Saturday, April 5, 2014

The heteros strike back

Chick-fil-A eats KFC's lunch:

"Anyone in the northern half of the U.S. is likely scratching her head and wondering why she hasn’t seen Chick-fil-A outlets opening in the neighborhood. Last year Chick-fil-A only had about 1,775 U.S. stores to KFC’s 4,491, and most are in the South. Yet in dollar terms the Colonel is coming up short even with that much larger footprint: Chick-fil-A’s 2013 sales passed $5 billion, while all of KFC’s U.S. restaurants rang up about $4.22 billion, according to Technomic. And that’s with zero dollars coming in to Chick-fil-A on Sundays, when every restaurant is closed."


h/t edutcher

 Ed points out, "I think some of the homosexual rights crowd are getting the message that this sort of thing can lose them all the good will they have lied so hard to get."

Between this and Mozilla, I think it will be an interesting next few years as people vote with their pocketbooks. It used to be thought that the population was made up of about 10% homosexuals, but now I'm hearing 2%. Either way, I predict a more cautious approach by businesses in the future. 

Skydiver Almost Struck by Meteorite

Who Would You Recommend To Replace Letterman

A Letter To Both Sides by The Fixx on Grooveshark      

This is a letter 
A letter to both sides and
You're stuck in the middle
It's a middle with no left or right

The Conversation: Paid Leave

"New York Mets second baseman Daniel Murphy on Thursday calmly deflected talk-radio criticism of his decision to miss the first two games of the season for the birth of his first child."

"I got a couple of text messages about it, so I'm not going to sit here and lie and say I didn't hear about it," Murphy said about the on-air criticism from WFAN Radio of his decision. "But that's the awesome part about being blessed, about being a parent, is you get that choice. My wife and I discussed it, and we felt the best thing for our family was for me to try to stay for an extra day -- that being Wednesday -- due to the fact that she can't travel for two weeks."


"When Army Spec. Ivan Lopez went on the shooting rampage Wednesday at Ft. Hood, Texas, killing three soldiers and injuring 16 others, he had just learned that superiors in Washington had rejected his request to take a temporary leave to deal with family matters related to his mother’s death, a federal law enforcement official said."

"Officials had turned down an earlier leave request and Lopez was attempting to renew it, said the official, speaking anonymously because the investigation is ongoing."

"The rejection, delivered Wednesday, set him off, the official said." (read more)

ADDED: Some foreign visitors have been confused by all the men with babies to be found in public in Sweden. But actually, it's an effect of Sweden's generous paternity leave.

google search [andrew sullivan fascists]

3,670,000 results

* How Much Shoud We Fear Fascists In Ukraine? << The Dish

* I Superman A Fascist? << The Dish

* Ukraine's Tea Party? << The Dish

* Late Nite FDL: Andrew Sullivan Adores a Fascist | Firedoglake

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* Andrew Sullivan &lt;&lt; Commentary Magazine
this post is about Andrew Sullivan, so I promise to make it mercifully ...

* More Reason From tthe Right -- The Dail Dish - The Atlantic
The kid holding it, according to the reader who took the pictue, was maybe 16. Obama is a communist and a fascist and a traitor!

* This is what Fascism Looks Like -- The Daily Dish - The Atla..
Black masked police...

* Fascist: Mozilla CEO force to step down for supporting traditional marriage.

Here we are. Goodness, it took a while. I expected this at top. Dood's got a thing about fascism. Yes, all that.  

That's very interesting, Andy.

The thing is, you lost me way back there. I see on Daily Dish all kind of interesting things since then, but too bad for me, you lost me way way back there when you got all up in Sara Palin's vajayjay and went spelunking most unseemly and unkindly, for so incredibly long. It was more than just a phase. She is somebody's mother, you know. We honestly wondered how badly dementia had taken hold, we regarded you non compos mentis the way you dismiss conservative women generally, dehumanize them broadly is unacceptable so now when you display a flash of humanity, sudden clear thinking it must be temporary, self-serving, or something so banal as contrary attention grabbing.

And no fair to surprise us his way with a sudden act of sensibility, you fooled us without your armband. These are your people, Andrew. This is what you did. What armband? Sorry, I can only draw Egyptians.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Grant Achatz's Alinea restaurant in Chicago  is awarded number one of top 100 restaurants as deemed by paying customers. Third year in a row. He has books too.

Alinea, Grant Achatz rated 4.5 stars on Amazon 69 reviews. Let's read the worst reviews first. Let's guess what they complain about. My guesses:

* can not use a single thing for home recipes. Too complex ingredients too exotic.
* tried a recipe and it didn't work
* book too expensive
* does this thing have an editor? I can't believe...
* something wrong with physical book, unsatisfied with order.

Those are my guesses. Now let's check.

No 1-star ratings. That surprises me.
Only two  2-star ratings. Those will have to do.

* nicest book the reviewer ever saw but way too esoteric.
* interesting photos.

That's why I have never in my life tasted the mysterious messes called tuna salad, chicken salad & egg salad in the US. Their ingredients are always squashed into unrecognizable jumbles of who-knows-what, glued together by excessive amounts of processed goo called mayonnaise but totally different from what true mayonnaise actually is (read a recipe for mayonnaise if you don't believe me).

[Me. Now it's personal. That's what I made tonight, tuna salad, and it is delicious. Ate the whole thing. Fuck you. But what else do you have to say, now that we're into it and now that we know you are thick.]

The food illustrated in the Alinea book shares something with the horrid junk food I just mentioned, except that instead of looking disgusting it looks beautiful. It looks like jewelry or other artistic sculptural work. But it sure don't look like food, & resembles no food I've ever seen in any of the best 3-Star European restaurants I've been privileged to eat at (before I became strictly kosher).

[Me. There you have it, not just regular stupid, resolutely stupid. This 2-star opinion is no value to us.  Seven people responded. I bet they are more interesting than the ignorant pinched criticism.]

Let's look.

1) worst review contains ur, cuz alot Why write a review based on pushing culinary envelope when you won't eat anything that doesn't look the way you feel it is suppostd to? Ridiculous.

2) Ed Clark answers back, but his remark is voted down so it disappears. Let's open it.

Extremely hostile and stupid self-contradicting response. Challenges commenter's English, suggests he obstain until he learns, denigrates the term culinary envelope, accuses of being a pretentioius foodie nerd trying to talk tough like Sam Shepard as Chuck Yeager in the Right Stuff. Then asks, "How many planes have you flown, hot-dog?" Pardon him for preferring food that looks and smells good. Reiterates religious dietary restrictions. Invites the commenter to go to the ER if he still has trouble removing his head from his rectum.

How rude. I can see now why that is voted down. I'm shutting it.

3) #1 returns, Joshua, says back: You're writing a review telling one of the best chef's in the world, whose food you have not eaten, how much better his food would be if he did it differently, and I'm the one with my head up my ass?

You bought a modernist cookbook whose focus is changing texture, appearance, taste and temperature, and then say you prefer food that is recognizable.

If I were reading reviews on a ping pong table and came across a 2 star review of it that said "This table really should be much bigger so that you can stand on it, and the balls really should be covered in a yellow felt, and the paddles really should be more like rackets" I would have made the same comment. Your review was worthless and ridiculous, no matter how many negative, tough guy cliches you'd like to project on me personally.

Invites Ed to rock on.

4) Ed Clark returns but his comment is voted down and closed. Let's open it and see how hostile and thick Ed is.

Oh dear, he does goe on.

Time for your meds. wishes Joshua well on his hallucinations abating, but be careful of wild and dangerous chronic paranoid schizophrenia.

Refers to Joshua's head up his butt again, acknowledges good reviews reiterates he is unlikely to visit.

Bought the book on recommendation of two professional chefs. He likes to keep abreast of gastronomic innovations to determine which, if any, can inspire him to culinary mimicry or analogous applications of the techniques.

cut/paste': To get back to your aggressively supercilious & inane commentary: I had no idea whether or not the book would please me when I bought it. I correctly anticipated that I'd find a wealth of new ideas in it. However, the equipment & service utensils required for Mr Achatz's specialities are quite difficult to find & horrendously expensive. So, without discovery of a "middle ground" enabling one to semi-duplicate some of Alinea's dishes, the book's status in my house will remain largely ornamental (i.e., on the coffee table). BTW, I'm all for tweaking textures, etc., but only when it's practical, intriguing or both.

Finally, you should really take some courses in English usage, philosophy & symbolic logic, as your argumentation is such baseless subjective hogwash & so inconsistent that you appear to playing with fewer than 52 cards in your deck. Cheers

5) You have inflated and deluded self-image. Overwrought writing. Joshua has clearer arguments than you. Stick to writing unposted love letters instead. Your review is useless.

6) This is why reviewers should be vetted. Monumentally off-base with your review and assumptions you bring with you. Exercise in self-flattery and not a commentary on the book or its inherent merits. Overwrought replies confirm you simply haven't gotten over yourself enough for a cogent review.

7) Gives it to Joshua. Expects Ed to retaliate and criticize their grammar. You review is ridiculous junk I ever read. You say pretentious but that actually describes you and your review.

Assuming somebody need psychological help via medication is rude and shows the person being aggressive is you, also unnecessary.

It is as if Fox News was to judge investigative journalism... You just can't really take them serious.

[Me. Going to pass a chance to mention Koch brothers?]

You say in one of your reviews that Chef Achatz should put more "focus on the food"... that alone just shows that you are not aware of the impact he has made on the culinary world... including his tireless study of the products he works with.

Me. So do you want the book or not?  It is a very good deal. Apart from these insane two-star reviews every one else loves it. Except for the tiny typeface on light gray background making reading impossible.

One of the many five-star reviews:

Achatz is known for molecular gastronomy, which means he uses chemicals and innovative tools to turn a meal into an explosion of flavor and surprise. This book shows his food being served so it looks like something from outer space; and there is a section that discusses things you might never really buy, but which he uses, like antigriddles, which freezes food instantly.

It's fun to take a book that seems so extreme and out of our comfort zone as home chefs, and to prepare actual recipes from it. This book has us ordering crazy ingredients, and doing things like turning homemade caramel into a powdery shotglass of yumminess.

We've had a blast with the Alinea cookbook, and I highly suggest buying it and having fun. Read Carol's blog,, for inspiration, and try out a recipe or two on your own. We went from thinking it was a book to look at only, to having our children use some of the recipes (a cracker one, for example) to create their own snacks.

Definitely, one of our favorite cookbooks of all times.

Me: There's the right attitude.

I have Heston Blumenthal's book Fat Duck. It too is a gorgeous book and interesting to read all the way through with wonderful imaginative art besides in addition to outstanding photography. I enjoyed looking through it again, originally that is what this post was about, none of the recipes in that book were tried here either, nor were any of the techniques. It is the similar deal. That is how I made such excellent guesses.

Both books are $35.00 on Amazon  and that is an exceedingly good deal for a artsy coffee-table type books, down from $60 for Achatz's book and down from $50 for Blumenthal's book.

What I wanted to show you, if you still with it this far and still interested and if you have a moment, a blog post that spans several pages with a lot of nice photos and brief videos of tourists visiting Fat Duck restaurant and what they see there. The group of travelers heard about the restaurant and decided to try. It is delightful reading. The first video opens, a man who could be your grandpa, could be your uncle, licking his plate, a woman's voice:
"That's enough now, Dear." 
The story in words is here. I found it again by searching [fat duck +"we paid (boy, did we)" via Drudge.

Listen To This

WXPR is a small, unaffiliated public radio station broadcasting form a small town in northern Wisconsin.    Most of its programming is done locally, and it's really good.

The Blues Friday show is broadcast every Friday form 6PM to 11PM, central time.  It is the best blues programming I've ever heard on any radio station.

Here's a link to the show's website.  You can stream the show. It's worth it.

I also recommend the excellent Saturday afternoon bluegrass show.

Not so fast with that optimism, buddy!

The new jobs report was released today. I have heard a few people make some optimistic noises about the fact that private sector jobs have matched the 2008 peak in terms of numbers. (See here, for example, though they do have the decency to caveat the hell out of the article.)

What I'm not hearing, and don't expect to hear from the Administration, is a comment about full-time jobs. As of March 1 2014, the US economy had 3,872,000 FEWER full-time jobs than it did at its peak in November 2007. And that's after almost five years of recovery.

And given that the working age population has grown considerably in the intervening years, the employment situation is actually even worse than it appears.

So don't let the bastards tell you how goddamned good we've got it, and what a wonderful job they've done. Because it just ain't so.


Where we can't believe it's not butter.

Input request:

Bubble indicators

"In the Bay Area, the cash is coming from deep-pocketed tech workers. In New York, Wall Street workers, flush with bonus checks, and foreign buyers looking to park assets, are paying with cash. Meanwhile, South Americans have been buying up real estate in South Florida as a safe haven for their money. In February, more than 71% of sales in the Miami area were all-cash deals.
...As housing becomes more expensive some worrisome trends that occurred during the bubble years are re-emerging, said Stan Humphries, chief economist for Zillow. These include a greater reliance on non-traditional financing, like low-downpayment loans and adjustable-rate mortgages, and a greater pressure to move further away from urban job centers in order to find affordable housing."

h/t Icepick

Has anyone noticed indications of an inflating bubble?

Gawker bans ‘Internet slang’

We want to sound like regular adult human beings, not Buzzfeed writers or Reddit commenters,” new Gawker Editor Max Read says in a memo to the publication’s writers. Words like “epic,” “pwn” and “derp” are no longer welcome on the site. Read also says the word “massive” is “never to appear on the website Gawker dot com.”...
• Internet slang. We used to make an effort to avoid this, and now I see us all falling back into the habit. We want to sound like regular adult human beings, not Buzzfeed writers or Reddit commenters. Therefore: No “epic.” No “pwn.” No “+1.” No “derp.” No “this”/”this just happened.” No “OMG.” No “WTF.” No “lulz.” No “FTW.” No “win.” No “amazeballs.” And so on. Nothing will ever “win the internet” on Gawker. As with all rules there are exceptions. Err on the side of the Times, not XOJane.

• The word “massive.” Is never to appear on the website Gawker dot com. (read the whole thing)

Pica: "mud mask for the gut"

"Eating dirt is not just some weird fetish in the South. Hundreds of thousands of people eat dirt around the world. Forrester, an assistant professor of photography at Troy University, says he has spoken with shop owners who receive orders from as far away as London."
Eating dirt has a unique history. For starters, it's not a recent phenomenon. There's evidence that our ancestors were eating dirt at least 2 million years ago, when Homo sapiens were still Homo habilis.

In her book, Craving Earth, Young says eating dirt is one component of a disorder known as pica, in which people compulsively crave things that aren't food, like starch, charcoal and ice.

"Cardiac arrest, threats of divorce, broken dentures, thousands of dollars in dental works — none of this deters people when they have these cravings," says Young. "I've talked to women throughout East Africa and the U.S., and they all talk about this stuff with this incredible fondness and enjoyment."...

Paul Schroeder, a geologist specializing in kaolin at the University of Georgia, says while the habit may have evolved as a protective measure, it may be harmful to our health.

Clay's amazing binding properties could backfire and absorb useful nutrients, which is particularly dangerous for pregnant women, he says.
I recall my stepmother had this condition during a couple of her pregnancies. Her sister's husband, Manuel, was a dirt dump truck hauler. He knew where to find the chalk dirt she craved.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Mozilla's CEO: I lost my job (caught opposing gay marriage)

Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich resigns over Prop 8 controversy.
Mozilla is a web browser, like Internet Explorer and Google's Chrome.  Between you and me, I hate Chrome, but that's not what this post is about.

From an Andrew Sullivan Post...
It turns out that Eich (Mozilla's CEO) might have saved his job had he recanted, like all heretics must. But given the choice of recanting, he failed. Hence the lighting of the fires:
Throughout the interviews, it was not hard to get the sense that Eich (Mozilla's CEO) really wanted to stick strongly by his views about gay marriage, which run counter to much of the tech industry and, increasingly, the general population in the U.S. For example, he repeatedly declined to answer when asked if he would donate to a similar initiative today.
He did not understand that in order to be a CEO of a company, you have to renounce your heresy! There is only one permissible opinion at Mozilla, and all dissidents must be purged! Yep, that’s left-liberal tolerance in a nut-shell...

This is a repugnantly illiberal sentiment. It is also unbelievably stupid for the gay rights movement. You want to squander the real gains we have made by argument and engagement by becoming just as intolerant of others’ views as the Christianists? You’ve just found a great way to do this. It’s a bad, self-inflicted blow. And all of us will come to regret it.

The in-tray is inundated with your dissents, which we will air in full tomorrow, since it will some time to find the strongest counterpoints.

Putin laughs

"When an interviewer recently confronted Vladimir Putin about Europe's American-made missile defense system the President of the Russian Federation couldn't help but laugh right in his face.

According to the journalist, NATO's missile defense system is pointed at and designed to protect Europe from Iran, not Russia."

via shtfplan

Court Reporter: ‘I hate my job’

"A... Manhattan court stenographer went rogue, channeling his inner “Shining” during a high-profile criminal trial and repeatedly typing, “I hate my job, I hate my job” instead of the trial dialogue, sources told The Post."
One high-level source said his “gibberish” typing may have jeopardized hard-won convictions by giving criminals the chance to claim crucial evidence is missing.

[The] botched transcripts include the 2010 mortgage-fraud trial of Aaron Hand, who was also convicted of trying to hire a hit man to take out a witness against him.

[I]n a scene right out of 1980’s “The Shining,” where Jack Nicholson’s off-the-rails writer repeatedly types “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy,” a source said of  the court reporter: “He hit random keys or wrote, ‘I hate my job. I hate my job. I hate my job,’ over and over.” read more

The Most Popular Job In Every State

"Some jobs are disproportionately concentrated in certain states. Fashion designers flock to New York, Texas has an outsize share of petroleum engineers, and Floridians are much more likely to be motorboat operators than are other Americans."
We made a map that shows the most over-represented job in each state, using the Bureau of Labor Statistics' recently released May 2013 "Occupational Employment Statistics." Each state has far more of these jobs per capita than the nation as a whole.

Charles Koch: I'm Fighting To Restore A Free Society

The central belief and fatal conceit of the current administration is that you are incapable of running your own life, but those in power are capable of running it for you. This is the essence of big government and collectivism.

Writes Charles Koch in today's Wall Street Journal. (It appears not to be locked behind a paywall, at least for now.)
 Instead of encouraging free and open debate, collectivists strive to discredit and intimidate opponents. They engage in character assassination. (I should know, as the almost daily target of their attacks.) This is the approach that Arthur Schopenhauer described in the 19th century, that Saul Alinsky famously advocated in the 20th, and that so many despots have infamously practiced. Such tactics are the antithesis of what is required for a free society—and a telltale sign that the collectivists do not have good answers.
Koch responded to the attacks from Harry Reid, et. al., with a clear explanation of what he has done and why he has done it.  He sounds libertarian, in the good sense of the meaning.
Far from trying to rig the system, I have spent decades opposing cronyism and all political favors, including mandates, subsidies and protective tariffs—even when we benefit from them. I believe that cronyism is nothing more than welfare for the rich and powerful, and should be abolished.
Opposing cronyism, political favors, mandates, subsidies, protective tariffs, welfare for the rich -  how could liberals not like that?  It aligns with things liberals and progressives say they want.

The article goes on to describe Koch Industries, its size, its record of environmental awards, and so on.   It is an interesting article written by a man we never hear from, and who has been demonized by those on the left who need a straw enemy.

Felix Baumgartner

Jump from 128,100 feet. This got me. I'll go ahead and spoil. It's shorter than expected. He lives.

Sprint's Framily

"These commercials reek with hatred and ridicule of men. Men are ridiculous, non-human, and they exist only for the purpose of paying the bills. Dad/Husband is just a dumb pet to be ignored by people with more important lives.

Godawful. Or, perhaps, this is really what we men have become.
I'm no political activist. I'm just an Old Dawg trying to get along and enjoy the years I have left.
I won't draw any conclusions for you. You can come to your own."


I finally know what it is to have a jaw-dropping experience, or at least to recognize it as such; jaw jutted, shoulders hunched, head inclined, eyes narrowed, brow furrowed. And I felt....amazement? To hear dad talk, follow the link above. 

"Obama is in the loop while at the fundraisers"

I wish I could pass on this latest Obama "stink burger", I really do, there are so many of them, they come at us fast and furious. I would do nothing more all day, but cut and paste presidential venom, if I could stop paying attention to them for a minute or two. This one, however, stuck in my craw, a little bit. Is it too much to ask the president to postpone a fundraiser?
On Wednesday evening, President Obama was being kept up to date on the developments from the mass shooting at Fort Hood while reportedly attending fundraisers for the 2014 election cycle. According to White House spokesman Josh Earnest, Obama is in the loop while at the fundraisers.

Obama will be in Chicago for four and a half hours, and the events have largely been closed to the media, with radio and TV reporters banned from attendance. Only one print reporter will be allowed to provide press pool notes. 
The presidency is said to be a bully pulpit, "a position sufficiently conspicuous to provide an opportunity to speak out and be listened to."
This term was coined by President Theodore Roosevelt, who referred to the White House as a "bully pulpit", by which he meant a terrific platform from which to advocate an agenda. Roosevelt famously used the word bully as an adjective meaning "superb" or "wonderful", a more common usage in his time than it is today. (Another expression which survives from this era is "bully for you", synonymous with "good for you".)
By signaling what his priorities are, at a moment when the attention of the country is fixed on a tragic event, President Obama detracts from the majesty of the office.


Referencing a trip to Zingerman's deli in Ann Arbor earlier April 2, president Obama offered names for GOP budget, inspired by creative sandwich naming at Zingerman's, it took a while for the genius to percolate for our Cheerleeder in Chief to contrive "stink burger" and "meanwich".

How droll, Mr. President.

He could work for SNL.

So I think of a cartoon of two delis, one offering stink burgers and meanwiches and the other forcing you to buy shit sandwiches. And it's not all that funny. Not funny at all. But if you still want it, then have this one instead. It's better.

That would have worked for the second panel, but it's too funny to ruin for something so banal as yet another injection of presidential venom.

Know what is more interesting than high school girl presidential venom? Zingerman's, that 's what. They are, it is an incredible deli. I'm jealous of him going there and that being so casual. It's like deli mecca. 

I know them by this book. I recommend it. Very entertaining introduction to the what the deal is it about specialty foods. It answers why, and why specialty foods are worth their cost. It tells the stories behind specialty foods. The book is filled with cartoon pictures written in the style of a person discovering things about food. For example, 8-rows corn, a specialty species grown in one spot, not a productive plant but makes incredible polenta. Leading to an appreciation for other types grown closer to home. 

I placed an order with them one day by way of experiment. They have a few things I would like to try. Nothing too outrageous, nothing exotic. At checkout the things that I bought require protection and their shipping is careful about that. The shipping amounted to more than the order so the order was dropped. 

The next day an email inquiring if I had a problem with ordering. I said shipping is too much to justify the order. They politely agreed. 

But just look at this place.

+7,000,000 sign up for Obamacare xxxx Affordable Care

 Victory lap.  In our no longer polite voice, "May we see your work?"


Bogus numbers. Bogus speeches.  Bogus legislation. Bogus enforcementBogus accusations.  Don't click any of that, it's dreadful and you've seen it all already.

Swedish pharmacist

Something about chestnuts.

I heard about roasting chestnuts on an open fire but had never experienced such inviting holiday activity. Neither had I ever played conkers but it sounds like a fun game. A horse chestnut seed is threaded with string and formed into a sort of ninja weapon used to smash the opponents conker chestnut weapon. How to win at conkers

Nobody mentioned when you roast chestnuts, if they did I didn't notice, to drill a hole for steam to escape. If not, they explode in the oven and it sounds exactly like gunshot. They do not all go off at once, it takes time for steam to build up, each chestnut is individual and once they start banging you cannot open the oven door and put a fast stop to it. You must let it cool down by itself while they continue to bang. Horrible having irregular gunshot sounds emanating from one's apartment for a half hour period late at night. That is what happened. 

It makes a complete mess of the oven. Tiny bits of chestnut shell and meat splattered all over, nothing recoverable except waste to sweep out and oven walls to wipe clean. I mentioned this to my housekeeper, she told her teenage son, and thereafter her son bugged the heck out of her to allow exploding chestnuts in their oven just once. 

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

7 Petunias

Those were 2/24 planted five days earlier, so that's what? 30 for month to month, +6 to end the March, +2 to start April so 38 days since then ↓ and 43 days since planting and it is ready to burst its first bud. The bud stem is right there in the front.

Now these are special seeds. Special magical seeds. The company, Aerogarden, has the lockdown on these magical seeds. It's like Jack and the Beanstalk, the seeds are proprietary and scientific and magic so there is no way they can be duplicated outside the Aerogarden seed vault lockdown. 


No. They found the seeds that work best. And these petunia seeds are particularly brilliant, they really have come a long way developing these annual plants. They pile, they creep, they cascade, they needn't be pinched, they keep going and going and going. So now when you buy these most modern of all hybrid seeds they cost a lot. Sometimes a dollar a dot. And by dot, I mean dot, like this:  [.]

That is a petunia seed. 

Each dot cost a dollar.

But it is pretty much guaranteed to grow and guaranteed to blow your mind, flower-wise.

This pushed the hybrids before them to the background and they are not so bad. Excellent, actually, they just do not go crazy like the new ones do. They are the beautiful and abundant standard bearers of previous years and their seeds are cheep as dirt. It's a shame to not just buy a pound and sprinkle the seeds all around town. 

I placed an order for three vials of mind-blowing petunia seeds, 1 larger vial of regular outstanding white petunias to fill in here and there and everywhere, and another plant called Vinca which Aerogarden is marketing as their new hot thing. 

Complaints to Aerogarden about their Vinca seed kits involve problems with germination. When the plant takes off it fills out so completely that one or two failures is not noticed. It is not a problem from a true gardener's point of view. It saves clearing out things that die due to being overly compacted. In a 7-plant kit the task of keeping up can be daunting with 7 hungry plants slurping water, needing feedings, and cleaning out excess overcrowding growth, a regular Audrey 2. 

From the consumer's point of view they bought a kit consisting of 7 seeds with 7 little cups and 7 little domes and they expect 7 little plants to arise from it. They are dividing the total seed kit cost by 7 and calculating cost for each plant and knowing themselves ripped off when one or two or three do not take.  Insisting they be satisfied with a successful pile of plants does not cut it. They need every one to work, even if the whole effort works out worse in the end because of it. 

So I bought some of these Vinca seeds too. From Pase seeds. I placed the order some time this weekend, the seeds were in the mailbox today. 

And their petunia seeds are $6.75 for ten, I lied about them being a dollar a dot for dramatic exaggeration. 

I hardened baby plants on the balcony overnight it became too cold and they suffered. Brought them in over the threshold but kept the door open and weather and sun on them and they all sprang back.


Here's a groovy fashion flashback:

"Time of the Season" was orphaned by The Zombies -- they broke up a year before the song became a hit in 1969.

Like The Rolling Stones, The Zombies had been around since 1962 -- here's how they looked and sounded in 1964 -- fifty years ago.

Notice how that song has an actual ending and not a fade out -- that's the hallmark of a live performing stage act and not a studio band.  Listen to many of the early Beatles songs and you'll also hear clean abrupt endings.  How else are you going to close a song live? I think radio DJ's learned to love fade outs because they could start talking over the song.

Nearly Everything We Know About The Moon

"Scientists have pinned down the birth date of the moon to within 100 million years of the birth of the solar system — the best timeline yet for the evolution of our planet's natural satellite.
This new discovery about the origin of the moon may help solve a mystery about why the moon and the Earth appear virtually identical in makeup, investigators added." read more 

Harry Montana

Eighty Amish Men Move A House By Hand

Their religious beliefs preclude the use of cranes and tractors and other equipment.  When a house had to be moved onto a new concrete pad, the only way to move it was by hand.

Wasn't that something?  How about 120 Amish men moving a barn?

Holy yoder, batman!  Maybe the Amish built the pyramids.  You never know.  This took place in rural Dalton, Wisconsin.  An Amish man assembled a couple hundred neighbors to move his pole shed from one area of his farm to another.  As word spread it became a sort of event and quite a few spectators turned out.  This was the first time anything like this had been attempted in this settlement. Once the building was lifted it took maybe five minutes to actually move.

Kudos for the care with which the videos were made and edited.  The old order Amish  don't like to be photographed or videotaped.

In the Trunk: poor executive function

"Just as my suspension ended, I got pulled over.
The policeman said to me, “Do you know why you got pulled over?”
I said, “No.”
He said, “Your tags are expired.”
I was shocked. I didn’t think people really kept track of their tags.
He said, “Can I see your license?”
I started crying.
The kids said, from the back seat, “Are you in trouble? Are you going to jail? Did you break the law?”
I asked the policeman if I could get out of the car and talk to him because I didn’t want my kids to hear.
He said okay.
I explained that I didn’t have a license. I told him I’ve been trying to get one but I couldn’t and then I got it suspended and I said please don’t make it so it’s suspended again. I’ll never get a license.
He gave the kids stickers and coloring books while he made calls on his radio and wrote tickets in his car. He ticketed me for the tags but not the license.
I went back to get a license and I couldn’t do it. I didn’t have the right combination of name and address to match everything. I had changed my name and where I live so often that nothing matched. I went home discouraged.
...Slowly, I started taking steps to get my license. I hired someone to help me. I was making progress. I had a Wisconsin State ID and a social security card. And I was gearing up to the take the written exam.
To give you and idea of how hard it is for me to take a standardized test, when I took the GRE I scored in the 17th percentile. I think that’s where people score when English is not their first—or second—language.
My son sat next to me while I surreptitiously popped a Xanax and started the test.
The DMV person told my son he had to sit farther away from me.
There are a lot of questions that I’ve studied for. For example, I know that if you hit a deer and you do not take it, the next driver can take the deer home for himself.
I pass the written test. The Farmer and Jeanenne have a mini-celebration.
Jeanenne drives me to the DMV in Darlington to take the road test.  I wait too long at intersections but they still pass me.
Then they let me take six photos until I get one I like.
And Jeanenne says, “It’s amazing that even when you are trying to follow the rules and be like everyone else, you still get people to make exceptions for you. “
But look. It’s a good picture:"
I rate my executive functioning at -6P. How about you?

Popular Mechanics: "How to Make Your Headlights Shine Like New"

Over time, the plastic that makes up your headlights will degrade and cloud over. If yours aren't shining quite like they used to, here's what to do.

"Most headlights are made of polycarbonate plastic, which is durable and scratch-resistant. But over time polycarbonate clouds over, mostly due to UV rays that degrade the outer layer of plastic. Fortunately, there are plenty of products on the market designed to help you restore your car's 20/20 nighttime vision." read more

Anderson Cooper: "I don't believe in inheriting money"

"So he's far from miffed that his famous heiress mom, Gloria Vanderbilt, has told him he doesn't stand to inherit her fortune. In fact, he sounds relieved."
"My mom's made clear to me that there's no trust fund," Anderson Cooper, 46, told Howard Stern on his radio show Monday. "There's none of that."

"Who has inherited a lot of money that has gone on to do things in their own life? From the time I was growing up, if I felt that there was some pot of gold waiting for me, I don't know that I would've been so motivated."
That question begs some research, which would/could mean he is passing on a chance to be a pioneer... or something.
"My dad (Wyatt Emory Cooper) grew up really poor in Mississippi ... I paid attention to that because I thought that's a healthier thing to pay attention to than, like, some statue of a great-great-great-grandfather who has no connection to my life."
When Anderson Cooper "came out", he said in an email to Andrew Sullivan...
I’ve also been reminded recently that while as a society we are moving toward greater inclusion and equality for all people, the tide of history only advances when people make themselves fully visible.
I don't know. Maybe Cooper could have made the case for using that money to advance the tide of history. That's the bottom line, isn't it? 'Money makes the world go around', pulling and tugging the moon, advancing and retreating the tides. What do you think?

Common Core

To say the fifteen-year old kid connects the dots on Common Core understates the report the young man provides. To refer to Patrick Richardson as a kid understates his intellect, his composure, his handling of his information, his presentation, the  gravitas he projects.

The video seen linked on Ace is 35 minutes long, well worth the time spent watching here. The project and the report is outstanding. (needs flash) 

Points of fact: Connect the dots as you know refers to a children's game in which a line is drawn by connecting numbered dots on a page in sequence in linear fashion starting with 1 and ending wherever it does until the last number is reached and by the trail of connected lines left behind a recognizable picture appears. A kid is an immature goat.

Connecting the dots by a kid is not what is happening here, rather, a grand conspiracy worth billions of dollars and decades of education of hundreds of thousands of students is occurring behind scenes but nonetheless leaving its heavy scent trail everywhere is picked up and pursued, rocks turned over, accounts looked into, portfolios examined, company histories closely vivisected, principals named and shown speaking, reports divulged, money followed, plots uncovered, methods explained, and motives examined and questioned. Not a dot game, not by a child, rather a thorough report on Common Core is presented complete.

My favorite part is his noting the copyright material at the front of his textbook, and all of the extra printed material not used. That is where the story is intimate. Immediately.
               "This is what I get to carry back and forth every day." 

A very fat book stuffed thick with crap not taught, carried back and forth day after day in his backpack multiplied by hundreds of thousands of  -- kids is it? -- every single day across America, land of the free, home of the brave.

Oh man, those two epithets just now caused me trip out and visualize "America" in hieroglyphics, this must be one of those Colorado things, cartouche, followed by two epithets, just like a royal name. So when the royal name is bashed, out of meanness or rewriting history, the correct name is still identified by its epithets left unbashed. Like this one.  The name is Akhenaten and that is known by the unbashed epithets. 

See, it would not be Canada: Home of the free, land of the brave, although that might not be wrong it is not Canada's epithets. It would not be Mexico, land of the free, home of the brave, although there are free and brave live there, it is not Mexico's epithets. True or false, those are still America's epithets. On account of a song.

"Ah" (transcribed: 3) an Egyptian eagle, "mer" a primitive wooden hoe, very common biliteral used frequently in names, "eh" (transcribed: i.) a sedge frond that looks like a feather, two frond feathers for "y",  "ka" two human arms connected as "stop", refers to a portion of the soul, an important sign used frequently in names.  That is what I saw just now. I bet I don't even have to make it. I bet someone already did. I just now lost that bet. Here, I made this.

G1 U6 M17-M17 D28  

That was easy. It says AhMerryKa. 

A-a-a-a-a-a-ny way. Back on Earth.

That remark about toting a book took me back. I carried my books back and forth with no intention of reading them. I figured if I paid attention in class HA! I'd have it nailed. If everything made sense along the way then I'd have no problem when the test came and that worked solidly until then but it was getting harder and harder to keep up the act  and finally at a new school I encountered Elaine Stotko sitting there by herself, a vision, a lovely girl like an angel,  and I wondered why all the boys were avoiding a fox like her so I mozzied on up and sat at the desk beside her and admired her beautiful luxurious long straight blond silken hair that occurs on princesses in towers, doll hair on a doll head with a doll face, no make up, nature girl, a hippy chick except intellectual, daughter of the corn, actually a Major's daughter it turned out, and I learned right off within one minute the reason boys kept a clear swath. She drove them off with her caustic cutting disrespect, her aloof attitude and insincere sharp-edged bitchiness that allowed no intimacy and discouraged humor and fun.

I have two sisters. Is she trying to charm me or what? It didn't work on me. She failed to drive me off and in her world that is very odd indeed. We turned out friends. She hooked up with another such officer's bitch-daughter with the same aloof streak that kept boys at a distance and the three of us ruled. Then I moved. But before that I asked her how she managed straight A's, this was when straight A's meant something, and she told me. It took me a moment to process what she was saying. It was quite incredible.
"Do you mean to tell me you read that thing? This whole time I thought the book was something to carry back and forth, part of the act." 
I adopted her student-ninja ways, there were other things too, like take notes, then re-write the notes at home legibly, then review the notes taken and review the book, a lot of work involved in getting straight A's hardly worth the effort but I wanted to be near Elaine. This guy here, Patrick Robertson, is a lot smarter than I was then. 

My second favorite thing is his popping up. It is irrepressible energy that pops his whole body up, he does that a few times. It is a minor thing but it is teenager thing, a little pop of energy that lifts the body. 

Patrick Richardson, you are impressive indeed. In deed you are impressive. In the YouTube description this:
Some may wonder what produces a young man like Patrick Richardson. Patrick is quick to credit his success to the role his family has played, by instilling in him strong religious beliefs and values, and encouraging him to develop his God given talents. Mrs. Lewis believes this is what has enabled him to become the mature, highly motivated, ambitious, well rounded productive young man he is today.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

French Politics

The state -- friend of all, enemy of each one. ~ Paul Valéry 

To govern is to foresee. ~ Émile de Girardin 

Every nation has the government it deserves. ~ Joseph de Maistre 

The powerful man commands. Public opinion governs. ~ Henry de Montherlant 

The tyrant never corrects himself because he hears only flatterers. ~ André Maurois 

Gizmodo: "Just so we're clear, zapping pilots midair with lasers is an incredibly, psychotically stupid idea"

"Unfortunately, it's popping into the minds of an increasing number of idiots: nearly 4,000 incidents were reported in 2013, up more than ten-fold since 2005. The FBI now offers a $10,000 reward for reporting laser morons, and a national task force searches out perpetrators of this federal crime."
Astounding moron Sergio Rodriguez got slapped with a 14-year prison sentence earlier this month, convicted of aiming a handheld laser pointer at an emergency medical helicopter delivering a young patient to the Children's Hospital of Central California.

The criminal complaint against Rodriguez, obtained by Ars Technica, says Rodriguez blasted "Air George," the emergency transport helicopter serving Children's Hospital of Central California, as it was carrying a child patient to the Fresno hospital one night in August 2012. Air George radioed air traffic control, who mobilized a police helicopter to locate the laser.

That wasn't enough for Rodriguez. He blasted the police helicopter seven times as it circled his location.

Luckily, none of the pilots Rodriguez lasered were blinded, and the police helicopter helped officers from the nearby town of Clovis locate and arrest Rodriguez and his girlfriend Jennifer Coleman, who also tried blasting the helicopters at Rodriguez's encouragement.

Red Sox road to the White House

"For their first off-day of the regular season today, the Red Sox get to go on a field trip -- one they will long remember, as the 2013 World Series champions are honored at the White House."

Not Fit To Teach

This person is not fit to teach students at any level, especially at primary and secondary grades.  That is what I thought as I read this:
"If you are not serious about being an agent of change that helps stifle the oppressive systems, go find another job. Because you are a political figure."
The speaker was Kim Radersma, a former high school English teacher in California and Colorado. Radersma is currently working toward her Ph. D. in critical whiteness studies at Brock University in Ontario, Canada.

Critical.  Whiteness.  Studies.

Radersma was leading a breakout session for educators at the National White Privilege Conference recently held in  Madison, Wisconsin.   Madison, an epicenter of white privilege, if there is such a thing.  A city filled with white liberals who stifle racial integration at every opportunity.
Radersma argued that teachers must fight against the oppressive structure in education and society. She said anyone who is going into teaching and education must be a political figure.
WPC - Political Teaching.png"Teaching is a political act, and you can't choose to be neutral. You are either a pawn used to perpetuate a system of oppression or you are fighting against it," Radersma said during the session. "And if you think you are neutral, you are a pawn."

What sane parent would want his or her children in a class taught by Kim Radersma?  Or any teacher, for that matter who believes this, and who thinks it mandatory that teachers must be political in what and how they teach children.  It is leftist indoctrination writ large, increasingly a role held by public school teachers.

Radersma unwittingly makes an excellent argument in favor of home schooling and parochial schools, and against sending children to the indoctrination camps that some public schools have become.  
 "Being a white person who does anti-racist work is like being an alcoholic. I will never be recovered by my alcoholism, to use the metaphor," Radersma said. "I have to everyday wake up and acknowledge that I am so deeply imbedded with racist thoughts and notions and actions in my body that I have to choose everyday to do anti-racist work and think in an anti-racist way."
 Oh please.  Spare us the self-heroism and false drama, Kim Radersma.  And stay away from our children with your foolishness.  And as for your PhD in critical whiteness studies, it's horsehit that passes for eduction in the humanities departments of universities that will teach anything in order to keep the tuition money flowing.

Full article here.

Cut and Paste: Cobalt Lemons and Released Illegals

"Long before the Chevrolet Cobalt became known for having a deadly ignition defect, it was already seen as a lemon. Owners complained about power steering failures, locks inexplicably opening and closing, doors jamming shut in the rain — even windows falling out."


The report, provided to Breitbart News ahead of its late Sunday evening release, reviews internal Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) metrics to conclude that the Obama administration released 35 percent—or 68,000—convicted criminal aliens back into the U.S. general population when they could have been deported. “The criminal alien releases typically occur without formal notice to local law enforcement agencies and victims,” CIS’s Jessica Vaughan, the report’s author, added.

There were transmission issues, issues with the clutch, engine issues, air-conditioning issues,” James Gonzales of Riverview, Fla., said of his 2006 Cobalt, which G.M. repurchased under Florida’s lemon law. “Everything went wrong with that car, and everything that went wrong needed a big fix. Mechanically, it was a huge nuisance.”

By “criminal,” ICE means people who have been convicted of a misdemeanor or felony that is not a traffic violation. For instance, traffic violations like Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol or even vehicular manslaughter do not count toward this description of “criminal alien.” As for the definition of “alien,” ICE mostly means illegal aliens, though some are legal aliens when they are considered deportable legal aliens—which is possible for legal immigrants who have committed a serious crime, like a felony.

CNN: “Boeing 777 Will Struggle To Maintain Altitude Once The Fuel Tanks Are Empty”

While most signs point to that Boeing 777 being lost to the sea, CNN is also lost, but still on the air.

Monday, March 31, 2014

Rachael Ray uses her husband for moisturizer.

Her own words. Disappointingly, she is pimping for Obamacare, and pimping hard, starting with buttering Biden like a free-range chicken.

Don't watch the video. Why would you when the preferable text is right there ? And watching energizes two attention seekers telling you shit sandwiches are delicious, now  buy one for $5,000 right now and each year forever, and stand in line for a broken down website, and like it. Something is wrong with you if you don't love it.

Rachel, do you love the idea and bless Obama for reaching deep into all  pockets and keeping his hands there? Making them buy something they already made clear they do not want? Taxing them when they fail to comply? Is that what you're thankful about? Because you left that part out. And DON'T repeat yourself in answering or this board automatically smacks you. You don't get to drill.

Her yakkity sax 20 minute meals is altogether smarter muted, 100% improved without sound. She is on to other things now, but she did set the unfortunate template for continuous prat on that network, 'no dead air,' 'silence is golden-death,' 'repeated catchphrases are everything' attitude  prevalent throughout now thanks to her. So now they are all smarter muted. They seriously are  improved muted.

In the voice of Bugs Bunny with Hairy Monster in the hairdresser's chair. "Oh, I just loooove being a hairdresser, I just adooooor my profession, I meet the most i-i-i-i-i-nteresting people doing the most i-i-i-i-i-nteresting things.
“I really want to know what moisturizer you use. I love moisturizers, my husband is a moisturizer as well. Would you tell me what moisturizer you use?” 
She meant her husband uses moisturizers not her husband is a moisturizer, of course, but sperm is a protein moisturizer and she did say it.

In ASL the mistake is not possible, the sign for "agent" is two karate chops straight down. Used all the time. It signifies the trunk of a human body. It is the "er" added to English words to turn something into a person using that thing, or being the agent of the thing. Thus law + er  two karate chops personification = lawyer. Paint + parallel karate chops = painter. Dance + er  personification = dancer and so forth.

I notice on spreadtheisgn site the other countries do this more eloquently with one hand, they show the trunk of a human body with with a zip of index finger and thumb signifying the trunk the same way ALS does with two hands, so a thin human agent of whatever and a better sign. Some noun + the zip down sign indicating a body. Very eloquent.  When I saw them all doing it that way on the page, and the US being different from most, I realized I have seen this before and thought it a lazy shortcut, as a cocktail glass or beer bottle is currently occupying the attention the hand needed for the complete sign.

Michelle did say Obama intended to provide no escape from one's comfort zone. A way of saying you will be affected one way or another like it or not. Politics is now inescapable, so tune in to whatever your escape and there they will be making your pastime and relaxation political and escape from them impossible from their noise their obsessions, their opinions on everything from your health, your privacy, down to breathing and farting of cows. Take a bow, Rachael Ray, dutiful drone.