Vietnam war

For background covering what the fracas was about click this Link...
Bruce Springsteen took some hits on social media during Tuesday’s Concert for Valor in Washington,  D.C., for singing John Fogerty’s Creedence Clearwater Revival hit “Fortunate Son.” Some viewers argued that the song was an inappropriate choice for the event honoring the nation’s military veterans.


Wednesday, November 12, 2014


Source pic nicked from National Journal, 17 Badass Photos of U.S. Marine Corps.

update: link corrected

Wednesday Night Open Thread Village People Edition

"Window Washers Safe After Rescue at World Trade Center"

Firefighters Successfully Rescue Window Washers from World Trade Center!  
NBC News: Two window-washers were trapped for an hour on Wednesday on a scaffold dangling high off the face of 1 World Trade Center, the tallest building in the Western hemisphere.

In a statement, Upgrade Services, the company the window-washers work for, said "the cause of the incident appears to be equipment failure of the traction hoist brake mechanism that supports one side of the rig."

"This caused the scaffold to drift into an almost vertical position, leaving our men stranded until a rescue could be performed," the company said. 

The first office tenants moved into the tower last week, more than 13 years after the original World Trade Center was destroyed. The new tower stands 1,776 feet and 104 stories, and cost almost $4 billion to build.

Washing Machine Size Spacecraft Lands on Comet

Baby Kangaroo in diapers


The Republicans did NOT buy his bullshit. 

Republican voters rejected the entire process as perversion of our cherished system. His lies only worked on Democrats who are willing to overlook that series of perversions.

Children who grew up with Schoolhouse Rock "I'm Just a Bill" with their Saturday cartoons all knew that the way the ACA was passed is flatly unacceptable.  

He is calling Democrat voters stupid outright, not Republican voters nor their representatives. They were literally shut out of the process behind locked doors. Everyone observing knows that to be wrong. Saying voters wouldn't have gone for it without his misrepresentation does not make sense to people who rejected the whole thing as pure lies and malfeasance straight up from the start. Members of his own party are the people who should be offended, but they wanted the same result so yet another effrontery they're willing to overlook for the sake of protecting their party. They would scream bloody murder endlessly for decades to come were parties reversed.  He is calling Democrats stupid. Then he lies about his lying. How he manages to keep his job at MIT is beyond me. Why any student would sign up for a class of his there defies reason. Were he to sit there on the panel and say nothing at all the tell would still be apparent in the way he nervously knits his hands showing his audience a silent insecurity. It suggests some unspoken psychic disruption that is quite sinister. His pleasant soft tender smile tends to aggravate more than ameliorate. 

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

"Ten Hours of Princess Leia Walking in NYC"

Missouri Governor on Ferguson: 'Violence Will Not Be Tolerated'

"State and county authorities will join forces to curb violent protests when a grand jury announces its decision on the Ferguson police officer who shot 19-year-old Michael Brown to death in August, Gov. Jay Nixon said Tuesday. "Violence will not be tolerated," Nixon said in a press conference. The grand jury is expected to return its decision on Officer Darren Wilson in mid to late November, Nixon said."
At the same time, Nixon said he is keeping the Missouri National Guard on call for backup in case things get out of hand. "We must be fully prepared," the governor said. The "unified command" will include the Missouri State Highway Patrol, St. Louis County Police and St. Louis Metropolitan Police, but will not apparently include Ferguson police, who came under withering criticism for their handling of the shooting's aftermath.

China's First Lady Refuses Putin's Blanket

What was that about?
Would Michelle Obama handled that differently?

Tuesday, November 11

Happy Veterans Day to all the veterans who read this blog, and thank you for your service to our nation.

In the USA, Veterans Day annually falls on November 11. This day is the anniversary of the signing of the armistice, which ended the World War I hostilities between the Allied nations and Germany in 1918.

Veterans Day is intended to honor and thank all military personnel who served the United States in all wars, particularly living veterans. It is marked by parades and church services and in many places the American flag is hung at half mast. A period of silence lasting two minutes may be held at 11AM.

On the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month of 1918 an armistice between Germany and the Allied nations came into effect. On November 11, 1919, Armistice Day was commemorated for the first time. In 1919, President Wilson proclaimed the day should be "filled with solemn pride in the heroism of those who died in the country’s service and with gratitude for the victory". There were parades, public meetings and a brief suspension of business activities at 11 AM.

In 1926, the United States Congress officially recognized the end of World War I and declared that the anniversary of the armistice should be commemorated with prayer and thanksgiving. The Congress also requested that the president should "issue a proclamation calling upon the officials to display the flag of the United States on all Government buildings on November 11 and inviting the people of the United States to observe the day in schools and churches, or other suitable places, with appropriate ceremonies of friendly relations with all other peoples."

Public domain books for free

7000+ free audio books and ebooks downloads. No registration.


From what I see it is mostly audio books.

Source: The majority of public domain books, are digitized by and recorded by

When you click on a book you can listen to chapters right there.

Scroll down for more options. Downloads for iPhone and iPad, Nook, IBooks, PDA's Palm Pilot, Sony Reader. Mobi file format for Kindle, Windows, Mac

Reviews for The Mystery of the Yellow Room, Gaston Leroux

5 stars: yeh duniya yeh duniya pittal doll tu sone di...hahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa,.abbe thik se par ...

5 stars: The book was interesting, but the narration quality ranged from horrendous (Chapter 20) to excellent.

3 stars: The book is good, and most of the readers too. Although one or two of the readers had quite a strong accent, which unfortunately made some chapters a little tiresome to listen to.

5 stars:  Good book except I had a hard time following the characters with French names. I ended up reading about the book on Wikipedia to understand who was who and accidently read too far and found out who the real murderer was before I was done with the book. Bummer.

3 stars: The plot is great but it is read by more than one reader. One of the readers I find is fantastic but there is another whom has a very quiet voice and I struggle to hear her and I find her rather dull voice really difficult to listen to. I actually gave up and listen to another book before returning to this story because I couldn't always hear that particular readers very soft voice and accent.

5 stars: A very good mystery novel. Most chapters are really well read and the story keeps you hooked.

What, no viruses, no trojans?

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Althouse can't stand this song -- "the endless singsong melody;" Meade recently called it a "dirge."

I like the song. I think Lightfoot was trying to mimic the feel of being on a ship at sea.

That video is well done, too -- lots of historical footage.  Plus how can you not choke up a little at 3 minutes, 53 seconds when the camera shows a photo of the captain's family holding his photo?  How insensitive can some people be?

Chinese Obama

Bob Ross: "wash your brush.. that's the fun part of all this"

Obamacare architect: deception was crucial to Obamacare's passage

"Duped by Innocence Project, Milwaukee man now free"

"The truth took 15 years to come out. That's 15 years that Simon, now 64, spent behind bars."
"Believe me, it is mentally painful to walk around every day, locked up for something that you know you didn't do," Simon told Shawn Rech, whose film about the case, "A Murder in the Park" now has an ending. It premieres at a film festival in New York on Nov. 17. (read the whole thing)
They story of how a good thing, helping to release innocent men from prison, was turned into the nightmare it was supposed to avert. How the "innocent project" sent an innocent man to prison.

Alstory Simon

Chill Out

Even though it’s still early November, a January-like cold wave just entering Montana and the Dakotas on Sunday will bring 30 below zero temperatures to scattered locations in Montana and Wyoming by Wednesday morning.

According to Roy Spencer, Ph.D. meteorologist who offers this chilling map.

On individual days the temperatures will be as much as 50 deg. F below normal for this time of year, which is quite exceptional.  In a bad way.

By the way, Amazon has hot deals on cold weather underwear although I'd shy away from the used items. (Notice how I got all Insty-ish there?)  When you do buy high-viscosity knickers, please buy them through Lem's Amazon portal in stead of you-know-where.

I want to believe Roy Spencer, Ph.D. because he was a Senior Scientist for Climate Studies at NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center, where he was co-reciepient NASA’s Exceptional Scientific Achievement Medal.  His brain has biceps. Really big ones.  Plus, he doesn't believe in man-caused global warming.

And there's this:  Heap big snow will arrive across the northern tier along with the brutally low temperatures.  See the place on the map that predicts 17" of snow?   That's exactly where my little slice of heaven in the northwoods is located.  Dead center.  Direct hit.  Ice station Zebra.

But!  I'm not there!  I bailed Sunday afternoon because I have meetings and appointments and such in the Big City both Monday and Wednesday.  It's a good thing, too, because ol' Chet, my steadfast and reliable snow plow guy for the past twenty-two years sent a postcard last week with a three word message:  "I quit plowing".   I think I have a different contractor lined up.....all but the part where he hasn't returned my many phone calls.  A neighbor who uses him tells me that it's all good, and I should leave it to him and go on about my business not worrying about snow plowing.

Did I mention that all the other neighbors are concerned that this one particular neighbor may be entering senile dementia because he sometimes forgets his own name?  Pesky detail.

Well.  I am sure it will all turn out to be something we'll all laugh about next summer.  Ha ha. Ha ha.  Next summer, when I have finally shoveled my way to the front door.

By the way (I'm nearly finished here, so be patient) Roy Spencer, Ph.D. also predicted that this winter will be worse than the record cold and snow we experienced but don't recall during the winter of 1977-1978.  

That makes me feel better.  I think.

The modern bureaucratic government is like Philip II of Spain, the Spider King.

He sat at the center of his labyrinth at the Escorial, endlessly toiling, never resting, as he painstaking scratched comments, queries and instructions on the teeming piles of documents his officials brought in from his globe-girdling domains. The king was overworked, the realm badly governed. The system wasn’t adequate to the circumstances; the kingdom had outgrown the government; the volume of business to be done, the complexity of questions to be addressed and the speed at which decisions needed to be taken quite overwhelmed the capacity of the world’s most industrious monarch until it was hard to say who was worse off — the king or the kingdom.

The American Interest.
Beyond Blue: Even the Dems Can't Hack It Anymore
Essay # 8 
Despite occasional feeble and halfhearted efforts to “reinvent government”, the structure and culture of the Executive Branch and its administrative offshoots today lags far behind contemporary best practice. Whether it is managing information or making decisions, the government structure today is simply not up to its task. 
Republicans and anti-blue statists will want to fix this because bad government is big government and takes a terrible toll on the economy (cumbersome procedures, bad decisions, a large and expensive staff). But smart proponents of a strong federal government will also want to change this status quo because the state as presently constituted is simply not able to take on all the missions they would like to see addressed. 
Just as we once saw competing Republican and Democratic versions of Progressive politics, so going forward we will see competing Republican and Democratic versions of post-blue politics. I can’t predict how these partisan battles will come out, but it seems likely that through it all, the government will be remade and the bureaucratic administrative state that has dominated American life since the New Deal will transform.
I have nothing to add to this except to say how impressed I am with this series of essays. The first essay describes the original American dream of building one's own family farm and how jolting the drastic change was to simple home ownership, why all that happened and how it was survived. You can read the rest of this essay at the link, plus two more for free, but the remaining five essays will cost you $3.00. I say, it's well worth it.

What is Bayhem?

Describing Michael Bay. 
Bayhem is the use of movement, composition and fast editing to create a sense of epic scale. Each individual shot feels huge but also implies bigger things outside the frame. Stacks of multiple layers of movement shot on a very long lens or a wide one. It shows a lot in just a moment then takes it away.

The mention of compressed space reminded me why I  abandoned my desire for a long telephoto lens after seeing what it is they actually do. 

I thought it would be so cool to photograph, say, a distant mountain goat as if it were close up that appears as a dot from a distance. What power! But not anymore. I realized the serious telephotos flatten the subject unacceptably. Telephotos compress the distance between objects so you cannot tell if the goat is standing directly behind a bush or fifty yards beyond it, while compressing the depth of the subjects themselves so that rocks and bush and goat all look as if they are printed on cards for an artificial diorama.  

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Sweaty Beer

So I finally perfected the plastic beer after months of R & D:

It's hard to tell from the photo, but the side of the glass mug is frosted and has beads of "sweat" -- which looks like moisture.

Let me tell you how "R&D" goes. I first pour a real version of the beverage and then proceed to "study" it to completion.


Happy Birthday AllenS

Have a wonderful happy, healthy birthday AllenS and many more to come. Happy Birthday!

Mitch McConnell endorses Rand Paul

Let's give Rand Paul a good hand as Mitch McConnell hands Rand Paul his endorsement over the handwringing of Republican establishment types for his hands-on support throughout the year working hand in hand on the tasks at hand somewhat handicapped at putting the United States Senate back into Republican hands. On the one hand, McConnell's support does not always seem evenhanded, and a somewhat backhanded swipe at establishment types while McConnell's team of handmaidens manhandled opposition within his own party through a series offhanded remarks, while on the other hand McConnell recognizes Paul as a handsome Republican candidate his handpicked choice, and not just second hand, seeing the rest of the ticket as basically panhandlers.  The statement McConnell made well aforehand of the 2016 elections is right out of the Republican handbook, by recognizing they must work together as a hands fits a glove while they focus on the hand they are dealt.


What was up with the Greek and French athletes giving the Hitler salute? The Brits looked sensibly restrained, exhibiting erectile arm dysfunction.

Sunday Morning With Van Morrison

There'll Be Days Like This, written by Van Morrison and part of his twenty-third album, called Days Like This.  You'll hear Brian Kennedy's excellent vocals behind Morrison's lead, sounding almost like a tenor sax.

Bonus! Lyrics we can understand!

Have a blessed Sunday, enjoy the brunch Lem has provided, and the floor is now open for conversation.

Boy and large patient retriever, dust devil

Saw this first on Reddit in gif form and I notice it now all over the place. It was introduced, "Excuse me Mr. Dog, I have important business to take care of. Looking back I see several of these. It's a boy thing. Cannot let a good puddle go to waste. I recall doing this myself.

I'm also seeing tons of gifs and videos of running into dust devils. The longest one at Burning Man and another in Australia. It's a guy thing. Girls have more sense. On Reddit, the gif is not so compressed as this and it seems made to look like the guy is abruptly lifted up but the gif actually cuts off as the man passes through.

Stupid. It's the sort of thing I would do myself. Because when do you ever get the chance to be in a tornado like that? You have to take your moments when they're presented.